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Updates (November, 2008)

--11/30/2008 8:32:12 PM--

November 30th, 2008

Last Updated 3281 days, 2 hours, 43 minutes ago

PS3 Review: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
The age-old classic continues to live on with this high-definition update. See what you can expect from the long awaited remake. --11/30/2008 8:32:12 PM--
3281 days, 2 hours, 43 minutes old - 23 comments

PS3 Review: Tom Clancy's EndWar
EndWar is a great RTS game to start off with for those who are looking for a simpler strategy title. --11/30/2008 12:31:32 AM--
3281 days, 22 hours, 44 minutes old - 13 comments

PS3 Review: Rock Revolution
With a horde of music games out there, where exactly does Konami's fit in? The answer lies within. --11/30/2008 12:31:32 AM--
3281 days, 22 hours, 44 minutes old - 10 comments

Ben's Week In Review: November 30
Prince of Persia should be the last must-have of 2008, I hope for a North American release date for White Knight Chronicles, and I ponder my next game.--11/29/2008 10:37:57 PM--
3282 days, 38 minutes old - 25 comments

--11/29/2008 11:05:04 AM--

November 29th, 2008

Last Updated 3282 days, 12 hours, 10 minutes ago

White Knight Chronicles Launch Date Brought Into Question?
The Japanese release date is December 25, but we've just learned it won't be at Sony's PlayStation! Experience event in Tokyo...is this a bad sign?--11/29/2008 11:05:04 AM--
3282 days, 12 hours, 10 minutes old - 15 comments

PSP 2 Rumored To Be In Development
It seems that Imagination Technologies Group may be involved in the research and development of a new PSP. ...hell, this unit is called the "PSP 2," so...--11/29/2008 10:50:09 AM--
3282 days, 12 hours, 25 minutes old - 57 comments

Once Upon A Time, A Gamer Dated This Girl Who...
A story that shouldn't have to be told in this day and age, but one that remains very relevant, nevertheless. Who says gaming is mainstream?--11/28/2008 9:48:42 PM--
3283 days, 1 hour, 27 minutes old - 115 comments

One More Week For Killzone 2 Beta
Okay, let's hear that cheer, beta testers! Guerilla has just revealed that they're extending the Killzone 2 beta for one more week, so keep blowing stuff up!--11/28/2008 9:46:48 PM--
3283 days, 1 hour, 29 minutes old - 12 comments

Midway's New Project "Looks As Good If Not Better Than Gears 2"
Well, this is certainly interesting. It appears that Midway has something up their sleeve that's gonna blow everyone away, so stay tuned for more info...--11/28/2008 9:35:56 PM--
3283 days, 1 hour, 40 minutes old - 23 comments

--11/28/2008 12:42:05 PM--

November 28th, 2008

Last Updated 3283 days, 10 hours, 33 minutes ago

Does The Revamped Alone In The Dark: Inferno Deliver?
It was a major disappointment earlier this year, but Eden Studios has released the completely overhauled PS3 version. Is it now worthy of your attention?--11/28/2008 12:42:05 PM--
3283 days, 10 hours, 33 minutes old - 16 comments

Black Friday Gaming Deals!
Deals, deals, deals, including the reemergence of the MGS4 PS3 bundle with the Gunmetal Grey machine! Amazon, Best Buy, Target, GameStop, etc.--11/28/2008 11:17:27 AM--
3283 days, 11 hours, 58 minutes old - 18 comments

Call Of Duty: World At War PS3 Bundle Confirmed For UK
It's a little pricey, but nevertheless...it's the Call of Duty: World at War PlayStation 3 package, and it should be headed to stores in the UK now.--11/28/2008 11:00:28 AM--
3283 days, 12 hours, 15 minutes old - 6 comments

Street Fighter Costumes For SackBoy
See? You don't only get SackBoy costumes from first-party titles; new Street Fighter costumes are on the way! Chun-Li, Guile, Zangief, and Ryu...--11/28/2008 10:47:21 AM--
3283 days, 12 hours, 28 minutes old - 14 comments

PSXE Rebuttal To Edge's R2 Review: Get Over Yourselves (UPDATED)
Edge gave Resistance 2 a 6 out of 10, received a ton of hate mail as a result, and has now tried to defend their position. Admirable, but oh so transparent.--11/27/2008 9:36:25 PM--
3284 days, 1 hour, 39 minutes old - 80 comments

Ubisoft Expects High Review Scores For Prince Of Persia
They say that reviews have a major impact on sales, so it's good news to hear that Ubisoft anticipates high scores for Prince of Persia. Let's hope so!--11/27/2008 10:08:11 PM--
3284 days, 1 hour, 7 minutes old - 24 comments

Sony Provides Home Update
The director of PlayStation Home has given us a promise: "everyone" will be able to join the community before the end of the year. 'applause'--11/27/2008 9:46:16 PM--
3284 days, 1 hour, 29 minutes old - 18 comments

--11/27/2008 11:16:26 AM--

November 27th, 2008

Last Updated 3284 days, 11 hours, 59 minutes ago

PSX Extreme's "We're Thankful For..."
We should all be thankful, and here's the PSXE version. Memorable games, industry visionaries, gals in games, free stuff, and of course, pie.--11/27/2008 11:16:26 AM--
3284 days, 11 hours, 59 minutes old - 46 comments

Rumor: PlayStation Home Funds Determined By Earned Trophies?
The latest rumor says that to earn money for Home, you should earn more Trophies. It also says the launch will be between December 15 and 30.--11/27/2008 10:43:41 AM--
3284 days, 12 hours, 32 minutes old - 30 comments

Killzone 2 To Natively Support 1080i
At first, we all thought it would only support 720p, but Guerilla has just updated with the confirmation that it will actually support up to 1080i HD resolution!--11/27/2008 10:31:48 AM--
3284 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes old - 23 comments

PS3 Videos Updated
We celebrate the impending launch of Prince of Persia with two hot new vids, and we've got more for Alpha Protocol, Mirror's Edge (music video!), Skate 2, and Batman: Arkham Asylum (debut teaser). Great stuff!--11/26/2008 10:17:42 PM--
3285 days, 58 minutes old

English Model Strips Down To Promote Devil May Cry 4
Oh, don't get all high-and-mighty. This is the way the real world works sometimes, and Capcom has selected an achingly hot beauty for marketing.--11/26/2008 10:14:54 PM--
3285 days, 1 hour, 1 minute old - 37 comments

New PS3 Accessories Priced, Dated
Two very handy peripherals will hit store shelves in the first two weeks of December; the wireless keypad and a special - and diverse - AC adapter.--11/26/2008 9:59:44 PM--
3285 days, 1 hour, 16 minutes old - 12 comments

PS3 "Sixense" Wii-Like Controller Seen In Demonstration Videos
Well, it seems like the long-running rumors were true. The "PS3mote," now known as the Sixense, has been unveiled in several presentation videos. Check it out!--11/26/2008 9:43:53 PM--
3285 days, 1 hour, 32 minutes old - 54 comments

--11/26/2008 3:57:49 PM--

November 26th, 2008

Last Updated 3285 days, 7 hours, 18 minutes ago

Superman Doomsday Arrives On Blu-Ray For The Holidays
Fans of the Man of Steel, this needs to be in your collection: Superman Doomsday on DVD and Blu-Ray is now available; it's 220 minutes of great content!--11/26/2008 3:57:49 PM--
3285 days, 7 hours, 18 minutes old - 4 comments

Ubisoft Confirms They're "Working Hard" On Assassin's Creed 2
The original remains one of our favorites of the generation, and we couldn't be happier about this confirmation: the hotly anticipated sequel is coming!--11/26/2008 1:34:25 PM--
3285 days, 9 hours, 41 minutes old - 58 comments

RE5 Demo Hitting Japan Next Week? (UPDATED)
So it seems the days of Japan getting things first haven't entirely disappeared; Famitsu claims a Resident Evil 5 demo releases on December 5!--11/26/2008 11:02:13 AM--
3285 days, 12 hours, 13 minutes old - 17 comments

SFII Turbo HD Remix Special Package
Capcom did it with the release of Mega Man 9 and they're doing it again for Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix this week. Here's a peek at the goods.--11/26/2008 10:50:38 AM--
3285 days, 12 hours, 25 minutes old - 5 comments

LittleBigPlanet Gets ESPLA Silver Sales Award In UK
Sales of LBP haven't skyrocketed, but considering the 100,000+ copies sold in the UK in November, the title is closing in on 1 million worldwide. Not too shabby.--11/26/2008 10:32:57 AM--
3285 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes old - 16 comments

PS3 Preview: The Godfather II
If you're a GTA or Saints Row fan, you may have another great title to play early next year. This sequel is shaping up very nicely, so keep an eye out.--11/25/2008 10:12:50 PM--
3286 days, 1 hour, 3 minutes old - 15 comments

Sign Up For PlayStation Credit Card, Get $150 Off New PS3!
Take a gander at the new PlayStation credit card. If you get it before December 31, Sony will throw you $150 off the purchase of a new PlayStation 3!--11/25/2008 10:10:45 PM--
3286 days, 1 hour, 5 minutes old - 23 comments

Killzone 2 Release Date Emerging?
As the beta testing winds down, the release date tries to emerge from the shroud of mystery under which it resides. Could February 17 be the magic day...?--11/25/2008 9:57:29 PM--
3286 days, 1 hour, 18 minutes old - 20 comments

SCEA: Top Blockbuster Films For PSN This Holiday Season
Some of the most popular movies of 2008 will become downloadable high-def gems for the Network; "The Dark Knight" is only one of many!--11/25/2008 9:41:37 PM--
3286 days, 1 hour, 34 minutes old - 20 comments

--11/25/2008 12:44:07 PM--

November 25th, 2008

Last Updated 3286 days, 10 hours, 31 minutes ago

Sales Of PS3 Underworld Lead 360, Turning Point In Console War?
Before, multiplatform games had little hope of selling better on the PS3, but Tomb Raider: Underworld has broken through. Does this mark a turning point...?--11/25/2008 12:44:07 PM--
3286 days, 10 hours, 31 minutes old - 53 comments

SFII HD Remix Misses UK This Week
Street Fighter II HD Remix comes out this week in the U.S. for the PSN and Live Marketplace, but the UK will only get the Live version...sorry, PS3 owners.--11/25/2008 11:10:14 AM--
3286 days, 12 hours, 5 minutes old - 14 comments

PlayStation 3 Data Installs Not So "Mandatory" After All?
We just heard that Killzone 2 won't have any data install - mandatory or otherwise - so this got us to thinking: K2 kicks ass, so is it EVER "mandatory?"--11/25/2008 10:56:45 AM--
3286 days, 12 hours, 19 minutes old - 35 comments

Destroy All Humans! Path Of The Furon To Launch With Giveaways
The new Destroy All Humans! launches next week, and the official site is worth a look-see. They're giving away $50 GameStop gift cards and a 32" HDTV!--11/25/2008 10:44:31 AM--
3286 days, 12 hours, 31 minutes old - 27 comments

PS3 Preview: PlayStation Home (Hands-On)
After toying about in the closed beta for PlayStation Home, we're ready to issue our impressions. It's a little bare, but it's an AWESOME foundation.--11/24/2008 10:22:50 PM--
3287 days, 53 minutes old - 51 comments

Prince Of Persia Complete, Scheduled To Release Next Week
It might be the last fantastic game of 2008, and Ubisoft has announced that it's done and ready to go. It'll ship to stores on December 2, so get ready!--11/24/2008 10:20:21 PM--
3287 days, 55 minutes old - 20 comments

Wipeout HD Now More Accessible Thanks To Update 1.20
Have you busted a controller in sheer annoyed rage when trying to advance through the later tiers in Wipeout HD? Well, 1.20 gives you a fighting chance.--11/24/2008 10:02:52 PM--
3287 days, 1 hour, 13 minutes old - 8 comments

Sony: No PS3 Price Cut In March
Yesterday, the rumor arose that Sony will drop the price of the PlayStation 3 in Europe in March 2009, but Sony has quickly said this ain't happening.--11/24/2008 9:47:19 PM--
3287 days, 1 hour, 28 minutes old - 24 comments

--11/24/2008 1:23:50 PM--

November 24th, 2008

Last Updated 3287 days, 9 hours, 52 minutes ago

Yamauchi's Ambitious Vision Of Online Play In Gran Turismo 5
Kazunori Yamauchi has big plans for the online aspect of GT5, but technology isn't quite where it needs to be for his vision to be met. Ambition is GOOD.--11/24/2008 1:23:50 PM--
3287 days, 9 hours, 52 minutes old - 21 comments

PS3 Price Drop In Europe Next Year?
More rumors: the PlayStation 3 will get a price cut in March 2009 in Europe, both LBP and MotorStorm are coming to the PSP, and GoWIII wows more people.--11/24/2008 11:10:13 AM--
3287 days, 12 hours, 5 minutes old - 24 comments

Hideo Kojima Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
It may sound a little premature - considering how much more Kojima could do - but no other is more deserving. It's only MTV, but it's still an honor.--11/24/2008 10:51:51 AM--
3287 days, 12 hours, 24 minutes old - 41 comments

Jaffe On God Of War III: "Looks Like A Painting Come To Life"
David Jaffe recently saw God of War III in action during a visit to Sony, and he freaked RIGHT out. His mini-rant is inside, and we are definitely amped UP.--11/24/2008 10:33:27 AM--
3287 days, 12 hours, 42 minutes old - 52 comments

PSXE Best Of The Best Poll Update: Ratchet Leads Jak
It seems like a one-sided battle between Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal and Jak and Daxter: The Precursor's Legacy, but they're not out of range yet!--11/23/2008 11:02:30 PM--
3288 days, 13 minutes old - 15 comments

Is Blu-Ray The PlayStation 3's Ultimate Determining "X Factor?"
We always talk about its power, but perhaps the X Factor doesn't have anything to do with hardware. Blu-Ray's advantage over DVD is QUITE significant...--11/23/2008 10:24:55 PM--
3288 days, 51 minutes old - 58 comments

PSP Enjoys Best Year Ever
It's not over yet, and the PSP has already sold more units in 2008 than in any other year. It has also grabbed 31% of the handheld market share.--11/23/2008 10:11:38 PM--
3288 days, 1 hour, 4 minutes old - 20 comments

Resident Evil 5 Updates: Co-Op, Sunlight, Graphics
Co-op for the first time in the series, sunlight emerges, and yes, both the PS3 and 360 versions of the game should be visually identical. We can't wait!--11/23/2008 9:54:30 PM--
3288 days, 1 hour, 21 minutes old - 27 comments

--11/22/2008 10:27:34 PM--

November 23rd, 2008

Last Updated 3289 days, 48 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: November 23
I finally step into PlayStation Home and come away relatively happy, Sony fans need to recognize Splinter Cell more, and Dead Space is one of 2008's best.--11/22/2008 10:27:34 PM--
3289 days, 48 minutes old - 31 comments

--11/22/2008 11:04:55 AM--

November 22nd, 2008

Last Updated 3289 days, 12 hours, 11 minutes ago

Qore Ep. 7 To Unveil Something "Big?"
While Episode 6 featured an in-world tour of PlayStation Home, they're teasing something even bigger for the next Qore installment. What could it be?--11/22/2008 11:04:55 AM--
3289 days, 12 hours, 11 minutes old - 32 comments

OPM Rumors: MGS5 In Development, Conviction Coming To PS3?
So we hear the next Metal Gear is already in development, the new Splinter Cell may come to the PS3, and EA is working on bringing Dante to life.--11/22/2008 10:50:50 AM--
3289 days, 12 hours, 25 minutes old - 38 comments

Editorial: Are The Pick-Up-And-Play Days Over?
In the video game industry, some things changed quickly and drastically; others changed gradually. One of the latter changes really struck me recently.--11/21/2008 10:07:18 PM--
3290 days, 1 hour, 8 minutes old - 20 comments

Home Beta Invites Sent To North America PS3 Owners
Well, the day has finally come: a big batch of Home closed beta invites has gone out, so check your inboxes! If you got one, we'll see you there. :)--11/21/2008 10:04:42 PM--
3290 days, 1 hour, 11 minutes old - 64 comments

Sony Clarifies PSN Registration Stats
When Sony announced there were now 14 million PlayStation Network subscribers (which matches Xbox Live), questions ran rampant. Well, Sony clears it up.--11/21/2008 10:02:29 PM--
3290 days, 1 hour, 13 minutes old - 6 comments

Special Final Fantasy XIII DVD Hits Japan On December 13
Square-Enix promised we'd see gameplay footage before 2008 was over, and this DVD will unveil just that. It may only be available in Japan, though.--11/21/2008 10:00:07 PM--
3290 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes old - 17 comments

--11/21/2008 1:08:04 PM--

November 21st, 2008

Last Updated 3290 days, 10 hours, 7 minutes ago

Sign Up For PSXE Newsletter, Get Anticipated Killzone 2 Info
Most of you know we have something special to reveal on December 4 regarding Killzone 2. If you want to be the first to see it, sign up for our NL!--11/21/2008 1:08:04 PM--
3290 days, 10 hours, 7 minutes old - 29 comments

Eidos Asks Critics To Hold Sub-8 Reviews Of Tomb Raider
UK PR reps have said that the publisher has asked reviewers not to release their Underworld review until Monday unless it's an 8 or higher. 'rolls eyes'--11/21/2008 11:07:06 AM--
3290 days, 12 hours, 8 minutes old - 49 comments

More PS1 Classics For PSN "Shortly"
Japan has been getting most of the love so far, but SCEA says we can expect more original PlayStation classics to hit the Store "shortly." MGS, please!--11/21/2008 10:52:27 AM--
3290 days, 12 hours, 23 minutes old - 32 comments

PlayStation Home 1.00 Released, Open Beta Ready?
The latest version of Home has been released to closed beta testers, and the evidence strongly indicates that the open beta can't be very far off...--11/21/2008 10:41:47 AM--
3290 days, 12 hours, 34 minutes old - 62 comments

Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death: Consumers Need To Be Upset
This just has to be said. As a gamer, I refuse to understand why consumers aren't more ticked off over the ongoing catastrophic flaw that is the RRoD.--11/20/2008 10:34:57 PM--
3291 days, 41 minutes old - 154 comments

Sony: Trophies Required For All PlayStation 3 Titles In 2009
If you're one of the many PS3 owners who complained about a lack of support for Trophies, you won't have to worry any longer come 2009...--11/20/2008 10:03:40 PM--
3291 days, 1 hour, 12 minutes old - 55 comments

GameStop Black Friday: Mini Deals
We say "mini deals" because GameStop doesn't really have any crazy discount bargains. But you might find a few things for $10 less than normal.--11/20/2008 9:51:10 PM--
3291 days, 1 hour, 24 minutes old - 12 comments

--11/20/2008 4:32:52 PM--

November 20th, 2008

Last Updated 3291 days, 6 hours, 43 minutes ago

PS3 Review: WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2009
Does this year's SmackDown game manage to fix all of the faults that ruined last year's version?--11/20/2008 4:32:52 PM--
3291 days, 6 hours, 43 minutes old - 9 comments

Jaffe's New Game Coming In 2010?
We haven't heard much from David Jaffe and his new studio, Eat Sleep Play, but he just said that his new project may release in 2010...or maybe sooner.--11/20/2008 2:36:33 PM--
3291 days, 8 hours, 39 minutes old - 18 comments

Creat Studios Unveils 3 New PSN Titles
This winter, download and enjoy each of these three nifty titles: we're getting Magic Ball, Mahjong: Ancient Wisdom, and Cuboid. Get ready, puzzle fans!--11/20/2008 10:59:54 AM--
3291 days, 12 hours, 16 minutes old - 17 comments

More Ad-Hoc Party Support For PSP
Ad-Hoc Party is coming soon for Sony's handheld; it's a multiplayer enhancement that will actually support many titles and Sony just revealed 32 new ones!--11/20/2008 10:43:31 AM--
3291 days, 12 hours, 32 minutes old - 1 comment

Square-Enix On Exclusives: "That Time Is Already Over"
Last generation, the PS2 dominated all from start to finish, so publishers could get away with exclusives. But Square-Enix says, not so much this time.--11/20/2008 10:32:00 AM--
3291 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes old - 86 comments

PS3 Videos Updated
A half-dozen new vids, highlighted by blazin' Tomb Raider hottie Alison Carrol and a new Underworld gameplay preview. Plus, we've got more for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, The Last Remnant, Prince of Persia, and Shaun White Snowboarding.--11/19/2008 10:14:38 PM--
3292 days, 1 hour, 1 minute old

PSP Videos Updated
We've got six videos for all PSP fans: two for Dissidia: Final Fantasy (including the TGS trailer), and more for Pyroblazer, Super Stardust Portable, Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?, and Martial Arts: Capoeira.--11/19/2008 10:10:52 PM--
3292 days, 1 hour, 5 minutes old

Codemasters Confirms Colin McRae: DiRT 2 For Next Year
Although Colin McRae is no longer with us, Codemasters will pay tribute to his good name with another entry in his critically acclaimed racing series.--11/19/2008 10:07:36 PM--
3292 days, 1 hour, 8 minutes old - 13 comments

LittleBigPlanet: The Quality IP That Battles Quality Sequels
You may have heard, but while sales of LBP aren't bad, they're not exactly through the roof. Such are the trials a new IP must face in the land of sequels.--11/19/2008 9:56:11 PM--
3292 days, 1 hour, 19 minutes old - 34 comments

CNN Issues 80GB PS3 Tech Review
We need more positive mainstream reviews of the PlayStation 3, and here's an important one: CNN has weighed in on the new model, and it gets 4/5 stars.--11/19/2008 9:44:54 PM--
3292 days, 1 hour, 31 minutes old - 11 comments

--11/19/2008 11:15:11 AM--

November 19th, 2008

Last Updated 3292 days, 12 hours ago

Game Of The Year Awards 2008 Dominated By PS3 Trio?
In 2008, the PlayStation 3 has seen three unbelievable exclusive titles. All three are in different genres, and all three are legitimate GoY contenders.--11/19/2008 11:15:11 AM--
3292 days, 12 hours old - 73 comments

The Wheelman Rolls In On February 16
Originally scheduled to ship this month, it has been revealed that Tigon and Diesel's new game will finally speed onto store shelves on February 16.--11/19/2008 10:53:23 AM--
3292 days, 12 hours, 22 minutes old - 10 comments

PSN And Live Subscribers: Dead Heat
At TGS, Microsoft revealed that Live had hit 14 million subscribers. To celebrate the PS3's birthday, Sony has announced that same number for the PSN!--11/19/2008 10:37:57 AM--
3292 days, 12 hours, 38 minutes old - 44 comments

PS3 Preview: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
If you're a fan of hack 'n slash action/RPGs like the Dark Alliances from last generation, than you need to put Sacred 2 on your radar for next year.--11/18/2008 10:32:41 PM--
3293 days, 43 minutes old - 17 comments

World At War Outsells Modern Warfare 2:1 In UK During First Week
Well, damn. Obviously, more people have a next-gen console this year, but even so, gamers in the UK have really responded to the newest CoD in its first week.--11/18/2008 10:28:02 PM--
3293 days, 47 minutes old - 20 comments

Insomniac Artist Talks In-House Engine For R2, PS3 Capabilities
These are the kinds of interviews that gives us a behind-the-scenes look at a game like Resistance 2, and this one talks about Insomniac's in-house engine.--11/18/2008 10:12:00 PM--
3293 days, 1 hour, 3 minutes old - 33 comments

Sony: 50% Of PS3 Owners Have A PSP
If it's true, it's one heck of a statistic. A Capcom executive has said that Sony issued some interesting info: about half of PS3 owners also have a PSP.--11/18/2008 9:55:09 PM--
3293 days, 1 hour, 20 minutes old - 82 comments

--11/18/2008 1:15:30 PM--

November 18th, 2008

Last Updated 3293 days, 10 hours ago

PS3 Wireless Keypad Releases On November 28 In UK
Yep, this means Euro gamers will have first crack at this accessory, as North America has to wait until the first week of December. Not bad, eh?--11/18/2008 1:15:30 PM--
3293 days, 10 hours old - 19 comments

The Agency Canceled? SOE Says No
GameFly has caused a stir by removing The Agency from its "Coming Soon" list, and many have worried that it might be canceled. But SOE says no way.--11/18/2008 11:08:49 AM--
3293 days, 12 hours, 7 minutes old - 12 comments

Spike TV Video Game Awards 2008: List Of Nominees
Yeah, we know what you're thinking. But with all the clear greatness this year, even Spike can't ignore the best of the best; the nominees make sense.--11/18/2008 10:59:04 AM--
3293 days, 12 hours, 16 minutes old - 40 comments

Japanese Voiceovers Included In PS3 Version Of Last Remnant?
PS3 owners have to wait longer, but due to the lack of space with the 360 version, Square-Enix wasn't able to include this feature. Blu-Ray, though...--11/18/2008 10:39:32 AM--
3293 days, 12 hours, 36 minutes old - 21 comments

PS3 Review: Need for Speed: Undercover
Undercover takes the series back to an open-ended world full of cops. But is it any good? Well, there are some problems...--11/17/2008 11:28:31 PM--
3293 days, 23 hours, 47 minutes old - 48 comments

Happy Birthday, PlayStation 3!
The PS3 has officially turned two and boy, how things have changed since late 2006 and early 2007. The world changed, and the PS3 came into its own.--11/17/2008 10:14:33 PM--
3294 days, 1 hour, 1 minute old - 80 comments

Square-Enix Opens Studio In U.S., Working On New IP
Square-Enix is opening up a new development studio in California, as they're starting work on a new "action-oriented IP." Is it a 360 exclusive...?--11/17/2008 9:41:37 PM--
3294 days, 1 hour, 34 minutes old - 43 comments

MGO MEME Expansion Dated, Priced
The second expansion pack for Metal Gear Online will be ready next week, and it'll feature both Mei Ling and Liquid Ocelot! It'll only cost $9.99, too.--11/17/2008 9:56:42 PM--
3294 days, 1 hour, 19 minutes old - 5 comments

--11/17/2008 7:29:59 PM--

November 17th, 2008

Last Updated 3294 days, 3 hours, 46 minutes ago

PS3 Review: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
We've spent the past week playing this little game, and we've walked away with the conclusion that it's the best Mortal Kombat since MK3. Yes, seriously.--11/17/2008 7:29:59 PM--
3294 days, 3 hours, 46 minutes old - 16 comments

PS3 Review: Guitar Hero: World Tour
Rock Band 2 is great, but Guitar Hero: World Tour has a soundtrack that's louder and heavier...and that's a good thing.--11/17/2008 1:48:15 PM--
3294 days, 9 hours, 27 minutes old - 13 comments

Ignore Portents Of Doom, Buy Games This Holiday Season!
If the media has its way, there WILL be a recession or depression in this country. So if you don't have to tighten up, than for the sake of gaming...DON'T.--11/17/2008 12:44:55 PM--
3294 days, 10 hours, 31 minutes old - 29 comments

Batman: Arkham Asylum: "Best Batman Game Ever Made"?
After the game based on The Dark Knight was canceled, the fans were disappointed. But hey: something better is coming with Arkham Asylum.--11/17/2008 11:08:26 AM--
3294 days, 12 hours, 7 minutes old - 8 comments

Guitar Hero: World Tour And Rock Band 2 Sales Battle
It's a mammoth showdown between two of the industry's biggest blockbusters, and although World Tour has the early lead, Rock Band 2 could catch up...--11/17/2008 10:50:49 AM--
3294 days, 12 hours, 25 minutes old - 12 comments

Square-Enix Is Neutral, Doesn't Have A "Favorite Console"
Even though they said developing on the Xbox 360 was "easy" and "fun," Square-Enix maintains their Switzerland-like status: they just don't take sides.--11/17/2008 10:34:04 AM--
3294 days, 12 hours, 41 minutes old - 49 comments

PSXE Best Of The Best Poll Update: Final Fantasy X Snags Crown
Although Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII were neck-and-neck the first week, FFX left them all behind and Kingdom Hearts II stole away 2nd from FFXII.--11/16/2008 11:05:52 PM--
3295 days, 10 minutes old - 17 comments

Voice Chat Finally Comes To Hot Shots
It was mysteriously missing when the game first launched, but Sony has finally added the feature: voice chat for Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds! Sshh...--11/16/2008 10:35:48 PM--
3295 days, 40 minutes old - 4 comments

SOCOM: Confrontation Pushed Back To 2009 In Europe?
Unfortunately, it appears that SCEE has revealed a big delay for SOCOM in Europe: rather than late November, it now won't launch until early next year.--11/16/2008 10:22:06 PM--
3295 days, 53 minutes old - 14 comments

Rumors: Capcom Going PSN Exclusive, CoD6 To Be Sci-Fi?
Here are a couple interesting rumors for your eager ears: one says Capcom might side exclusively with the PSN and the other says CoD6 will go sci-fi...--11/16/2008 10:06:01 PM--
3295 days, 1 hour, 9 minutes old - 42 comments

--11/15/2008 10:44:15 PM--

November 16th, 2008

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Ben's Week In Review: November 16
I'm thinking Need for Speed: Undercover is unique enough to tempt me, I'm convinced of Home's FUTURE potential, and I gotta make a game choice.--11/15/2008 10:44:15 PM--
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--11/15/2008 11:05:05 AM--

November 15th, 2008

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Criterion Miniaturizing Vehicles For Burnout Paradise DLC
It's the Special Limited Edition Toy Car pack! It'll be free to download this spring, and we think it'll be the start of a "collect them all" trend.--11/15/2008 11:05:05 AM--
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The Force Unleashed DLC Unveiled
So here's a batch of downloadable content for all you Star Wars nuts out there; it features new outfits and themes, and it should be available now (or soon).--11/15/2008 10:49:58 AM--
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PS3 Review: Call of Duty: World at War
Call of Duty: World at War reverts back to a timeline few of us wanted to visit again. But that's not such a bad thing...--11/14/2008 11:49:16 PM--
3296 days, 23 hours, 26 minutes old - 36 comments

Editorial: How "Golden" Was The Golden Age?
Everyone always talks about the "golden age" of gaming, but as I was part of it, I now have to wonder...how much of it is distorted memories?--11/14/2008 10:40:08 PM--
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Killzone 2 Beta Is Unbelievable, But We Have Something Better...
We're in this most incredible beta test, and we couldn't be happier. But we have something else, something we're not allowed to talk about just yet...--11/14/2008 10:38:07 PM--
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Street Fighter IV Gets Confirmed US/EU February Dates
Okay, these just HAVE to be the finalized launch dates: Capcom has announced that it will release in the US on February 17 and in Europe on the 20th.--11/14/2008 10:00:30 PM--
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--11/14/2008 1:30:36 PM--

November 14th, 2008

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Robert Jordan's Wheel Of Time Books Turn To Video Games
The beloved fantasy series has finally made the next logical step, and Red Eagle Entertainment is going all-out: a movie, stand-alone games, and a MMORPG!--11/14/2008 1:30:36 PM--
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Wireless PS3 Keypad Pushed Back
Originally scheduled to release later this month, Sony has announced that the PS3 keypad won't arrive until the first week of December. Oh well; we can wait.--11/14/2008 11:08:37 AM--
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First Black Friday Video Game Deals
Yep, the first bargains for Black Friday 2008 have popped up, and you'll want to check 'em out, especially the 80GB PS3 bundle at Best Buy...--11/14/2008 10:55:49 AM--
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October Shows 18% Industry Growth, Software Sales Up 35%
The industry proves its appeal stretches beyond the boundaries of recessionary elements, as October's sales results shows an 18% year-over-year growth.--11/14/2008 10:38:30 AM--
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PS3 Review: Legendary
Yet another FPS has come our way, and our expectations were high. Unfortunately, this falls well short and despite a good concept, we're disappointed.--11/13/2008 10:19:07 PM--
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THQ Cutting Yearly Core Titles In Half
THQ's new business model is all about quality over quantity, as they plan to cut down the annual number of "core gamer" projects; from 3-4 to 1-2.--11/13/2008 10:14:33 PM--
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Rumors: LBP Coming To PSP, Media Molecule To Try Something New?
EGM's Quartermann claims a source has confirmed that a PSP version of LittleBigPlanet is on the way, and Media Molecule may try a new genre.--11/13/2008 9:58:57 PM--
3298 days, 1 hour, 17 minutes old - 12 comments

Bioshock PS3 Patch Releases Early?
Originally expected to come out next week, it seems the Bioshock patch for the PS3 version is out already. Try it out; have fun with the exclusive content!--11/13/2008 9:43:02 PM--
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--11/13/2008 7:15:50 PM--

November 13th, 2008

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NPD Oct. 08: PlayStation Sales Down, X360 Up, Software Sales Good
The numbers are out, and we break down both hardware sales and software sales. Things aren't so hot for Sony here...--11/13/2008 7:15:50 PM--
3298 days, 4 hours old - 65 comments

Is The PS2 Dead? Not Quite Yet
So it seems some UK developers and publishers are pronouncing the PS2 dead, but we can't entirely agree with that analysis. No, the PS2 has some gas left.--11/13/2008 1:17:02 PM--
3298 days, 9 hours, 58 minutes old - 23 comments

Sony Issues LBP Moderation Policies
A lot of players out there may be a little confused as to the dos and don'ts in LittleBigPlanet, but as Sony has shown here, it's quite straightforward.--11/13/2008 11:10:09 AM--
3298 days, 12 hours, 5 minutes old - 29 comments

Square-Enix Unveils Dissidia: Final Fantasy PSP-3000 Bundle
It may not make it out of Japan, but it's one hell of a bundle package nonetheless. Next month, Square-Enix is gonna cater to the FF fans.--11/13/2008 10:56:32 AM--
3298 days, 12 hours, 19 minutes old - 12 comments

Sega: NA/EU Won't Get Inferior Version Of Sonic Unleashed
The game was delayed in Japan due to "quality issues," which made us think we were getting a rushed version. But Sega says we needn't worry.--11/13/2008 10:40:33 AM--
3298 days, 12 hours, 35 minutes old - 12 comments

PS3 Videos Updated
We prepare you for a big week next week with two videos each for Need for Speed: Undercover and Call of Duty: World at War, plus new previews for White Knight Chronicles (Story Trailer!), Mirror's Edge, Edge of Twilight, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, and more!--11/12/2008 10:15:18 PM--
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inFamous Developer Says It's All About Quality, Not Length
We just got finished discussing this very topic, and now one developer echoes our thoughts: it's about quality, not quantity; the latter is what matters.--11/12/2008 10:12:23 PM--
3299 days, 1 hour, 3 minutes old - 27 comments

Home Theme Beta Invites Delivered
If you downloaded the PlayStation Home PS3 Theme way back when, you should've already received your closed beta invitation if you were selected.--11/12/2008 9:59:09 PM--
3299 days, 1 hour, 16 minutes old - 21 comments

Car Damage In Gran Turismo 5 Will Be A "Big Challenge"
Getting some manufacturers - like Ferrari - to agree to damage modeling for Gran Turismo 5 could be tough, so will Polyphony pass on the idea...?--11/12/2008 9:48:46 PM--
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--11/12/2008 1:24:21 PM--

November 12th, 2008

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ESRB Announces "Rating Summaries"
First we got the rating, then we got the Content listing, and now we're going to have actual descriptions in new "rating summaries." Hmm...--11/12/2008 1:24:21 PM--
3299 days, 9 hours, 51 minutes old - 20 comments

Did Treyarch's CoD Really Beat Infinity Ward's CoD?
A few sources are claiming it be so, but we find it very difficult to believe. Could Treyarch's World at War really top Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare? --11/12/2008 11:05:20 AM--
3299 days, 12 hours, 10 minutes old - 30 comments

November Famitsu To Place Emphasis On Final Fantasy XIII
This is good news. It seems that this month's Famitsu will boast a huge FFXIII feature, and we can expect a horde of new details. Maybe a release date...?--11/12/2008 10:53:39 AM--
3299 days, 12 hours, 22 minutes old - 16 comments

New LBP Costumes On PSN Tomorrow
SackBoy is gonna have more getups on Thursday, as they've announced plenty of new costumes coming to the Store; one is inspired by MotorStorm: Pacific Rift!--11/12/2008 10:39:13 AM--
3299 days, 12 hours, 36 minutes old - 20 comments

PS2 Preview: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
Atlus remains a staunch supporter of the PS2, and this holiday season, another gem is on the way to entice hardcore RPG fans. Persona 4 is lookin' good!--11/11/2008 10:16:38 PM--
3300 days, 59 minutes old - 4 comments

Shorter Games Equal Higher Quality?
There are still some whiners around who complain about all the short games out there, but has anyone looked at the QUALITY of these games? Seriously?--11/11/2008 10:14:13 PM--
3300 days, 1 hour, 1 minute old - 47 comments

Rock Band Series Explodes, Harmonix Founders To Benefit
Viacom has revealed that Rock Band and Rock Band 2 have dragged in around $574 million in profit, and they're gonna issue some big earn-out bonuses...--11/11/2008 9:53:43 PM--
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National Gaming Day Combines Libraries And Video Games
This Saturday has been dubbed National Gaming Day, and surprisingly enough, it's taking place at your local library. Books and games...what a wild combo.--11/11/2008 9:38:36 PM--
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--11/11/2008 5:28:13 PM--

November 11th, 2008

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PS3 Review: Mirror's Edge
Get your wallets ready one more time, folks! EA's and DICE's Mirror's Edge is here to take your money. See what we have to say about this new take on the first person genre.--11/11/2008 5:28:13 PM--
3300 days, 5 hours, 47 minutes old - 37 comments

DICE Emerging As Elite Developer
We look to the future and recognize a studio that seems to be poised for great things. Battlefield: Bad Company and Mirror's Edge are stepping stones...--11/11/2008 1:06:06 PM--
3300 days, 10 hours, 9 minutes old - 18 comments

Crisis Core Nears 2 Million Sales Mark
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII tops Square-Enix's latest software sales chart, and the popular prequel is now closing in on 2 million units sold worldwide!--11/11/2008 11:09:49 AM--
3300 days, 12 hours, 6 minutes old - 9 comments

Treyarch And Infinity Ward "Compete And Collaborate" On CoD
Sometimes, there's some heated competition between the two development houses, but Activision says they like this, as this pushes each side to succeed.--11/11/2008 10:56:14 AM--
3300 days, 12 hours, 19 minutes old - 32 comments

Dead Space Sales Surge Thanks To High Review Scores
One analyst says that initial expectations for any IP are conservative, but reviews play a HUGE role in the game's ultimate success. An example? Dead Space.--11/11/2008 10:42:20 AM--
3300 days, 12 hours, 33 minutes old - 16 comments

PS3 Review: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
This all new Spider-Man game may not be perfect, but it's still a surprisingly fun free-roaming action-adventure that fans should take a look at.--11/11/2008 12:32:08 AM--
3300 days, 22 hours, 43 minutes old - 18 comments

PS3 Review: The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon
Well, the conclusion to the Spyro "Legend" trilogy has come to an end with this game. And with an all new developer, does it deliver?--11/11/2008 12:32:08 AM--
3300 days, 22 hours, 43 minutes old - 13 comments

EA Prepping Lots Of Dead Space DLC
Over the next couple of weeks, EA will provide Dead Space fans with both shared and exclusive downloadable content for the PS3 and 360. Sweet!--11/10/2008 10:20:44 PM--
3301 days, 55 minutes old - 18 comments

Analyst: Hardware Sales Will Dictate "Recession-Proof" Industry
Analyst Michael Pachter says that despite low video game company stock, the hardware sales numbers will tell the story: is the industry recession-proof?--11/10/2008 10:03:26 PM--
3301 days, 1 hour, 12 minutes old - 16 comments

Sony: New Store Category For Capcom
It's a brand new storefront on the PlayStation Store, and this one will be entirely dedicated to Capcom. Who else should get a dedicated department...?--11/10/2008 9:47:39 PM--
3301 days, 1 hour, 28 minutes old - 16 comments

--11/10/2008 12:36:28 PM--

November 10th, 2008

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MotorStorm Dev Rips Critics Who Hate On CGI "Target Videos"
Some reviewers are quick to mention that CGI promotional videos for a game aren't indicative of the final result. ...one developer has a colorful response.--11/10/2008 12:36:28 PM--
3301 days, 10 hours, 39 minutes old - 24 comments

Age Of Booty Plunders PSN This Week
We've been hearing good things about this action-packed strategy-type multiplayer title, and for only ten bucks, you can try it out this Thursday.--11/10/2008 11:10:02 AM--
3301 days, 12 hours, 6 minutes old - 3 comments

Sony: PS3 Hitting Stride, Competitors "On Their Way Down"
Sony boss Ray Maguire says the PlayStation 3 isn't even halfway through its lifespan while the competitors appear to be "on their way down."--11/10/2008 10:55:08 AM--
3301 days, 12 hours, 21 minutes old - 53 comments

Testers Issue Killzone 2 Beta Feedback
Sadly, we're not in the beta (yet), so we have to rely on details and information provided by current testers. The good news? It's all VERY positive.--11/10/2008 10:40:52 AM--
3301 days, 12 hours, 36 minutes old - 57 comments

PSXE Best Of The Best Poll Update: Final Fantasies Dominate
Not surprisingly, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII were almost dead even in the first round, which means the second week oughta be interesting!--11/9/2008 11:06:39 PM--
3302 days, 10 minutes old - 19 comments

Duke Nukem Forever: The Biggest Hoax In Video Game History?
We've been letting the wool slide over our unassuming eyes for over a decade, and it's long past time to expose this for the massive hoax that it is.--11/9/2008 10:45:07 PM--
3302 days, 31 minutes old - 32 comments

Free Realms Beta Sign-Ups Begin
If you have the time and like the simpler, colorful look, you might want to sign up to give Free Realms a try. This free-to-play MMO is coming up soon...--11/9/2008 10:20:02 PM--
3302 days, 56 minutes old - 8 comments

Moderation Sporadically Hitting User-Generated LBP Levels
It seems that user-created levels are disappearing due to administrator moderation. Content that appears to be licensed material is the issue.--11/9/2008 10:02:15 PM--
3302 days, 1 hour, 14 minutes old - 25 comments

--11/8/2008 11:14:47 PM--

November 9th, 2008

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Ben's Week In Review: November 9
I wonder why gamers have a problem with hot girls advertising games, I REALLY want GT5 in the spring, and Resistance 2 occupies all my free time. Kick-ass.--11/8/2008 11:14:47 PM--
3303 days, 2 minutes old - 33 comments

PSP Preview: Patapon 2
The original is still one of the best available handheld titles, and we're super excited about the sequel: it's bringing an all-new multiplayer mode!--11/8/2008 11:19:54 PM--
3302 days, 23 hours, 57 minutes old - 3 comments

--11/8/2008 11:08:54 AM--

November 8th, 2008

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Paradise Legendary Car Pack Goes Back To The Future
Nobody has treated their fans better than Criterion; the DLC for Burnout Paradise continues to flow. And the next is SWEET: it's the Jensen 88 Special!--11/8/2008 11:08:54 AM--
3303 days, 12 hours, 8 minutes old - 22 comments

Valkyria Chronicles On Sale At Amazon
It's getting some great review scores and if you want to save ten bucks when buying this brand new game, head on over to Amazon. It's only $49.99 now!--11/8/2008 10:42:59 AM--
3303 days, 12 hours, 34 minutes old - 17 comments

Editorial: Games, Girls, Popular Myths
Even though many of the ladies will acknowledge that gaming is no longer just for kids, why do they still believe that games run our daily lives? WHY?--11/7/2008 9:59:25 PM--
3304 days, 1 hour, 17 minutes old - 52 comments

GT5 Races Into Stores This Spring?
Wow, this would be something. The UK's Car Magazine boasts a feature on the Citroen GT, and they say it will be in Gran Turismo 5 "this spring!"--11/7/2008 9:56:49 PM--
3304 days, 1 hour, 20 minutes old - 24 comments

Qore Episode 6 Features "In-World Tour" Of PlayStation Home
If you're not a subscriber, this may coerce you into a purchase: the newest Qore episode boasts a special "in-world tour" of PlayStation Home! Good stuff.--11/7/2008 9:39:05 PM--
3304 days, 1 hour, 37 minutes old - 8 comments

--11/7/2008 1:10:52 PM--

November 7th, 2008

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Blue Castle Developing Dead Rising 2, Coming To PS3?
The latest rumor should be proven true in due time: Blue Castle is working on a sequel to Dead Rising, and Capcom will probably bring it to the PS3.--11/7/2008 1:10:52 PM--
3304 days, 10 hours, 6 minutes old - 13 comments

Atari Officially Hires The Ghostbusters
And so, what Dan Akyroyd said on the radio has been proven true: Atari will handle the publishing duties for Ghostbusters: The Video Game in 2009.--11/7/2008 11:14:00 AM--
3304 days, 12 hours, 2 minutes old - 5 comments

Square-Enix President Talks Remakes
We always wonder what Square-Enix's viewpoint is on remakes, and while Yoichi Wada says it's better to have recognizable titles, new IPs are worthy, too.--11/7/2008 10:58:47 AM--
3304 days, 12 hours, 18 minutes old - 31 comments

150 Circuit City Stores Closing, Bargain Gaming Deals Coming?
Sadly, a whole lot of Circuit City stores are closing up shop, but this could also mean a whole lot of "going out of business" sales. What might you find?--11/7/2008 10:37:25 AM--
3304 days, 12 hours, 39 minutes old - 25 comments

Will The PlayStation 3 Become The Ultimate FPS Console?
Resistance 2 is unbelievable and in our minds, beats out Halo 3 by a significant margin. And Killzone 2 is a-comin' so...is the PS3 home to the best FPSs?--11/6/2008 10:38:44 PM--
3305 days, 38 minutes old - 114 comments

Mirror's Edge Complete, Goes Gold
We hate to tell you this, but there's yet ANOTHER extremely promising game heading your way: it's Mirror's Edge, which is done and ready for next week!--11/6/2008 10:08:37 PM--
3305 days, 1 hour, 8 minutes old - 32 comments

Will Resistance 3 Be Another Direct Sequel In The Series?
SPOILERS AHEAD! We know R2 is a continuation of the story from the original Resistance, but will Insomniac do it again? Or will Hale change...?--11/6/2008 9:52:48 PM--
3305 days, 1 hour, 24 minutes old - 45 comments

--11/6/2008 3:33:11 PM--

November 6th, 2008

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PS3 Sales Surge By 900% In Japan
Last week, Sony moved less than 4,000 systems in Japan but this week, they closed in on 40,000, thanks to titles like GTAIV, LBP and the upcoming R2.--11/6/2008 3:33:11 PM--
3305 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes old - 34 comments

LittleBigPlanet Taken Offline For "Essential Maintenance"
Sony is taking LBP offline to do some fixin' and repairin' and when they come back, they'll "have some shiny new servers" ready and rarin' to go.--11/6/2008 11:07:03 AM--
3305 days, 12 hours, 9 minutes old - 19 comments

Fallout 3 Enjoys Global Sales Success
Bethesda has announced that they've shipped around 4.7 million units around the world already; this retail dynamo has generated over $300 million in sales.--11/6/2008 10:54:06 AM--
3305 days, 12 hours, 22 minutes old - 23 comments

Wal-Mart Saturday Deal: Buy PS3, Get $100 Gift Card
The 80GB PS3 will still cost you $399, but you get a $100 gift card, so you can pick up other stuff with it. They've also got deals for the PS2 and HDTVs.--11/6/2008 10:40:51 AM--
3305 days, 12 hours, 36 minutes old - 17 comments

PS3 Review: Resistance 2
So we sat down to play, hoping it would fulfill expectations. Then, many hours later, we looked at the clock and said, "...damn, this is awesome."--11/5/2008 11:08:58 PM--
3306 days, 8 minutes old - 124 comments

PS2 Preview: Eternal Poison
Atlus just keeps crankin' out the PS2 titles, and as most of you know, they're partial to RPGs and strategy titles. Welcome Eternal Poison for next week.--11/6/2008 12:37:34 AM--
3305 days, 22 hours, 39 minutes old - 7 comments

PSP To Pay Homage To The Prinny On February 17
You know those purple penguins from Disgaea? Well, one is going to get his shot to become a legend in Prinny: Can I Really Be A Hero? on the PSP. Laugh!--11/5/2008 10:25:57 PM--
3306 days, 51 minutes old - 3 comments

Far Cry 2 Version 1.01 Now Available
While it's a fantastic game, most everyone recognized the need for a fix-it patch. Well, it's now here, so go download version 1.01 and reap the updates.--11/5/2008 10:11:37 PM--
3306 days, 1 hour, 5 minutes old - 12 comments

Activision Projects PS3 Sales Will Oustrip 360 This Year
Activision believes the PlayStation 3 will ultimately outsell the Xbox 360 this calendar year, although neither has a shot of topping the Wii (duh).--11/5/2008 9:56:33 PM--
3306 days, 1 hour, 20 minutes old - 16 comments

--11/5/2008 3:43:36 PM--

November 5th, 2008

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Editorial: Why Video Game Blogs Suck
I think it's time to admit the facts: video game blogs suck. It's not a direct insult to the people involved; it's more of a general style observation.--11/5/2008 3:43:36 PM--
3306 days, 7 hours, 33 minutes old - 37 comments

Killzone 2 Open Beta Starting, Are U.S. Gamers Involved?
An e-mail sent to closed beta testers proves the open beta is right around the corner, but does it only apply to European gamers? We hope not...--11/5/2008 1:17:30 PM--
3306 days, 9 hours, 59 minutes old - 39 comments

Rock Band 2 Bonus Songs This Week
If you were diligent enough to mail in that redemption code on the back of the Rock Band 2 manual, you should be getting your 20 free songs later this week.--11/5/2008 11:02:38 AM--
3306 days, 12 hours, 14 minutes old - 5 comments

Konami Has "No Plans" To Release An MGS4 Expansion
The rumor that said Konami would release an expansion or extended ending for Metal Gear Solid 4 has been shot down. Eh, it was a passing fan fancy.--11/5/2008 10:45:15 AM--
3306 days, 12 hours, 31 minutes old - 10 comments

Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Finally Arrives This Month
It was announced towards the start of 2007 and some thought it might never come. But Capcom has revealed that it will be up for download this month.--11/5/2008 10:32:59 AM--
3306 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes old - 7 comments

PS3 Videos Updated
We celebrate a packed November with three new vids for Resistance 2, two for Legendary, plus an all-new preview of the exclusive DLC for Bioshock, a Mirror's Edge trailer, Red Alert 3 gameplay, and more!--11/4/2008 10:38:16 PM--
3307 days, 38 minutes old

PS3 Preview: Eat Lead: The Return Of Matt Hazard
What's better than stepping into the shoes of a cocky fictional video game hero from an era long gone? Well, if the gameplay delivers, then NOTHING.--11/4/2008 10:36:04 PM--
3307 days, 40 minutes old - 6 comments

Heidi Klum Dons Lingerie, Promotes Guitar Hero: World Tour
Activision knows what the men like, don't they? Raging hottie Heidi Klum takes a cue from Tom Cruise and "Risky Business," and adds a plastic guitar.--11/4/2008 10:33:45 PM--
3307 days, 43 minutes old - 26 comments

Sony Outlines PS3 Firmware 2.52
It's not a major update, but at least we have a few specifics straight from Sony. And no, it doesn't have anything to do with PlayStation Home...sorry.--11/4/2008 10:19:20 PM--
3307 days, 57 minutes old - 43 comments

Rumored Home Release Dates Return
Yeah, it's just another rumor, but at least it's consistent with previously acquired information: the open beta should kick off on November 19.--11/4/2008 10:03:15 PM--
3307 days, 1 hour, 13 minutes old - 15 comments

--11/4/2008 1:17:40 PM--

November 4th, 2008

Last Updated 3307 days, 9 hours, 59 minutes ago

Resistance 2: Critics Weigh In
Yeah, it's election day, but it's also a big day for PlayStation 3 owners as well: Resistance 2 launches today, and the early reviews are impressive.--11/4/2008 1:17:40 PM--
3307 days, 9 hours, 59 minutes old - 56 comments

Fallout 3 Tops UK Sales Charts
Fallout 3 has rocketed to the top of the weekly UK sales charts for PS3, 360 and PC software, although Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2 are yet to arrive...--11/4/2008 11:11:20 AM--
3307 days, 12 hours, 5 minutes old - 23 comments

LittleBigWorkshop Launches, Image Import Tool Rumor Denied
The very cool and very functional LittleBigWorkshop is now live online, but Sony says that while "technically viable," the Image Import Tool isn't coming.--11/4/2008 10:53:17 AM--
3307 days, 12 hours, 23 minutes old - 20 comments

Red Alert 3 Back On Track For PS3
It was put "on hold" earlier this year and some even believed the PS3 version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 had been canceled. Nope, it's a-comin'!--11/4/2008 10:39:39 AM--
3307 days, 12 hours, 37 minutes old - 12 comments

MGO Hits 1 Million Subscribers
Metal Gear Online has only been live for about four and a half months, but it has already reached 1 million members! MGO players will be rewarded...--11/3/2008 10:20:33 PM--
3308 days, 56 minutes old - 18 comments

New Studies: Violent Games Cause Violent Behavior In Children
This news update is just begging for the obvious. It's the perfect situation for the only response we can muster...wait for it...here it comes: DUH!!!--11/3/2008 10:06:14 PM--
3308 days, 1 hour, 10 minutes old - 47 comments

Team Ninja: PS3 Hasn't Reached Its Potential "From Any Standpoint"
Team Ninja always loves the system with the most power, and they're clearly excited about what the PS3 has to offer. The best is yet to come, that's for sure.--11/3/2008 9:53:13 PM--
3308 days, 1 hour, 23 minutes old - 35 comments

--11/3/2008 12:24:53 PM--

November 3rd, 2008

Last Updated 3308 days, 10 hours, 52 minutes ago

Bioshock PS3 Exclusive DLC Available On November 20
The PS3 version released with all current extra content from the 360 and PC versions, but exclusive DLC is on the way in the form of 3 Challenge Rooms!--11/3/2008 12:24:53 PM--
3308 days, 10 hours, 52 minutes old - 14 comments

Game On: Resistance 2 And Gears Of War 2 Clash This Week
There may be no bigger week in all of 2008 for gaming: one powerful exclusive battling another, and there's no clear-cut winner. Decisions, decisions.--11/3/2008 10:59:30 AM--
3308 days, 12 hours, 17 minutes old - 95 comments

Dead Space Completion Unlockables
It's a common trend in action titles these days: unlock a bunch of goodies when you beat the game, and suddenly, there's more reason to go through it again!--11/3/2008 10:46:02 AM--
3308 days, 12 hours, 30 minutes old - 18 comments

Sony: Third-Party Devs Should Use PS3 As Lead Platform
Their view seems logical: now that the userbase is pretty well established, shouldn't third-party devs take advantage of the PS3's greater power?--11/3/2008 10:31:32 AM--
3308 days, 12 hours, 45 minutes old - 39 comments

PSXE Best Of The Best Poll Update: MGS Leans At The Wire!
Over three weeks, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII battled back and forth, neck and neck the whole way. But in the end, ONE vote decided it!--11/2/2008 11:12:40 PM--
3309 days, 4 minutes old - 22 comments

MGS4 Extended Ending In 6 Weeks?
The rumor began in June: in 6 months - which is now 6 weeks away - perhaps Konami will provide MGS4 fans with a new extended ending. Is it possible?--11/2/2008 9:54:00 PM--
3309 days, 1 hour, 22 minutes old - 23 comments

Sony Rumors: SOCOM, MAG, Infamous, Resistance: Retribution
The latest batch of rumors includes Trophies for SOCOM, testing phases for MAG and Infamous, and unfortunately, Retribution isn't looking so good.--11/2/2008 9:52:03 PM--
3309 days, 1 hour, 24 minutes old - 16 comments

Legendary To Launch This Week
After missing its launch date of September 30, Legendary is slated to launch on November 4, which is tomorrow. It's gotta go up against R2, though...--11/2/2008 9:49:47 PM--
3309 days, 1 hour, 27 minutes old - 12 comments

--11/1/2008 12:08:52 PM--

November 1st, 2008

Last Updated 3310 days, 11 hours, 8 minutes ago

PS3 Cheats Updated
A bunch of cheats have been added for Guitar Hero: World Tour, Rock Band 2, Far Cry 2, Legend of Spyro, Dead Space, and many more!--11/1/2008 12:08:52 PM--
3310 days, 11 hours, 8 minutes old

EA Confirms Third Mercs In The Works
Although it didn't score particularly well, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames sold extremely well. Hence, EA has announced a third title is in the works.--11/1/2008 10:52:37 AM--
3310 days, 12 hours, 24 minutes old - 16 comments

Resistance 2 Takes "420 Hours" To Do Absolutely Everything
How Sony came up with this number, we couldn't even begin to tell you. But if you want to unlock, find, and max out everything, R2 lasts over 400 hours!--11/1/2008 10:33:06 AM--
3310 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes old - 28 comments

Criterion To Offer New Party Content For Burnout Paradise
Think they're done with new content for Paradise? Think again; they've got another new pack scheduled for February- it's for offline multiplayer party fun!--10/31/2008 9:57:31 PM--
3311 days, 1 hour, 19 minutes old - 37 comments

Alone In The Dark PS3 Demo On PSN
It's called Alone in the Dark: Inferno, and we finally get a chance to see if Eden Studios has effectively overhauled a mediocre survival/horror title.--10/31/2008 9:54:28 PM--
3311 days, 1 hour, 22 minutes old - 25 comments

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