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Updates (November, 2006)

November 30th, 2006

First PS3 Hardware and Software Sales Numbers from Japan
So how many units has the PS3 sold thus far in Japan? We've got the figure inside the article, with sales numbers for three of the games as well. - 0 comments

Cipher Complex: In-Depth Thoughts And Opinions
You got our preview yesterday, and now we've enlisted the help of our resident stealth/action expert to add his own outlook on this supposed revolutionary PS3 title. - 0 comments

PS3 Review: Genji: Days of the Blade
How is the PS3 follow up to the PlayStation 2 original? Do we potentially have another Devil May Cry on our hands? - 0 comments

Ken Kutaragi Replaced. Corporate Shuffles Made at Sony
Something's going on in the Sony world, as corporate shuffles ivolving Ken Kutaragi, Kaz Hirai and Jack Tretton have just been announced. Read up.

Sony Exiting Hardware Rumors Run Amok...
Let's all calm down and take a chill pill. Despite what some "analysts" may tell you, that is not the reason why the corporate shuffle happened. Read and find out. - 0 comments

PS3 Games Must Sell 500,000 To Turn Profit?
That's a big number. Let's hope that lower development costs in the future will help to bring it down, especially for the sake of smaller development houses. - 0 comments

Lumines II Kicks Off Video Mixer Contest
Okay, mixing fans, you've got your chance at minor stardom. Check out this Buena Vista-sponsored music competition where the winner will meet Junkie XL. - 0 comments

Another Court Victory For The ESA
Despite the best efforts of Jack Thompson and other reactionary politicians, the ESA continues to win court favor. - 0 comments

Infogrames Showing Minor Improvement
Once on the brink of bankruptcy, Infogrames has worked to cut their losses and come up with a new strategy. And they're getting some results. - 0 comments

EA Hits Predictions Despite PS3 Shortages
The lack of PlayStation 3s haven't hurt EA as much as we thought it might, and the company is confident they'll see at least another half-million PS3s before the end of the year. - 0 comments

November 29th, 2006

PS3 Preview: Cipher Complex
It may be a ways off, but this one is just too good to overlook right now. There's plenty of details, and stealth/action fans have something new to drool over. - 0 comments

Developers Need Help With PS3
The complex PS3 architecture is apparently quite intimidating, and developers are seeking Sony's help in understanding the system's power capabilities. - 0 comments

Media Group To Issue Video Game Report Card
It's time to rate just how well we keep "M"-rated games from our children, and of course, the list of games for this year includes some pretty intense titles. - 0 comments

Link Found Between Violent Video Games And Aggression
It's one of the biggest concerns of the mass populace, and while this is hardly definitive proof, the results aren't exactly surprising. - 0 comments

Classic Arcade Games For PlayStation Store?
The Live Marketplace on the 360 already has a few, but with the much larger size limits in the Store, we should be seeing something similar on the PS3. - 0 comments

November 28th, 2006

PlayStation 3 Hands-On: Memory Card Adapter
We finally get our hands on this uber-essential accessory to complete the PS3's backwards compatibility program, and we're plenty satisfied. - 0 comments

PS3 Arcade Titles Get 500MB Limit
...and that's ten times the size limit of Live arcade titles. Talk about giving developers more room to operate. - 0 comments

PS3s Sell Out; PS2/PSP Sales Spike
It's been a positive two weeks for Sony, as they finally have some decent numbers to report. And if they can make good on their PS3 holiday shipments, December should be even more lucrative. - 0 comments

New PS3 Firmware Update
Yup, after the first update on launch day, the PS3 is ready for v1.11. So log in today and take care of business, PS3 owners. - 0 comments

New Killzone 2 Details
Anything Killzone-related is an awfully big deal right now, and an article all the way from the Netherlands has now given us some fresh new info. - 0 comments

Sony Delays MotorStorm In Japan
It's only a week, but it's still a delay. And it just might be a savvy marketing move rather than legitimate "production problems"... - 0 comments

Idea Factory Announces First PS3 Title
These guys specialize in some sweet strategy-style games, and they've announced their debut PS3 title. - 0 comments

Scarface Sells One Million
Sierra has announced that Scarface is bringing in the money for them. - 0 comments

Arrest Made Over PS3 Shooting
There has been an arrest made in the shooting of a camper outside a Wal-Mart in Connecticut. - 0 comments

November 27th, 2006

PlayStation Network vs. Xbox Live: Cost Analysis
Nobody has really talked too much about this, but it's definitely worth an examination. How much does each service really cost, especially in the long run? - 2 comments

PS2 Review: Final Fantasy XII
The twelfth game in the long-running series proposes many changes to the basic formula, but how well do they work out?

PSP Review: Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception
Namco's much respected series has arrived on the PSP. We review the first Ace Combat to grace the PSP. - 0 comments

PS3 Preview: Lair
It hasn't gotten as much recognition as it deserves, so it's time to take a look at what could be one of the best titles of 2007. - 0 comments

Yellow Dog Linux Rolls Out For PS3
"Not just a game console," said Sony. It appears they were dead serious in that statement, as Yellow Dog Linux has officially entered its first release stage. - 0 comments

Early eBay PS3 Numbers Arrive
How did the first week of PS3 craziness go for eBay? Well, come on inside to check out the first set of statistics. - 0 comments

Game On Fully Embraces Next-Gen Gaming
It sounds like a seriously cool event over there in London, so don't fret too much about those launch delays. Gamers over the Atlantic can get a sneak peak at everything from now until February! - 0 comments

Games Releasing For Week Of 11/27 - 12/1
Now that the console launch craze is dying down, the game lists are also taking a break. But there are still a few titles to be aware of this week. - 0 comments

November 26th, 2006

Gran Turismo HD Screenshots
Alright, be forewarned these shots may cause some serious jaw dropping. Please secure your mouths before you click this link. These are pics of the early GT5 engine, by the way.

November 25th, 2006

PlayStation 3 Hands-On: Report Card
Well, here it is: our final word on the PS3's current and future situation. If you want an in-depth look at everything PS3 and a damn good summary of all our coverage, you can't miss this massive update. - 0 comments

PS2 Review: Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
It's one of the most complex RPGs ever made, but does that mean it's also one of the best? Well, yes and no. Come inside to check out our massive review. - 0 comments

PS3 Thieves in California GameStop Employees?
Police have made an arrest in connection with the PS3 thieves in Sacramento, California. Read up. - 0 comments

Updated PSP Cheats
Over the past week or so, we've worked to get caught up on our PSP cheats, and now there's a whole bunch for your viewing - and cheating - pleasure.

November 24th, 2006

Gates: "People Would Buy Sony Bricks"
It's all about brand-name power, isn't it Billy boy? Well, he believes the real battle doesn't begin until next year, anyway. - 0 comments

LocoRoco Gets Free Christmas Level
It's the season of giving, and Sony is handing out a special holiday download for the popular PSP title. - 0 comments

Rule Of Rose Yanked From UK Stores
The growing saga of this relatively obscure survival/horror game continues, as UK gamers won't get the chance to see what all the fuss is about. - 0 comments

November 23rd, 2006

PSP Review: Socom US Navy Seals: Fireteam Bravo 2
Sony has released the follow-up to last year's great. How does the second one fare? - 0 comments

PS3 Loses A Couple More Exclusives
This generation just might see a lot more trading and shuffling going on between platforms, and the PS3 has already lost several would-be exclusives in the past few days. - 0 comments

Another PSP Update Available
Less than 24 hours after the big v3.00 update, Sony has released yet another one for the PSP. This one isn't quite as interesting, though. - 0 comments

November 22nd, 2006

PlayStation 3 Hands-On: PSP Connectivity
The new PSP update is out, and it comes with all those fancy features we wanted. However, they've still got some work to do. - 0 comments

PS3 Review: Resistance: Fall of Man
It's the most anticipated PS3 launch title, and comes with a horde of ridiculous expectations. Does the PS3's supposed "flagship" title deliver, or is it found lacking? - 5 comments

PS2 Review: The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy
We're taking a break from all the serious PS3 stuff, and kicking back with a game based on a wickedly funny cartoon. Really, it's not that bad. - 0 comments

PS3 Launch Satisfies Sony
Despite all the reported issues, Sony seems perfectly content with how the launch went. Furthermore, they're sticking to that "one million units by Dec. 31" claim... - 0 comments

Sony Utilizes VoiceAge For Superior Sound
Resistance really had some fantastic sound, and now we know about one of the contributing factors. Let's see if other developers decide to take notice. - 0 comments

Sony Shipped 150k PS3s?
An analyst certainly thinks so. See what his exact predictions are for the PS3, as well as Wii. - 0 comments

Ubisoft Delays Rainbow Six Vegas For PS3/PSP
Sorry Clancy fans, you're going to have to wait until 2007 to hit the Vegas strip with an elite counter-terrorism unit. - 0 comments

GameStop's Revenues Nearly Double, Profits Slip
It was a big quarter for the retailer, and they expect the launches for the current quarter to have a definite impact. - 0 comments

November 21st, 2006

PS3 Preview: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
It's guaranteed to be one of the hottest titles of 2007, so come on inside to check out our massive, in-depth preview with info you won't find anywhere else on the 'net! - 1 comment

Review: Ridge Racer 7
You've patiently waited, and now your patience is rewarded: PSXE's first PS3 review! Ridge Racer is back, but is it better than ever? - 0 comments

GameStop/EB Gets Second PS3 Shipment
Okay, pre-purchasers, if you got left out in the cold last week, your PS3 might be ready. If you haven't already been called, we suggest you check with your local store. - 0 comments

PS1 Downloads For Japanese PS3 On 11/22
We reported earlier you'd be able to download certain PS1 titles on the PS3 for play on the PSP. Well, here's the first batch arriving in the Japanese store. - 0 comments

Sony Launches PS3 Backwards Compatibility Database
Wondering if that old PS1 game is gonna have some issues on the PS3? Sony is planning to fix everything soon, but in the meantime, check the game's status online. - 0 comments

Report: Sony Dragged Its Feet And Lost Exclusives
Evidently, if Sony had just been more "on the ball," two of 2007's most anticipated titles might've been PS3 exclusives. - 0 comments

November 20th, 2006

PlayStation 3 Hands-On: Store And Network
It was time to do some online stuff today, and after an afternoon of Ethernet-enabled fun, it's time to give you our impressions on the current status of the PlayStation Store and Network. - 0 comments

Games Releasing For Week Of 11/20 - 11/24
Last week was the week to end all weeks...this time, there really isn't much to talk about. But you need time to catch up, now don't you? - 0 comments

First PS3 Cheats!
Check out our first batch of PS3 cheats for several launch titles, and even a few that are set to come out in December. You know you want an easy victory...

Need Help Locating A PS3?
Of course you do. You can use all the help you can get. So PlayStationfinder might have a viable option, go sign up! - 0 comments

U.S. Wii Launch: Friendly, But Not All Rosy
Things went well yesterday overall, but no launch is 100% free of problems. A few small complaints regarding a firmware update and the Wiimote are hanging around. - 0 comments

Take-Two Prepares 20 PS3 Titles
Yes indeed, that's a whole lotta support. Beyond the likes of GTA IV, Take-Two is ready to offer a serious number of titles over the next year. - 0 comments

Even Presidential Hopefuls Can't Get A PS3
We're sorry, but we just think this is hilarious. PS3 availability was at a bare minimum, and even political influence wasn't enought to land one. - 0 comments

November 19th, 2006

PlayStation 3: Day 2 Impressions
The end of our second day of PS3 coverage is mostly about the games, as it should be. Come on in to find out our opinions for the day, and we even tell you when to expect the first reviews! - 1 comment

November 18th, 2006

PlayStation 3 Hands-On: Launch Software
We've now had a good 36 hours to get our feet wet regarding the PS3 launch lineup, so here are our thoughts on our experience thus far. - 0 comments

PS3 Reviews Coming: Early Opinions
We're working on the full reviews now, but in the meantime, we'll whet your appetite with our first impressions of three PS3 launch titles. - 0 comments

PlayStation 3 Hands-On: CD/DVD/BD Playback
When it comes to resolution, there are significant differences across HD and non-HD, and the PS3 takes full advantage of...well, the high-def advantage. - 1 comment

PlayStation 3: Day 1 Impressions
We're wrapping up our PS3 coverage for the day, so make sure to check out the summary/highlights. There's a lot more to come, though, so keep it here for our continued hands-on reports. - 0 comments

November 17th, 2006

PlayStation 3 Hands-On: Backwards Compatibility
One of the most important features on the PS3 has gotten some bad press over the past couple of days, so we spend a big chunk of time, trying to see what's what for ourselves... - 0 comments

eBay Loaded Down With PS3s
Well, it appears plenty of people had the same idea, and in the end, this should mean less profit for the greedy and cheaper PS3s for the buyers. - 0 comments

PlayStation 3: Clearing Up A Few Things
As we go hands-on, we start to form our own opinions and thoughts, and very quickly, we'd like to address a few of the more popular news/rumors swirling around the system. - 0 comments

PlayStation 3 Hands-On: Start Up
We hook things up and get started with the fancy new PS3. Check out the details of the interface, and how you'll begin when you land your own. - 0 comments

PlayStation 3 Hands-On: Unsheathed
The first of many features where we go in-depth with Sony's next-gen console, we start things off by showing you exactly what you're missing if you couldn't manage to score one today. - 2 comments

PS3 Launch Coverage Coming Today!
That's right! We've got one, and we're checking it out, front to back. For everything you ever wanted to know about the PS3, keep it here. - 0 comments

November 16th, 2006

Order PS3 at Toys R Us Website Midnight Tonight
Since many of you are still trying to get your hands on a PS3 without paying the big bucks on eBay we're here to remind everyone that Toys R Us Online will be selling Playstation 3 consoles this midnight. - 0 comments

PS3 Launch Lines Begin (UPDATE)
Remember, this is a full DAY early, and we've already got campers. We'll update more tomorrow, so check back to see just how far people will go! - 0 comments

American Gamers Ages 5-18 Prefer PS3
Thought it'd be the Wii, didn't you? Well, so did "wii." But apparently, the Sony name is running stronger than ever. - 0 comments

PS3 Launch: From Tension To Crime
Oh well, it was probably only a matter of time. The high demand and super-low supply of the PS3 has caused certain unsavory characters to resort to criminal behavior. - 0 comments

PlayStation Store Up And Running
Sony has been working hard to create a solid online experience for gamers, and at this point, it seems they're off to a good start with the Store. - 0 comments

eBay: European PS3 Auctioneers Must Wait
For you gamers in Europe, don't even think about trying to sell an imported PS3 on eBay; it just ain't gonna fly. - 0 comments

PS3 Scales Down Resolution
If you're only operating on a standard-definition TV, you won't be viewing your PS3 games at 720p, like you might expect. - 0 comments

November 15th, 2006

PlayStation 3 Prices On eBay Skyrocketing
Boy, that reduced shipment is certainly causing an uproar, isn't it? Some people are really THAT hell-bent on getting their hands on a PS3 right away. - 0 comments

Toys "R" Us To Offer PS3s/Wiis Online At Midnight
Not preorders, but regular sales. So if you want either of these next-gen consoles, you may want to be online round-about midnight. - 0 comments

North American PS3 Launch Shipment Halved
Things aren't looking pretty for the upcoming PS3 launch on Friday. If you think you've got a preorder secured, we suggest you check on the status first thing tomorrow. - 0 comments

Review: Sega Genesis Collection
Amdist all this next-gen hullabaloo, we're taking a step back in time and playin' some of the old classics. It's one heck of a collection, so get ready to enjoy a simpler time. - 0 comments

Sony Unveils Revamped PlayStation.com
To coincide with the PS3 launch, Sony has given their popular PlayStation website a sleek new look. - 0 comments

Rome Mayor Wants Rule Of Rose Banned
Sometimes, the games we don't expect to cause a problem always do. The venerable Mayor of Rome wants this survival/horror game out of Italy. - 0 comments

Pirates! Heading Into Uncharted Waters On PSP
It may not be something you'd expect to see on a handheld, but Take-Two Interactive is gonna give it a shot, nonetheless. - 0 comments

November 14th, 2006

SCEA Shuts Down OPM
It may come as a surprise, but with the next generation and the PlayStation Network upon us, perhaps it was inevitable. - 0 comments

CompUSA Offers HDTV/PS3 Bundle
If you thought that online Wii bundle was pricey, you ain't seen nothin' yet. But if these guys have enough PS3s, you might just want to spring for the enviable HDTV/PS3 combo. - 0 comments

Amazon Stops Wii Preorders, Passes On PS3
The shortage is hitting everyone hard, and now, Amazon.com won't take PS3 preorders and can't guarantee an exact date for filling Wii preorders. - 0 comments

Sony Clarifies PS3 European Launch Plans
While that Harrison quote certainly caused a stir last week, Sony now reports his words were "taken out of context." The PS3 is still set for March in Europe. - 0 comments

GameStop/EB To Start PS3 Online Preorders After Launch
Once the preorders are filled, the retailer says they'll start taking online preorders for "PS3 bundles." Hmm... - 0 comments

Games Releasing For Week Of 11/13 - 11/17
If you hadn't guessed, it's a pretty big week. And this means there just might be finalized launch lineups inside... - 0 comments

PS3 Preview: flOw
It'll be one of the first original PlayStation Store titles, and it's really one of the most unique ideas you've ever heard. It's also darned pretty. - 0 comments

Toys "R" Us Secures PS3 Preorders
GameStop may not have been able to fill all theirs, but Toys "R" Us should just about make it. Still, no PS3s for regular sale on November 17. - 0 comments

Sega Delays Full Auto 2
One more PS3 title falls off the launch list, but at least it's only pushed back until December. - 0 comments

November 13th, 2006

Two Hot New Rainbow Six Vegas Videos
It's guaranteed to be a big hit, so check out our latest R6 Vegas videos. This proves more games need to be set in Sin City.

GameStop/EB To Fall Short On PS3 Preorders
Figures. They did say they couldn't "guarantee" a console, even if you did manage to preorder one, but at least you get a small consolation prize if you walk away empty-handed. - 0 comments

NPD Group: Gamers Are Primed For Next-Gen
Price is a factor, of course, but it's not stopping the true gamers from diving into the next gen with plenty of excitement and enthusiasm. - 0 comments

PS3 Comes With One-Year Warranty
It's an unexpected surprise to be sure, but what does this mean for all those warranties you can purchase? We're thinking: don't bother. - 0 comments

PS3 Early Backwards Compatibility Problems (UPDATE)
Even the PS2 had some issues with PS1 software, so hopefully, these disappointing problems won't be too widespread...at first glance, they don't appear to be. - 0 comments

PS3 Behind Xbox 360 In Japan
Well, for the time being, at least. That massive PS3 shortage has put Sony #2 in Japan until they can manage another shipment. - 0 comments

PS3 Japanese Launch Gets Ugly
It was one long rainy night, and things just got a little too heated due to a lot of inherent issues. Keep it clean in the U.S. on Friday, people! - 0 comments

Sony's Harrison Talks Killzone
Ah, Killzone. Where the heck have you been? Phil Harrison has some interesting comments regarding the upcoming PS3 FPS, and they're well worth reading... - 0 comments

November 12th, 2006

PS3 Editorial: Top 10 Reasons To Own A PS3
What's all this hubbub about, anyway? Well, if you're pondering a prompt PS3 purchase, check our 10 best reasons to justify such a buying decision. - 0 comments

November 11th, 2006

Finalized PS3 Launch Lineup
It's gone through some alterations and updates in the past few weeks, but now that we're this close to launch, it's probably safe to say that this is the final list. - 0 comments

PS3 Japan Midnight Insanity
Care to see what Japanese gamers have gone through just to get a PS3? We've got a taste of what you might be able to expect here in the States... - 0 comments

PS3: User Guide Online
Want a sneak peak at how the PS3 will operate? Check out this handy guide, already available online for probing eyes. - 0 comments

PS3 Update 1.10 Information
New PS3 owners are going to want to take care of this update as soon as they get home, simply because of what it provides. - 0 comments

PSP Update 3.00 Unveiled
To go hand-in-hand with the PS3 update, it seems we finally have the details for the PSP update. And it's exactly what we wanted. - 0 comments

November 10th, 2006

Latest PS3 Screenshots
We've been trying to keep up with all the PS3 media speeding across the Internet, so take a gander at the last batch of screenshot updates.

PS3 Does Not "Upscale" Old Software
If you couldn't already figure it out on your own, the PS3 most certainly will not make old games look any better...unless you're viewing them in new HD. - 0 comments

NPD Group Releases Industry October Total
They're not quite as big as predicted - software-wise - but the overall numbers are quite healthy. - 0 comments

PS3 Suffers First Game Delays
We suppose it was inevitable, but there are a few big-name titles in here that have gotten pushed...thankfully, they aren't pushed too far. - 0 comments

Sony Won't Confirm European PS3 Launch
Sony's Phil Harrison won't confirm a March 2007 PS3 release, but he does talk a bit about the launch titles and online service. - 0 comments

Japan Attempting PS3 Crowd Control
With so few units available, things are already starting to get tense for the PS3 Japanese launch. Looks like there's gonna be a lot of "public nuisances." - 0 comments

Nyko Unveils PS3 Launch Lineup
Nyko's been around for quite some time, and now the long-time accessory manufacturer has announced three peripherals for the PS3 U.S. launch. - 0 comments

November 9th, 2006

Sony Sticks To PS3 Pricing And Shipment Targets
This appears to be the final word on the issue heading into the launch, so take it or leave it, gamers. - 0 comments

PS2 Tops Total PS1 Sales In Europe
Given the huge success of the PS2, this shouldn't be a huge surprise. Now, can the PS3 follow in its predecessors footsteps? - 0 comments

Sony Takes PS3 To Hollywood
Some of the biggest names have gotten a chance to view and play the PS3, a full week before the system's launch. Damn lucky celebs. - 0 comments

MTV Presents Gamer's Week 2.0
It's going to be a big week for gamers, and MTV has timed this just right. So if you want some cool gaming-related programming next week, MTV's the place to be. - 0 comments

PS3 Requires Launch Day Update
And the PSP needs one for that remote media thing, too. It's all plenty easy to take care of, let's just hope both are ready in November. - 0 comments

Spike TV's 2006 Video Game Awards Scheduled
Another year, another year-end game awards show on Spike TV. If you're interested in voting, check out the info inside. - 0 comments

November 8th, 2006

PS3 Preview: Unknown Realms
It's got a great amount of appeal, originality, and artistic style. So therefore, it shouldn't be lost in the shuffle of impending PS3 titles. - 0 comments

Atari Founder Bashes Sony
Apparently, Sony's success so far was just an "accident." And the original Atari founder didn't stop there when chatting about the next generation. - 0 comments

Sony Clarifies: No PS3 Vouchers In Japan
It wasn't a great idea to begin with. But at least we know what's what, and there's some more news regarding that PS3 Japanese launch estimate. - 0 comments

GTA: Trilogy Set For December
We should've guessed we'd see something like this for the holidays. There doesn't seem to be any nifty extras, but the price is right. - 0 comments

2K Adds To PS3 Launch Lineup
Looks like we've got a few more games coming on November 17, and both are using the Sixaxis' motion-sensing ability to enhance the experience. - 0 comments

Konami Releases First Half Numbers
The big publisher announces its financial results for the first six months of its fiscal year, and there's a bit of good news and a bit of bad news. - 0 comments

November 7th, 2006

GameStop/EB Starts Online Wii Preorders Thursday
No word yet on any online PS3 preorder program, but this Wii offer has certainly raised a few questions by itself... - 0 comments

Sony Calls Microsoft's XBL HDTV "A Disservice"
It's only natural to expect a retort from Sony after Microsoft's announcement, and this one carries a wee bit of heat with it. - 0 comments

Suspicious PS3 Preorder Program In UK
Not long after Sony got the best of Lik-Sang for doing something similar, it appears the UK is kicking off a relatively shady PS3 preorder program. - 0 comments

Sony "Overreaches" With Blu-Ray, But Remains Stoic
Such is the price you pay for new technology, says Sony. But will the production delays ultimately hurt Blu-Ray in the long run? - 0 comments

Konami Presents Limited Edition PSP "Body Armor"
But only IF you preorder the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops game. So if you want to protect your PSP with style, you're gonna want to preorder MGS:OP today. - 0 comments

Review: Samurai Warriors 2
The third in a franchise featuring the Dynasty Warriors-esque games should be an improvement, right? Well, in point of fact... - 0 comments

Game Publishers Taking Care Of E3 Invites
It's not up to the ESA any more, but we're not sure if this is any better... Well, at least we know where to go to secure a possible invite. - 0 comments

Take-Two Secures Fantastic Four Licensing
There's been some shuffling of license deals in the past few days, and Take-Two is the latest to pick up a new deal. - 0 comments

November 6th, 2006

PS3 Preview: Rogue Warrior
Based on the acclaimed autobiography by Navy SEAL Dick Marcinko, this one is certainly going to get some attention. Check out the latest Bethesda next-gen project. - 0 comments

Best Buy Cans PS3 Pre-Orders...Officially
See the cancellation email for yourself, its over, so you won't be getting the ten PS3s you pre-ordered from them. Sorry. - 0 comments

Circuit City: PS3 Midnight Madness
They may be risking employee lives, but nevertheless, this is going to happen. Check it out to see if you're close to one of these six stores. - 0 comments

Square-Enix Sets Shipment Record With Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy has always been popular, but Square-Enix has certainly found a goldmine in Final Fantasy XII. As if we didn't already know. - 0 comments

Activision Confirms European PS3 Launch Titles
Yeah, it's all a little late in coming, but news regarding the European PS3 launch is starting to flow. Here's the confirmed games from one major publisher...no big surprises. - 0 comments

Best Buy Online PS3 Preorder Program "A Glitch"
Damn. Well, we should've guessed. Best Buy has cleared things up for us, and for those of you who thought they had a PS3 all nailed down...sorry. - 0 comments

Games Releasing For Week Of 11/6 - 11/10
It's another pretty big week, so check out exactly what you should be spending your money on before the big console launches. - 0 comments

Sega Steals Away Iron Man License
The popular comic book and new movie could be a big deal for any game maker, and Sega has now replaced Activision in the driver's seat. - 0 comments

November 5th, 2006

Xfire Role Confirmed In Untold Legends
Up until now, we never fully understood Xfire's role in this PS3 launch title, but at least we've got the rudimentary details. - 0 comments

November 4th, 2006

Best Buy Lists PS3 Online Preorders (UPDATE)
Um...hope you have a fast clicking finger and a flush bank account. Best Buy has apparently started PS3 preorders online, so get the lead out, my gamer friends! - 0 comments

Latest PS3 Videos
From Resistance to Genji, you'll find a bunch of PS3 trailers inside, and if you haven't seen them yet, you're seriously missing out. - 0 comments

EA Predicts PS3 Shipments To Fall Short
How many PS3s are the U.S. and Japan getting? Well, at this rate, it's just gonna be a "he-said, she-said" deal until we actually find out for real. - 0 comments

Best Buy Streamlines Checkout For PS3/Wii
They really care about the purchasing procedure over at Best Buy, don't they? And this year, they're really going all-out. - 0 comments

November 3rd, 2006

Editorial: PS3, Xbox 360, And Wii Console Analysis
Our Editor-in-Chief takes a gander at the current and future console situation, so come on inside to get an in-depth overview. - 0 comments

Analyst Predicts 25% October Increase
The predictions continue to flow just before the holidays, and the latest is definitely encouraging for the game industry. - 0 comments

Some PS3 Launch Titles Require Firmware Update
It's not a big deal, but it's something to be aware of. Looks like several early PS3 titles are going to need a firmware update. - 0 comments

EA Sets Quarterly Revenue Record
Those game publishers certainly had a good 2nd quarter, didn't they? And EA appears to have had the biggest one of all... - 0 comments

THQ Posts High Quarterly Earnings
And more good news from the video game publisher camps. THQ, on the strength of gmaes like Saints Row and Company of Heroes, had one heck of a quarter. - 0 comments

Navarro To Help Promote Guitar Hero II
It's always cool when a big-name celeb stands up and says, "this game rocks." So if you're in the LA area and want to meet the acclaimed musician, check here. - 0 comments

November 2nd, 2006

EB/GameStop Denies eBay Rumor
Don't worry, eBayers. The retailer won't stand in the way of your PS3 auction, despite the popular rumor. - 0 comments

Sony Preparing "About 40" Games For PS3 Network
Those XBL Arcade titles are doing well, and Sony is already taking strides to match that effort on the PS3 Network. - 0 comments

Media Manager Announced For PSP In Australia
It's certainly a good idea - you could really go content-crazy with this thing - but we'll have to wait and see when it comes to the North American region. - 0 comments

Koei Releases New Bladestorm Details
Leave it to Koei to give us one seriously deep game, and now they're tackling the Hundred Years War...God help us. - 0 comments

November 1st, 2006

PS3 Preview: Medal of Honor: Airborne
Even if you think you know Medal of Honor, think again. It's getting a serious overhaul for the next-gen, and if you're not psyched by this preview, you don't have a pulse. - 0 comments

Review: Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
The original was one of the deepest games ever created, so can you expect even more from the sequel? You betcha. - 0 comments

32 Wii Titles For 2006
The launch lineup for Nintendo's new console has undergone a few changes, but the number of anticipated 2006 games remains pretty solid. - 0 comments

Nintendo Unveils First Batch Of Virtual Console Games
For all you old-school gamers out there, Nintendo is hoping to have you covered with the Virtual Console. Here are the first 30 classics set for 2006. - 0 comments

Updated PS2 Cheats
We know you've been lookin' for 'em, so here's the latest batch of cheats for your viewing pleasure. If we've reviewed it in the past few weeks, we've got cheats for it. - 0 comments

Criminal Crackdown Renamed
Aw, that was a pretty good name. Well, the development process is often loaded with unknowns, and David Jaffe has officially renamed the game... - 0 comments

New Street Fighter for 2007
Possibly for the PSP?

E3 Gets Name/Date Change
This on-again, off-again thing is hurting our relationship, E3. I just don't know if I can love you anymore!

Capcom to Gamers: Dash of Infrastructure in Your Monster Hunter?
A new e-mail survey is making the rounds.

Ratchet and Clank PS3 in Full Production
We haven't heard the last of one of the PS2's greatest platforming franchises. - 0 comments

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