: Ben's Week In Review: September 14

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Ben's Week In Review: September 14

All anyone can talk about is Destiny, so let's focus on other topics, shall we?

Is it weird that I want GTAV more than anything else this holiday season?

Now that we know Grand Theft Auto V will launch on November 18 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (sorry, PCers), it's atop my wish list.

That's probably weird to those who have already completed the game, but I never got a chance to finish. Truth be told, I always knew Take-Two would eventually deliver a next-gen iteration so I purposely waited for the best possible version 'cuz the game is that awesome. Given all the additions and improvements, I think I was probably right to wait. Sure, I may have super high expectations for Assassin's Creed Unity but I already know GTAV is an amazing experience and one that absolutely cannot be missed. If I had had any inkling Naughty Dog and Sony would've done the same thing with The Last Of Us, maybe I would've waited on that one, too.

...nah, that game was just way too good to pass up when it came out. Besides, it isn't anywhere near as long as GTAV.

I really wanted to see that third-person Call of Duty :(

We've all been calling for change in the Call of Duty franchise, and we almost got a radical change with the now-canceled "Fog of War."

Not only would we have received an entirely new setting - Cambodia during the Vietnam War - but we also would've had a shift in genre. There's a very big difference between a first-person and a third-person adventure, and I would've loved to see Sledgehammer's project. Instead, Activision tapped them to assist with the multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3 after the Infinity Ward fiasco and as a consequence, "Fog of War" got scrapped. That really sucks, too. I know the hardcore CoD fans probably would've hated it just because it was a TPS but I don't care. In a lot of ways, I prefer TPS, anyway. Uncharted, anyone?

Advanced Warfare boasts some significant changes, but it's still a first-person shooter at its core, just like Destiny.

Personal gaming update

And speaking of Destiny, I'll be ready to do a review on Monday. As you've probably noticed, it isn't getting the best critical reception, which is moderately surprising. I honestly believed it would be getting 9s and 10s all over the place, but it's averaging in the low 70s and that's just...shocking. Major outlets like GameSpot and Polygon only awarded the game a 6, and that's very low for such a hugely hyped, supposedly groundbreaking title. I guess their major problem is that the whole experience just feels a little too empty and to be honest, I get what they're saying. Destiny does indeed feel somewhat underwhelming. That being said, I think a 6 sort of ignores the immense amount of polish that is quite evident from the get-go.

Destiny is the reason I haven't been able to play much more of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition; I'm just a Lv. 22 Crusader in Act II. But it's just so much fun; I'll be getting back to it tonight, hopefully. As for Tales of Xillia 2, the loan payment system just ruined that game for me. What a dumb idea.

9/13/2014 Ben Dutka

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Saturday, September 13, 2014 @ 9:29:14 PM

I'm with you Ben. That new trailer has me more hyped than anything else for this holiday season. GTAV's story is pretty much perfection incarnate to me, and I cannot wait to play it in 1080p and re-experience the story.

I wanted to see that Call of duty too. Shame the good idea they had was scrapped for the garbage they put out.

This week I played Metro, Destiny, and Tales of Xillia 1.

Metro...oh man. So good. Destiny is the very first MMO I'm playing and overly enjoying. Sure, 14 was ok but Destiny is everything I like in games and made mmo. I enjoy the fact I don't have to do quests to level up or find gear and the lack of microtransactions is a freaking Zeus-send to me.

Tales is pretty fun too. Alvin strikes me as the type who will betray the team later on, but come back and try and fix his mistake. Fun gameplay too.

Winters pretty much rounding up over here. Been nice and cold the last couple of nights.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014 @ 3:59:30 PM

About Alvin... you're on the right track. He's such a jerk but you'll see what the score is. It is twofold.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014 @ 1:51:23 AM

I haven't been into a GTA game in a long while. I understand though why it's popular. There's just something about crime games that just turns me off I guess.

I expected Destiny to be in the 8 and 9 range with the critics.
In terms of reviews I only listened to Gamespots. I've always had a predilection for Bunqie's way of doing things and so for some elements it's getting hammered on I'm just not bothered much by them. I do think the game does many things very well but at the same time I do think there's clear room for future improvements and a further fleshing out of certain elements. And I do think all of those things will happen in time. I'm happy to be on board with Destiny and I look forward to spending even more time with it going forward. Right now I'm a level 16 Hunter and a ways in on Venus. I'm not sure how I'd rate it yet. I'm feeling a 9 is too high and a 7 is too low. I'm feeling 8'ish if I threw a number out there. But I'm not even sure about that.
I will say the competitive multiplayer just doesn't grab me like Titanfall's did. Destiny's just sorta feels like normal FPS competitive play. Titanfall for me felt like something a lot more special.

Last edited by Temjin001 on 9/14/2014 1:54:59 AM

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Sunday, September 14, 2014 @ 2:08:59 AM

I will note I found a mild control problem. If you switch to your heavy weapon and then want to cycle to secondary you have to first swap to your primary weapon. May not seem all that bad but during the moon strike mission I found it annoying. A cool intense boss fight otherwise. Felt like a sci-fi version of Peter jacksons lotr fellowship of the ring throne room ogre scene.

Last edited by Temjin001 on 9/14/2014 2:09:59 AM

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Sunday, September 14, 2014 @ 9:11:06 AM

yeah that's kinda odd, and it causes problems if you forgot to reload your primary and find yourself face to face with an Ugly with no time to change to secondary.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014 @ 2:39:17 AM

I've still been plugging away at Diablo. The chakrams helped a lot with breaking 50 objects and I've pretty much got my hardcore character up to 70 now.
So that just leaves grinding through a ton of bounties to finish bringing the 5 other classes up 70 as well.
I also went to Whimsyshire for the first time the other day.

Last edited by Nerull on 9/14/2014 2:39:56 AM

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slow and smart
Sunday, September 14, 2014 @ 3:58:44 AM

About Destiny:you have to be online,what happens when Bungie decides to stop the support for this game?Can you stil play it after that?
i read somewhere that The Division is doing the same,you have to be online....
Just curious

Last edited by slow and smart on 9/14/2014 3:59:25 AM

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slow and smart
Sunday, September 14, 2014 @ 4:41:38 AM

i mean,they are not mp only,you can also play sp,but what after they stop the support for the game, is that also the end for the sp?

Last edited by slow and smart on 9/14/2014 4:42:35 AM

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Sunday, September 14, 2014 @ 6:36:37 AM

It's funny because I always thought Halo games deserved those reviews Destiny it's getting I never saw Bungie as some developer that deserved AAA scores on their games lol, it's obvious now that their current franchise it's multi they lose the favor of some reviewers.

Last edited by Oxvial on 9/14/2014 6:40:46 AM

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Solid Fantasy
Sunday, September 14, 2014 @ 8:49:21 AM

Destiny is alright. There's a lot to be said and I feel bad for anyone who can't get into it. So this is what it's like to be on the otherside. The toolbags in the hallway have been playing the 360 version and will not stop talking about it.

Gamespot had some good points, but they really missed the overall points. The slick control really overpowers a lot of the other flaws. I could go on but lets talk about something else.

Golden Abyss is nearing an end and I don't want it to. Afterthat it's on to Fez. Something I can play while watching TV. The goal is to keep good contrast. So it will be Destiny / Fez and Family Guy / Documentaries.
At some point I'm going to give Portal 2 another try. It's been so long I think I may have forgotten how to solve the puzzles.

Also! Does anyone remember Chip? Think Windows 95. I just started in that.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014 @ 9:10:02 AM

I'm gonna wait on the price drop for the PS4 GTAV, so another 6 months or so...

I thought I was the only one that wanted the third person CoD. That was the only way to potentially turn it into something relevant and compelling for more thoughtful gamers and those who want a real military story versus hollywood type.

I'm loving Destiny, in truth it isn't anything new or extraordinary but it is super finely tuned, quite fair (I'm looking at you Dust 514), smooth as butter for being online, and all around adrenaline junkie fun. Props to my Warlock posse member Blinkboy once again. I got caught in like 3-4 hours yesterday when I meant to do one tiny mission.

Fairy Fencer F review is incoming, sorry for the delay but I promise it'll still arrive before the game does.

I'm also loving Murdered Soul Suspect. What great storytelling art! Alas... airtight games was murdered by Square Enix.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014 @ 1:37:00 PM

I would certainly have bought "Fog of War". Not sure about the COD crowd automatically hating it - TFS can be just as much fun as FPS - I generally prefer TFS for campaign modes and FPS for multiplayer.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014 @ 5:27:23 PM

Really? Destiny was rated a 6?!I've purposely avoided the game, reviews, and all content. Maybe that's why? Maybe these sites want a guy like me referring to a source like them? For a production of its size, a 6 is beyond shocking to me. 7.5+ seems like a better fit. I, too, thought 9s for the reviews. I haven't read the reviews yet (and probably won't in case what I *think* is happening is indeed the reason for it), but will say that it seems like a lopsided review.

OR MAYBE MS PAID THEM OFF! haha, Ahhhhh...

PSU: Still chipping away at AC:BF. The sea battles are getting very interesting! I really enjoy the dynamic of the game, but really hate the sloppy controls (I play with my SCP-DS3, but borrowed a friend's 360 controller to see if it was bad emulation... It's not). I know, I'm a broken record about this by now. This PC port. Eh, it has turned my life into a massive cluster of whining!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014 @ 8:25:36 PM

I didn't expect reviews to be this low, but that is simply because I expected reviewers to be reviewing Destiny based on it's own merits, and not by the rest of the industry.

That seems to be the problem.

I personally am having a tonne of fun with the game, I am totally addicted, and I am not spending my time walking around the game saying "Oh this could be better, oh that sucks, oh this is shit". I hate people like that. But even if i did that, there is barely anything to poke at.

The experience feels empty? I don't understand that. At all. Every single map I have played on, there is several other people wandering around too. Also there is the Patrol missions, Strike's and Story missions that are played on maps too.

People should never forget that this is a NEW IP. This is the basis for what is to come in the future, and if THIS is what we get from a starting point, then I am EXTREMELY happy and can not wait to see what happens next.

Honestly, I am not expecting a very glowing review from you either Ben. Simply because I doubt you have been able to play well into the mid-20's and you were never a fan of this game to begin with.

I think that is another problem, most of the reviews talk about a lack of content. The thing is, once you hit level 20, a lot of new content opens up.

I really don't understand why people thought the game would be so much different from the Beta. EVERYONE loved the Beta, but everyone loves to hate the final game.

ALSO... Polygon is not a trustworthy source of news or reviews. Gamespot is questionable at best.

Last edited by Akuma_ on 9/14/2014 8:28:05 PM

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Monday, September 15, 2014 @ 12:52:43 AM

i know i thought that TPS COD said like a good change of pace for the series thats as stale as stale bread and thats about the only thing that would get me to buy another COD. but besides that i'm pritty keen for most of the games coming along this year and i know its gunnabe insane next year.

happy gaming

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