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Updates (June, 2006)

June 30th, 2006

PS2 Review: 2006 FIFA World Cup
Good like Ghana or bad like the United States?

First News On Castlevania: The Movie
Why, oh why, do we give our most beloved franchises to these people?!

Nascar 07 Cover Driver Chosen
You might be a redneck if you click on this story.

Best Buy Top 10 This Week
Top game sales from June 18th-24th.

PSP Screenshots: Tekken Dark Resurrection
These three pictures showcase a series of character moves and their corresponding button presses.

PS2 Trailer: Destroy All Humans 2
Destroy All Humans was a surprising hit, so it's no surprise that a sequel is in the works. This is the E3 2006 teaser trailer for the game.

PS2 Video: Guitar Hero 2
Rock out to War Pigs by none other than Black Sabbath. Harmonix sure loves Ozzy.

June 29th, 2006

Editorial: Here's What I Think
Aaron shares his thoughts on the upcoming battle of the consoles.

Ace Combat X Multiplayer Details
You and three friends will be able to duke it out in the game's robust multiplayer modes.

Latest Japanese Software Numbers
Last week was pretty rough for Sony, but the PS2 claims the top spot this week.

Dance Factory Details and Video Revealed
DDR killer? It creates steps from your own CD's, so the potential is there.

PSP Screens: Ace Combat X
NamcoBandai has sent along some screens of the game's multiplayer modes.

PSP Screens: Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins
Quit teasing us and release the game already!

June 28th, 2006

Rumors: Plan Ahead For PS3 Euro Launch
You might have to pre-order or you won't even see a console until 2007. - 0 comments

Final Fantasy XII US Date Announced + Collector's Edition Details
Just in time for All Hallow's Eve...

More Wipeout On The Horizon
New iterations of the futuristic racer are coming for two Sony platforms...can you guess which? - 0 comments

PS3 Games Likely $59.99
Kaz says they "probably" won't exceed current consumer expectations. - 0 comments

Two Sequels Announced for PSP
But what could they be?! Come in and find out!

Saint Seiya: The Hades Comes to Europe
Atari is handling the distribution for the new manga/anime-based fighter.

Orson Scott Card Pens New Game - Empire
From the makers of Advent Rising comes an intriguing, contemporary shooter. - 0 comments

Free Game w/ PS3 Preorder at Toys R Us Australia
Cool offer, but only if you live down under. :( - 0 comments

Bomberman PSP Trailer Up On Hudson Website
Looks to be one of the best versions of the game to come along in awhile.

Photos: PSP Camera
Get a look at the PSP camera/eyetoy coming this autumn. It features a 1.3 megapixel resolution and attaches to the top of the unit.

PS3 Trailer: Fatal Inertia
We don't learn a whole lot more about the game from the trailer, but it does at least confirm that it's scheduled to be available for the PS3's launch. How do I know? It says "Available at launch" at the end of the trailer.

June 27th, 2006

PSP Review: Metal Gear Solid Graphic Novel
Konami's latest digital graphic novel is significantly more interactive than Silent Hill Experience was, and it's a good read too.

New SOCOM 3 Maps Available For Download
You read that correctly: downloadable content for the PS2.

EA Launches NCAA Football Website For PSP
Yep, it's kind of a slow news day.

New Micro Machines In Stores Now
Who knew that this franchise would still be alive and kicking after all these years? Good for you Micro Machines.

NCAA Football 07 (PSP) Trailer
NCAA Football 07 is headed to the PSP, and from the looks of things, it's not going to be another watered-down PS2 to PSP port. No cheerleaders in this trailer though.

New Super Monkey Ball Adventure Screens
Monkeys in balls never get old. Never! Don't argue with me, I won't budge on this one.

June 26th, 2006

PS2 Review: Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
Capcom hits a homerun, scores a touchdown, and gathers the hat trick with this 5-game set.

Genesis Favs Coming to PS2/PSP
Virtual Console? Who needs 'em!

Stringer Continues to Defend PS3 Pricepoint
Sony CEO admits it's a gamble, but one his company is willing to take. - 0 comments

UK Mag Scoops PSOne Emulator And Other PSP Details
Partial list of launch titles, future firmware update, and more...

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Contest Update
Bruce Banner has been cast, but there are plenty of other characters to voice.

Pirates of the Caribbean Lands Depp
Did you know he got nominated for an Oscar for playing Jack Sparrow in the first movie? Seriously!

NHL 2K7 (PS3) Trailer From E3 2006
NHL 2K6 wasn't super impressive on the Xbox 360, but with another year in development, NHL 2K7 for the PlayStation 3 is looking promising.

NHL 2K7 (PS3) Trailer 2
Joe Thornton is highlighted in the latest trailer for NHL 2K7, headed to the PlayStation 3 later this year.

PS3 Screens: Fatal Inertia
It's like a gorgeous combo of F-Zero and Wipeout.

Cheat Codes Update
We've got new cheats for: Sensible Soccer, Sonic Riders, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja, MotoGP4, Over the Hedge, Urban Chaos, Cars, Rogue Trooper and much, much more.

June 23rd, 2006

PS2 Review Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
One of the best $20 games ever released, but should you pick it up if you've already played the PSP version? Read the review for the answer.

Need For Speed: Carbon Announced
If you're good, maybe Santa will be leaving this and a shiny new PS3 under the tree. Yeah, that's probably not going to happen. Better start saving your money. - 0 comments

Business 2.0 Magazine Thinks Kutaragi Doesn't Matter
Playstation chief is apparently a non-entity according to new list.

Madden 07 Soundtrack Listing
A few new songs by some (kind of) popular bands top the list of 35 songs featured in the game.

Latest Japanese Software Numbers
Blah blah blah, the DS rules. Blah blah blah.

Every Extend Extra Demo Available Tomorrow
But you probably won't be able to get it...

Ultimate Ghost 'N Goblins Details Emerge From Europe
European release date and more.

Cipher Complex Announced for PS3
Hey, another gritty sci-fi actioner with a buzzcut-coifed marine lookin' character for next-gen! Though the concept art is admittedly quite nice. - 0 comments

Sonic The Hedgehog Is 15 Today
And he's not even showing grey yet!

Blu-Ray Pushed Back Further
When will the bad news end for this great format? - 0 comments

Need For Speed: Carbon Trailer (PS3)
Check out the high-res trailer for the latest game in the Need For Speed series.

June 22nd, 2006

PlayStation 3 Supporting HDMI 1.3
Sony's forthcoming console will support the latest HDMI spec. - 0 comments

PSP Gets TiVoToGo
New software lets TiVo owners copy recordings directly onto PSP.

NHL 07 Cover Athelete Unveiled
This year's favorite for the Calder Memorial Trophy gets his first cover.

Legend of Heroes II Now Available
Time to save the world again!

Xiaolin Showdown (ps2) Trailer
Based on the cartoon, this brawler is being released by Konami this holiday season.

Motor Storm Screens (PS3)
Every time they show this game it's looking better and better. Have a look at the latest screens.

June 21st, 2006

Namco Announces Tales of the World
Cool, another RPG...wait, what's that I see? For the PSP?! Someone's developing an RPG for the PSP?! Well, this calls for a celebration!

New Best Buy Numbers
Sony is almost non-existant in the Top 10 from June 11-17.

Tomb Raider Legends For PSP In Stores Now
Finally, a Tomb Raider so portable that you can play it while actually raiding tombs.

Louisiana Game Bill Fails In Court
A Pelican State judge shows a little bit of common sense, halts violent game sales proposal.

NBA Live 07 Cover Athlete Revealed
Hint: He can jump higher than you.

NFL Head Coach In Stores Now
Think being an NFL head coach is easy? It's time to put your money where your mouth is.

Hellboy (PS3) Trailer
Once you get past the 26 seconds of company logos, this trailer is cool as, well, hell.

Tony Hawk's Project 8 (PS3) Screens
We just got our hands on seven concept screens from the Tony Hawk's Project 8 for the PlayStation 3. Check them out.

June 20th, 2006

Editorial: Here's What I Think
Aaron has a strong opinion on vibrating controllers. Why is he so riled up? Click the link to find out.

MotoGP 4 Heads to Retail
If Tourist Trophy wasn't your bag, perhaps NamcoBandai's latest will be more your speed.

Mercury Meltdown (PSP) Trailer
If I go back and look at Archer MacLean's Mercury to see what could be done to improve it, the first thing that comes to mind is not that it needs cel-shaded graphics. Tighten up the controls and shorten the load times and the game should be just fine.

June 19th, 2006

No Exclusive Hockey Deal
EA and 2K Games will both be publishing hockey games this coming fall.

Winning Eleven 2007 Public Demo This Tuesday
If you live in the Bay Area, you can be one of the first to get your hands on the next Winning Eleven game.

Pelican Releases Cars Accessories
I don't have anything interesting to say about this.

Ridge Racer 7 (PS3) Trailer
You didn't think a Sony console was going to launch without a Ridge Racer did you? Perish the thought.

June 16th, 2006

Yakuza Voice Talent Revealed
SEGA unveils the voice cast for its upcoming crime drama, and once again shows that Mark Hamill likes to earn a paycheck.

More Music Games From RedOctane?
It looks like the lads at RedOctane have more tricks up their sleeves.

NFL Head Coach Demo Available
It's not a PS2 demo, but you obviously own a PC, so now is your chance to see if you're ready to be a head coach.

Splinter Cell Double Agent Website Live
Make your desktop all purty with one of the downloadable wallpapers. The ladies love it!

Frontlines: Fuel of War (PS3) Trailer
THQ is bringing this modern war game to several platforms, including the PlayStation 3. The trailer's not super-impressive, but the game isn't due until 2007.

Sonic Rivals (PSP) Screens
We've scrounged up three more screens from the Blue Blur's first appearance on the PSP.

June 15th, 2006

Metal Gear Booklet Available For Download
More info on what's happening with the guys at Kojima Productions is now at your fingertips.

Latest Japanese Software Numbers
A couple of PS2 games are the only thing keeping the DS from owning the entire top ten.

Guitar Hero 2 Gameplay Video
A short clip of the classic Van Halen version of "You Really Got Me" from Guitar Hero 2.

The Fast and the Furious Trailer
The Fast and the Furious game is due in stores this summer for the PSP and the PS2.

Pac-Man World Rally Screens
We've got some new screenshots from Pac-Man World Rally, which is looking pretty sharp these days.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (PSP) Screens
Captain Jack is coming to the PSP this summer in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

June 14th, 2006

Metal Gear Solid Graphic Novel Heads to Retail
It's a fancy comic book for your PSP, except now you don't have to waste tons of energy to turn the page!

More Coded Arms: Assault Screens
Konami sent us a few more gameplay screens from Coded Arms: Assault, their PlayStation 3 first-person shooter built on Unreal Engine 3.

More Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Screens
Sony Online Entertainment sent us these new screens of their PS3 hack and slash a couple days ago, but we, ummm, forgot to post the link. Sorry 'bout that.

Urban Chaos (PS2) Trailer
The bad guys aren't too excited to see the authorities in their digs. This trailer has some adult language in it, so don't go clicking on it if you're under 18.

June 13th, 2006

Editorial: Why You Should Buy A PSP This Summer
If you're still on the fence about purchasing a Playstation Portable, this list should set you in the right direction just in time for Summer.

PSP Review: World Rally Championship
A good racing game, if you're into lonely rally events. The budget price doesn't hurt either.

PSP to Undergo a Mercury Meltdown
Ignition USA announces plans to bring Mercury sequel to the PSP.

Cheapo Games at Circuit City
Some PS2 games have been marked down both on the website and in store.

Best Buy's Top 18 For Last Week
Check out what sold well at one of the largest US electronics retailers from 6/4-6/10.

June 12th, 2006

X-Men: The Official Game Review
I guess it's actually our official game review of the official game.

Kutaragi: Basic Online Services Should Be Free
Sony fires a warning shot over the bow of Microsoft's Xbox Live service. - 0 comments

Rockstar and FTC Settle in Hot Coffee Case
The Federal Trade Commission issues a resonable compromise in spite of the controversy.

Sony Patents New Tech - Material That Can Change Shape
Malleable controllers in the near future?

Adriano Gets Winning Eleven Cover
What!? None of the Americans that stunk it up against Czech Republic are getting any love? No fair!

Virtua Tennis (PS3) Trailer
Sega's popular arcade-style tennis is headed to the PlayStation 3, and so far it's looking pretty sharp. Sadly, the horrible rock music that has plagued the series since its inception sounds like it's back in full force.

NBA 2K7 (PS3) Trailer
Announcer Kevin Harlan talks about his role in NBA 2K7 for the PlayStation 3. There's not a ton of game footage in this trailer, but what is shown looks incredible.

Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury (PS2) Screens
Zatch Bell is poised to make another appearance on the PS2. Check out the screens here.

Winning Eleven: 2007 (PS3) Screens
These look just like PS2 shots, but they were labled PS3, so we're passing them along. Take them with a grain of salt though.

June 9th, 2006

PSP Review: Gradius Collection
Konami's five-pack of space shooters is awesome, if you're into brutal hard games and don't mind that they're all the arcade versions instead of the friendlier NES and Super NES versions.

New Gran Turismo HD Info
The offical Gran Turismo site received a minor update, and we speculate on what the new screenshots mean for the future of the series - 0 comments

EA Picks the NBA Finals Winner
They picked the first game of the series correctly, and were just a few points off. Might EA really be able to predict the future?

Legend of Heroes II Goes Gold
More old-school style RPG action is headed to the PSP.

Bladestorm: The 100 Years' War PlayStation 3 Trailer
KOEI sure knows how to capture the excitement of hundreds of soldiers clashing in battle. The beginning of the trailer is a little slow, but the action in the last half looks great.

June 8th, 2006

May Sales Rankings
What a slow week for news. At least we have last month's sales rankings to give us something to discuss. Go Guitar Hero! Go God of War!

June 7th, 2006

Details from Sony Gamers Day in Spain
Sony Spain teased European gamers with some new demos/PS3 details last Friday.

NBA Live 07 Launching With PS3
EA Sports let slip today that the PlayStation 3 version of NBA Live 07 will be out in time for the system's launch. - 0 comments

June 6th, 2006

Yuke's Opens US Office
Famed developer of wrestling games is a publisher now, and has opened a US office with the intent of bringing its games to the west.

Gradius Collection Ships
5 classic Gradius games come to PSP. Shipped today, in-store tomorrow. Would you like to know more?

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Goes Gold
Want to be the ultimate ninja? Well, you can't. But, you can play this game and pretend you are.

Killzone: Liberation Trailer
One of the hottest PSP games at this year's E3 was Killzone: Liberation. Check out this short trailer to see what all the fuss was about.

June 5th, 2006

Kaz Hirai Talks PlayStation 3
Price, launch units, and why the company went with the expensive Blu-Ray format are just a few of the topics covered in this interview. - 0 comments

EA Predicts World Cup Results
Sadly it wasn't the United States. Read the article to find out who EA think will win it all.

MLB SlugFest 2006 In Stores
The last baseball game of the season makes its way to consoles.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PS2) Screens
It's looking a lot like... a PS2 GTA game.

June 2nd, 2006

God of War II Still God of War II
No fancy over-the-top title for this highly anticipated game.

2.71 Firmware Released
A minor upgrade to the PSP firmware is now available.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Contest Details
Think you've got what it takes to voice Bruce Banner or Jean Grey? Check out this story for details on how to make it happen. - 0 comments

New Death Jr. 2: Root of Evil Screens
If you're still kicking it with a 56k modem, we've got some new screenshots for ya.

Death Jr. 2 Video
After an underwhelming first appearance, Death is headed back to the PSP to try again.

June 1st, 2006

Yakuza Screens & Box Art
Sega sent along a few screens for its upcoming crime game, Yakuza, along with the box art for the North America version.

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