: Top 10 Games of Fall and Winter

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Top 10 Games of Fall and Winter

Who said that frosty times, call for frosty days? Forget about that, because this Fall and Winter, you'll be warming up to the warm glow of your TV screen, with your PS2 controller at hand, and a blockbuster title inside your console. By the time you all read this, there have been 16 million Playstation 2s shipped, and an estimated 15 million own one. If you are such as I, and own a PS2, you are most likely experiencing what is known as the "Fall Dilemma". The "Fall Dilemma” is a period of time between September and mid-November where gamers will be literally bombarded with blockbuster PS2 titles. Titles such as: Devil May Cry, Silent Hill 2, ICO, Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2, and Metal Gear Solid 2, are some of the few titles AAA titles guaranteed to rake in the dough. The full and more accurate list features: Grand Theft Auto 3, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid 2, ICO, Silent Hill 2, Blood Omen 2, Airblade, Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy, Splashdown, WWF Smackdown 3: Just Bring It, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, SOCOM: US Navy Seals, Ace Combat 4, State of Emergency, Drakan II, Tribes, Formula One 2001, FIFA 2002, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2, Burnout, and of course the Twisted Metal: Black Online disk.

Above were 21 HUGE reasons why the PS2 is the console that should be resting near your TV. But oh dear lord, who the hell has so much money to buy all of those games, let alone the time? This year's end is going to insane for the PS2, it's gonna’ make every other game title on other consoles look like coasters, but the time of release for each game is approaching fast, and you must know which one(s) must you pick up. Fear not, good citizen! For I have created a top 10 list that'll get you through this rough time. Below are ten games that you should consider purchasing before the year's end. [Note: Twisted Metal: Online doesn’t exactly qualify as a game, because it’s more of a patch. But nevertheless it should be in your library.]

10) Silent Hill 2- Horror fans looking for something chilling, owe it to themselves to pick up Silent Hill 2. This game promises to be more sickening, more bloody, and best of all more scary. You'd better have your 'blankie' and diapers ready, 'cause this one will make you wet your pants.

9) Airblade- Developer, Criterion Studios is doing what is possibly the un-imaginable. They're creating a game that may very well give Tony Hawk a run for his money. It's Airblade, a hoverboarding game, that's got depth. Along with pulling off nasty tricks, there's a story in the game, and various elements of adventure. Airblade is one title you do not want to miss out on.

8) Splashdown- Take WaveRace 64 and add Sega's WaveRunner arcade title, what do you have? Well, Splashdown! Developed by highly acclaimed Rainbow Studios, Splashdown is easily one of the most impressive looking watercraft titles of the many that are scheduled for a late 2001 release. Featuring the most gorgeous water effects you're likely to see, and gameplay that's worth your buck, gamers looking for a great time must check out Splashdown.

7) Tribes/SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals- What better way to enjoy your PS2's online capabilities later this year, than with a first person shooter? There are two types of FPS fans, the Quakes and the Rainbow Six’. The Quake types prefer fast action and more mindless titles such as Unreal Tournament. While the Rainbow Six folk are into the strategic world of planning and acting as a leader. Both Tribes and SOCOM for PS2 will be released sometime this year, Tribes ties in more to the Quake populous, because it plays on a faster pace and features a sci-fi atmosphere. SOCOM on the other hand, is more like Rainbow Six; it deals with stealth and whatnot. So this is actually a preference of flavor, since both titles will be online compatible, your only decision is what kind of FPS do you prefer. If you love Rainbow Six titles such as Rogue Spear, then you must get SOCOM, if you are into Quake and Unreal, then Tribes is your game. [Note: The PS2 version of Tribes is actually Tribes 2 for PC]

6) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3- As you have noticed this Fall season is also sequel filled, and Tony Hawk 3 is one of those sequels. But what sets it apart from its predecessors is that it's an online compatible title, and the fact that everything that surrounds you is almost life-like. Instead of skating around deserted skate parks, this time you will skate around vast areas that have civilians roaming around, rival skaters skating, on occasion cops chasing you, and realistic traffic, all of which created a living and breathing world. I shouldn't have to tell you why to buy Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, because all of my reasons would just be painfully obvious.

5) Grand Theft Auto 3- I admit it, when I feel tense and want to relive some anxiety or just let loose, I fire up the original Grand Theft Auto for my PC. Nothing mends ya' like a good ol' Gouranga, running over 10 people that seem to be prisoners with your Beast GTS. Thankfully the geniuses over at DMA Design are getting set for the third GTA title on the PS2. Coming this October, Grand Theft Auto 3 will defy videogames with its high amount of blood and gore, crazy cop chases, and three huge cities, which feature enormous amounts of exploration. There will dozens and dozens of missions to accomplish, and of course dozens of cars to hi-jack. GTA 3 may be the most sinfully good title of the year.

4) Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy- Looking to break the barriers of traditional adventure games, Jak and Daxter is possibly the one game that can change the way we look at adventure titles forever. Masterminds, Jason Rubin, Andy Gavin and their crack team (not team on crack, mind you) over at Naughty Dog are poised to create an adventure game that you'll never forget. Featuring an unbelievably huge world, Jak and his shoulder pet Daxter, will encounter many foes that they must deal with, solve puzzles to continue progression, and at the same time keep your attention span glued to the screen. Jak and Daxter may very well turn out to be the adventure games of all adventure games.

3) Devil May Cry- Let's face it folks, this game is going to be monstrously huge! Capcom has finally forgotten the Resident Evil formula, and created Devil May Cry. Produced by Resident Evil 2 producer Shinji Mikami, Devil May Cry is a new breed of horror, called "gothic horror," but it plays almost nothing like Resident Evil. It's a fast paced, gun shooting, sword slinging, and castle exploring action title that'll get your adrenaline pumping. It's easily one of the most anticipated titles of the year, and deserves to be in your Playstation 2 library.

2) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty- What's this!!?? Metal Gear Solid 2 isn't in the first spot? Nope! As shocked as thousands of you are, MGS2 is not the number one title you all should have this Fall, but it is without a doubt a game you should still get, no matter your financial status. I'm sure many of you have played the demo, over and over and over and over and over again. There's no question that MGS2 looks fabulous and plays like a dream, if the demo is any sign of what to expect from the final product, then we all are in for a real treat, and possibly one of the best games ever. I don't really think an explanation is necessary for a game of Metal Gear Solid 2's caliber.

1) ICO- So this is the game that beat out the hottest game of the year, eh? Yes, you all read right, ICO is indeed the one game that you ALL must purchase this year. It's due out shortly in September, and for those wondering what it's like, absolutely must pick up the Playstation 2 Summer Jampack. There is a demo of ICO, and whoever plays it will be convinced that it may possibly be the best game of the year. ICO is a visually breathtaking game, which is like no other action/adventure game out there; it plays incredibly realistically, and is sure to win over anybody who lays his/her hands on it. If you want to learn more, read my hands-on preview on this game of the year candidate. If you want to experience the magic first-hand, do yourself a favor and buy that Summer Jampack for PS2, it's only eight bucks.

Well there you have it folks, my top 10 list of games for the Fall/Winter PS2 season. I know you fellas won't get them all, but try to get as many as possible. All is not lost, try not to forget your Christmas or Chanukah opportunities, they may come in handy to attaining many of those first-class titles. Hope you enjoyed the list everybody!

8/21/2001 SolidSnake

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