: PS3 Editorial: Top 10 Reasons To Own A PS3

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PS3 Editorial: Top 10 Reasons To Own A PS3

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4: PSP Connectivity

We knew there’d be some sort of connectivity between the two consoles, but we really had no idea how far Sony had gone until we got wind of that Remote Play feature. With that nifty option, just about any content stored on the PS3 is viewable on the PSP, and in fact, those downloadable PS1 classics purchased at the Store are only playable on the PSP. Furthermore, given time, they’re even talking about fully roaming wireless, so you could theoretically communicate with your PS3 via the PSP from across the state. At first, it’ll be limited to how far your wireless network can reach, but those roaming plans are in full effect.

The transfer possibilities are simply outstanding, and with the proper setups, you can really dig in to both consoles and take full advantage. One day soon, you should be able to walk up to your friend and say, “hey, wanna check out the latest screenshots from that new PS3 game coming out next week?” Then you’ll just hand over the PSP so he can ogle the pics. Sweet idea, yes?

3: General Hardware Power and Potential

Granted, the Cell processor has been hyped through the roof, and while the cries of “the 360 is easier to develop for!” ring long and loud, the potential of the PS3 hardware on the whole is quite staggering. We honestly have no idea just how much of this power game developers will be able to effectively access, or how long that will take (compare PS2 launch titles to the most recent, for example), but it’s something to consider. We have to see where the system begins, what devs were able to accomplish with that complicated architecture, and attempt to gauge how much further they can go. Really, that’s a fun trip to take.

It’s always difficult to tell where a console will stand four or five years down the road, especially when it comes to visuals, but given the power and potential of the PS3, it’s safe to assume there’s plenty of room to grow. What we see today isn’t likely what we’ll see a few years from now, and that is one intriguing fact.

2: Backwards Compatibility

It may seem standard and even arbitrary by some people’s standards, but it’s truly one of the more appealing facets of the PS3. The Xbox 360’s backwards compatibility program is taking some time to fully unravel, and even some of the titles that are b/c don’t work as well as they should. For the Wii, the GameCube titles are playable, but any games beyond that have a price tag next to them. With the PS3, the vast majority (and by “vast majority,” we mean most every one) of PS1 and PS2 titles can be played instantly without any sort of update or system alteration. This means the PS3 is capable of playing around 1500 games right off the bat!

Furthermore, if you take that massive installed userbase into account, there are a ton of gamers out there with significant PS1 and PS2 collections, and it’s a 100% positive to be able to pop in Metal Gear Solid one minute and Final Fantasy X the next. So if you’ve got a lot of catching up to do, there’s no reason to hold onto your PS2: if you still want to play the likes of God of War 2 and Final Fantasy XII, or if you’ve got a half-dozen PS2 games sitting there waiting to be unwrapped, none of this is stopping you from upgrading your console. It’s all playable on the PS3, and that is easily one of the most alluring features of Sony’s new system.

1: Exclusive Big-Name Franchises

Let’s face it- when it comes to pushing systems, it’s all up to the software, and while backwards compatibility is a great thing, the appeal will fade a bit over time. Therefore, the biggest factor concerning console sales are the well-known “system sellers.” With the PS2, there was a massive hardware spike when Gran Turismo 3 released, and another spike with the advent of Grand Theft Auto III and Final Fantasy X. And even if upcoming installments in the GTA and Metal Gear Solid franchises are only time-exclusive, that “time” is still a very big deal when it comes to system sales.

The Wii will have their traditional mascots do the talking (Metroid, Mario, and Zelda), but we do have to admit that Nintendo and Sony are targeting slightly different gamer demographics (in fact, Nintendo has admitted to as much in the past). And one of the biggest problems facing Microsoft is their establishment of “system-sellers;” only the Halo name has been worthy of that label thus far. But with the PS3, the names like Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid (MGS 4 remains a PS3 exclusive, despite the rumors), Final Fantasy (true FF fans know where the real series installments exist), and God of War will certainly assist in pushing systems.

What ultimately matters is if someone says to themselves, “I really want that game, and I can only play it on that platform.” And there are millions all over the globe who say these very words for games in those aforementioned franchises. Remember, while they are generally of the highest quality, it’s the name that is the most crucial. Gears of War is likely the most impressive 360 title to-date, and while the quality might affect system sales, the name isn’t helping in the least. It’s just the way of the game world.

11/12/2006 Ben Dutka

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