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Updates (June, 2004)

June 30th, 2004

Walkthrough Wednesday (a.k.a FAQ Wednesday)
We've got the walkthroughs you want for Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain, Front Mission 4, and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

NCAA Football 2005 Goes Gold
Your summer football fix is just a few weeks away. Mmmmmmm football.

Gungrave: Overdose Announced
"I'm just worried someone is going to make us slap a 'Warning: Danger of Addiction' label on the box." That's what they say over at Mastiff.

DRIV3R Selling Quite Well
Critics be damned! DRIV3R is selling like hotcakes.

Programmer Sues Vivendi Universal
Looks like employees allegedly weren't getting paid for overtime, and now they're filing suit.

June 29th, 2004

Transformers Review Added
Is it more than meets the eye? Is that the least clever caption you've ever read? Just read the review.

Final Fantasy XII Update
A new site with new, purty pictures. You've got to see these.

New Jackie Chan Game Announced
It's a game based on the cartoon based on Jackie Chan. Got it? Good.

Ace Combat 5 Screenshots
More shots of Namco's beautiful air-combat title.

ESPN NFL 2K5 Screenshots
Sega's 5th entry is looking marvelous.

June 28th, 2004

DRIV3R Review
We've reviewed the latest game in the Driver series. Is it a GTA killer? Check the review to find out.

Showdown: Legends of Wrestling Review
It's better than the first two games in the series, that's for sure. Read the review to find out if it's worth your hard-earned cash.

No Online for Def Jam: Fight for NY
Looks like you'll have to continue beating up your friends in person - at least for the time being.

Cheats Updated
Simpsons: Hit and Run, Corvette, Namco Museum, and Disgaea: Hour of Darkness are all hopped up on cheat codes.

iGames Expo 2004 Announced
If you can't get into E3 but want to play new and upcoming games with throngs of other gamers, this might interest you.

Top Ten Rentals For June 22nd - June 28th
Need a good game to rent? Check out this list for some good ideas.

Konami Announces New EyeToy Game
Wow! Three games for the EyeToy?! Inconceivable!

Madden Vs. ESPN 2K5 Poll Results
You voted on it last week, now check out the results.

June 25th, 2004

FAQ Friday
Stuck in Transformers? Lost in Onimusha 3? Not anymore! We've just uploaded guides for both these hot titles, so go check them out.

New Gran Turismo 4 Screen Shots!
Beautiful new screens of a casual drive through the streets of Paris. You NEED to see these!

Burnout Coming to PSP
No matter what the price, it's getting harder and harder to ignore the PSP.

New Ghosthunter Movies From Namco
Namco has released two new clips of their upcoming horror game. Spoooooky!

Japanese Sales Charts
GTA: Vice City is on this list. See? They don't get ALL the good stuff early over there.

June 24th, 2004

More Cheats Added
We've added codes for DRIV3R, Fight Night 2004, Alias, LMA Manager 2004, and SNK Vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos

Showdown: Legends of Wrestling Now Available
Wrestle as your favorite old wrestlers. It's like WCW used to be!

Analysts Take A Look At May's Sales
Analysts do what they do best - Analyze. Looks like sales are down all around.

Atari Ships 2.5 Million DRIV3R
Don't worry, there's plenty to go around. Come back for seconds even.

Pandora Tomorrow Contest Announced
If you've got the skills to pay the bills, then this is right up your alley.

June 23rd, 2004

MLB SlugFest Ships
If "He's on fire!" is one of your favorite catchphrases, your game has shipped.

Reaxion Purchases 3SYM
One developer buys another. So continues the circle of life.

Vivendi To Publish Robots
The upcoming movie is now being developed as a game.

Learn To Make Games
If you're serious about getting into the business, you've now got another place to learn.

Mega Man Anniversary Collection Available Now
Time to fight Airman, Woodman, Bubbleman, Superman, Afroman and all those other "man" guys all over again.

ToCA Coming To the PS2
The PS2 gets another sweet racer, this one courtesy of Codemasters.

June 22nd, 2004

Top Renting Games
Here are the top renting games from the week ending June 13th.

MTV Music Generator 3 Ships
Make your own songs or add your own touch to Oukast's "The Way You Move"

EA Inks Naslund
The latest coverboy for the NHL Franchise is announced.

ESPN NFL 2K5 Officially $19.95
We know you know, but now it's super official.

Take-Two Goes To Vietnam
We're all tired of WWII games, so it's time for some Vietnam titles.

June 21st, 2004

Analysts predict PS3 and PSP Prices
They're at it again, folks. Looking into their crystal balls.

Kingdom Hearts II Release Date...
Goods news is not within.

DRIV3R Ships

June 17th, 2004

Cheats updated!
Get cheats for NBA Ballers, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Shrek 2, Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, Red Dead Revolver, MTX Motocross, Rise to Honor, and Transformers.

June 15th, 2004

Square Ships Front Mission 4
Another excuse to stay inside.

June 14th, 2004

Price Down, Sales Up For PlayStation 2
Well, I think we all expected that.

June 11th, 2004

A Budget Price for ESPN NFL2K5

Capcom Announces 2004 Schedule
See what is coming out when, and, well, that's it.

June 8th, 2004

PSP Awarded Best of Show
"The dawn of a new age for portable gaming."

Take-Two Distributing Future Sega ESPN Titles
"An exciting and powerful partnership."

June 7th, 2004

Driv3r Goes Gold
4t4r1 15 t34 l337

June 4th, 2004

Etro Anime in Shino Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga
Musical synergy, they say.

June 3rd, 2004

EA Announces Madden 2005 Collector's Edition
So what if online play isn't exclusive anymore, this is.

June 2nd, 2004

Free Gran Turismo 4 Demo Disc for U.S. Residents
Because we love you.

Sega Gets All Amalgamated
Well, this will certainly suffice as an 'explosive' announcement.

New Katamari Damacy 2 Details
So soon!

Details Leak on Commandos Strike Force
It's not like we didn't know it was coming.

June 1st, 2004

EBGames Begins Listing PSP Titles
Which is just short of no news at all.

Katamari Damacy 2?
We haven't even gotten the first one yet!

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