: Buy A DC Now Or Wait For The PS2?

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Buy A DC Now Or Wait For The PS2?

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      Now you may be saying what about Tony Hawk and what about Driver, Tony Hawk alright I'll give you that one, but Driver was just a mission driving game. I mean come on! Where are the death defying stunts, jumps, explosions, don't get me wrong Driver is a great game but compared to the action that the DC is giving me it doesn't compare. The PS2 isn't too long off, but if you haven't reserved yours yet then you can most likely forget about getting one before the year end. Don't abandon all hope yet, the DC is truly a remarkable system and if your out of luck with the PS2 then I highly suggest picking up a DC right now! The games are definitely more unique and have a longer replay value than other games on the market. If you have reserved a PS2 and have some spare change in your pocket then by all means get a DC as well. I was an extremely biased little bastard when I first saw the DC. Things like "ohh, the system is going to suck", and "Sony will wipe Sega's ass" came out of my mouth, but once I sat down with the system for a few minutes I fell in love. I was transversed into a world full of colors, depth, and most importantly fun. The Sega DC is a console gamers wish, I say this because of the variety the system offers.

      The original PS has tons of great games but thanks to Konami who is dead scared to bring their music games out to the US, we may never see anything different done on the PS. If Konami would tighten up their belts and release a Dance Dance game or hopefully Guitar Freaks then they would see how badly the American gamers want something different, than Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, or Crash Bandicoot. This is what's great about Sega, they have recently release Space Channel 5, I have yet to play the wonder but my fellow critics have been hailing the game non stop. This is the kind of juice I want to see done on the PS2. Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty does wet my pants, but I want to see something different done on a Sony console. Right now if I want variety I'm sticking with Sega DC.

      What about all this hype about the PS2 should I believe it or not? I'd say try not to, Sony may be overhyping their system, then when gamers find one little thing wrong with the unit it will come back and bite Sony in the ass for lying. But is "hype" considered lying or just professional marketing? I say that its just for the money, as the saying goes "it's all about the Benjamins". The first generation titles that will be released on the PS2 won't be very revolutionary, if you're going to call a new Ridge Racer game, Street Fighter or Tekken game revolutionary then there is something definitely wrong with you. Second-gen games like The Getaway, The Bouncer, and Dark Cloud will bring us innovative and deep games that will truly captivate all of us but still not revolutionize.

      I think the PS2 will first see a revolution when Final Fantasy XI is released  and the only reason is that the two games will be the first FF games to go online. I wouldn't say Metal Gear Solid 2 will be a revolution, but they can make it one if online gameplay was involved. For awhile we will be seeing nothing but NFL Maddens, Tekkens, Ridge Racers, Street Fighters and GameDays on our PS2's, while the DC will be seeing games like Jet Grind Radio, Seaman, Phantasy Star (the first console Online RPG) and Samba de Amigo. For those living under a Sony rock, Samba de Amigo is a music game created by the Sonic Team, it is one hell of a game, in fact some say this is better than Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Freaks. I now know that the Sonic Team has the huevos ('balls' in Spanish) for releasing a music game for their US audience. If you are dying for a music game on your PS stop waiting and pick up a DC if you are a hardcore music gamer, you won't regret it.

6/18/2000 SolidSnake

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