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PSX Extreme is a video game website that covers Sony Playstation news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, PSX Extreme features cheats, guides, screenshots, videos, previews, reviews, downloads, and more for nearly all Playstation games.

March 29th, 2015

Last Updated 9h, 27m ago

Ben's Week In Review: March 29
I question whether or not Square Enix can use any FFXV demo feedback, Resident Evil 7 could generate more controversy, and Bloodborne is an important title.
9h, 27m old - 13 comments

March 28th, 2015

Last Updated 19h, 25m ago

Best PS4 Bundle Yet Includes Bloodborne, TLoU For $400
A new Amazon bundle includes Bloodborne and The Last Of Us: Remastered for only $400, which means you get two amazing games completely free of charge.
19h, 25m old - 6 comments

Metal Gear Online Details: Maps, Balance, "Not Like CoD"
The developers have given fans a bunch of new information, including their goals for the gameplay and leveling system, and the beta consideration...
19h, 13m old - 4 comments

We Need More Games Like Bloodborne
It's such a singular title for a variety of reasons, but perhaps it shouldn't be "singular." Maybe we need more games like it in today's marketplace.
1d, 8h, 49m old - 12 comments

Having Some Difficulty With Bloodborne? Adjust Your Insight
It's one of the tougher games you'll ever play and if it's testing your patience, you might want to consider lowering your Insight level... Keep it below 15.
1d, 9h, 16m old - 7 comments

Loads Of New Mortal Kombat X Gameplay: Ermac, Erron Black, More
Yeah, we know what you're thinking: "Enough of all this gameplay footage! We wanna play!" Well, be patient; the game will be here in just a few weeks.
1d, 9h, 6m old - 1 comment

March 27th, 2015

Last Updated 1d, 19h, 5m ago

Go Back In Time With From Software's Shadow Tower
One of the developer's earlier games is coming to the PSN. It's Shadow Tower, an action/RPG that could offer plenty of nostalgic fun for older gamers.
1d, 19h, 5m old - 7 comments

Check Out The Unbelievable New Graphics In MLB 15: The Show
The developers have worked hard to offer a big graphical upgrade in this year's new baseball sim, and a behind-the-scenes video proves their ambition.
1d, 18h, 53m old - 6 comments

Played The FFXV Demo? Square Enix Wants Your Impressions
If you played the Final Fantasy XV demo, Square Enix wants to hear from you. Your feedback will go to the developers (supposedly), so take the time.
1d, 19h, 16m old - 15 comments

Bloodborne Review: Welcome To Yharnam, Prepare To Die
From Software's latest is a challenging gem, one filled with unparalleled design greatness. Technical shortcomings aside, it's one hell of an adventure.
2d, 10h, 2m old - 65 comments

Sony Offering 10 Percent Off One Purchase This Weekend
It's a gift from Sony: This code will grant you 10 percent off one purchase this weekend. Some exclusions apply but it's still an appreciated bonus.
2d, 9h, 5m old - 16 comments

Call Of Duty Infographic Is Mind-Boggling
Activision's new infographic boasts a few insane numbers. This just proves that everyone loves the franchise, right? I mean, what else can we say?
2d, 9h, 13m old - 5 comments

Bolstered By Digital, GameStop Posts Big Annual Numbers
The retailer's fourth-quarter sales slipped a little but thanks to better than expected new console sales and the digital rise, the annual take was was up.
2d, 9h, 36m old - 4 comments

Here's How To Become An NPC In Homefront: The Revolution
The developers are giving you the chance to get your face scanned, which would then turn you into an NPC in the new Homefront. Got a good picture handy?
2d, 9h, 22m old - 3 comments

March 26th, 2015

Last Updated 2d, 19h, 23m ago

FFXV Director: We Wanted A "Boys Will Be Boys" Attitude
There are no playable female characters in Final Fantasy XV and director Hajime Tabata says this makes the game "more accessible."
2d, 19h, 23m old - 28 comments

Evolve DLC Trailer Shows Off Behemoth, Four New Hunters
Turtle Rock released a new trailer that highlights the new monster and the four new Hunters that will be available next week. That's one gigantic beast!
2d, 19h, 4m old - 1 comment

R.B.I. Baseball 15's First Pitch Is March 31
The new effort from Major League Baseball arrives next week and they claim it's a much-improved effort over last year's title. Well, it had better be.
2d, 19h, 14m old - 1 comment

How Come Nobody Complained About The Long Hardline Cut-Scenes?
Everyone bashed The Order: 1886 for having long cut-scenes and for being linear. But a very similar title just came out, and we're not seeing the same flak.
3d, 8h, 46m old - 119 comments

Rumor: Source Says To Expect "Different Movement" In New CoD
An industry insider says the next Call of Duty will have different movement than what we saw in Advanced Warfare. Question is, what does that mean?
3d, 9h, 2m old - 9 comments

Resident Evil 7 Coming This Fall?
One research report alludes to a new Resident Evil coming this fall, which is news to us. Could Capcom be on the verge of announcing RE7 for the holidays?
3d, 8h, 54m old - 9 comments

Broken Age Act 2 Confirmed, Full Game Set For PlayStation Platforms
The second Broken Age will land in late April and on that same day, the full game will be available on PS4 and Vita. It's Double Fine at their finest!
3d, 9h, 11m old - 2 comments

March 25th, 2015

Last Updated 3d, 19h, 22m ago

Massive PS4 Update "Yukimura" Detailed, Drops Tomorrow
This huge update will arrive tomorrow and it'll deliver a wealth of great new features. Code-named "Yukimura," this is a definite boon for PlayStation 4.
3d, 19h, 22m old - 16 comments

BioWare Can't Say When Inquisition DLC Comes To PS4
Due to the timed-exclusivity deal BioWare has with Microsoft, they can't say how long it'll be before DLC like Jaws of Hakkon comes to PlayStation 4.
3d, 19h, 2m old - 14 comments

Spring Fever '15 Week 4: Metal Slug 3, God Of War DLC, More
The ongoing Spring Fever sale hits the halfway point and this week, users can snag the newly released Metal Slug 3, along with a host of God of War DLC.
3d, 19h, 11m old - 1 comment

Bloodborne: The Very Best Game Of The Generation So Far?
The new PlayStation 4 exclusive is scoring off the charts and it's exactly what the industry needed. Is Bloodborne the best we've seen thus far?
4d, 8h, 52m old - 50 comments

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Review: Big Bang For The Buck
Another collection consisting of a couple awesome games. It's hard to say no unless you've already played the hell out of both titles, and even then...
4d, 9h, 28m old - 8 comments

Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC Trailer: Maps, Exo Zombies
A new gameplay trailer for the upcoming expansion shows off all four maps (which look fantastic) and it give us a peek at the Exo Zombies story.
4d, 9h, 17m old - 0 comments

Try A Free Trial For The Crew
Ubisoft has released a free trial for their online racer, and you'll get to sample the entire game for a limited time (2 hours). Your progress carries over, too.
4d, 9h, 1m old - 1 comment

Borderlands 2 Tops 12 Million Sold, Original Remake Possible
The uber-popular sequel has now sold "well over" 12 million copies, and Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford says a remake of the original title is a possibility.
4d, 9h, 10m old - 3 comments

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