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Updates (July, 2006)

July 31st, 2006

ESA Confirms Evolution of E3Expo
This official release confirms what we learned earlier today. E3Expo as we know it is done. - 0 comments

E3 - Game Over
The internet is abuzz over the news that E3 is to be no more. - 0 comments

PS2 Preview: Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
We go hands-on with the sequel to one of everybody's favorite strategy RPG's. - 0 comments

PS2 Video Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (Cut-Scenes)
Disgaea is known for its quirky sense of humor. This movie is several cut-scenes spliced together to show off some of that trademark off-beat style.

PS2 Video Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (Intro Video)
The opening video for Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories from NIS America and Nippon Ichi.

Exclusive PS2 Screens: Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
Noticing a theme here? Check out 40+ screens from the English build of the game.

Yakuza PS2 Goes Gold
SEGA's gang-themed game is on schedule for September release.

Video Games Nominated for MTV VMAs
MTV just announced the list of nominees for this year's Video Music Awards, including two video game categories. - 0 comments

July 28th, 2006

PS2 Preview: Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
If you're already done with the PSP re-release of Lenneth, find out a bit about the impending sequel.

Scarface Headed To PSP
Relive your dreams of being Tony Montana on the small screen. - 0 comments

Test Drive Trailer Contest Announced
Here's your chance to make the official trailer for the game. - 0 comments

PSP Trailer: Spectral Souls
More role-playing action is headed the PSP's way courtesy NIS America.

PSP Screens: Super Monkey Ball Adventure
This portable version is looking just about as good as its PS2 cousin.

PSP Screens: 50 Cent Bulletproof G-Unit Edition
For better or worse, the console games didn't sell very well. Maybe this Untold Legends-inspired portable version will fare better.

July 27th, 2006

You Should Get Rid Of Your PS2
So says Doug Elfman, award-winning columnist and TV critic for the Chicago Sun-Times.

UK Gets PlayStation Spot Service
Starting tomorrow, people in the UK will be able to go into the store and download free PSP demos. - 1 comment

Firmware 2.8 Has Arrived
Enhance your Playstation Portable with RSS Video feeds and more.

Sony Posts Q1 Fiscal Results
Gaming sales are down, but overall profits are up for the electronics giant.

Latest Japanese Software Numbers
New Super Mario Bros. blah blah blah. - 0 comments

Take Two Reunites The Tribe
A Tribe Called Quest reforms to go on tour for a video game, but does the reason really matter?

PSP Screens: Ridge Racers 2
Ridge's first appearance on the PSP was a strong one. Let's hope the sequel represents.

PSP Screens: The Sims 2: Pets
Cute little puppy dogs and kittens = big sales.

PSP Trailer: The Sims 2: Pets
It's not fair to say any game with pets looks just like Nintendogs, but this looks a lot like Nintendogs.

July 26th, 2006

Zone of the Enders.......Portable?!
It probably won't sell much, but for diehard fans of the cult series it's the PSP version of the Holy Grail.

PSP Cheats Updated:
We've got new cheats for Tekken: Dark Resurrection, Hot Shots Golf, Capcom Classics Collection, Splinter Cell Essentials, Bomberman: Panic Bomber, and Pirate's of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

Rogue Galaxy Potentially Delayed
Don't expect to see it this fall (potentially, of course).

10,000 PlayStation 3 Dev Kits Sent Out
That's a healthy number. Now let's see some games. - 0 comments

Loco Roco Demo Bonus
Beat the demo, get rewarded. It doesn't get much better than that. - 0 comments

GameFly Top Rentals
Count me as one of the people that rented NCAA 07 for the Xbox 360. - 0 comments

PS3 Trailer: Sing Star
A smash hit over in Europe, the Sing Star series will be hitting the US on the PlayStation 3.

PSP Trailer: Gangs of London
It's looking incredible, but will they get the controls right? We won't know until it's out, so until then check out the sweet looking trailer.

PS2 Screenshots: Veggie Tales: Larry Boy and the Bad Apple
Finally, you can live the dream (or nightmare) of being a superhero vegetable!

PS2 Screenshots: FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus
Mockingly referred to as Final Fantasy: My First FPS, the Vincent-led shooter still looks fairly respectable.

PS2 Screenshots: D1 Grand Prix
This racer comes out next week and it doesn't look so hot, but it might be worth supporting Mastiff Games anyway!

July 25th, 2006

PS2 Review: Monster House
Ugh... another good movie is turned into a crummy game. - 0 comments

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is Coming
Rockstar passes along a few minor bits of info on its next PSP Grand Theft Auto game, including price, dates, and box art. - 0 comments

Various SNK Playmore Rumblings
Our man in Japan brings us up to date on what SNK Playmore's plans are for the next couple years. Playstation 2? Check. PlayStation 3? Check. - 0 comments

PSP Greatest Hits In Stores Now
Five games are now available for just $20 each. Cheap gamers rejoice! - 0 comments

Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP Ships
PSP owners can play Tekken on-the-go starting tomorrow. - 0 comments

The Ant Bully Ships
Man, it has the same name as the movie that's getting ready to come out. What are the odds? Somebody has some explaining to do. - 0 comments

PS2 Video: Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
Meet the characters from Disgaea 2, due in stores next month.

PSP Trailer: Blade Dancer
An impressive looking PSP RPG? Yep. See for yourself in the latest trailer for Blade Dancer.

PS2 Screens: Hard Rock Casino
More gambling action for your PS2. Yep.

PSP Screenshots: Hard Rock Casino
And now, more gambling action for your PSP!

July 24th, 2006

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 Cancelled for PS3
You can still get your wrasslin' fix on the PS2 and the PSP, you just won't be doing it on that shiny new PS3 this holiday season. - 0 comments

Madden 07 PPV Event
If you have absolutely got to have the latest information on Madden NFL 07, you can get it... for a price. - 0 comments

New Greatest Hits Coming Soon
The Red Stripe of Shame is a small price to pay for some great games.

Brazilian Soccer Star Deep-Sixed by Playstation?
Video games may have ruined his World Cup performance.

Sony Developer Relations Manager Jumps Ship
Leaves SCEA for technical director job at Ubisoft.

PS2 Trailer: Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
Get your Strategy-RPG fix with Disgaea 2, which is due out this August for the PS2.

PS3 Video: Motor Storm
You can't tell if Motor Storm's bringing anything new to the table from a gameplay standpoint in this trailer, but it darn sure is looking good.

July 21st, 2006

Editorial: Here's What I think
Aaron weighs in on UMD movies. Did they ever even have a chance?

PSP Review: Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
The lives of the dead have never been so interesting in this PSP port of the rare and classic RPG.

PSP News from Comic-Con
Firmware 2.8 and more!

Latest Japanese Sales Numbers
A PS2 game at the #1 spot and a PSP game in the top ten? Crazy! - 0 comments

Hot Coffee Cools Off
Hopefully this is the last story we have to run on the matter. - 0 comments

PSP Trailer: Jeanne D'Arc
Level 5's RPG for the PSP is looking sharp. Could it be the first RPG worth getting excited about for the system?

PS2 Screens: Crusty Demons
I don't really see any crusty looking demons in these screens, but you can take a look anyway.

PSP Screens: NBA Live 07
NBA Live is headed back to the PSP for a second season. See how it's looking in these first screens.

PSP Screens: Jeanne d'Arc
You've seen the trailer, now see the screens!

July 20th, 2006

Oblivion PS3 Bound?
You can pre-order it at Gamestop.com, so you do the math. - 0 comments

Endless Saga Canned
NOT coming to a PlayStation 3 near you. - 0 comments

Clive Barker Teams With Codemasters
It sounds spooooky. - 0 comments

Colin McRae Is PS3 Bound
You didn't think we'd seen the last of ol' Colin did you? - 0 comments

Metal Gear Solid 3 Tourney This July
Unless your name is Ryan Hartmann, you're probably going to get smoked, but you might as well enter anyway. - 0 comments

Activision At Comic-Con
Take a break from sewing your Sepiroth costume for one second and check out what Activision has cooking for Comic-Con. - 0 comments

PS3 Trailer: Marvel Ultimate Alliance
140 Marvel characters are at your fingertips in Ultimate Alliance. See a few of them in action right here.

PSP Trailer: WTF
WTF is right. Check out the Japanese trailer for this quirky collection of mini-games.

PSP Screes: WTF
Why yes, it does look a lot like Wario Ware.

PS3 Screens: Clive Barker's Jericho
Have a look at the first screens from the just-announced game.

July 19th, 2006

Brady Reprinting Final Fantasy Guides
It is the month of July in the year 2006 and we have PSOne-related news. Soon, you'll be able to buy Brady Games' Final Fantasy VII guide in stores again. - 0 comments

July 18th, 2006

PSP Review: World Tour Soccer 06
Still have World Cup fever, but dislike traditional soccer games? WTS 06 might be what the doctor ordered. - 0 comments

Lumines II Music Announced
Lumines is going mainstream, with Beck, Black Eyed Peas, and Fatboy Slim headline the upcoming game's song list. - 0 comments

First Peek At Portal
Innovative gameplay from the folks at Valve headed to a PS3 near you. - 0 comments

NCAA Football 07 Touches Down
One of the few major releases for the summer should tickle the fancy of sports fans on the PS2 and PSP alike.

Super Dragon Ball Z Ships
Rock the dragon with revamped gameplay and a new take on the hallowed series.

WTF Dated
Making work fun, one crappy job at a time!

Best Buy Nos. July 9-15
We're running out of euphamisms to describe how much Nintendo is dominating right now.

PSP Screens: NCAA Football 07
Even on the small screen, pigskin's looking good!

PS3 Trailer: Tony Hawk's Project 8
An inide look at the motion-capture process for TH: Project 8.

July 17th, 2006

PS2 Review: Ultimate Board Game Collection
This cheapie disc isn't flashy, but it does come with 20 games. - 0 comments

PSP Greatest Hits Are Coming
Next week you'll be able to walk into your local Best Buy or Target or whatever and buy a select group of PSP games for $20 each. - 0 comments

Tekken PSP Bundle Coming
Don't get your hopes up. The Tekken PSP bundle is only coming to a small Asian country that you likely don't live in. - 0 comments

Resistance to Feature 40-Man Multi
Insomniac's shooter likely to be Sony's marquee online multiplayer title at PS3 launch. - 0 comments

Tomb Raider Sells A Billion (Hitman, Too!)
Well, not really, but sales reports confirm a Lara Croft revival.

Rengoku 2 Trailer
Hudson has posted an official trailer for Rengoku 2. - 0 comments

PSP Screens: Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Some shots from the recently announced sequel, including the new snow area!

PS2 Screenshots: Hot Shots Tennis
Clap Hanz adds another juicy title to the PS2's late-life lineup.

July 14th, 2006

PS2 Review: Urban Chaos:Riot Response
Personality and mission objectives make this first-person shooter from Eidos worth playing. - 0 comments

Tekken: Dark Resurrection Goes Gold
The wait is almost over. - 0 comments

PS2 Trailer: Thrillville
Build your own amusement park and much, much more. It's not a beautiful looking game, but the sheer amount of things you can do look like they'll make up for it.

PSP Screenshots: The Godfather Mob Wars
Take over the city in this strategy-minded adaptation of the console game.

PSP Screenshots: Portable Island
Fish, explore, see the sights, or just relax on your own personal island.

July 13th, 2006

Japan's Top Sales
MediaCreate releases their numbers for last week, featuring a number of big debut titles.

New Hot Shots Title Revealed
...and it's probably not what you're expecting!

Sony Distributing Movies with Memory Stick
Next month, if you buy a first-party Memory Stick, you can get a movie with it. - 0 comments

Need for Speed Snags Emanuelle Vaugier
EA shows once again that they're not afraid to flash a little cleavage for game sales...male gamers likely to prove them right!

Famitsu Strikes Again
PSP Rumor Round 2!

Famitsu Top 500 '05
MediaCreate may have given you last week's sales, but Famitsu is unleashing an entire year's worth!

PSP Screenshots: Madden 2007
These new shots show noticeable improvement over last year's title.

July 12th, 2006

Best Buy Nos. July 2-8
It's that time again...

Rumors Rumbling On PSP Sequel
Famitsu's about to drop another bomb, but is it the equivalent of a Taepodong unceremoniously crashing into the Sea of Japan?

Ultimate Board Games Collection Hits Stores
The summer of budget gaming remains in full force!

PS3 Trailer: Virtua Fighter 5
The best looking fighting game ever? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

PS3 Trailer: Call of Duty 3
Take a peek at a high-res clip of Call of Duty 3 in motion.

PS2 Screens: NFL Street 3
The NFL is returning to the street in - you guessed it, NFL Street 3.

July 11th, 2006

Jaffe Comments on God of War 2
In his own blog, God of War creator David Jaffe comments on how development of the sequel is coming along, and hints at more games to come. - 0 comments

Internets Abuzz Over Sony Patent
An article published in the LA Times has forumgoers besides themselves with the worry that Sony may make it impossible to use borrowed, rented, or used game discs in the PlayStation 3 console. - 0 comments

Target Removing UMD From Shelves
Target joins the likes of Wal-Mart in scaling back shelf space given to PSP-playable UMD movies. - 0 comments

PS3 Trailer: Call of Duty 3
Want to see what it was like to ride a tank through a WWII battlefield? Here's your chance.

PS3 Screenshots: Call of Duty 3
They say that war is hell, but it sure looks pretty when it's on the PlayStation 3.

July 10th, 2006

Konami Planning A Guitar Game?
They've filed a trademark that indicates it might happen. - 0 comments

Take-Two Under Investigation
More bad news for Take-Two. - 0 comments

Gunpey For the Holidays
More puzzle fun is headed to the PSP. - 0 comments

World Championship Cards Announced
Crave is branching out from poker to create a collection packed with many different card games.

July 7th, 2006

Error Falsely Suggests PS3 iPod Support
Due to a programmer's error, Sony's official PlayStation 3 web site featured an image superimposed with the Apple Computer logo for about three hours today. - 0 comments

8 New PSP Wallpapers
We added some more PSP eye candy to our PSP Wallpaper collection. Some of the new backgrounds include Scarface, The Godfather, a couple of babes and more.

PSX Extreme is Upgrading!
We are in the process of upgrading our site with new sections and features. Please excuse us if you see some broken pages, images, missing content or other errors. We are working around the clock to fully restore the site. Feel free to browse our new sections.

PS2 Trailer: God Hand
Can God Hand stop the wave of terrible brawlers that have been hitting the PS2 lately? The trailer shows potential, but we'll have to wait until September to find out for sure.

PS2 Screens: Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
It looks like some old-school RPG action is headed the PS2's way.

July 6th, 2006

PlayStation Palooza
Sony wants you to know about some Lollapalooza-related PSP videos and wallpapers. Oh yeah, you can also enter a contest to win a trip to Chicago and a PSP system.

PS2 Trailer: World Tour Golf
Other than Tiger Woods, if you're looking for some realistic golf on the PS2, this is your only other choice. It's not looking too shabby, but it seems to be missing quite a few of the big name PGA players.

PS2 Screens: Destroy All Humans! 2
Looks like it's time to wipe those dirty hippies off the planet.

July 5th, 2006

PSP Adverts Ignite Controversy
People are up in arms over a potentially-racist ad campaign that Sony is running in Europe. - 0 comments

Sony Borrows For First Time in Decade
Sony Corp. has taken out a massive loan to help fund its roll-out of PlayStation 3. - 0 comments

More God of War 2 Screenshots
The game isn't even coming out until March 2007, but we already have a boatload of hi-rez images from it.

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