: Ben's Week In Review: January 31

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Ben's Week In Review: January 31

After this week, you should start seeing new posts at PSXE by new contributors. Fresh flavor never hurts. :)

Beyond Good & Evil 2 IS vaporware until we see something concrete

Granted, it has been an incredibly overused - and sometimes mis-applied - term over the years but there are several projects that absolutely do qualify.

The ill-fated Duke Nukem Forever was the poster-child for over a dozen years, and I'd say The Last Guardian also qualified as vaporware until it was re-revealed last year (even though I'm worried about the fact that Sony has once again lapsed into silence concerning this title). Another that might be accurately dubbed "vaporware" is the long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil 2. Everyone was very excited to hear about it back in 2008 when it was initially announced and that's because the original was a huge cult classic (if you haven't yet had the pleasure, I highly recommend Beyond Good & Evil HD). But that was over seven and a half years ago and while we've gotten lots of excuses and explanations, we've seen nothing more beyond that first teaser trailer.

And you know, I understand the encouragement in hearing creator Michel Ancel basically confirm the sequel again. Yes, it's coming. But how many times can we hear that before we finally start rolling our eyes? How many times can we listen to it before we ultimately stop believing it? In my eyes, that's the hallmark of true vaporware: When the developers keep saying "it's coming" but there are zero concrete updates; i.e., nothing in the way of new footage or even the most basic game-related info. At that point, you just have to ignore the so-called "updates" until there actually is an update.

Size isn't everything, so give Insomniac a shot

I know it isn't Resistance 4 or a brand new Ratchet & Clank or something like that. And you could argue that they gave Microsoft the big-budget, full-fledged Sunset Overdrive and then the next muliplatform effort is just a smaller, perhaps less ambitious $15 digital title. I understand. But let's not forget one thing: This is Insomniac. Despite a few merely average titles over the years (Fuse was one such example), they really don't make bad games. So, let's give the newly revealed Song of the Deep a chance, shall we? It's really unfair to dismiss the game because it isn't a massive $60 production; after all, haven't some of this generation's very best experiences come in smaller packages? Look at Rocket League, Bastion, Joe Danger, and oh yeah, how about every Thatgamecompany effort?

I'm not saying Song of the Deep will be another Journey but let me say that I wouldn't be surprised if the game is good enough to warrant comparisons. Actually, as we press forward in this generation, and as every single new game announcement appears to fall into the same open-world action/adventure category, I'm starting to care more about these smaller, often more creative and innovative, productions.

Personal gaming update

I really like The Witness and I'm hoping I can finish it. I don't get the motion sickness issue but it can strain my eyes something fierce, just because you're so intent on those puzzles. When I'm done, I've decided to restart Assassin's Creed Syndicate. During last year's holiday hullabaloo, I just kept going back and forth between this and a bunch of other games. I kept losing the thread of the narrative, forgetting where I was and exactly what I was doing when I left off, etc. That stuff just drives me nuts and as the game is fantastic and I really want to experience it as it should be experienced, I'm starting over. I'm gonna play it straight through and I'll have a blast.

I'll have time, too, because there's really nothing I care about until February 23, when Far Cry Primal comes out. I'm not really a fan of the series but I have good reason for thinking this one could be something special. I didn't get into The Division beta this week but the game's release isn't that far off, anyway. I wonder what people think of the test...was chatting with Mia Rose a few days back (remember when we did that interview way back when?) and she freakin' loves it.

1/30/2016 Ben Dutka

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Legacy Comment System (15 posts)

Saturday, January 30, 2016 @ 10:22:43 PM

Actually there was a 2nd BG&E2 trailer that came out in May 2012, but I've heard not even a peep of crickets since.......


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Saturday, January 30, 2016 @ 10:27:33 PM

Ohhh Vaporware. So many promising titles fell into this category. Quite frankly if I stop hearing about any game after about 6 months, I lose interest. That's why I appreciate what ND and Sony are doing with Uncharted 4 and how they are promoting it. I think they tried promoting Uncharted 3 too much and it didn't help the final product shine. That's also why I appreciate Rockstar and Bethesda and how they promote. I mean nobody knew for sure Fallout 4 was even coming out until they announced it that same year it was set to release. Bravo.

I'm discouraged with Insomniac releasing a game on a smaller scale because they chose to remake Ratchet and Clank from the ground up. Cool, I'm gonna get it and I know it's gonna be great. But I'd much rather see a new ip or R4, than an older game remade and a smaller title to get consumers by. I think it'll be good based on their track record though. No doubts about that.

All I'm hearing is fantastic things about the Division based on the beta. I watched one video and it looked promising. This was another game I lost track of over the past couple years. Glad it's back on the radar.

PGU: Fallout 4. This game is so big it's boggling my mind. The map is deceivingly large and there's tons of content.

Last edited by bigrailer19 on 1/30/2016 10:34:15 PM

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Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 1:33:50 PM

Yeah keeping Fallout 4 a secret was very surprising. Somehow they even debunked the idea it was in Boston and the ta dah, it is!

And when it showed up my hype level went through the roof. You're right about the map seeming small too. I'm level 45 now and still going strong. Done almost nothing of the main quest. I wanna play more games but it just keeps pulling me back to that 50's style wasteland where anything can happen.

Now that my main settlement is getting huger it is starting to get attacks by Deathclaws! I've had to add artillery cannons.

With my 4th gun nut perk and a unique find I was able to maximize a big assault rifle to full auto that shoots 2 bullets at a time. It rips through everything and I named it "Double Tap Bodymaker"

Endless fun :)

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Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 5:13:55 PM

Yeah I had to turn my beacon off because I almost felt like it was going to get to big to fast. I built a few turrets recently even missile turrets. I havnt been attacked yet thankfully.

Because I havnt been attacked I have no idea how secure it really needs to be. I've put a fence up all the way around but I hate that any change in Contours completely ruins the whole fence leaving areas literally off the ground or buried. So that was a struggle to get close to acceptable.

Did you ever get to vault 81? You can buy a combat rifle called Overseers Security or something like that. It shoots 2 bullets at once for the cost of one. I've obviously only obtained gun nut 3 at my level, but it's fully maxed out and is the same, just awesome.

I'm making my build strictly around engineering, and building things that will make my character better rather than just adding points into damage and health. It's pretty satisfying, for instance making that gun as you did.

I also like running with John Hancock. I tried Piper and Cait. Piper has CQC skills which surprised me, but I was always worried I'd upset her somehow.

Last edited by bigrailer19 on 1/31/2016 5:30:21 PM

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Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 5:52:42 PM

My main settlement is at the Starlight Drive in and it gets attacked quite a bit but it was usually small stuff now its the Super Mutants and Deathclaws, where's yours?

No! you gotta help me find Vault 81. I don't have Hancock but I do like having Piper around. I put her in this 50's summer shorts outfit and then slapped some hard looking armor on her shoulders and legs, a Captain's hat and aviators on her. She looks epic.

Don't forget if you didn't already know that you can direct your people to pick up anything and they never actually can say they can't hold more. It's how I cleaned out both Giddyup Buttercup factories and brought them all home, even keeping a giant one for my house. Those damn horses are great for materials.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 7:33:15 PM

Vault 81 is west of diamond city toward the edge of the map. It's buried in a cave and the area is fenced, with a few vehicles around. Wear your vault suit if you have one as its the only functional vault I've found and they appreciate you wearing a suit.

They will send you on a quest to get an item (I luckily had the item) before they'll let you in. Once you are in its essentially a small town. You can get a few missions in there one which reveals a cool secret about that vault. The local store has that gun and it's only 3k caps).

My main settlement is Sanctuary. I chose it because I started building right away and by the time I realized I could choose another location I had a settlement going already.

I did not know you could tell your companions to pick stuff up. Jeez now I feel like I wasted a point into strong back perk. Oh well.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 11:41:25 PM

Never mind. It's not near the edge of the map haha. It literally is just north west of Diamond City and north of mass pike tunnel (also west of diamond city).

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Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 12:50:50 AM

Beyond Good and Evil was a pretty cool game back in the day. I'm pretty much past feeling with a sequel.
If it happens, great. If not, whatever.

I look plenty forward to Insomniac's new Ratchet game.

I've got to do something about all these games I'm swamped with. I've started a bunch but haven't been able to finish them. The list being Witcher 3, MGSV, Fallout 4, Xenoblade X. Then there's titles like Bayonetta 2 just waiting to be played more... and there's the Uncharted Collection... I think if I focused my efforts a bit more I could have Witcher finished... I think. SPOILER. I've freed the ugly baby from it's curse. I think I'm a bit over halfway through it but I don't know. I just need to knock them out and clear them from the queue, one by one.

PGU: Been playing the SFV beta. Feels like solid stuff so far. It amazes me to think I've played this franchise since like middle-school and here it is still around today. And it feels so similar to those days. Talk about game design that has stood the test of time with audiences.

BTW, I'm still doing game engine programming. Though I decided to start again and do everything in C++ as it's a fairly dominate programming language in this realm. I'm tired of looking at resources that are always in another language's syntax.

Last edited by Temjin001 on 1/31/2016 1:01:44 AM

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Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 1:35:30 PM

I'm wishing I hand't bought the Uncharted collection now cuz I just don't have time to play it and so far it doesn't look much better than the originals.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 1:46:39 PM

I dug BGE but never finished and will probably pass on a sequel.

I bought Gone Home but I'm hoping a fan can help me decide to keep playing. I thought it was a horror game but so far it's taken hours of work just to find a cute lesbian love story. Is this thing going anywhere horrifying that isn't focused around a possibly forbidden relationship?

Of course Fallout 4 keeps pulling me back. I WANT to give more time to AC Syndicate but it's hard to find time to commit. It doesn't feel like a pop-in pop out type of game.

Bought Aeterno Blade on PS4. It's clearly a low quality handheld side scroller but it's also strangely satisfying because it seems like it would have been a PS1 game that follows those basic kinds of Japanese styles. Good to have a nice side scroller as I haven't been happy with many of them, Strider included.

I hope some of you are interested in my idea put up earlier a "Japanese Spotlight" where I just take a look at games that most people won't even hear about coming stateside. I know we have big Japanese fans here, it's hard to tell if it's worth doing when there are low comments so I need feedback. Full on previews tend to get overlooked and I think it's important to just say HEY, these games exist and deserve attention.

Also I'm bringing back the Sunday Meditation since we typically only have the week in review on Sunday and I hope to learn if there's any interest in that at PSXE or if you guys aren't bothering to check on weekends. It isn't always easy to have a thoughtful topic every week.

I'd like to welcome the new contributors. I look forward to working with you and meeting in the next week. Yes the website is a wonky one to work with but it does become second nature.

May the force be with all PSXE visitors, this oasis in the wasteland of flaming and clickbait. :)

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mk ultra
Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 9:04:47 PM

I for one would love a Japanese spotlight. Agree full on previews take time and might not be fully appreciated, so just a every other week, or monthly Japanese game spotlight would be awesome.

As far as Sunday Meditation, I'm for it. The weekend is usually when I catch up on stories I didn't have time for at work, and have a chance to comment. I've liked the discussions your topics have brought up in the past, and if nothing comes to mind, just start a conversation we can kick around for a bit.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 10:08:39 PM

Bring it on World, bring it on!!!!

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Monday, February 01, 2016 @ 11:30:35 AM

thanks duders

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mk ultra
Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 8:36:33 PM

I'm back! Haven't been participating in the comments as of late, but still visit here almost daily. Great to see David writing again, and Biker Saint back in the mix. Look forward to the new blood contributing. It could be a shot in the arm to this site.

I was really hoping for a BG&E reveal sometime last year. When all the shows came and went, I was just about to finally bury hope forever. Now Ancel has to go and say something again, why?

PGU: I really want to start the Witness, but I still have to finish Talos Principle and i don't want to be tackling two puzzlers at once. The Division beta is pretty good, but I can see it being another Destiny only with people fighting you for your loot after you get it. Could be really fun but wear thin quite fast if there's nothing else to do. Other than that I'm still playing Mortal Kombat X, Battlefront and Black Ops III. That free Digital Leisure casino game is actually eating into my gaming schedule too. It feels very similar to PS Home.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 9:21:01 PM

That my worry with The division is we might have another Destiny on our hands. Something that can't support itself.

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