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PSX Extreme is a video game website that covers Sony Playstation news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, PSX Extreme features cheats, guides, screenshots, videos, previews, reviews, downloads, and more for nearly all Playstation games.

February 12th, 2016

Last Updated 2h, 6m ago

New Final Fantasy XIV Update Drops on February 23
The new update brings new primal and boss fights, dungeons, story and more! Be sure to check out the video showing what you can expect!
2h, 6m old - 0 comments

Interview: Sofia Staley, Argentinian Cosplayer
We've talked about cosplaying before, but maybe it's time we talk to a cosplayer and see what she has to say about her experience and what it's all about.
5h, 56m old - 6 comments

"Valkyria: Azure Revolution" Demo Gameplay is now Available Online
40 minutes of Valkyria: Azure Revolution battle demo gameplay is now available online. Are you hyped on buying the game?
15h, 11m old - 8 comments

It's Confirmed, Ubisoft Wonít Release a New Assassinís Creed Game in 2016
Ubisoft has always been releasing a main entry game of Asssassins Creed every year since 2009. But that would change this year.
17h, 32m old - 12 comments

Yes, Infinity Ward's New Call Of Duty Is Launching This Year
Activision has confirmed that we'll see another new Call of Duty this year and yep, it's Infinity Ward's turn. They need to improve on Ghosts, right?
19h, 37m old - 9 comments

Street Fighter V In-Game Store Won't Be Ready Until March
The game will be on store shelves next week but we have to wait until next month before we can access the in-game store. But Survival Mode sounds cool!
19h, 21m old - 1 comment

Rainbow Moon Hits PS4 On February 16
The acclaimed strategy/RPG lands on PlayStation 4 next week and we've got three digital vouchers to give away. The first to respond gets 'em!
20h, 5m old - 5 comments

Another Copyright Extension For Deep Down, But So What?
Capcom has filed another trademark extension for the PlayStation 4 exclusive Deep Down but at this point, it seems kinda like an empty promise.
19h, 53m old - 2 comments

February 11th, 2016

Last Updated 1d, 14h, 58m ago

Resident Evil 7 PS4 Release Date To Be Announced At E3 2016?
Will Resident Evil fans, like myself, finally see Resident Evil 7?
1d, 14h, 58m old - 10 comments

Rumor: Playstation VR Will be Priced $299 Once it Comes out
If you're undecided on buying the PlayStation VR, then this rumor might help you decide.
1d, 17h, 9m old - 10 comments

Can DLC Keep You Playing The Same Game For A Year?
These days, big games have DLC and Season Passes designed to keep you playing for a long time, sometimes for a year and more. But does it work?
1d, 19h, 23m old - 19 comments

Firewatch Review: One Man's Solo Search For Answers
This captivating adventure is a very different animal. It places a regular ol' dude who's grappling with his own demons in the middle of the wilderness.
1d, 20h, 26m old - 3 comments

Grand Theft Auto V Free Valentine's Day Update Available Now
Rockstar has announced the free V-Day update for GTAV; it brings a couple new cars, a brand new Adversary Mode, and some new clothes for everyone.
1d, 20h, 13m old - 2 comments

Rocket League Season 1 Concludes, Season 2 Is Nigh
Psyonix has confirmed that Ranked Play for Season One has ended and Season Two is about to begin. Time to earn even more rewards and titles!
1d, 20h, 2m old - 1 comment

Hitman Beta Needs Internet Connection, Full Game Doesn't
Square Enix has confirmed that while the Hitman beta (which starts tomorrow on PS4, by the way) needs an Internet connection, the full product does not.
1d, 19h, 49m old - 4 comments

Sword Coast Legends Brings Traditional D&D Goodness To PS4
After releasing for PC last fall, this traditional dungeon-crawling RPG is coming to PlayStation 4 this spring, with all the extra content included!
1d, 19h, 36m old - 2 comments

February 10th, 2016

Last Updated 2d, 24m ago

Square Enix Launches Final Fantasy IX on Android
The classic Final Fantasy RPG you've been waiting for is finally available on Android! Time to bring in some nostalgia!
2d, 24m old - 15 comments

Sony Teases New Image of Crash Bandicoot
Is Sony just playing with our hearts, or is this for real? And will it be a remaster or a new entry?
2d, 4h, 57m old - 10 comments

Star Ocean 5 Trailer Introduces A New Character: Meet "Emmerson"
If you're an avid Star Ocean fan like myself, you'll be surely excited to learn and meet a new character in Star Ocean 5. Meet Emmerson.
2d, 4h, 22m old - 10 comments

So, Will Dark Souls III Manage To Outstrip The Great Bloodborne?
Are you expecting From Software's new Dark Souls to be better than last year's Bloodborne? Or do you still say it's unfair to compare the two?
2d, 19h, 15m old - 17 comments

Capcom Talking About Reviving Onimusha
Even though they can't confirm any new Onimusha project right now, there have been internal discussions about resurrecting the popular IP.
2d, 19h, 53m old - 15 comments

The Division Open Beta Will Be Ready To Go Very Soon
Ubisoft has officially announced an open beta test for Tom Clancy's The Division and it's coming down the pike soon. A whole LOTTA people will try it!
2d, 20h, 5m old - 7 comments

This Week's PSN Deals: Get Caught Up On Assassin's Creed
If you check out this week's sales on the PlayStation Store, you'll find a way to get caught up on the esteemed Assassin's Creed series. You want to, right?
2d, 19h, 37m old - 8 comments

February 9th, 2016

Last Updated 2d, 21h, 46m ago

Play Your PS4 Games on the New Sony Xperia
The new Sony Xperia phone allows you to play playstation 4 games via remote play. But is it worth the price?
2d, 21h, 46m old - 18 comments

Fans will be Blown Away by the Levels of Uncharted 4, according to Naughty Dog
Naughty Dog Promise Fans Will Be Blown Away By Uncharted 4: A Thiefís Endís Levels. Well, we expect nothing less from Naughty Dog!
3d, 16h, 17m old - 18 comments

What's Your Most Embarrassing Video Game Moment Ever?
We all have embarrassing moments caused by video games, whether they've involved epic losses or they've had a really nasty effect on your social life...
3d, 19h, 18m old - 17 comments

Shiren The Wanderer Gives Us A Reason To Fire Up The Vita
This is an updated version of the "rogue-like RPG" that only launched in Japan, and it should appeal to all those who enjoy old-school experiences.
3d, 19h, 34m old - 5 comments

New Street Fighter V CG Vid: Man, This Will Make Your Day
Capcom has released a full-length CG trailer for one of the year's most anticipated games, and fighting fans the world over will be VERY pleased.
3d, 19h, 45m old - 13 comments

Square Enix Unveils Info For This Month's Hitman Beta
The publisher has revealed all the necessary info for the upcoming Hitman beta test. Pre-order a digital copy now to assure yourself a spot!
3d, 20h, 8m old - 1 comment

Dark Souls III Into Cinematic Is Awfully Pretty...And Awfully Creepy
We've got the full intro cinematic for the hotly anticipated Dark Souls III and it's exactly what you'd expect: Beautiful and oh so very creepy.
3d, 19h, 59m old - 1 comment

February 8th, 2016

Last Updated 3d, 22h, 12m ago

Do You Actually Like Old- School Indy Games?
Are indy games too simple for your tastes, or do you believe they have a unique charm that is too irresistible to be ignored?
3d, 22h, 12m old - 8 comments

Explore the Wyoming Wilderness in Firewatch Tomorrow
Firewatch may be an early big hit for Playstation 4. Great writing and witty dialogue make for what looks to be a very promising adventure game.
4d, 22m old - 17 comments

Scale Of 1-10: How Satisfied Are You With PlayStation Plus?
After being a PlayStation Plus member for an extended period of time, how would you rate your experience? Are you plenty happy or disappointed?
4d, 18h, 54m old - 57 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Most Had A Blast With The Division Beta
The majority of our readers loved the closed beta, so The Division could be extremely popular. This week, how psyched would you be for Titanfall 2?
4d, 19h, 23m old - 9 comments

Titanfall 2 Writer Dishes Out Story Details, Expects PS4 Release
The game's lead writer says he expects a multiplatform release and also confirms the existence of a single-player campaign. Are we excited yet?
4d, 19h, 50m old - 4 comments

Street Fighter V Character Overviews For Necalli And Zangief
Capcom has released a couple new character overview trailers; one features the franchise favorite Zangief and the other highlights a new fighter.
4d, 20h, 4m old - 5 comments

Final Fantasy Tactics Director's New Game Dead In The Water?
Yasumi Matsuno's brainchild got fully funded on Kickstarter in 2014 but the project has hit a major stumbling block...big enough to derail everything.
4d, 19h, 35m old - 8 comments

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