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Updates (October, 2006)

October 31st, 2006

Wii Preorders Begin At Walmart.com Tomorrow
That's right, Nintendo fans. Get ready for some good old-fashioned online battling come tomorrow! - 0 comments

PS2 Review: Bully
This fall's hot button game delivers both less controversy and more gameplay than you'd expect!

Famtisu Reviews PS3 Launch Titles
Here they are: the first official reviews for five PS3 launch titles, so come on inside and see what the Japanese mag says about games like Resistance and Ridge Racer 7. - 0 comments

PS3 Preview: Devil May Cry 4
We detail what we know so far about the fourth DMC game. Take a look, and feel the excitement. - 0 comments

Japanese Wii To Get DVD Playback In 2007
It was removed to keep the price down, but now an "enhanced" version featuring DVD playback is slated for release in Japan next year. - 0 comments

Dracula Sinks Teeth Into Next-Gen
The timing is right, and now we can expect a true-to-the-novel Dracula game for next-gen consoles. - 0 comments

PS3 Tosses Sony $1.71 Billion Into The Red
Losses are twice as bad as expected, and yet, Sony maintains its confident outlook on the PS3's future. Still, these losses could be worrisome for the immediate future... - 0 comments

Monster Stalks PS3
We figured it was about time for Monster to announce their involvement with the PS3, and now that it's a reality, we couldn't be happier. - 0 comments

October 30th, 2006

PS3 Turning Up The Power
It looks like the PS3 is a beast in more ways than one...the kilowatt hours are set to spin a good deal faster with Sony's next-gen console. - 0 comments

Sony Announces Limited Edition Silver PS2
You knew Sony had something else up its sleeve for the PS2 this holiday season, and this is it. We get a sleek new color and a same-colored controller as a bonus! - 0 comments

Sony Misses Japan PS3 Shipment Target
Oops. If you Japanese gamers thought it'd be tough to get a PS3 with only 100k system at launch, now you're gonna have to try with only 80k. - 0 comments

Metal Gear Solid 4 On Xbox 360 Rumor Clarified
It certainly got us all wondering, didn't it? Unfortunately for 360 owners, there doesn't seem to be much truth behind one of the biggest rumors of the year. - 0 comments

General Wii Details
For some added Wii coverage from PSXE, check out this nice list of details, especially if you're seriously considering a Wii in November. - 0 comments

Games Releasing For Week of 10/30 - 11/3
There's more than Final Fantasy XII this week (believe it or not), so check out this massive list of upcoming titles. - 0 comments

Oddworld Inhabitants Ready "Citizen Siege"
Creators of Abe, Munch, and Stranger aren't done with the video game industry yet... - 0 comments

Red Octane Introduces Wireless Guitar
Just in time for Guitar Hero II.

Next Tomb Raider Planned
Legend's commercial success prompts a new Lara Croft adventure (but who are we kidding, it would've happened anyway!). - 0 comments

Play-Asia Says No to the Euro
You're going to have to order a PS3 elsewhere if you want it before next spring. - 0 comments

October 29th, 2006

Review: ATV Off-Road Fury 4
The latest installment in the ATV franchise has a boatload of new goodies, but does it hit the mark as a top-notch off-road racer? - 0 comments

Rumor: Wii Best Buy Inventory Numbers Leaked?
Looks like some employee may have done a big no-no, and if these numbers are true, we've got some helpful knowledge for when we stake out or local Best Buy... - 0 comments

October 28th, 2006

PS3 Preview: MotorStorm
It's got a ton of appeal to just about anyone who's wanted to race like a lunatic in events with very little rules. This one stands ready to take your breath away in a few months. - 0 comments

PS3 Controller Might Rumble After All
Could be an add-on to the Sixaxis or perhaps even a whole other controller...who knows? Well, peripheral maker Hori isn't ruling out any possibilities. - 0 comments

Updated Armored Core 4 Details
One of the most popular franchises in Japan is looking pretty darn good, and we've got some more info from the game's producer. - 0 comments

October 27th, 2006

New Ridge Racer 7 Details
Likely to be the most popular launch title in Japan, RR7 is chock full of goodies, and the game's producer elaborates on a few of them. - 0 comments

eBay Enforces Its Will On Prospective PS3/Wii Sellers
That's right, no more selling just the box for an absurd sum of money. eBay is only interested in protecting the consumer this holiday season...for the most part. - 0 comments

Sony To Sell PS3 Vouchers In Japan
They're trying to find a way to counter the potential PS3 shortages, and Sony has come up with this plan for Japan. - 0 comments

Official List Of Supported Formats On PS3
Well, we probably could've ventured an educated guess for most of them. But it's still good to know the specifics, straight from the horse's mouth. - 0 comments

NPD Group: What Drives Game Purchases?
While we all take several things into account before buying a game, NPD wanted to get down and dirty with the specifics. - 0 comments

PSP Gets Update And LocoRoco
The update is a little disheartening (no new content), but at least Loco is ready just in time for Halloween. - 0 comments

October 26th, 2006

PS2 Review: God Hand
Fist of the North Star, eat your heart out!

Sony Q2 Profits Plunge, Revenue Rises
Well, that's what happens when you undertake an endeavor the size of the PS3 and recall almost ten million lithium batteries. But they expect more revenue for next year, so... - 0 comments

Rumor: PS3 And Wii Preorders At Toys "R" Us This Sunday?
Hmm...it certainly looks like a possibility. If you were unsuccessful camping out in front of EB/GameStop a few weeks ago, it might be time to break out the pup tent again. - 0 comments

PS3/PSP Connectivity Has One Big Limitation
Oh, well. It's still a cool feature nonetheless. The only question is, what else will this limitation affect? - 0 comments

PS3 Downloadable Content Update
Sony clearly wants to make online a major feature with the PS3, so they've announced more new info regarding their downloadable endeavors. - 0 comments

Sony On PS3 Shipment Target: "Not Difficult"
Isn't that good to know? Sure, we've heard similar claims in the past, but this one...well, it's another insistent prediction, anyway. - 0 comments

Vice City Stories Partial Track List
Finally! Details on the most important part of a GTA game!

Want to Bet On the PS3?
White collar gambling finally catches on to the world of video games. - 0 comments

Wal-Mart Lets Slip Guitar Hero 2
If you've got the cash and the time to melt some faces, GH2 could be yours right NOW.

October 25th, 2006

PS3 Preview: Hot Shots Golf 5
All you Hot Shots fans are getting exactly what they want with this new installment, even if they do have to wait until next year. - 0 comments

Sony: Lik-Sang's Accusations Just "Sour Grapes"
Due to the fallen retailer's claims that Sony is to blame for their demise, Sony has stepped up to deny any responsibility in Lik-Sang's downfall. - 0 comments

Kawanishi Talks PS3 And PSP
The man responsible for the development of both systems appeared in Famitsu's latest issue, and now we've got a few more interesting details. - 0 comments

Activision Reports Q2 Earnings
Following on the heels of Ubisoft's announcement, Activision's news isn't quite as impressive, but the final word is certainly positive. - 0 comments

Ubisoft Announces Solid Semester Numbers
They've delivered some of the finest game experiences of the past five years, and everything seems quite rosy according to the latest numbers. - 0 comments

Full Auto 2 Soundtrack Unveiled
You always need a great music to accompany your butt-kicking, so it was imperative that Full Auto 2 nail down a rockin' soundtrack. - 0 comments

Madden Gets Early Price Cut
Madden is popular as ever, and EA aims to keep it that way with this price reduction. Football fans have an even better reason to pick it up now! - 0 comments

October 24th, 2006

Review: Rule of Rose
One of the more unique games in recent memory could be a nice addition to the survival/horror genre. But is a great concept enough? - 0 comments

Analyst: Hardware Down, Software Sales Up For 2006
The more the big numbers get tossed around, the more the experts change their tune. Such is the way of big business. - 0 comments

Sony Lawsuits Force Lik-Sang To Close
These court battles are expensive, and even the large Asian retailer couldn't withstand the hit. It seems Lik-Sang is no more. - 0 comments

Hands Slipping On Your Controller? No Sweat!
What will they think of next? In all honesty, though, this idea has been brewing ever since we picked up a gamepad or joystick. - 0 comments

Sony Delays Blu-Ray Player...Again
Either the shortages keep mounting or they're being all clever in regards to the PS3 launch...or, and this is much more likely, both. - 0 comments

Newest PS3 Screenshots
Lots of good stuff here, from Devil May Cry 4 to Final Fantasy XIII. If this doesn't get your pulse racing, you're simply not a gamer. - 0 comments

October 23rd, 2006

Bully's Gay Scene Causes More Controversy
We should've guessed that Bully's court battle wasn't the end of things. Now that this video has surfaced, I think we can all expect more conflict. - 0 comments

Sony Cracking Down On "Grey Importing"
There's a reason the for the European delay, and Sony isn't going to tolerate retailers who attempt to leak PS3s to European citizens. - 0 comments

Wii Online Confirmed Free
Those console comparison charts at last week's Gamer's Day had some mistakes, and Nintendo just clarified the one regarding their Wii. - 0 comments

Games Releasing For Week Of 10/23 - 10/27
More games to break your bank account! This week, we've got a little something for everyone, across all platforms. - 0 comments

Logitech GT Force Ready For Japanese PS3
So far, it's only confirmed for Japan, but if it's ready for launch, than how much longer will U.S. gamers have to wait? - 0 comments

October 22nd, 2006

Sony Presents Solution To Possible Controller Issue
If you can't get to those batteries and they fail, what are you to do? Well, it seems Sony is planning ahead for that supposedly unlikely problem. - 0 comments

October 21st, 2006

Japanese Wii Software Pricing Details
It appears the Japanese are getting a good deal on their Wii games...but will these reasonable prices make their way to the U.S.? - 0 comments

PS3 HItting The Road In Japan
Japan's been waiting for some time to see even a glimmer of a full-throated PS3 marketing campaign, and now it appears they're finally getting one. - 0 comments

October 20th, 2006

PS3 Preview: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Yeah, we know you superhero fans always need your game fix, and it looks like Activision's got you covered. Check out the big, colorful world of Marvel on the PS3. - 0 comments

New Pack-ins for PSPs in Europe
The age-old practice of including hot games with the purchase of your system is resurrected in the old country

PS3, Do You Take This PSP To Be Your Lawfully Wedded...
These two units are getting more love from Sony than we thought, thanks to the cool new feature "Remote Play" on the PS3. - 0 comments

PSP Getting Classic PS1 Titles From PS3
Handheld fans have been waiting for an answer on this ever since that popular Ridge Racer demo, and now...well, duh, the answer is here! - 0 comments

No Achievements for PS3
In opposition to past rumors of "Entitlements" for gamers on the PS3, plans for the Xbox-inspired system apparently never materialized - 0 comments

EyeToy For PS3 Gone...But Not Really
It's a touch confusing, yes, but we've sorted through the inconsistencies and gave you an understandable summary. ...we think. - 0 comments

2006 PS3 Shipments "A Target"
You'll probably need to commit ritual sacrifice to the gods if you want a PS3 this year - 0 comments

Sony Releases Updated PSP Media Manager
Well, it's one update, anyway. And this one will allow you to do some serious transferring and transporting between PC and PSP. - 0 comments

Where's That PSP Update?
Okay, so that PSP/PS3 partnership is looking sweeter than ever, but without the requisite update, it won't work very well, now will it? - 0 comments

October 19th, 2006

Sony Confirms PS3 Launch Lineup, Pack-Ins, And Pricing
It's everything you always wanted to know about the PS3 and weren't afraid to ask. Sony's announcements came like a waterfall today, so check...it...out! - 0 comments

Updated PS3 MultiMedia Details
That Media Cross Bar is becoming clearer and clearer, so by the time we finally get our greedy hands on it, we'll know exactly what's what, huh? - 0 comments

Sony Talks More PS3 Features
The PS3 stuff just keeps coming from San Francisco, and this time, it's all about the other neat-o console features. - 0 comments

Sony Lowers PSP Forecasts, Stands Firm On PS3's
Not the best news if you're a PSP owner, but it's not a nightmare, either. And besides, those PS3 numbers are holding steady. - 0 comments

EA To Drop 30 On PS3
We knew they had three planned for the system's launch, but not it appears the company's dedication to the PS3 is even greater...tenfold greater. - 0 comments

Downloadable PS3 Titles Confirmed
Following on the heels of Microsoft's continual XBLA announcements, Sony has confirmed the first few titles for their online service. - 0 comments

Sony Drops Annual Forecast
That lithium battery recall really hit the company hard, but hopefully, 2007 will be a much better overall year. - 0 comments

Video Games For Health
It's not a brand new idea (DDR, anyone), but it's one that can work wonders. Find out how you can help the disadvantaged with your game idea. - 0 comments

Take-Two Founder Resigns
Although none of us might've guessed, this was probably a long time coming. One of the mainstays at the home of GTA is officially gone. - 0 comments

October 18th, 2006

Newest PS3 Ads And Other Videos
Check 'em out! There's everything from the latest ad to all sorts of sneak peaks at games and the PS3 itself. - 0 comments

PS3 Preview: Virtua Fighter 5
It's quite possibly the premier fighting franchise when it comes to depth, and Virtua Fighter's arrival in the next-gen should sparkle with added accessibility and pizazz. - 0 comments

Nielsen Expands Ratings To The Game Industry
Come on, you should've expected this would happen, as big as the gaming industry has become. Nielsen stands ready to collect your data, gamers. - 0 comments

PS3 To Sport Linux
Well, it's another aspect previously only available on PCs that's now available on a console. Will it sway certain more hardcore consumers, or is it just a trivial option? - 0 comments

EA Releases Def Jam Details
Another popular series is officially going next-gen, and this one's gonna get all up in your grill with even more interactive environments. - 0 comments

Konami Breaks Out Classic Shooters For PSP
It's not Sega Ages bringing the classics this time, it's Konami. And they've got a nice assortment of classics coming Japan's way. - 0 comments

PSP To Sport Some MumboJumbo
No, it's not a hokey magic trick, it's a primarily casual developer going a little more hardcore...but without losing its appealing edge. - 0 comments

October 17th, 2006

PS2 Review: Okami
Anything but paint by numbers

PS3 Games Already Reaching Blu-Ray Limit
In terms of storage capacity, that is. Sony's Phil Harrison talks about just how quickly developers are taking advantage of the extra space Blu-Ray provides, and just how important that really is. - 0 comments

eBay Yanks PS3 Auctions
Too early, suckas. While they didn't detail out the reason, eBay has removed any PS3 listings on their site, perhaps due to a variety of reasons. - 0 comments

Namco/Bandai Unveils New Ridge Racer 7 Details
Get ready for more customization options and a few new supercars, my friends, 'cuz RR7 is gearing up for a big day come November 17. - 0 comments

Review: NHL 2K7
Just in time for the start of hockey season, 2K Sports' latest NHL title arrives on store shelves. But can it deliver again? - 0 comments

CEA Scraps E3 Replacement
...for now. It may be a blow to the ESA's original plans, but the announcement isn't completely ruling out the possibility of a 2007 show. - 0 comments

UK Store "Currys" Won't Stock Bully
No hall pass from this British retail chain

GTA IV PS3 Also Gets Downloadable Content
Apparently, "exclusive" carries little weight in the next-gen world - 0 comments

October 16th, 2006

Japan Begins PS3 Preorders
Less than a month to go, and Japanese retailers are finally starting preorder programs. But there are a few immediate issues, of course. - 0 comments

Amazon's Japanese PS3 Preorders Disappear
So what else is new? Not surprisingly, the Japanese branch of the huge online retailer is now sold out of all PS3 preorders. - 0 comments

Famitsu's Publisher Predicts PS3 Lead By Q4 2007
It's another Japanese prediction falling in favor of Sony topping Nintendo, but these guys also believe the Wii should get out of the gate quickly. - 0 comments

PS2 Preview: Need for Speed Carbon Hands-On
We go hands-on with a demo of NFS: Carbon for the PS2. Can you expect a bit of disappointment with this one? Find out... - 0 comments

Games Releasing For Week Of 10/16 - 10/20
This be our weekly update of all the games coming out for the week, and you can expect to see this every Monday. Check it out! - 0 comments

DigitalLife '06: Sony Nets Biggest Awards
It may not be E3, but it's still a darn big show, and they've announced their winners of 2006. When it comes to gaming, they sided with Sony. - 0 comments

October 15th, 2006

Toys "R" Us Giving Away 25,000 Wiis
Wow. Did they even allow that many preorders? Well, either way, it might not be a bad idea to participate in this little promotional game. - 0 comments

October 14th, 2006

September Game Sales Soar
Software and hardware sales spiked in September, and it appears the game industry is primed for a record-breaking year. - 0 comments

Insomniac's Price Talks Resistance
Japan has never favored the FPS, but perhaps Ted Price can convince them to check out his much-anticipated PS3 title...provided 8 minutes is long enough. - 0 comments

The Shield Adds Grit To Games
Detective Vic Mackey is heading to the virtual world, and fans of the show will finally get a chance to absorb themselves in the edgy, hard-hitting environment. - 0 comments

October 13th, 2006

Sony Stock Recovers
After a scary drop late last month, Sony shares experienced a big recovery today, and now the company seems more than ready for the impending launch. - 0 comments

E3 Not Dead, Just Renamed And More "Intimate"
Don't worry game fans, the biggest show in the U.S. isn't flat-lined; it's merely resurrected with a different look and feel. - 0 comments

Judge Gives Bully Green Light
It looks as if Jack Thompson didn't get the result he wanted...and we're all so disappointed, aren't we? - 0 comments

Sony Replaces Points With Dollars
Oh, those silly "points" you use online...how frustrating is that? Well, Sony isn't going with the flow, and shockingly, they're just gonna use dollars and cents. - 0 comments

Oklahoma On Cusp Of Rejecting Game Law
The circle of proposal and rejection continues for lawmakers in the U.S., and another state is is likely headed down the rejection path. - 0 comments

October 12th, 2006

Nintendo Wii: Preorders Detailed
Welcome to our bonus Nintendo coverage regarding the Wii launch! And it appears those of you who camped out for a PS3 might have to break out the tent again... - 0 comments

Canada Starts PS3/Wii Preorders
Canada gets to have all the fun- preorders for both the PS3 and Wii starting on the same day. Now doesn't that sound like a blast? - 0 comments

PS3 Preview: Assassin's Creed
One of the most anticipated titles in recent memory has gotten a lot of attention this year, so come inside and check out our in-depth preview. - 0 comments

U.S. Consumers "Prepared" To Pay For PS3
Despite a lot of whining on the part of some gamers, it appears that most are just fine with the lofty price of the PS3. - 0 comments

Japanese Gamers Side With PS3
Developers may be most interested in the Wii, but it seems the gaming public is leaning another way...kind of. - 0 comments

Bully Goes To Court
Well, if it isn't our ol' buddy Jack Thompson. This time, he's got Rockstar's latest title fixed in his sights, and now it's up to a Florida court. - 0 comments

PS3 Bundled With Composite In Japan
So it seems you really can't have everything. If Japanese gamers want the full high-definition experience, they're going to have to make a separate purchase... - 0 comments

Review: Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
The franchise rarely gets enough attention from the gaming public, and although the latest installment isn't perfect, it maintains the typical Ace Combat quality level. - 0 comments

October 11th, 2006

PS3 Preview: Ninja Gaiden Sigma
It's more NG goodness, but this time, it's not on a Microsoft console. The PS3 will soon sport one of the best when it comes to action, so get ready for Sigma. - 0 comments

eBay Closely Watching PS3 Auctions
If you want to post up one of those crazy expensive PS3 auctions, feel free. But you had best follow the rules to a "T." - 0 comments

NEC Seeks To End Format War Hostilities
It's still early and a complete solution is a long way off, but NEC may have devised a way to bridge the gap between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. - 0 comments

Xfire/PS3 Partnership Detailed
Well, early details, anyway. It appears Sony Online and Xfire are working together to offer even more extras and goodies, and first on the list is Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom. - 0 comments

Scarface Lives
"There's a bad man comin' through!" Tony Montana is back, and this time, he's in an alternate reality where he didn't die in the final scene. You know that's an interesting thought... - 0 comments

October 10th, 2006

PlayStation 3 Preorder And Purchase Information
For all relevant info on how and where to net yourself a PS3 this year, check this out. We'll keep updating you when more updates become available. - 0 comments

EB/Gamestop: All PS3 Preorders Gone
Gee, who would've expected this? Oh, right. Everyone. Well, they're all gone, but don't worry gamers, it's not all bad news. - 0 comments

Sony Claims It Will "Win The War"
Kutaragi's already stepped up, and now another Sony executive is coming forward. Apparently, that European PS3 launch delay just isn't concerning them. - 0 comments

Analyst: Rising Software Sales To Continue
We all love games, but it's good to know we're also growing in number. Any healthy industry requires growth, and it appears the game industry is experiencing exactly that. - 0 comments

Latest PS3 Title To Utilize Motion-Sensitivity
No, it's not a racing game or a super-crazy fighting game. It's perhaps a bit more practical, even though we don't have all the details just yet. - 0 comments

Sega Announces New After Burner For PSP
It's back! Or, at the very least, on its way back. Leave it up to Sega to re-deliver one of the most beloved games of a time long past. - 0 comments

EA Dates PS3 Version Of FNR3
Relax, all you boxing fans. The third Fight Night is scheduled to arrive for the PS3 before Christmas, so you can get your knockout fix. - 0 comments

October 9th, 2006

GameStop/EB Begin PS3 Pre-Orders
Yes, it's true. By the time you kids read this, GameStop/EB will begin their pre-orders. - 0 comments

Sony: PS3 Operating Systems Weren't Final At TGS
It may or may not have anything to do with the hardware issues, but this leads to a few new - and previously unknown - bits of news. - 0 comments

RedOctane Announces Guitar Hero II Sountrack
You know you've been waiting for it. Well, all those Guitar Hero fans have even more to cheer about now... - 0 comments

Mortal Kombat Rises Again
You can't keep a good man down. MK is back and better than ever, so don't waste any time securing the latest installment. - 0 comments

October 7th, 2006

Sony Clarifies Once Again: No PSP Price Drop
Just so everyonce can stop wondering, Sony is putting their foot down. But PSP owners shouldn't despair: 110 new titles are on the way! - 0 comments

October 6th, 2006

Japanese Developers Take Next-Gen Survey
Yes, it's time to see what the Japanese game creators think about next gen, and we turn to Famitsu to get some detailed responses. - 0 comments

MotorStorm Rumbles Into London
It's been gaining a lot of recognition lately, and Evolution Studios used London as an effective display platform. Come read about what next-gen "applied physics" can do. - 0 comments

Dynasty Warriors Volume 2 Reaches Gold Status
Koei is comin' back at ya with yet another Dynasty Warriors for the PSP, so suit up and take to the ancient Chinese battlefields...alone or with some friends! - 0 comments

October 5th, 2006

PS3 Preview: White Knight Story
We couldn't possibly be more excited about Level 5's next-gen RPG, and if you step inside, you'll see why. This one's going to turn some heads, plain and simple. - 0 comments

Sony Reinforces Next-Gen Customization
It's all about giving the player options, as far as Sony is concerned. See what they had to say about "personalization and customization" in the next-gen. - 0 comments

Nyko Produces PS3 InterCooler
Some companies just know when to leap. After a rash of PS3 failures at TGS (since refuted by Sony), Nyko announces a potentially important accessory. - 0 comments

Goin' Over The Border For Some Chili
It should be silly and intense at the same time, but most importantly, it'll be Mexican. Check out the latest PSP announcement, and bring the Tabasco! - 0 comments

Siren Heading To PS3
It just never got enough attention here in the States, but nevertheless, the PS3 is getting another installment. - 0 comments

October 4th, 2006

Sony Rips "Unsubstantiated" PS3 Problems
Sony's not taking the latest news sitting down, especially if the reports might be erroneous. They just returned fire with the enclosed official statements. - 0 comments

Report: European PS3 Delay Threatens U.S. Publishers
Michael Wallace has been busy this year, and he's issued another note of warning to domestic game publishers. But it's not all gloom and doom. - 0 comments

Japan Gets New PSP Bundle
Kinda silly to offer either a PS2 or PS3 holiday bundle from a business standpoint, but the PSP? That's certainly fair game. - 0 comments

Virtua Fighter Fans: Sega Wants You!
No, literally. If you've ever dreamed of being featured in a popular video game, you might want to check this out. - 0 comments

Review: Rampage: Total Destruction
The classic franchise is back, and this time we should expect an even greater rock 'em sock 'em arcade experinece. ...right? - 0 comments

October 3rd, 2006

Sony Stock Falls Due To PS3 Concerns
It comes at a bad time for the company, but what do you expect when you have such production problems? Even so, we're still in the midst of a "wait-and-see" situation... - 0 comments

PS3 Peripherals Unveiled
In more big news on the Sony front today, the company announced the first three official PS3 peripherals for Japan. - 0 comments

PS3 Controller Officially Named
We all had our theories, but Sony has finally killed the tension. The name of the new PS3 controller is... - 0 comments

Sony Announces Japanese PS3 Pricing Details
Another day, another PS3 software price update. But this time, it's the official word, even if it is only for Japan. - 0 comments

PS3 Interface: Up Close And Personal
We got a brief glimpse of the Cross Media Bar at TGS, and now Sony is giving us the full outline of their console's interface. - 0 comments

Mercury Meltdown Oozes Onto Shelves
It's tough, it's unique, it's supposedly crazy addictive. Don't waste any time laying your hands on the latest liquid metal puzzler. - 0 comments

2K Sports Ships NHL 2K7
The year's new sports games are piling up, and the latest from 2K is likely to be worth the admission price. Budget-priced titles for the win! - 0 comments

October 2nd, 2006

PS3 Preview: Call of Duty 3
We preview PS3's Call of Duty 3. See what's in store for this launch game. - 1 comment

PS3 Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic is set to speed onto store shelves for the PS3's launch, but does it have what it takes to qualify as a "must-have"? - 0 comments

Gitaroo Man Lives on PSP!
Before Guitar Hero, there was Gitaroo Man! And now he's coming to PSP! - 0 comments

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