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Updates (August, 2004)

August 31st, 2004

Destruction Derby Arenas Review
Want to blow through one last game before school starts? This is your game. Want to blow through a good game? Eh, maybe not this one.

New Cheats Added
We've added cheats for Madden 2005 and Big Mutha Truckers.

More Acclaim Bankruptcy Info
Company to shut down completely and liquidate assets. Goodbye, ack-lame... we'll miss ya.

Namco Ships SRS
Yes, you can still win yourself girlfriends.

Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone Goes Gold
It's got some surprisingly good voice talent, maybe it's worth a look.

NASCAR 2005 Ships
You might be a redneck if...you had this game pre-ordered.

August 30th, 2004

Viewtiful Joe Review
Now PS2 owners can see what the fuss is all about, and the fuss is good.

Gungrave: Overdose Cool Extras
A low price and some good extra stuff - that's not a bad deal at all.

GameFly Top Ten Rentals
Spider-Man 2 is still sticking around. Get it? Sticking, like a web. Spider-Man, sticky, web. Yes, it is too funny.

Chaos Theory Soundtrack Announced
Am I the only one that thinks Splinter Cell needs a year off to innovate a little and avoid becoming stale?

August 27th, 2004

Japanese Sales Charts for Week of Aug 22
Media Create once again says that the Japanese love RPG's and soccer games.

Acclaim to Declare Bankruptcy?
Rumors are swirling, reports are surfacing, and Wall Street is cashing out while the getting is good.

Possible Rez Re-Release
OPM has reported twice now that Sega plans to re-release Rez, and now Sega is acting coy about it. Curiouser and curiouser.

August 26th, 2004

Starship Troopers Preview
Everyone else is yapping about GTA and MGS3, so we figured we'd throw up some info about a game that's not coming out for another 9 months or so. Hakuna Matata.

More Cheats Added
You love to cheat, you know you do. Here are some more codes for ya. We've got: Van Helsing, World Tour Soccer 2005, La Pucelle: Tactics, and Destruction Derby Arenas for your enjoyment.

More Naked Videogame Characters In Playboy

Duchovny Investigates Area 51
Dude's got Tea Leoni, tons of money, and now he gets to be in a videgame. I'm jealous.

Buy Stock, Get Metal Gear Solid 3
Savvy investors might want to pass on this one. The rest of you...go to town.

L.A. Rush Announced
Can a new "Cruisin'" title be that far off?

Thierry Henry Gets Pro Evolution 4 Cover
I wonder if they've got a jinx like Madden...

Europe Gets Kessen III
They also get warm beer. Pretty crazy eh?

King of Fighters '94 for PS2
No details yet, but SNK is set to debut a remake of their first KOF game at next month's Tokyo Game Show. Odds of a US release? 50/50 thanks to SCEA's approval process.

Burnout 3 to Include Free NFS:U2 Demo
Buy Burnout 3 for PS2 next month and get a free playable demo of Need for Speed: Underground 2.

August 25th, 2004

New Cheats Added
It has been a little while, but good cheats are hard to come by. Here are new cheats for: Soul Calibur 2, Hot Shots Golf 3, Gladius, Star Trek: Shattered Universe, Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land, and Bujingai: The Forsaken City.

Viewtiful Joe Arrives
Finally those pesky Nintendo fans can stop bragging about this one.

Spy Fiction Goes Gold
It's like Metal Gear, but with more action, so they say.

Dave Chappelle in Metal Gear Solid 3
That's right, b*tches. All skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet.

Namco Sets Taiko Song List
The PS2's answer to Donkey Konga will feature a slew of modern pop, classical, and Namco original tunes.

Mega Man Controllers Coming
Lots of love for the Blue Bomber this year.

August 24th, 2004

Big Mutha Truckers 2 Preview
Empire Interactive is hoping that, once again, the punny title will amount to blockbuster sales.

More PSP Chipset Details
At a recent chip conference in California, Sony revealed more techy details about the engine under the hood of the upcoming PSP console.

Karaoke Revolution Vol 3 in November
This time with dual mic support.

August 23rd, 2004

BloodRayne On MTV And In Playboy
You've wanted to see a videogame character naked for a long time haven't you? Let's just be thankful it's not Wario.

GTA: San Andreas Site Goes Live
If you haven't seen the trailer for the game, you can check it out now.

Winning Eleven 8 Confirmed For U.S.
Winning Eleven is better, it goes on first and cleans the hair. FIFA is better, it leaves the hair silky and smooooth. Stop looking at me swan!

August 20th, 2004

PSP Delayed Again?
I'd forgotten how frustrating the wait for a new system is. Now, it's slowly coming back to me.

EyeToy: Play 2 Shipping This Fall
Hey, at least the EyeToy has more games than the HDD.

Jaws Strikes Again
Has Majesco jumped the shark?

Japanese Sales Charts
The over/under on the number of GBA games on the chart is 6. Can the Japanese consumers beat the line? Click to find out!

August 19th, 2004

Street Racing Syndicate Goes Gold
Maybe now you knuckleheads will play something other than Need For Speed.

Rentrak Top Ten
How many EA games are on the list this week?

Shocker: Madden Selling Well
Looks like ESPN's strategy didn't put much of a dent in sales this year.

NHL 2K5 Has Gone Gold
One of the few times your going to hear about hockey being played this year.

August 18th, 2004

King of Fighters 2000 / 2001 Review
SNK released this twin pack months ago, but now that many places are selling it for under $20, y'all may want to give it some consideration.

Sony Cuts PS2 Price in UK
Cheerio, blimey, and all that... the PS2 now costs less in the United Kingdom.

Viewtiful Joe 2 Release Date Pinned
Football and hedonism aren't the only fun things to do during Thanksgiving this year.

Codemasters Offers Cool Download
If you're cheap and want something to do, check out the url inside.

NHL 2005 and NBA Live 2005 Get Dates
Someday, if I start bathing, perhaps I'll get a date too.

Nissan Dakar Added To Colin McRae
Shameless plug for a car and a game included as well.

August 17th, 2004

NPD Sales Chart for July 2004
They do it by the week, they do it by the month... NPD spills the beans on who had the best month ever.

Hot Shots Golf FORE! Tees Off
Fourth installment in popular golf franchise proves that, yes Virginia, there is life other than football.

Top Renters At Blockbuster
This is why there are never any games there when you want them.

Astro Boy Ships
Notice how I bypassed the lame "blasts into stores" title.

Ghosthunter Released
Scarier than watching Frank devour a double kingburger with cheese and egg at Fatburger? Not likely.

August 16th, 2004

ESPN College Hoops Cover Athelete Announced
Here's a clue - he plays for the Atlanta Hawks. Stumped?

SCEE And Evolution Join Forces
Xbox owners won't be playing the next World Rally Championship game.

GameFly Top Ten
Madden anyone?

Street Fighter Controller At Blockbuster
Arrgh. More collectible stuff for me to buy and tuck away in my closet.

August 13th, 2004

Classic Mortal Kombat Games Coming to PS2
Two games due out this fall will include classic MK games.

Media Create Top List of Hardware & Software in Japan
Once, I thought I was turning Japanese, but it turned out that I was just 13 and precocious.

New Japanese Value Games
Groovy games that are easy on the wallet - if you live in Japan that is.

Sonic Collection Games Listed
Once again, it's missing a game that everyone wants. Boooooooo.

Swedish Prisons Ban PlayStation
Prisoners misused the systems, so the Swedish Prison Service told them to "live in our world, don't play in Sony's."

Toys 'R' Us Stores Having Wild Sale
Sometimes, a deal comes along that's worth telling folks about. TRU brick and mortar stores have slashed many game prices by 50%.

August 12th, 2004

Rentrak Top 10
Spider-Man on top again. ZZZZzzzz.

Oakenfold Signs On For GoldenEye
Oakenfold to create original score and guide game's musical personality.

Ben Wallace, ESPN NBA 2K5 Cover Boy
Deeee-troit basketbaaaaaaalll. The Lakers got served, didn't they?

August 11th, 2004

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Preview
Two hot games--and a movie!--for 30 bucks... and the release date is right around the corner.

Colin McRae Not Coming To PS2?
Codemasters hates you, and so does Santa.

Scarface In The Works
"Say hello to my little friend!" That's from Scarface right? Whatever, gangsters are cool.

Getaway 2 Delayed
Sony already has more Jak and Ratchet sequels on the way. Looks like they wanted to save something for 2005.

Bloodrayne Movie Gets Its Stars
Ghandi and the Terminatrix set to play the lead roles. Hopefully this'll turn out better than Boll's last catastrophe, House of the Dead.

August 10th, 2004

New Ape Escape Game Coming
Ubisoft announces a new sports-oriented Ape Escape game. Respect the Angus, respect the beef!

EA Announces Multiple Cover Athletes for NBA Live 2005
Sort of... most of us will still see Carmelo Anthony on our copies.

FIFA Soccer 2005 Soundtrack Revealed
Paul Oakenfold, Franz Ferdinand, Morrissey, and 30+ other artists headline the game's soundtrack.

Atari to Host Dragon Ball Z Event in SF
Dress up like Goku and see DBZ: Budokai 3 before anyone else. Where? When? Click

Namco Finally Announces Xenosaga Part II
Xenosaga Episode 1 has been out a long, long time. Today, Namco finally announced that Episode 2 will be coming to North America.

Sony to Start Putting PS2 Chips Into TVs
Before you get your hopes up, the chips won't be used to turn TVs into game machines.

August 9th, 2004

Madden NFL 2005 Ships Today, On Sale Tomorrow
Some lucky folks in big cities may be able to take home copies tonight. The rest of us hafta wait until Tuesday.

Gamefly Top 10 Rentals
The top 10 Gamefly rentals last week were...

Conspiracy Gets License to Publish PS2 in UK
Weren't they already making PS2 games in Europe? Heck, didn't they publish Stretch Panic here?!

August 6th, 2004

Tomb Raider Reunion
Lara and her creator are back together again. Let's hope things work out between the two.

Gran Turismo 4 PSP = Gran Turismo 4 PS2
GT4's producer is saying that the PSP version of the game will be a port of the PS2 version, and that the PSP can handle it with minimal cutbacks.

Mortal Kombat 7 on PS3 in 2006?
The game isn't even in development yet, but hey, if their CEO says it's coming, we'll keep on the lookout.

Japanese Top Software and Hardware
The latest Media Create list once again shows that the Japanese love PS2 and love baseball and anime games that will never see the light of day in English.

August 5th, 2004

Handheld PSone?
It's a reality, but it's not official. Either way, it's pretty darn cool.

Madden NFL 2005 to Include Free Premium Pass
EA Sports has partnered with Dodge to give players free access to customized leagues, tourneys, and other online bonuses. That's their answer to ESPN NFL 2005's $20 price point?!

Silent Hill 4 Soundtrack To Be Released
It doesn't get much better than free stuff when you pre-order a game.

THQ and Pixar Team Up
Believe it or not, they're going to turn some movies into games. Crazy.

Rentrak Top 10
Once again, Spider-Man 2 leads the charge at Blockbuster, Hollywood, et al.

Sega Reveals Line-Up for Sonic Mega Collection Plus
The PS2 version gets two new Genesis games and some Game Gear games that the Cube version didn't have... but where's Sonic CD?

Manhunt Sales Up On UK Murder Case
Go figure, the cops find the same game in the bedrooms of an alleged murderer and his alleged victim, and now everyone's rushing out to buy the game.

August 4th, 2004

PS3 To Use Blu-ray
Looks like Sony will never give up on creating their own media.

Shellshock: Nam '67 Gets A Date
A tall, long-legged blond at that. Or a release date - I can't remember which.

Madden Challenge Starts Soon
You can go play, but seriously, you're not as good as you think.

Dynasty Warriors 4 Goes Gold
That means it will be out soon. Go mark your calenders, or your parents' calenders.

August 3rd, 2004

ESPN NFL 2K5 Review
It's the first out of the gates, but is it the best?

ESPN NHL 2K5 $19.99
No word on if the bugs will come at no extra charge like they did in NFL 2K5.

Wayne Gretzky Teams With 989
Read the second paragraph and explain to me how he could talk so well with his lips so firmly planted on Gretzky's posterior.

Cool Bonus for Shadow Hearts: Covenant Pre-orders
If you like Shadow Hearts and free stuff, then check out this story.

August 2nd, 2004

MLB SlugFest:: Loaded Review
Ironic that a game stocked with juiced players doesn't have Barry Bonds in it. Otherwise, our review of Loaded is pretty durn positive.

New Cheats Added
We've got groovy new cheats for: The Sims Bustin' Out, Catwoman, Eye Toy: Groove, and Escape From Monkey Island.

Alien Hominid Screenshots
You will look at these shots. And you will buy this game when it hits. Understood?

New Final Fantasy XII Screenshots
24 new shots of the newest Final Fantasy in action.

Need for Speed Underground 2
Yet another "Undeground 2" update, but this one comes with a bag of rice, though.

GameFly Top Ten
As usual, it's filled with Xbox games, but any list that doesn't have NFS: Underground is refreshing.

Championship Manager 5 To PS2
Coming out here? Not likely. However, European futbol fans are in luck.

Spy Fiction 2 Screenshots
Sammy's ambitious stealth offering is shaping up.

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Screenshots
Activision shows off the second THUG.

G-Phoria 2004 Winners
It's got the worst name in award show history, but it's a cool concept. Check out the winners.

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