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September 17th, 2014

Last Updated 9h, 47m ago

Source: PS4 Doubles Xbox One Sales
The PlayStation 4 may have an even bigger lead than one might expect, as the Xbox One is only at 5 million while the Wii U has taken forever to hit 7M.
9h, 47m old - 14 comments

The Evil Within TGS 2014 Trailer: Say Hello To Your Foes
The latest trailer for Shinji Mikami's horrific brainchild showcases some of the nightmarish enemies you'll face in The Evil Within. Sweet dreams!
9h, 58m old - 4 comments

Alien: Isolation DLC Pass Expands Upon Survivor Mode
Sega has announced a DLC Pass for the upcoming game, and it'll feature five expansions for the Survivor Mode. Pre-ordering is a good idea as well.
10h, 10m old - 1 comment

Destiny And CoD Will Overshadow Too Many Games This Fall
Given so many delays of anticipated games and the fact that two massive shooters are positioned to dominate the holiday season, it seems inevitable.
23h, 21m old - 19 comments

Will You Invest More Money In Destiny?
You've got the game, you're ranking up and forming an opinion on the future right? With two expansions on the horizon are you willing to spend more money on Bungie's latest?
23h, 6m old - 27 comments

TGS 2014 Should Include Uncharted 4, FF Type-0 HD, More
This year's Tokyo Game Show could be packed with big-name titles, and that includes Uncharted 4, Resident Evil Revelations 2 for Vita, Until Dawn, etc.
23h, 33m old - 22 comments

Battlefield: Hardline Delay Should Result In "More Innovation"
Visceral says the extra time will benefit the game, as they seek to bring more freshness and creativity to the game. Beta feedback played a big role, too.
23h, 54m old - 5 comments

SingStar: Ultimate Party: A Smartphone Becomes a Mic
The latest SingStar iteration comes to Europe on October 29, when it'll be available for the PS3 and PS4. Time to bust out your smartphones!
23h, 42m old - 3 comments

PSXE's Crazy Double-Dip Game Of The Year 2014 Giveaway
If you want to win two amazing games (one we choose and one YOU choose), we're giving you a chance: Just become involved with PSXE in 2014!
96d, 22h, 44m old - 47 comments

September 16th, 2014

Last Updated 1d, 9h, 24m ago

Only The Skilled Being Invited Into The Bloodborne Alpha?
A few invites for an upcoming "small-scale" alpha test have gone out, and the first line of that email indicates that maybe only the proven get in...
1d, 9h, 24m old - 14 comments

ESRB Celebrates 20 Years Of Making The Industry Better
The Entertainment Software Ratings Board celebrates its 20th birthday today, and developers and politicians alike agree that it's a very positive thing.
1d, 9h, 35m old - 7 comments

PS4, Xbox One Versions Of WWE 2K15 Pushed Back
The next-gen versions are pushed back a few weeks, so the game will release on the PS4 and Xbox One on November 18. PS3/360 versions are still on track.
1d, 9h, 53m old - 2 comments

Destiny Review: Unfulfilled Dreams And Future Hopes
The most anticipated game of the new generation has a massive amount of ambition and wonderful production values, but it has some growing to do.
2d, 1m old - 115 comments

Shadow Warrior: An Upgrade That Still Feels Old-School
How do you maintain the campy old-fashioned feel of a 1997 game, while still giving the modern-day player appropriate upgrades? It's a balancing act...
1d, 23h, 40m old - 2 comments

Harness The Awesome Power Of The Elephant In Far Cry 4
Ubisoft has released a new video showcasing the incredible power of the elephant. Use this mammoth creature effectively and rule the multiplayer roost!
1d, 23h, 49m old - 4 comments

Ready At Dawn Co-Founder Stunned At Destiny Scores
If the game scores under an 8, Ready at Dawn co-founder Andrea Pessino says that's "ludicrous." Well, there are lots of opinions when it comes to Destiny.
1d, 23h, 28m old - 20 comments

September 15th, 2014

Last Updated 2d, 9h, 52m ago

Driveclub Comes On Top Of Standard October Plus Freebies
This is only confirmed for the European release but we'd like to think US gamers will get the same treatment. And yes, it's only the Plus version.
2d, 9h, 52m old - 7 comments

Amazon Slashes Prices On Great Vita Games, Memory Cards
The online retailer has cut the price of several excellent Vita games (like Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster) and the memory cards are low, too.
2d, 9h, 40m old - 6 comments

NBA 2K15's MyTeam Mode Lets You Write A New History
The new MyTeam Mode lets you build a team by choosing players from the sport's history, and you'll answer the always-intriguing question, "What if?"
2d, 10h, 5m old - 1 comment

Fairy Fencer F Review: Both Familiar And Much Improved
The Hyperdimension Neptunia team has achieved something more fun and better rounded this time but issues old and new keep it from truly shining.
2d, 21h, 54m old - 13 comments

Wait, I Have To Play Destiny For 20 Hrs. Before It Gets Good?
Bungie says Destiny becomes a "whole different kind of game" after you put 20 hours into it. Okay, so what's that say about the first 20 hours then?
2d, 23h, 24m old - 49 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Destiny Popularity Is Almost Split
Most of our readers bought Destiny right out of the gate, but nearly as many said they don't care at all. For you owners, is it as good as advertised?
2d, 23h, 35m old - 12 comments

PS1, PS2, And PS4 Games On PS Now Is A "Real Possibility"
For the time being, PlayStation Now only plays host to PS3 games. But Sony doesn't plan to stop there; they'd like to bring in titles from all generations.
2d, 23h, 14m old - 4 comments

New Driveclub Info: Load Times, DLC, Hybrid Rides
If you're worried about long load times in Driveclub, don't: They average only about 10 seconds! And there's a reason why DLC work has to start now.
2d, 22h, 50m old - 3 comments

Advanced Warfare Will Boast 15 Prestiges And Over 350 Guns
Sledgehammer confirms that this year's Call of Duty will go back to 15 Prestiges, and the game will boast over 350 guns! Okay, that's a BIG number.
2d, 23h, 4m old - 5 comments

September 14th, 2014

Last Updated 4d, 10m ago

Ben's Week In Review: September 14
I want Grand Theft Auto V more than any other game in 2014, I wish that third-person CoD would've happened, and the Destiny review is coming...
4d, 10m old - 15 comments

September 13th, 2014

Last Updated 4d, 10h, 8m ago

Jungle Rumble Coming To Vita: Monkeys Love Bananas
This new rhythm-based game will task you with sticking to the beat of the jungle. Your tribe of monkeys might lose all its bananas if you don't!
4d, 10h, 8m old - 1 comment

Editorial: Do Gamers Care About Destiny Review Scores?
Considering the lower-than-anticipated review scores, it's interesting that Destiny is selling so well. Is it just because gamers really don't care?
4d, 23h, 29m old - 39 comments

Sony: Vita Is "Trucking Along"
The PlayStation Vita is here to stay and in fact, Sony says the unit has "found its niche." They admit it's not a huge niche but hey, it's something.
4d, 23h, 51m old - 8 comments

Third-Person Call Of Duty Set In Vietnam, Had "Great Moments"
Sledgehammer Games talks about its canceled third-person Call of Duty adventure, which took its cues from Uncharted and would've been "scary and gritty."
4d, 23h, 59m old - 3 comments

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