: TimeSplitters vs. Unreal Tournament.

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TimeSplitters vs. Unreal Tournament.

The reviews for both games won't be up until Sunday or Monday, so I decided to give you gamers a comparison review between both games. 


  Here's the breakdown, Unreal Tournament's visuals are great but the textures aren't as good as those found in the PC version of TimeSplitters. The character models are Dreamcast quality at best, though that isn't too bad, and the frame rate is a standard 30 frames per second. On the other hand TimeSplitters has smoother visuals, with more varied and finer looking textures, along with a perfect 60 FPS even during the four player modes and nice character models. Unreal Tournament is a nice looking game, with great looking special effects and a steady frame rate, but TimeSplitters is all of that but twice as better. TS features solid textures, blistering frame rates, and extreme looking special effects. The undisputed winner in visuals is TimeSplitters.
WINNER: TimeSplitters


  This one is tough. If you enjoy the fragrance of GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, then be my guest and purchase TimeSplitters. But if you enjoy the likes of Half-Life and Unreal on the PC, then Unreal Tournament is your game. Both of these games are ultimate frag fests with two different concepts. TimeSplitters takes from 1935-2035, in many different areas corresponding with the years. Unreal Tournament takes place in the sci-fi realm, around the outer worlds, revolving around Mars and other distant planets. Both games are equally amusing, though I would have to go with Unreal Tournament is being the slightly better one, because of its much smoother camera. TimeSplitters may run at 60 frames, but it can give a very bad headache if you aren't used to games with cameras that move around very quickly and drag your eye around, causing a nauseous reaction that in some cases can lead to seizures. Now I suggest if you are intolerable of super fast moving cameras, such as those in TimeSplitters, you should go with Unreal Tournament's, smoother and less eye straining camera movements. The problem is that the shooters in TS turn too quickly, therefore forcing your pupil to react to a different color almost instantly, instead of giving it some time like UT does. Both games are four player compatible, despite what you may have heard Epic say before, UT is a four player game and so is TS. TS' multi-player runs faster than UT's, but UT is just a bit more fun and more action packed than TimeSplitters is, it may sound strange but it's true. Although the Map Editor in TS is a great feature that truly makes up for the incredibly short and lacking, Story Mode in TS. Unreal Tournament has more life to it, the Tournament mode is much more deeper than TS' Story mode, although the exploration in levels is thinner and less varied than TS'. It really is a toss up between both games, I would buy both and I suggest that you do the same, even if the Italian mafia has got a tag on your head, I suggest picking up both games. If you can't buy both games, I suggest Unreal Tournament, not only is it a more enjoyable fragger, but you can re-live the PC thrill by popping in any USB keyboard and mouse. 
WINNER: Unreal Tournament

Replay Value:
  Both games are equally replayable, UT has got the great tournament modes, the excellent level design, the incredible guns and the marvelous four player mode. TimeSplitters has a very nifty Map Editor, blistering frame rates, four player deathmatches, real-life guns, inspired stages, and the signature GoldenEye gameplay. But to my ultimate decision, I would have to pick Unreal Tournament as the first person shooter game to get for the PS2, over TimeSplitters. Both are worthy of a purchase, but because of the super fast moving camera that TS possesses, some people who rarely play first person shooters, may get sick, that is why I prefer Unreal Tournament over TS and that is because Unreal just has a smoother camera flow. And besides I like the, intense, edgy, non-stop, I'm gonna get you sucka' action that Unreal features. If you are looking for an ultimate fragger, than look no further than Unreal Tournament, if you prefer the styling of GoldenEye or PerfectDark, then TimeSplitters is your game, either way you can't go wrong, but I suggest getting Unreal. Now if it ultimately comes down to the fact that you can't make up your mind, try renting both and finding out which one suits you best. I will hopefully have the Unreal review up tomorrow (Sunday) and the TimeSplitters review on Monday, so stay tuned to learn more about the two games.

10/28/2000 SolidSnake

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