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November 23rd, 2014

Last Updated 9h, 58m ago

Ben's Week In Review: November 23
It might not be doing us any good to argue that video games qualify as art, virtual reality causes problems for oldsters, and the huge games are here.
9h, 58m old - 4 comments

November 22nd, 2014

Last Updated 20h, 8m ago

Game Of Thrones PS4 Teaser Trailer: Catnip For Fans?
The Game of Thrones is coming to PlayStation 4 and here's a teaser vid to whet your appetite. Many of the show's actors are reprising their roles in the game!
20h, 8m old - 9 comments

All Extra Maps For Evolve Will Be Free
Developer Turtle Rock Studios has confirmed that any and all DLC maps will be free, even though the hunters and monsters will still have a fee attached.
20h, 19m old - 4 comments

Inquisition: The Lone 2014 Masterpiece
Going into the year, most would've predicted multiple masterpieces. But things haven't turned out that way and the new Dragon Age stands alone.
1d, 9h, 55m old - 28 comments

Shadow Warrior Review: From A Simpler, Bloodier Time
This reimagining of the 1997 PC classic is filled with colorful violence and a load of nostalgic action. It's from a time when FUN was all that mattered.
1d, 10h, 27m old - 5 comments

Scarecrow Teases New Batman Info During Video Game Awards
The legendary Batman villain shows up at the end of a teaser video for the upcoming Video Game Awards, so it seems some Arkham Knight info is imminent...
1d, 10h, 16m old - 6 comments

GTAV Funny Traffic Vid Proves AI Should Never Drive
A new gameplay video shows a tangled traffic mess at an intersection in Grand Theft Auto V. This is what happens when AI starts to go off the rails.
1d, 10h, 8m old - 8 comments

PSXE's Crazy Double-Dip Game Of The Year 2014 Giveaway
If you want to win two amazing games (one we choose and one YOU choose), we're giving you a chance: Just become involved with PSXE in 2014!
163d, 9h, 8m old - 53 comments

November 21st, 2014

Last Updated 1d, 20h, 10m ago

GTAV Bug Lets You Cheat The Market?
It appears a bug has arisen (at least in the PS4 version of the game) that lets you exploit stock for big gains. Ill-gotten gains is the spirit of GTA!
1d, 20h, 10m old - 3 comments

GameStop: Lack Of PS3/360 Price Cuts Hurt Our Bottom Line
The retailer says they anticipated price drops for the older platforms this year and without those cuts, hardware sales were lower than expected.
1d, 20h, 33m old - 6 comments

PlayStation Experience: New Battlefield, UFC Champions
Electronic Arts will have a significant presence at the PlayStation event next month. You can square off against Chuck Liddell and play Hardline!
1d, 20h, 19m old - 4 comments

I Miss The Vita, And It Isn't Even Dead Yet
It feels bizarre to "miss" something that isn't dead but there's no other way to describe it. The Vita is still alive but really, it isn't doing anything.
2d, 10h, 1m old - 21 comments

New PlayStation 4 Promo Video Puts A Premium On Games
Sony is kicking off the Black Friday marketing blitz with a new PlayStation 4 ad. They're once again claiming that PS4 is the "best place to play."
2d, 10h, 24m old - 7 comments

New Screens And Details For Bloodborne
The designers have released some new screens and info for the highly anticipated PS4 exclusive: A new character, location, and weapon to check out!
2d, 10h, 33m old - 9 comments

Bladestorm: Nightmare Battles Into North America On March 3
For those looking for a Dynasty Warriors vibe and a whole lot of historically intriguing combat, the latest Bladestorm iteration is for you.
2d, 10h, 43m old - 2 comments

Destiny DLC The Dark Below: Opening Cinematic Leaked
Here's a sneak peek at Destiny's first expansion, well before The Dark Below is available. Traveling beneath the Moon's surface could be dangerous...
2d, 10h, 14m old - 4 comments

November 20th, 2014

Last Updated 2d, 20h, 10m ago

Try Destiny For Free, Your Progress Will Transfer Over
Bungie has announced a free trial for Destiny and if you choose to buy the full version after it's over, your character progress will transfer over.
2d, 20h, 10m old - 6 comments

Advanced Warfare Hits Big, Series Passes $10 Billion In Sales
Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the "biggest entertainment launch in 2014," and the series has hit another milestone.
2d, 20h, 25m old - 13 comments

Ubisoft Responds To PS3 Corruption Bug In Far Cry 4
The publisher tells you how to fix this nasty bug in digital copies of the PS3 version: Delete the game and re-download an updated version.
2d, 20h, 36m old - 2 comments

Is It Even Practical For Adults To Be Multi-Console Owners?
Most adults simply don't have the time to keep up with all the available games. Having more than one console just makes it all the more implausible.
3d, 9h, 39m old - 25 comments

Grand Theft Auto V Review: Yep, It Somehow Got Better
The updated version of Grand Theft Auto V is just about everything you'd expect and maybe a dash extra. The definitive iteration begs to be played!
3d, 10h, 39m old - 21 comments

Ubisoft: Massive Crowds Aren't Causing The Issues In Unity
Many assumed that given the huge crowd sizes in Assassin's Creed Unity, they were the culprit for frame rate and other technical snafus. But...nope.
3d, 9h, 54m old - 7 comments

New Tony Hawk Title Coming To Consoles "Late Next Year"
The iconic skater has confirmed that a new Tony Hawk game is headed to consoles toward the end of next year, and it might even feature hoverboards!
3d, 10h, 1m old - 8 comments

EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow Just Made Destiny More Dynamic
The new and improved Sparrow can fly now! If you've got the Season Pass or you purchase The Dark Below DLC, you can start pulling off mid-air tricks.
3d, 10h, 15m old - 3 comments

November 19th, 2014

Last Updated 3d, 20h, 2m ago

Sony On PS4 Exclusives: "We'd Like To Fill The Whole Year"
The exclusives aren't exactly flowing yet for PlayStation 4 but Sony says they always want to have great content. And not just for the holidays, either.
3d, 20h, 2m old - 15 comments

GTAV Patch Fixes Save Transfer Issue
When GTAV released yesterday, there was a serious bug that stopped players from using their old data. But Rockstar has quickly provided a fix-it patch.
3d, 20h, 11m old - 1 comment

New PS4 MMO Wander Tells Its Beautiful Story Without Combat
Ever heard of an expansive adventure that doesn't involve fighting of any kind? Well, now you have: Wander puts a premium on exploration and mystery.
3d, 20h, 23m old - 9 comments

Is There Any Room Left For JRPGs?
The JRPG is an iconic part of the video game industry but from this moment forward, it might be relegated to mobile, handhelds, and strictly digital.
4d, 9h, 37m old - 41 comments

Take-Two CEO On GTAV's Gritty Setting: "It's Beautiful Art"
Yeah, Grand Theft Auto V can be rough. That's the point. But as Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick says, it's a gritty and hugely expansive experience.
4d, 10h, 6m old - 5 comments

EA: Motion Sickness Is A VR Hurdle That Needs To Be Cleared
The publisher says they're excited by the new VR tech out there but until creators can iron out the motion sickness issue, they'll be reluctant...
4d, 9h, 56m old - 9 comments

Crystal Dynamics Talks Puzzles In Lara's New Dungeon-Crawler
The developer talks about how puzzles will change based on the number of players attempting them. Gotta have this Guardian of Light follow-up!
4d, 9h, 48m old - 11 comments

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