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Updates (December, 2004)

December 31st, 2004

Readers' Game of the Year 2004
Enough of our blabbing about what the best games are, let's take a look at what you guys thought rocked 2004.

December 30th, 2004

PSX Extreme's "Extreme Duds" of 2004
What were the worst and/or most dissapointing games of 2004? We've got the answers right here.

December 29th, 2004

PSX Extreme Editor's Picks
Today we've got our "Extreme Picks", which are the games that Frank, Arnold, and I had the most fun with this year. They might not all be for you, but if you're looking for a great game that didn't get much pub, take a look at some of our suggestions.

Enormous Cheats Update
We've updated all possible cheats for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Need for Speed: Underground 2, NBA Live 2005, Draon BallZ: Budokai 3, WWE SmackDown! vs RAW, Call of Duty: Finest Hour, Shrek 2 and Mortal Kombat: Deception. Enjoy them, and Happy New Year.

December 28th, 2004

5th Annual PSX Extreme Awards
While the other sites sit around drinking egg nog and not updating, we bring you the 5th Annual PSX Extreme Awards. Tomorrow we'll bring you our Editor's picks for games that weren't quite GOTY material, but were games that we played the heck out of.

Walkthrough: Need for Speed: Underground 2
We've got a great Need for Speed: Underground 2 walkthrough. Enjoy it.

Tekken 5 Box Art
We've added the box art to our list of images for Tekken 5.

December 27th, 2004

Walkthrough: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Presenting a walkthrough/strategy guide for the best game of 2004.

NARC Screenshots Added
Remember the old game? It's back, and hopefully better than ever.

Sega Classics Collection Pictures
Continuing with the "old school" theme here today, we've got some shots of a new/old game from Sega.

December 23rd, 2004

Hot Shots Golf (Import) Review
We seem to be the only people reviewing PSP launch titles, so you came to the right place. Hot Shots is the lucky game this time around, and Lumines will follow in a week or two.

The Punisher Screenshots Added
It's due out next month, and we've got some screens to hold you over until then.

Brothers In Arms Site Opens
This game played like it was a movie at E3, but hasn't the World War period been beaten to death yet?

Come Visit Our Forums!
If you're bored this weekend, why not stop by our forums and see what's up? You can talk about what you got for Christmas, check out the discussion on MGS3: Snake Eater's ending, and vent about EA slowly taking over the world. It's all free - all you have to do is sign up if you want to post. Have a look!

December 22nd, 2004

Cheats Updated
We've got new cheats for: Star Wars: Battlefront, Alien Hominid, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, and Final Fantasy X. Don't let Santa catch you cheating!

MediEvil (PSP) Preview
Sony Europe thinks it's about time Sir Dan came back from the dead to save the world.

GTA 2 Free From Rockstar
Ahhh, nothing like some classic carjackings and killings to kick off the Christmas spirit.

17 Year Old Sues Over The Guy Game
Wow, not only is it a crappy, overpriced game, and if what this lawsuit alledges is true, it's child porn as well. Nice work Topheavy Studios!

Square Enix Announces Drakengard 2
It's coming out this Spring in Japan, but will it be released over here?

December 21st, 2004

Ape Escape Academia (PSP) Preview
Here's a glimpse into Sony's upcoming Ape-themed mini-game collection.

Update On PSP's Video Playback
Did you know the PSP could play video files off of the memory stick? You betcha.

A Look At the PSP Save Icons
We've got a few images of what your save file will look like on the PSP.

December 20th, 2004

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2) Review
Arnold's got a spoiler-free review of MGS3:Snake Eater for any of you waiting on this game for Christmas. An article blaming the game for bad grades on his exams will likely follow next week.

NBA Rejects EA Deal
No soup for you!

EA Buys Controlling Share Of UbiSoft
Resistance... IS... futile.

Incredible Hulk Game Announced
Hulk like new games! Hulk like licensing money! Hulk smash bad games!

SNK Name Change
U.S. Division changes its name again... we must be coming upon an odd-numbered year.

December 19th, 2004

After this weekend, you should all be experts on the PSP. Now, for your final exam, go pre-order the system.

Ridge Racers (PSP Import) Review
After getting no sleep all weekend, we've got a shiny new review for you - our first PSP review. Check it out now! Do it!

Minna no Golf (Hot Shots PSP) Impressions
As carpal tunnel sets in, I manage to type out some impressions of Minna no Golf for the PSP.

PSP and Other Handhelds
Take a look at the PSP with the Lynx, Gameboy Color, and the Game.com. Word.

December 18th, 2004

PSP System Impressions
I've finally been able to stop taking pictures long enough to actually play a little bit. Here are my thoughts on the system thus far.

The Evolution of Sony
From the original Playstion to the PSP, it's a regular family reunion in here.

A Closer Look At the UMD
A handheld that doesn't play cartridges...who would have thought it would have taken so long.

Inside the PSP System Menus
Here we take a look at the PSP's system menus. Groovy.

A Look Inside the PSP Box
It's like an early Christmas present when a PSP shows up at your door. In the first part of our coverage we look at what's inside the box.

December 17th, 2004

A Look Inside the PSP Box
To give you the best PSP coverage possible, we imported a PSP, and it arrived today! Here's the first of many updates that will be coming this weekend. Check out what's in the PSP's box.

Inside the PSP System Menus
There are tons of options to tweak before you even get started playing a game. Our weekend PSP blowout continues...

March PSP Launch Confirmed
The rumor becomes fact.

Japan Sales December 6th-12th
Short shipments and shipping on the last day of the chart week make it seem like the PSP had a slow launch, when, in fact, it sold the heck out by day 2.

Mad Catz Releasing "NFL" Controllers
There has been all sorts of wheelin' and dealin' with the NFL this week. What else could be left?

Alien Hominid (PS2) Supply Shortage
It looks like the cat is out of the bag regarding this awesome grass-roots shoot 'em up.

December 16th, 2004

WipeOut Pure (PSP) Preview
WipeOut Pure coming to PSP by the time it launches in the English-speaking parts of the world, and son of a does it look gorgeous.

New Metal Gear Acid (PSP) Screens
Four more. A little on the tiny side. But hey, I like sammiches.

Ape Escape (PSP) Screens
The new Ape Escape for PSP is a multiplayer party game.

Rockstar Games Going PSP
Not a blockbuster announcement. More like a spark of good news.

Blitz: Playmakers Announced
Now will somebody bring this show back to TV already? Seriously. HBO, Spike, Showtime? Anyone?

Playboy: The Mansion Soundtrack Details
Who cares what music is in the game, as long as you get to chill with virtual Playmates.

December 15th, 2004

Illinois Gets Final Fantasy Concert
February 2005. Selling out fast.

First Katamari Damacy 2 Screens
Tiny ones, but they hint at potential awesomeness.

More Kessen III Screenshots
They might not be as cool as Frank's Katamari shots, but they're bigger!

Spike's Video Game Awards Results
How was the show? Arnold says "It was lousy show, clearly funded by EA. YAA HEAARD?"

Hip Games Gets the Holiday Spirit
In a week where people are slamming EA, at least one company is making the news for doing something positive.

December 14th, 2004

Alien Hominid (PS2) Review
A little yellow alien stars in this crudely drawn but oh-so-awesome shoot 'em up.

Happy Cheat Day!
We've added new cheats for: WWE Smackdown! Vs. Raw, Call of Duty: Finest Hour, NCAA March Madness 2005, and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2.

Armored Core: Formula Front (PSP) Impressions
Our man in Japan gives his impressions, almost a review actually, of AC Formula Front.

Take-Two Responds To EA's NFL Deal
Here's a hint: they ain't none too happy 'bout it.

More Lumines (PSP) Images
We added seven more screenshots of Lumines to the gallery, which is seven more than we had yesterday.

Sony Hints At US PSP Launch
Despite no official date, Sony's executives are helping add merit to those March rumors.

December 13th, 2004

Even More Ridge Racers (PSP) Screens
We've got some sick new screens from Ridge Racers for the PSP. You need to go drool on these, like, now.

EA Signs Exclusive NFL Deal
EA Sports pretty much puts and end to Sega's ESPN NFL franchise.

PSP Debuts in Japan
Our man in Japan chimes in with his launch experience and fills us in on some sales numbers.

GTA Stops Thieves
Guess it's not so bad after all. Buy it for your kids now!

December 10th, 2004

Killzone (PS2) Review
Aaron has the flu and jet lag, and it looks like Killzone didn't alleviate his misery.

Lumines (PSP) Preview
We're not kidding around with today's update. Here's a mouth-watering teaser for Bandai's much-anticipated puzzle-music game for the PSP.

WipeOut Pure, Fired Up, Medieval (PSP) Screens
We told you today's update was a good one. Check our PSP screenshots section for new images of three hot games. Oooh, Wipeout.

Japan Weekly Top Sales
Latest list is full of Nintendo DS software, but one PS2 game did trounce all.

December 9th, 2004

Conspiracy: WMD Screenshots
This FPS is coming out in March of 2005, but it's not looking too impressive just yet. Hey, the gameplay might rock, and the graphics might be smooth as butter. Kind of like the opposite of Killzone. Read the review on Friday...

PS2 Game Shipping with PSP Demo
In Japan... although the thought of companies doing the same here is tantalizing.

November Top 20 Game Sales
The tallies are out. Did GTA San Andreas hold off Halo 2?

December 8th, 2004

Rengoku: Tower of Purgatory (PSP) Preview
This sci-fi action game probably won't see the light of day in North America, but just in case it does...

Japanese PSP Games Scored
Trusted publication Famitsu has weighed in on a few PSP launch releases, including Ridge Racers, Vampire Chronicle, and Minna no Golf.

Sony and Nvidia Together On PS3
Start saving up those pennies - the PS3 is getting closer and closer.

Pelican Ships Wireless Arcade Stick
Now you fighting fans will no longer be restricted by pesky wires. Go thank Pelican.

Commemorative Street Fighter Joystick Coming
Nubytech, Capcom, and Udon Comics are teaming up to release an arcade-quality stick that's scheduled to ship in just one week.

Capcom Ships Two
Games. They shipped two games. What could they be?

December 7th, 2004

Capcom Fighting Evolution Review
What happens when very little effort is put into an otherwise good idea? Click and see.

Sony Offering Compensation for Erased Memory Cards
If you lost all your saved games, it's your lucky day. It wasn't your lucky day when it happened, but today is. See how that works?

Rengoku: Tower of Purgatory (PSP) Screens
Nine screens of Hudson's knock-off that's part MDK and part Legacy of Kain.

Midway Selling Lots O' Games
Hip hip hooray?

December 6th, 2004

Cheats Updated
We've got new cheats for: GoldenEye, NBA Live 2005, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, and Godzilla: Save the Earth.

First Shots From Rainbow Six 3
We know you get all crazy when more than a day goes by without some sort of Tom Clancy news, so here are the first screenshots from the next Rainbow Six game.

Ten New Enthusia Screens Added
We've got 10 new groovy screens from this snazzy looking racer. It's the bee's knees. I know, I rock the adjectives.

Dynasty Warriors (PSP) Screen
Yeah, it's only one, but if you're excited about this game, it's better than nothing right?

December 3rd, 2004

Rumble Roses (PS2) Review
We review Konami's all-female rasslin' game, which is definitely geared toward horny toads.

More Ridge Racers (PSP) Screens
Namco gives us 9 more for your viewing pleasure.

Vampire Chronicle (PSP) Preview Update
We've updated our preview of Capcom's vampire-themed fighter to include new info about wifi play and other tidbits, along with a few new screens.

Japan Sales Nov 22-28
A PS2 game sells more than 2 million copies in 2 days in Japan. That's... a... lot.

December 2nd, 2004

MVP Baseball 2005 Info And Images
EA Sports teases us with some news and images of its upcoming baseball game.

PlayStation 3 Computer Announced
Sort of... the PS3 isn't the only gadget that's set to be powered by Sony's Cell chip.

NFL Street 2 Goes Gold
EA Sports BIG wants you to know that a game coming out 3 weeks from now is heading to the duplication plant.

Violent Games Removed From Prison
Oh no, murderers and robbers can't play Vice City anymore.

December 1st, 2004

Intec Announces PSP Accessories
And hints that PSP might launch in North America in March 2005.

Mega Man X8 Screenshots Added
Every few months, another Mega Man game comes out. There are like 30 of them and we can't get one lousy sequel to NiGHTS from a broke ass company like SEGA?

Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Screens
Doesn't matter if it comes out this year or next, it gets the "Worst Title of the Year" award from me. I got a "dub edition" for ya.

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