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Updates (May, 2010)

--5/31/2010 12:28:37 PM--

May 31st, 2010

Last Updated 2728 days, 9 hours, 53 minutes ago

Do We Need To Change Video Game Rating Scales?
There are more video game types than ever before. Does it make any sense to score iPhone games on the same scale we score games on the PS3?--5/31/2010 12:28:37 PM--
2728 days, 9 hours, 53 minutes old - 77 comments

Little League World Series Swings Onto PS3, 360 This Summer
Okay, so it's not a gigantic AAA title but it IS a little bizarre that it's suddenly going to the PS3/360 and leaving the Wii/DS behind...--5/31/2010 12:09:47 PM--
2728 days, 10 hours, 12 minutes old - 9 comments

Sony: If You See 3D Gaming, You'll Want A 3D HDTV
Sony says games in 3D are "more compelling" than 3D movies, and once you've actually sampled the new tech, you'll just have to own a 3D HDTV.--5/31/2010 10:30:26 AM--
2728 days, 11 hours, 51 minutes old - 58 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Red Dead Redemption Tops Priority Lists
If you don't already love Rockstar's masterpiece, you're getting ready to love it. Only a scant few say it isn't really for them...not surprising.--5/30/2010 10:00:35 PM--
2729 days, 21 minutes old - 67 comments

Sony Displays Gran Turismo 5 In 3D
In pushing their new 3D Bravias, they showed off a ton of 3D goodness in Tokyo, and that included everything from live footage to GT5!--5/30/2010 9:58:55 PM--
2729 days, 23 minutes old - 57 comments

New Guitar Hero Confirmed, Returns To Rock Emphasis
You had to see this coming. A new Guitar Hero has been confirmed; it'll feature a rock and roll focus, a fantastical story, and Gene Simmons as narrator.--5/30/2010 9:57:21 PM--
2729 days, 24 minutes old - 20 comments

Rockstar Offers Red Dead Redemption Frontier Collection
If you're all about RDR, you've gotta grab some specially themed goodies. Rockstar is offering everything from soap to cards to t-shirts!--5/30/2010 9:56:17 PM--
2729 days, 25 minutes old - 27 comments

--5/29/2010 9:37:24 PM--

May 30th, 2010

Last Updated 2730 days, 44 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: May 30
Square-Enix's "shocking RPG" is actually our big PS3 exclusive secret (NOT), I can't wait for inFamous 2, and more reviews come your way soon...--5/29/2010 9:37:24 PM--
2730 days, 44 minutes old - 116 comments

--5/29/2010 10:52:11 AM--

May 29th, 2010

Last Updated 2730 days, 11 hours, 29 minutes ago

Portuguese PlayStation Mag Confirms inFamous 2?
It seems the Portuguese edition of PlayStation: The Official Magazine says the announcement of a new inFamous will appear in their very next issue.--5/29/2010 10:52:11 AM--
2730 days, 11 hours, 29 minutes old - 58 comments

Alpha Protocol Dev: "An Absolute Failure Of A Production"
When one of the game's developers stands up and says, "yeah, it sucks and here's why," that's a bad sign. Maybe Sega should've scrapped it...?--5/29/2010 10:42:54 AM--
2730 days, 11 hours, 39 minutes old - 51 comments

Do We Actually Welcome The Summer Drought?
Okay, so there isn't much in the way of AAA games on the immediate horizon. But so what? Don't we all have giant backlogs of must-play titles by now?--5/28/2010 9:26:46 PM--
2731 days, 55 minutes old - 94 comments

Bulletstorm Didn't Start Out As A FPS
You couldn't really conceive of a more outrageously insane FPS but at first, Bulletstorm was a TPS. ...but Epic thought it'd just be "Gears in space."--5/28/2010 9:25:20 PM--
2731 days, 56 minutes old - 25 comments

Sony: What PS2 Titles Should Go High-Def On PS3?
We got The God of War Collection and it seems it won't be the last set of PS2 classics to get the high-def overhaul. But what would you prefer?--5/28/2010 9:24:13 PM--
2731 days, 57 minutes old - 185 comments

--5/28/2010 12:25:09 PM--

May 28th, 2010

Last Updated 2731 days, 9 hours, 56 minutes ago

Treyarch: We're 100% Focused On Black Ops
Treyarch says they're all about Call of Duty right now, and they're intent on creating the single "best entertainment experience of the year."--5/28/2010 12:25:09 PM--
2731 days, 9 hours, 56 minutes old - 45 comments

Sony: We See Move As A "Complimentary Product"
Many have dubbed PlayStation Move as "the Wii on the PS3," but Sony doesn't see it that way. Move will offer a different experience with more "satisfaction."--5/28/2010 10:56:17 AM--
2731 days, 11 hours, 25 minutes old - 30 comments

Guerrilla Toning Down "Gratuitous" Language In KZ3
There was an abundance of cussing in Killzone 2 and some of it felt overdone and unnecessary. But the team won't let that happen again in Killzone 3.--5/28/2010 10:45:10 AM--
2731 days, 11 hours, 36 minutes old - 69 comments

Jaffe: "We Must All Be Slaves To A Project's Vision"
David Jaffe has a reputation for being a bit of a taskmaster at times, so he tried to go all nice with his latest project. Result? "Doesn't work."--5/28/2010 10:42:48 AM--
2731 days, 11 hours, 39 minutes old - 32 comments

PS3 Preview: Splatterhouse
A bunch of new info along with a splatter-ific debut trailer has surfaced, which means we need to take another look at this brutal, visceral bashfest.--5/27/2010 9:40:40 PM--
2732 days, 41 minutes old - 34 comments

Brink's Storyline Will Be Evident, But It Can Be "Ignored"
Brink looks more and more intriguing with every passing day, and now it appears that gamer freedom will be a premium: how do YOU want to play?--5/27/2010 9:39:39 PM--
2732 days, 42 minutes old - 33 comments

NBA Live Renamed As NBA Elite
The name "NBA Live" has been around for a very long time (16 years, in fact) and it appears EA thinks it's time for a change...maybe it'll help.--5/27/2010 9:38:36 PM--
2732 days, 43 minutes old - 11 comments

Worldwide Gaming Revenue To Top $70 Billion In 2015
Although the recent recession has forced analysts to readjust their lofty predictions, they still expect a 16% overall revenue growth by 2015.--5/27/2010 9:37:30 PM--
2732 days, 44 minutes old - 16 comments

--5/27/2010 12:39:15 PM--

May 27th, 2010

Last Updated 2732 days, 9 hours, 42 minutes ago

Alien Breed: Impact Invading PSN, Steam This Summer
Those Aliens will be around forever. And after debuting last year on the Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and Steam users will get their chance to go nuts.--5/27/2010 12:39:15 PM--
2732 days, 9 hours, 42 minutes old - 12 comments

Tekken 7 In Early Development
You didn't really think the series would be over after the sixth installment, did you? Not a chance; it has been revealed that Tekken 7 is in the works!--5/27/2010 10:57:50 AM--
2732 days, 11 hours, 24 minutes old - 44 comments

Airlines Will Make Time Fly By Offering PSPs To Travelers
IFE Services and SCEA have entered into a partnership where airlines will have access to "custom-tailored" PSPs. Sounds like a good idea.--5/27/2010 10:56:17 AM--
2732 days, 11 hours, 25 minutes old - 28 comments

Sony: "No Plans" For Home To Exit The Beta Phase
As of yet, Sony has no plans to bring PlayStation Home out of its seemingly permanent beta phase. So just get used to it, and watch the expansion.--5/27/2010 10:34:06 AM--
2732 days, 11 hours, 47 minutes old - 35 comments

Attention PSXE: Secret PS3 Exclusive Explodes In July
The long wait could be over in a matter of weeks...the exclusive we've known about seemingly forever should finally reveal itself this summer.--5/26/2010 9:41:12 PM--
2733 days, 40 minutes old - 222 comments

PS3 Videos Updated
You've gotta check out the debut trailer for Splatterhouse. ...NUTS. Plus, we've got Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, Alpha Protocol, Two Worlds II, ModNation Racers, Enslaved, Blur, and much more!--5/26/2010 9:39:27 PM--
2733 days, 42 minutes old

Wild Arms Developer Working On "Massive Project"
Media Vision is recruiting for a very large project for the PS3 (and/or PSP), and although it isn't a new Wild Arms, we're hoping for an epic RPG...--5/26/2010 9:38:01 PM--
2733 days, 43 minutes old - 21 comments

Mystery Call Of Duty Is Indeed A FPS
Because we thought it was dubbed an "action/adventure" game, we figured it'd be third-person, as a fresh change of pace. That ain't right.--5/26/2010 9:36:57 PM--
2733 days, 45 minutes old - 33 comments

Mafia II Bonuses, Collector's Edition, Contest Announced
Not only does the Collector's Edition look HOT, but hey, there's this contest where you can enter to win a $12,000 entertainment center. ...yeah.--5/26/2010 9:35:24 PM--
2733 days, 46 minutes old - 14 comments

--5/26/2010 12:29:08 PM--

May 26th, 2010

Last Updated 2733 days, 9 hours, 52 minutes ago

Ubisoft Reveals High-Flying Details For Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2
It appears that Ubisoft Bucharest is going all out with this sequel; we find an impressive amount of new technology and a large amount of realism.--5/26/2010 12:29:08 PM--
2733 days, 9 hours, 52 minutes old - 16 comments

Konami Wraps Voice Acting Recording For Lords Of Shadow
They say they're done recording the voices for the new Castlevania, and with an extremely solid cast, we're definitely looking forward to this...--5/26/2010 11:02:13 AM--
2733 days, 11 hours, 19 minutes old - 18 comments

Sony Ready To Invest In "Long-Term Creative Benefits"
Sony has picked up some great studios this generation (Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games, etc.), and this practice will continue for the sake of the fans.--5/26/2010 10:45:24 AM--
2733 days, 11 hours, 36 minutes old - 49 comments

FFXIV Beta Includes New Combat, Better Visuals, And More
Final Fantasy XIV is moving into the beta phase, and after gathering info and feedback from the alpha test, the developers have made some changes.--5/26/2010 10:32:38 AM--
2733 days, 11 hours, 49 minutes old - 22 comments

Can Video Games Really Affect Your Sex Life?
As gaming has become more and more mainstream, and the health of the general public continues to decline, have our sex lives been negatively impacted?--5/25/2010 9:50:27 PM--
2734 days, 31 minutes old - 130 comments

Demon's Souls 2 Isn't Happening
We sort of expected From Software would be working on a sequel, but...well, they're not. Furthermore, they're not even planning a follow-up.--5/25/2010 9:49:27 PM--
2734 days, 32 minutes old - 80 comments

Namco Professes Confidence In Ninja Theory's Enslaved
Ninja Theory is toiling away on Enslaved, a game that may be inspired - in part - by Uncharted 2. And Namco definitely believes they've got a winner.--5/25/2010 9:48:24 PM--
2734 days, 33 minutes old - 21 comments

Front Mission: Evolved Won't Engage Until September
The new-look Front Mission was scheduled to release this spring, but Square-Enix thinks Double Helix deserves more time to get it right. ...they better.--5/25/2010 9:47:30 PM--
2734 days, 34 minutes old - 11 comments

--5/25/2010 4:32:12 PM--

May 25th, 2010

Last Updated 2734 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes ago

Insomniac's EA Partnership: A Matter Of Expected Due Course
So Insomniac is the latest big developer to go multiplatform but while PS3 fans may feel slighted, we tell you why it's very wrong to feel that way.--5/25/2010 4:32:12 PM--
2734 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes old - 52 comments

Ubisoft Reveals Shaun White Skateboarding Info
No, that isn't a typo. Shaun White is an icon in the world of snowboarding but hey, there are a lot of the same tricks in skateboarding, right?--5/25/2010 12:34:02 PM--
2734 days, 9 hours, 47 minutes old - 14 comments

Free Red Dead Redemption Online Strategy Guide
Strategy guides are pricey. There's a TON of stuff to do (and potentially miss) in RDR. Therefore, you need a solution: a complete, free guide.--5/25/2010 10:59:27 AM--
2734 days, 11 hours, 22 minutes old - 24 comments

Insomniac Teams Up With EA But Is "Extremely Loyal" To Fans
You just had to assume it was coming. Insomniac is too good and there was only one business option: to expand beyond the boundaries of PlayStation.--5/25/2010 10:43:12 AM--
2734 days, 11 hours, 38 minutes old - 58 comments

HBO Programming Hits The Network
You can now view many of your favorite HBO shows on the PS3 or PSP, and SCEA will continue to add more content as time goes on. Entourage, anyone?--5/25/2010 10:29:54 AM--
2734 days, 11 hours, 52 minutes old - 29 comments

PS3 Preview: Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada Of The Damned
How come we haven't seen a AAA pirate-themed video game? Well, this "authentic, open-world" adventure with RPG elements could fit the bill...--5/24/2010 9:37:57 PM--
2735 days, 44 minutes old - 32 comments

Killzone 3 Detailed: "A Rounded Experience On All Fronts"
Killzone 3 has been officially announced, and we already have the first details pertaining to gameplay, story, and the enhanced variety and diversity.--5/24/2010 9:36:57 PM--
2735 days, 45 minutes old - 63 comments

Square-Enix Might Announce "Shocking RPG" Before E3
Some relatively vague Twitter updates have turned us onto an "unannounced" title from Square-Enix that will "shock" us. What do we dare hope for...?--5/24/2010 9:35:13 PM--
2735 days, 46 minutes old - 101 comments

Enslaved DLC Will Be "Story-Based," Demo Is Likely
Downloadable content is pretty darn common, but there isn't a lot of DLC that expands on the single-player component. So say "thank you, Ninja Theory."--5/24/2010 9:33:59 PM--
2735 days, 48 minutes old - 13 comments

Win An Original Game Soundtrack From Sumthing Digital (UPDATED)
We're giving away three original soundtracks from three of the best games of the generation. If you want one, it's a simple matter of contributing...--5/24/2010 12:21:38 PM--
2735 days, 10 hours old - 43 comments

--5/24/2010 11:01:05 AM--

May 24th, 2010

Last Updated 2735 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes ago

Study: Chemically, Men Prefer Gaming Over Sex
Okay, so, on a biological level, it seems gaming can stimulate men more than sex...even though most all men say they still PREFER the sex.--5/24/2010 11:01:05 AM--
2735 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes old - 118 comments

Sony: Move Needs "The Right Games And The Right Genres"
Sony knows that certain games and certain genres will work best with Move, so there will be no crappy ports and no halfhearted motion efforts.--5/24/2010 10:45:49 AM--
2735 days, 11 hours, 36 minutes old - 40 comments

PSXE Poll Update: iPhone And Android Prove Popular
Although most of you selected "Other," there are still plenty of iPhone and Android users out there. Now, ya got Red Dead Redemption yet? You kinda should.--5/23/2010 9:49:40 PM--
2736 days, 32 minutes old - 44 comments

Rockstar: Our Games Are For Adults Because We're Adults
Now that Red Dead Redemption has already started to garner some criticism for its controversial violence, Rockstar wants to make something very plain.--5/23/2010 9:47:01 PM--
2736 days, 34 minutes old - 95 comments

Jaffe Denies New Twisted Metal?
David Jaffe's latest Twitter update says he "wishes" he was making a new Twisted Metal...which of course implies that he and Eat Sleep Play AREN'T.--5/23/2010 9:46:06 PM--
2736 days, 35 minutes old - 19 comments

Pachter: All Digital Distribution Is A Long Ways Off Yet
While digital distribution continues to grow, Michael Pachter says we're a long ways off from seeing it replace physical media. A LONG ways off...--5/23/2010 9:45:11 PM--
2736 days, 36 minutes old - 46 comments

--5/22/2010 9:53:00 PM--

May 23rd, 2010

Last Updated 2737 days, 28 minutes ago

PS3 Review: Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
This is an elite franchise and while the newest entry is solid, it doesn't really feel elite. The competition in this genre has gotten very, very stiff.--5/22/2010 9:53:00 PM--
2737 days, 28 minutes old - 36 comments

Ben's Week In Review: May 23
Red Dead Redemption proves the importance and power of immersion, Square-Enix might succeed with fresh ideas, and there are many games on my plate.--5/22/2010 9:51:21 PM--
2737 days, 30 minutes old - 97 comments

--5/22/2010 10:57:40 AM--

May 22nd, 2010

Last Updated 2737 days, 11 hours, 24 minutes ago

Killzone 3 "Bigger In Scope," Will Be Playable In 3D
As more and more info hits the web (none of it officially confirmed, but still), we're starting to get very excited. The jet packs sound coooool...--5/22/2010 10:57:40 AM--
2737 days, 11 hours, 24 minutes old - 45 comments

More Publishers Looking To Charge For Online Play
After EA announced their "$10 solution," other publishers are looking to do something similar. THQ is already set and Ubisoft is looking into it...--5/22/2010 10:42:38 AM--
2737 days, 11 hours, 39 minutes old - 123 comments

Staff Picks: The Must-Plays Of 2010
This is going to be a monthly feature in the future but right now, we need to catch you up on the first four months of 2010. The best ones, IOHOs.--5/21/2010 9:58:32 PM--
2738 days, 23 minutes old - 78 comments

Rumor: Sega To Announce Shenmue III As A PS3 Exclusive
This rumor has returned and this time, the belief is that Sega will announce Shenmue III as a huge PS3 exclusive during next month's E3.--5/21/2010 9:59:56 PM--
2738 days, 22 minutes old - 49 comments

Early Killzone 3 Screenshots Leaked?
Who wants to check out what may be the very first screenshots of Killzone 3 ever seen? They're only magazine scans, but even so...they're pretty wow.--5/21/2010 10:01:16 PM--
2738 days, 20 minutes old - 37 comments

--5/21/2010 12:39:00 PM--

May 21st, 2010

Last Updated 2738 days, 9 hours, 42 minutes ago

Sega Announces US/EU Releases Of Phantasy Star Portable 2
The Phantasy Star that "returns to its online roots" will be coming to North America and Europe this fall; it'll have a great single-player quest, too.--5/21/2010 12:39:00 PM--
2738 days, 9 hours, 42 minutes old - 6 comments

Valve: We "Routinely Evaluate" Making Games On Other Platforms
Valve's Gabe Newell says he has no vendetta against Sony or the PS3, and the decision to make games for different platforms is very complex.--5/21/2010 11:01:51 AM--
2738 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes old - 93 comments

Sony Confirms Free 3D Patches
The first patches for four games to run in 3D will be available soon, and those patches are free. ...good thing, considering the cost of your new 3D HDTV.--5/21/2010 10:44:31 AM--
2738 days, 11 hours, 37 minutes old - 17 comments

Killzone 2 Grabs First Ivor Novelli Award For Video Games
The Ivors have been around for 55 years but 2010 marks the first year a video game has been given one of their music awards. And it went to Killzone 2.--5/21/2010 10:31:16 AM--
2738 days, 11 hours, 50 minutes old - 24 comments

PS3 Preview: Tron: Evolution
Tron will soon turn 30, but both a new movie and game are headed our way. Don't expect the ol' Tron arcade game, but it should be very recognizable.--5/20/2010 10:41:12 PM--
2738 days, 23 hours, 40 minutes old - 12 comments

User Reviews Up And Running: First "Staff Choice" Is...
You guys have responded quickly to our new option to submit User Reviews, and we're not about to ignore your efforts. We DO read them, ya know.--5/20/2010 10:27:07 PM--
2738 days, 23 hours, 54 minutes old - 42 comments

GameStop Enjoys Best Non-Holiday Quarter Ever
A bunch of great games really helps a company's bottom line, you know? GameStop topped $2 billion in revenue for the first time in a non-holiday period.--5/20/2010 10:04:23 PM--
2739 days, 17 minutes old - 28 comments

Red Dead Redemption Sells Half Million On First Day
Despite conservative estimates from analysts, the great review scores and solid word-of-mouth have already translated to a big sales hit for Rockstar.--5/20/2010 10:03:24 PM--
2739 days, 18 minutes old - 36 comments

Sonic 4 Won't Give Us Nostalgia Pangs Until "Late 2010"
We expected the first Sonic 4 Episode to drop this summer, but Sega wants to give Sonic Team a bit more time to deliver "an unrivaled classic Sonic feel."--5/20/2010 10:02:02 PM--
2739 days, 19 minutes old - 14 comments

Top Gun Hits The Danger Zone Again This Summer
The '80s classic will come to life once more on our TV screens; only this time, we'll take Maverick through a virtual Top Gun Academy in the game.--5/20/2010 10:00:27 PM--
2739 days, 21 minutes old - 13 comments

--5/20/2010 12:35:48 PM--

May 20th, 2010

Last Updated 2739 days, 9 hours, 46 minutes ago

Namco: Games Are "Too Expensive For The Audience"
One publisher believes most people can't afford to drop $60 week in and week out, and the industry needs to alter their pricing accordingly. Well...--5/20/2010 12:35:48 PM--
2739 days, 9 hours, 46 minutes old - 110 comments

Pachter: Rockstar Has Erased My Red Dead Skepticism
Analyst Michael Pachter wasn't so sure that tackling a Western was a good idea. He had good reason to think that, but Rockstar made him eat his words.--5/20/2010 11:04:02 AM--
2739 days, 11 hours, 17 minutes old - 31 comments

Most White Knight Content Will Carry Over Into Sequel
Just about everything you had in the original game will transfer to the sequel; your money, level, Ranks, equipment, items, materials, skills, etc.--5/20/2010 10:46:13 AM--
2739 days, 11 hours, 35 minutes old - 18 comments

PS3 Review: Red Dead Redemption
Rockstar invites you on an epic, defining Western adventure and if you don't accept, you're nuts. The key to greatness is atmospheric immersion.--5/19/2010 9:44:43 PM--
2740 days, 37 minutes old - 150 comments

PS3 Videos Updated
We celebrate the launch of Red Dead Redemption with two hot new trailers, then move on to Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Bulletstorm, Alpha Protocol, Lost Planet 2, Split/Second and more.--5/19/2010 9:42:29 PM--
2740 days, 39 minutes old

Backbreaker Golden, Sequel Already In The Works
This football smash-fest is cleared to hit store shelves on June 1, and Natural Motion is already hard at work on a sequel. That's forward-thinking!--5/19/2010 9:39:22 PM--
2740 days, 42 minutes old - 9 comments

Movie Deal For Heavy Rain Looming
Fans will likely be skeptical but let's face it: Quantic Dream pretty much gave us an interactive movie to begin with, so the structure is already there.--5/19/2010 9:40:19 PM--
2740 days, 41 minutes old - 35 comments

PixelJunk Shooter 2: "Jam-Packed Full Of Crazy Fun"
This sequel is in "full production" and Q Games says it'll feature stuff we've never seen before in the PixelJunk series. These little gems are COOL.--5/19/2010 9:38:21 PM--
2740 days, 43 minutes old - 9 comments

--5/19/2010 12:17:34 PM--

May 19th, 2010

Last Updated 2740 days, 10 hours, 4 minutes ago

EA Hasn't Ruled Out Publishing A Bungie Product
EA made an "extensive bid" to land the publishing rights to Bungie's new IP, but they couldn't quite reach a settlement. Still, there's some hope...--5/19/2010 12:17:34 PM--
2740 days, 10 hours, 4 minutes old - 33 comments

Red Dead Redemption: The $100 Million Western?
The rumor is that it cost Rockstar around $100 million to produce RDR, which may not be too outrageous, considering it took about 5 years to complete.--5/19/2010 10:57:22 AM--
2740 days, 11 hours, 24 minutes old - 117 comments

Black Ops Trailer Debuts On ESPN, Explodes With Potential
The Call of Duty: Black Ops world premiere video wowed the NBA fans last night when it debuted during the Boston/Orlando game...man, it's HOT.--5/19/2010 10:43:15 AM--
2740 days, 11 hours, 38 minutes old - 63 comments

New User Reviews Sections
By popular request, we've added user review sections and we are looking for you to submit your reviews now. Let out your voice and help contribute to our community! Click the link above or choose "Review a game" in the User CP.--5/18/2010 11:34:38 PM--
2740 days, 22 hours, 47 minutes old

Square-Enix Looking To Expand And Pursue New IPs
Now that Square-Enix has released their numbers, we also learn that they plan to pursue new AAA projects. It'd be nice to see a little something new...--5/18/2010 9:28:08 PM--
2741 days, 53 minutes old - 20 comments

"Kill A Rockstar" And Earn Eternal Fame...And A Trophy
Got Red Dead Redemption? Want an excuse to jump online before finishing the single-player campaign? Okay, go hunt down a Rockstar Games employee!--5/18/2010 9:27:10 PM--
2741 days, 54 minutes old - 40 comments

Square-Enix Turns Profit, FFXIII Hits 5.5 Million Worldwide
Square-Enix's latest financial report shows a profit of over $100 million, with games like Final Fantasy XIII and Dragon Quest IX selling very high.--5/18/2010 9:26:19 PM--
2741 days, 55 minutes old - 58 comments

--5/18/2010 12:41:43 PM--

May 18th, 2010

Last Updated 2741 days, 9 hours, 40 minutes ago

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Slips Past Holidays Into March
It's starting again. Due to the increasingly large number of potential greats scheduled for the 4th quarter, Future Soldier has been pushed to 2011.--5/18/2010 12:41:43 PM--
2741 days, 9 hours, 40 minutes old - 16 comments

Capcom Has An E3 "Bombshell"
Apparently in the works at some Western studio, Capcom may have a giant sequel to announce at E3...is it a new Devil May Cry or Resident Evil?--5/18/2010 11:04:08 AM--
2741 days, 11 hours, 17 minutes old - 58 comments

Konami Says "No" To Move Capability In Castlevania
Konami says they were given access to the Move earlier this year, but they decided that functionality for Castlevania would be too "gimmicky."--5/18/2010 10:52:37 AM--
2741 days, 11 hours, 29 minutes old - 20 comments

Dead Space 2: "People Are Going To Be Blown Away"
Visceral is definitely cranking away on another potential Game of the Year contender and in terms of visuals, they're comparing it to Uncharted 2.--5/18/2010 10:41:48 AM--
2741 days, 11 hours, 40 minutes old - 53 comments

PS3 Preview: Bulletstorm
This shooter is capable of kicking you right in the crotch and dragging you back for more punishment...oh wait, that's what YOU do to enemies!--5/17/2010 9:29:11 PM--
2742 days, 52 minutes old - 13 comments

Capcom: Japanese Games May Not "Have A Hope In Hell"
Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi says the Japanese gaming industry really needs to evolve, or they may be finished. It's a dire prediction.--5/17/2010 9:27:59 PM--
2742 days, 54 minutes old - 77 comments

PlayStation 3 Demand Remains High
Retailers have often reported a thinning PS3 inventory in 2010, and that lack of availability continues. You can get one...but it's tough.--5/17/2010 9:26:26 PM--
2742 days, 55 minutes old - 33 comments

Source: A "99% Chance" The PSP2 Will Debut At E3
Apparently, an inside source says the PSP2 is all but confirmed for E3, and we've got plenty of rumored details. Touchscreen, two cameras, all digital, etc.--5/17/2010 9:25:25 PM--
2742 days, 56 minutes old - 72 comments

--5/17/2010 9:22:52 PM--

May 17th, 2010

Last Updated 2742 days, 59 minutes ago

PS3 Review: Dead to Rights: Retribution
About as "meh" as "meh" can get. Dead to Rights Retribution is how you don't make an action game.--5/17/2010 9:22:52 PM--
2742 days, 59 minutes old - 10 comments

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Nets North American Date
One of the biggest Japanese PSP releases from last year has finally landed a North American release date. Plus, we'll get a special Entertainment Pack.--5/17/2010 12:38:14 PM--
2742 days, 9 hours, 43 minutes old - 19 comments

Analyst: Red Dead Redemption Could Hit 4 Million Sold
Game makers are typically rewarded for excellent efforts, and Rockstar is poised to reap the benefits of the stellar RDR, which could sell like mad.--5/17/2010 10:58:52 AM--
2742 days, 11 hours, 23 minutes old - 55 comments

Capcom: Sony Needs A "Strong Business Model" For Move
Capcom says both companies really need to push their new motion-sensing technologies correctly, or their new endeavors won't "go well."--5/17/2010 10:48:53 AM--
2742 days, 11 hours, 33 minutes old - 51 comments

Rumor: Sony Unveils Optional Premium PSN Service At E3
The idea of a paid premium service for the Network has been around for a while, and Sony might finally clear everything up next month. We'll see...--5/17/2010 10:37:19 AM--
2742 days, 11 hours, 44 minutes old - 81 comments

PSXE Poll Update: User Reviews Could Be A Go
With two-thirds of the community at least willing to check out reader reviews, it seems we have our answer...such an upgrade could be a given.--5/16/2010 10:02:25 PM--
2743 days, 19 minutes old - 69 comments

How Often Do Game Analysts Use Common Sense?
So the analysts are all confused as to why April was such a dud on the sales charts in the industry. MY question is pretty simple: "uh...why?"--5/16/2010 9:49:58 PM--
2743 days, 32 minutes old - 54 comments

Pachter On Agent Exclusivity
Analyst Michael Pachter believes it's "foolish" to go exclusive these days, and he has the inside scoop as to why Rockstar's Agent is restricted to the PS3.--5/16/2010 9:48:50 PM--
2743 days, 33 minutes old - 113 comments

Analysts Predict GTAV Will Crash E3 Party Next Month
There's a good chance we'll see a "non-playable" teaser of Grand Theft Auto V at E3 next month; if it happens, it'll definitely be a huge hit.--5/16/2010 9:46:49 PM--
2743 days, 35 minutes old - 28 comments

--5/15/2010 10:00:08 PM--

May 16th, 2010

Last Updated 2744 days, 21 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: May 16
More developers should take a cue from Level 5, EA's separation of forces for single-player and multiplayer is great, and the games are piling up.--5/15/2010 10:00:08 PM--
2744 days, 21 minutes old - 75 comments

--5/15/2010 11:05:35 AM--

May 15th, 2010

Last Updated 2744 days, 11 hours, 16 minutes ago

Numerous Call Of Duty Domains Found, Details Lacking
Not only are there multiple "Call of Duty" domains, there are plenty boasting the "warfare" name, too; like "secretwarfare," "futurewarfare," etc.--5/15/2010 11:05:35 AM--
2744 days, 11 hours, 16 minutes old - 58 comments

ModNation Racers PS3 Demo: May 18
A demo for the PSP version is already there but you can sample the PS3 version this week. You'll even be able to test out those nifty creation options.--5/15/2010 10:43:32 AM--
2744 days, 11 hours, 38 minutes old - 21 comments

Editorial: Is Red Dead Redemption A GotY Contender?
Given the glowing praise the game has already received, would it be foolish to label it as a legitimate Game of the Year contender? Maybe not.--5/14/2010 9:27:35 PM--
2745 days, 54 minutes old - 101 comments

Rumor: Move Lands On Store Shelves September 2010
Previously, we had heard that PlayStation Move will release some time this fall, but perhaps it'll be available just a little earlier...say, late summer?--5/14/2010 9:25:52 PM--
2745 days, 56 minutes old - 34 comments

PSP Version Of Forgotten Sands Is Entirely Unique
The PSP iteration of Prince of Persia isn't some watered down port of the PS3 version. It's built from the ground up specifically for the PSP.--5/14/2010 9:24:49 PM--
2745 days, 57 minutes old - 7 comments

--5/14/2010 12:23:56 PM--

May 14th, 2010

Last Updated 2745 days, 9 hours, 58 minutes ago

Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Won't Affect Single Player Experience
Although EA is working hard on the new multiplayer mode for Dead Space, they insist they won't be "watering down" the single-player adventure.--5/14/2010 12:23:56 PM--
2745 days, 9 hours, 58 minutes old - 23 comments

Sony To Add Two More To Their PS3 Platinum Hits List
For now, it's only true for Europe but we'll have to assume that both instant classics in question warrant the Platinum treatment in the US, too.--5/14/2010 11:07:56 AM--
2745 days, 11 hours, 14 minutes old - 48 comments

3D Dot Game Heroes Off To Strong Start In North America
Granted, it doesn't have much competition this week but even so, it seems to be a hot seller out of the gate. A whole lot of nostalgia floatin' about!--5/14/2010 10:48:21 AM--
2745 days, 11 hours, 33 minutes old - 59 comments

Red Dead Redemption PS3 Boasts Exclusive Content
The retail box shows off some content exclusive to the PS3 version, and we're wondering if any other version gets similar special treatment...--5/14/2010 10:58:05 AM--
2745 days, 11 hours, 23 minutes old - 37 comments

PS3 Review: 3D Dot Game Heroes
It's so nostalgic, it hurts. 3D Dot Game Heroes is essentially Zelda on the PS3 so yeah, it's old-fashioned. It's old-school. It's pure, simple FUN.--5/13/2010 9:35:13 PM--
2746 days, 46 minutes old - 59 comments

BioWare: Final Fantasy And The JRPG "Isn't Role-Playing"
Uh-oh. BioWare went and annoyed a whole lot of Final Fantasy (and JRPG) fans, by simply calling such games nothing more than adventure experiences.--5/13/2010 9:33:58 PM--
2746 days, 48 minutes old - 124 comments

Horde Of Black Ops Details Revealed
Although you'll keep hearing it about it throughout the rest of the year, we've already got a ton of new details. It really is lookin' good...--5/13/2010 9:32:46 PM--
2746 days, 49 minutes old - 27 comments

Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip Swings Onto PSP June 29
If you're a fan of the long-running Hot Shots series and you need some solid tennis fun on the go, Get a Grip should be a super fun summer title.--5/13/2010 9:31:00 PM--
2746 days, 50 minutes old - 6 comments

PS3: "Nine Consecutive Months Of Year Over Year Growth"
April's NPD results are in and the PS3 has enjoyed yet another month of growth, which is a good start to the 2011 fiscal year. The future is mighty bright.--5/13/2010 9:29:54 PM--
2746 days, 52 minutes old - 21 comments

--5/13/2010 4:06:41 PM--

May 13th, 2010

Last Updated 2746 days, 6 hours, 15 minutes ago

Red Dead Redemption Releases Official Launch Trailer
The launch trailer for one of the most anticipated games of 2010 is here; Red Dead Redemption could be a legitimate Game of the Year contender!--5/13/2010 4:06:41 PM--
2746 days, 6 hours, 15 minutes old - 54 comments

Visceral Seemingly Working On Sequel To Dante's Inferno
A few recent job descriptions hint at the distinct possibility of a Dante's Inferno 2, which would be good news for all you action aficionados.--5/13/2010 11:02:36 AM--
2746 days, 11 hours, 19 minutes old - 50 comments

Sony Hits Fiscal PS3 Sales Goal
Sony has hit their fiscal sales goal for the PlayStation 3 by selling 13 million units since March 31, 2009; the worldwide total is nearly 36 million.--5/13/2010 10:47:30 AM--
2746 days, 11 hours, 34 minutes old - 32 comments

White Knight Chronicles 2 To Feature Updated Original?
This is an excellent idea: it seems that Level 5 will include the original WKC with the sequel, and that first title will even be updated and upgraded!--5/13/2010 10:32:27 AM--
2746 days, 11 hours, 49 minutes old - 64 comments

Welcome ApPoppa: The Review Index For Portable Apps (Updated)
Take a look at Appoppa.com. New changes and updates have been made, including a new design, added iPad reviews, and other stuff. Check it out and give Arnold your suggestions!--4/26/2010 3:34:25 PM--
2763 days, 6 hours, 47 minutes old - 39 comments

PS3 Videos Updated
We've got the debut videos for Enslaved and LittleBigPlanet 2, the launch trailer for Skate 3, and new looks at Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Blur, Lost Planet 2, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days and more.--5/12/2010 9:53:03 PM--
2747 days, 28 minutes old

ECA Calls For Gamers To Assist And Defend The Industry
In what the ECA is calling quite possibly the "single most important challenge" the gaming industry has ever faced, they're asking for your help.--5/12/2010 9:50:47 PM--
2747 days, 31 minutes old - 143 comments

Be A True Fan With The Peace Walker Sony Walkman
Sony has a new Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Walkman, which comes pre-loaded with the MGS soundtrack and even original characters!--5/12/2010 9:49:46 PM--
2747 days, 32 minutes old - 28 comments

Rumor: 250GB PS3 Slim Bundle With MLB 10: The Show
If you're a big MLB fan and you're in the market for a PS3 with a massive hard drive, you're hoping this rumor proves true. Is June 13 the day?--5/12/2010 9:48:29 PM--
2747 days, 33 minutes old - 26 comments

--5/12/2010 12:33:10 PM--

May 12th, 2010

Last Updated 2747 days, 9 hours, 48 minutes ago

EA's Latest Titles Like The "1 Million" Sales Plateau
Many smaller publishers are happy if even one or two titles top 1 million sold in a year, but EA has more than a few...which of these have you played?--5/12/2010 12:33:10 PM--
2747 days, 9 hours, 48 minutes old - 50 comments

Onslaught Mode Brings Co-Op Play To Bad Company 2
Some will argue that the online multiplayer aspect of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is better than Modern Warfare 2. ...and BC2 just got a little boost, too.--5/12/2010 10:56:20 AM--
2747 days, 11 hours, 25 minutes old - 50 comments

Move Will Make Shooters "More Accessible To More People"
The PlayStation Move is all about accessibility; about bringing more potential gamers into the mix. And one producer says it's great for shooters.--5/12/2010 10:46:06 AM--
2747 days, 11 hours, 35 minutes old - 46 comments

Bioshock 2: More DLC, Single-Player Expansion Coming Soon
If you want to expand on your great Bioshock 2 experience, here are no less than three new DLC packs, and 2K is gonna build on the single-player.--5/12/2010 10:35:30 AM--
2747 days, 11 hours, 46 minutes old - 14 comments

PS3 Review: Lead And Gold: Gangs Of The Wild West
The Western theme is a popular one this month; this here is Fatshark's contribution, a fun multiplayer shooter with four distinct, enjoyable classes.--5/11/2010 10:53:23 PM--
2747 days, 23 hours, 28 minutes old - 21 comments

Ubisoft Reveals Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Details
If you're an Assassin's Creed fan - and really, who isn't? - you need to check out these fresh details for the upcoming new installment. Ezio is back!--5/11/2010 9:49:14 PM--
2748 days, 32 minutes old - 37 comments

God Of War Novel Hits In Two Weeks
The series is just so huge, it warranted a book. And not only will it be on store shelves in just a few weeks, you can read the first chapter right now.--5/11/2010 9:47:56 PM--
2748 days, 34 minutes old - 33 comments

EA Expects "Great Things" From Respawn Entertainment
So EA is benefiting from what Activision has thrown away, and they're pretty excited about what those ex-Infinity Ward bosses will do at Respawn.--5/11/2010 9:46:21 PM--
2748 days, 35 minutes old - 22 comments

--5/11/2010 3:43:27 PM--

May 11th, 2010

Last Updated 2748 days, 6 hours, 38 minutes ago

Bungie Hasn't Decided On Lead Platform For New Game
We have no idea what Bungie's first multiplatform title might be and even the developer hasn't decided on the lead platform for the project yet.--5/11/2010 3:43:27 PM--
2748 days, 6 hours, 38 minutes old - 37 comments

Batman: Arkham Asylum GotY Edition Available Now
Maybe you didn't get a chance to play it last year, so you might as well pick up this enhanced version of one of 2009's best titles. No excuses!--5/11/2010 12:26:52 PM--
2748 days, 9 hours, 55 minutes old - 26 comments

Rumor: White Knight Chronicles 2 Hits Japan On July 8
Famitsu should have the official date very soon but in the meantime, it appears a Japanese retailer has let it slip a bit early. Is WKC2 set for July 8?--5/11/2010 10:58:56 AM--
2748 days, 11 hours, 23 minutes old - 23 comments

ModNation Racers PS3 Demo Coming "Soon, Very Soon"
A demo for the PSP version should be on the Store today, but what about the PS3 version? Don't worry, it's coming...and SCEA says "soon, very soon."--5/11/2010 10:46:59 AM--
2748 days, 11 hours, 35 minutes old - 25 comments

Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition Unveiled, Priced
If you loved Fallout 3, you're probably excited for New Vegas, set to release later this year. And for an extra $20, you can land the Deluxe Box.--5/11/2010 10:32:38 AM--
2748 days, 11 hours, 49 minutes old - 22 comments

PS3 Preview: LittleBigPlanet 2
It's more than a sequel, it's another evolutionary step in terms of player customization. This amount of creative freedom is...mind-boggling.--5/10/2010 9:52:16 PM--
2749 days, 29 minutes old - 52 comments

Sony Shrinks Loss Expectations, Profitability Near
Sony has revised their fiscal expectations and it includes significantly reduced losses, and the prediction that profitability will return this year.--5/10/2010 9:51:05 PM--
2749 days, 30 minutes old - 43 comments

EA To Launch Online Pass Program
This may or may not generate a big reaction from gamers: their new Online Pass will be required to play EA titles online, and it might cost you...--5/10/2010 9:49:59 PM--
2749 days, 32 minutes old - 176 comments

EA's E3 Lineup Features Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, More
EA has more than a few gems on tap for 2010, and they'll give the press a tour of those games at E3. Medal of Honor, Crysis 2, and Dead Space 2...--5/10/2010 9:48:54 PM--
2749 days, 33 minutes old - 20 comments

--5/10/2010 3:17:59 PM--

May 10th, 2010

Last Updated 2749 days, 7 hours, 4 minutes ago

Square-Enix Reveals Details Of First DLC Pack For Nier
The first DLC pack is already here, and it's loaded with plenty of new content for fans. "World of the Recycled Vessel" is definitely appealing.--5/10/2010 3:17:59 PM--
2749 days, 7 hours, 4 minutes old - 28 comments

ModNation Racers Team Developing "Original IP"
United Front Games is about to put a definite gem on store shelves, so we're interested in their new project, which seems to be an "open world" game.--5/10/2010 11:03:05 AM--
2749 days, 11 hours, 18 minutes old - 23 comments

Red Dead Redemption Starts To Wow Critics Worldwide
It is one of the most anticipated titles of the year, but can a studio FINALLY make a truly great Western? Well, so far, the answer is a very big YES.--5/10/2010 10:49:16 AM--
2749 days, 11 hours, 32 minutes old - 78 comments

Media Molecule: LBP2 Is "Backwards Compatible"
So you've put a gazillion hours into LBP and if you buy the sequel, you'll have to start all over again, leaving your prior work behind, right? Wrong.--5/10/2010 10:35:17 AM--
2749 days, 11 hours, 46 minutes old - 36 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Users Visit The PSN All The Time
Well, that wasn't close. Most all of you check the PSN at least once per day, and most of the rest of you log on once a week to check out the new stuff.--5/9/2010 9:51:56 PM--
2750 days, 30 minutes old - 56 comments

Castlevania Producer "Would Love To Do A 3D Contra"
They've never really been able to provide us with a great 3D Contra. But maybe the Lords of Shadow dev team is up to the challenge...whaddya say?--5/9/2010 9:38:19 PM--
2750 days, 43 minutes old - 19 comments

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Gameplay Details
Fresh new gameplay details are being revealed in the new Game Informer; this one will clearly be more accessible and yet still cater to the fans.--5/9/2010 9:37:02 PM--
2750 days, 44 minutes old - 25 comments

Final Fantasy IX Lands Release Date For US Network
This didn't take long at all. We knew Square-Enix was working on releasing FFIX on the US PSN and the good news is, it'll be ready to go this month.--5/9/2010 9:34:50 PM--
2750 days, 47 minutes old - 57 comments

--5/8/2010 9:47:00 PM--

May 9th, 2010

Last Updated 2751 days, 34 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: May 9
I'm definitely interested in Bungie's new project (action/RPG?), Resistance 3 and Killzone 3 should be announced soon, and May is a jam-packed month.--5/8/2010 9:47:00 PM--
2751 days, 34 minutes old - 59 comments

--5/8/2010 10:55:48 AM--

May 8th, 2010

Last Updated 2751 days, 11 hours, 26 minutes ago

Tecmo Koei: Quantum Theory Isn't "Just Another Shooter"
Despite all the comparisons to Gears of War, Tecmo Koei claims that everyone will be "surprised" when Quantum Theory comes. ...still looks like Gears.--5/8/2010 10:55:48 AM--
2751 days, 11 hours, 26 minutes old - 29 comments

Valkyrie Profile 3 Exclusive To PS3?
Last month, it was rumored that the long-awaited third Valkyrie Profile would be exclusive to the Xbox 360. But now, the source says they had it backwards.--5/8/2010 10:44:54 AM--
2751 days, 11 hours, 37 minutes old - 29 comments

Editorial: Is Sony Off Base With Move?
The PlayStation Move is set to launch this fall and while it may be very well received, we're wondering if the PS3 audience is the appropriate venue.--5/7/2010 9:26:28 PM--
2752 days, 55 minutes old - 77 comments

LBP2 Confirmed For 2010, Creation Taken To Another Level
LittleBigPlanet 2 is indeed a reality and it'll be ready to go this year. And hey, if you thought there was a ton of user customization before...--5/7/2010 9:24:42 PM--
2752 days, 57 minutes old - 54 comments

BioWare Wants To See More Games Launch On The PS3
BioWare would love to see more of their projects come out for the PS3, which basically means they'll keep working with Sony's machine. Yay!--5/7/2010 9:23:55 PM--
2752 days, 58 minutes old - 31 comments

--5/7/2010 7:29:31 PM--

May 7th, 2010

Last Updated 2752 days, 2 hours, 52 minutes ago

PS3 Review: Super Street Fighter IV
It has the word "super" in it, so it must be better, right? Hell yeah! See why Super Street Fighter IV earns the right to be called that. --5/7/2010 7:29:31 PM--
2752 days, 2 hours, 52 minutes old - 41 comments

PS3 Owners Shouldn't Dismiss Multiplatform Games
The combination of AAA exclusives and the recollection of a time when poor PS3 ports were common have caused a dismissal of multiplats.--5/7/2010 12:41:32 PM--
2752 days, 9 hours, 40 minutes old - 79 comments

Rumor: PlayStation Move To Be Much Cheaper Than Expected?
When the Move was first unveiled, a few rumors said it might cost as much as a hundred bucks...which is nuts. But the latest info is more encouraging.--5/7/2010 10:59:20 AM--
2752 days, 11 hours, 22 minutes old - 46 comments

Activision Predicts PS3 Will Outsell 360 In Annual Sales
The publisher believes that for the first time, the PS3 will actually outsell the Xbox 360 in terms of worldwide sales. Could be the start of a coup...--5/7/2010 10:43:42 AM--
2752 days, 11 hours, 38 minutes old - 53 comments

Pachter: Paid PSN Subscriptions Are Likely Inevitable
The rumors about some sort of Premium subscription service for the PSN persist, and analyst Michael Pachter says "all free" can't last forever.--5/7/2010 10:29:49 AM--
2752 days, 11 hours, 52 minutes old - 109 comments

PS3 Preview: Rage
iD Software wants to make sure of one thing: that you don't think Rage is "just another FPS." This one should be engrossing on many different levels.--5/6/2010 9:44:03 PM--
2753 days, 37 minutes old - 25 comments

Medal Of Honor Multiplayer Beta Coming Our Way
A new trailer for the game says US players will soon be able to land a spot in the upcoming beta test. Could this be the title that refreshes the series?--5/6/2010 9:42:16 PM--
2753 days, 39 minutes old - 19 comments

Toy Story 3 Gets PS3-Exclusive Content And Will "Move"
Aw, ain't it cute? Toy Story is one of the most beloved toon franchises out there and this PS3 version gets exclusive stuff and Move functionality.--5/6/2010 9:41:18 PM--
2753 days, 40 minutes old - 20 comments

Activision: Infinity Ward "Remains An Important Studio"
Despite losing 35 employees (and more are gonna go), Activision will continue to provide the necessary staff and resources to keep Infinity Ward going.--5/6/2010 9:39:55 PM--
2753 days, 42 minutes old - 21 comments

--5/6/2010 12:42:48 PM--

May 6th, 2010

Last Updated 2753 days, 9 hours, 39 minutes ago

Ubisoft Reveals HAWX Sequel
The first HAWX turned out to be a success amongst flight fans, so Ubisoft is preparing a sequel. It's set to be another big fall title...here we go again.--5/6/2010 12:42:48 PM--
2753 days, 9 hours, 39 minutes old - 16 comments

Section 8 To Receive 50% Discount On PSN Next Week
At $30, it may not be attractive enough. But at only $14.99, that could be a deal worthy of your cash. It'll be half price starting next week, PSN fans.--5/6/2010 11:03:36 AM--
2753 days, 11 hours, 18 minutes old - 14 comments

Rage Now Up To Snuff On PS3
Last year, we heard the PS3 version was running behind the PC and 360 versions in terms of speed and fluidity, but apparently, that has all changed.--5/6/2010 10:50:26 AM--
2753 days, 11 hours, 31 minutes old - 33 comments

PSM3 Teases "Top Secret" PS3 Exclusive Unveiling
One magazine apparently has the goods on at least one huge PS3 exclusive, and they'll spill the beans in next month's issue. What could it be...?--5/6/2010 10:37:10 AM--
2753 days, 11 hours, 44 minutes old - 110 comments

PS3 Videos Updated
We've got a new look at Rage (not your prototypical shooter), plus debut trailers for Call of Duty: Black Ops and Dead Space 2. Then there's Lost Planet 2, Bulletstorm, Backbreaker, Naughty Bear, and more.--5/5/2010 9:36:32 PM--
2754 days, 45 minutes old

2010: The Year Of Evolutionary Steps?
It may not be remembered as the greatest year ever, but it might provide us with appreciated evolutionary and even genre-bending leaps. Should be fun.--5/5/2010 9:34:07 PM--
2754 days, 47 minutes old - 53 comments

New Assassin's Creed Confirmed, Sneaks Into Fall
Remember that new domain Ubisoft registered for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood? Well, that's the new one for consoles and it's already set for fall.--5/5/2010 9:32:02 PM--
2754 days, 49 minutes old - 48 comments

THQ To Reveal Next Red Faction "Later This Month"
We knew they were pushing to get the next Red Faction done, but we didn't realize we'd be seeing the official unveiling so soon. It's not far off.--5/5/2010 9:31:12 PM--
2754 days, 50 minutes old - 10 comments

--5/5/2010 12:09:54 PM--

May 5th, 2010

Last Updated 2754 days, 10 hours, 12 minutes ago

BioWare Working To Combat Dragon Age Crashing
After downloading update 3.3 for the PS3, many gamers have complained of frequent crashing in Dragon Age: Origins. But they're working on a patch.--5/5/2010 12:09:54 PM--
2754 days, 10 hours, 12 minutes old - 25 comments

2K Announces Winner Of $1 Million MLB 2K10 Contest
It seemed impossible but nothing is impossible when there's a million bucks on the line. 2K has determined the first person to throw a perfect game in MLB 2K10.--5/5/2010 11:01:03 AM--
2754 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes old - 34 comments

Medal Of Honor Starts Its War On Terror In October
A little more than nine years after the tragic events of 9/11, a video game will recall the Afghanistan invasion and place you in an elite corp...--5/5/2010 10:47:27 AM--
2754 days, 11 hours, 34 minutes old - 24 comments

First DLC Pack Brings Co-Op To Red Dead Redemption
Rockstar has announced a DLC pack for RDR that delivers multiplayer co-op; it's called "Outlaws to the End" and it's FREE. Six co-op missions, peeps.--5/5/2010 10:33:25 AM--
2754 days, 11 hours, 48 minutes old - 54 comments

The Highly Customizable Backbreaker Scores June 1
It has been in the works for a long time, but the wait is almost over. And furthermore, you'll have lots and lots of control and options... Sounds like fun.--5/4/2010 9:31:19 PM--
2755 days, 50 minutes old - 21 comments

Nab Great Titles For Only $30 At K-Mart
For this week only, you can get three of the best games currently available for HALF the normal asking price. And these are blockbusters, too...--5/4/2010 9:30:16 PM--
2755 days, 51 minutes old - 77 comments

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Set For October 26
We knew LucasArts was working on a sequel - the original sold 7 million copies worldwide - but we didn't have a date. Well, it's set for fall.--5/4/2010 9:29:14 PM--
2755 days, 52 minutes old - 61 comments

--5/4/2010 12:29:55 PM--

May 4th, 2010

Last Updated 2755 days, 9 hours, 52 minutes ago

Join A Gang Of The Wild West Today
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West is an accessible, fast-paced multiplayer shooter that fires its way onto the PSN today. Give it a shot!--5/4/2010 12:29:55 PM--
2755 days, 9 hours, 52 minutes old - 18 comments

Konami Contemplating PSN Launch For Peace Walker
We know Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be out in the US next month, but what if it were also available on the PSN? Wouldn't that be attractive...?--5/4/2010 10:59:15 AM--
2755 days, 11 hours, 22 minutes old - 52 comments

Alpha Protocol Golden, Set To Infiltrate Stores June 1
The "espionage/RPG" has gone gold and will release in the US on the first of June. It's all about player choice, so make your decisions carefully!--5/4/2010 10:48:03 AM--
2755 days, 11 hours, 33 minutes old - 24 comments

God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta Assaults PSP This Year
The mystery has been revealed: a new God of War for the PSP is coming your way; it will be a prequel to the series and feature all sorts of upgrades.--5/4/2010 10:35:48 AM--
2755 days, 11 hours, 46 minutes old - 34 comments

PS3 Preview: Test Drive Unlimited 2
It's not just about cars. It's not just about racing. It's about living the awesome lifestyle that goes along with it; it's about money and riches.--5/3/2010 9:43:59 PM--
2756 days, 38 minutes old - 20 comments

Final Fantasy XIII: A Retrospective
Now that the game has been available for nearly two months in the US, has your opinions changed? What will you say about the game in the years to come?--5/3/2010 9:42:45 PM--
2756 days, 39 minutes old - 97 comments

Bungie Possibly Working On A Deep RPG Experience?
Based on what we can learn from Bungie's new job opportunities, it seems their new project might be a very deep and involving action/RPG. Hmm...--5/3/2010 9:41:20 PM--
2756 days, 40 minutes old - 38 comments

Modern Warfare 2 DLC Stimulates Network Today
For the first time, the Store will be updated on a Tuesday. And if you're a Call of Duty fan, you'll definitely want to nab the Stimulus Package today.--5/3/2010 9:39:59 PM--
2756 days, 42 minutes old - 51 comments

--5/3/2010 12:31:14 PM--

May 3rd, 2010

Last Updated 2756 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes ago

PlayStation Protection Plan Revealed For PS3 And PSP
SCEA has announced a new Protection Plan for both the PS3 and PSP; for a price, you can cover your system for one or two additional years.--5/3/2010 12:31:14 PM--
2756 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes old - 72 comments

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Hits Consoles With New Features
For fans of Calamity Trigger, this is great news. Continuum Shift will be available on the PS3 and 360 this fall, and it's a beefed-up version!--5/3/2010 10:58:43 AM--
2756 days, 11 hours, 23 minutes old - 29 comments

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow Sneaks Onto PS2 In June
One of the best PSP titles ever is coming to the PS2 in less than one month's time. We'll also get a graphic novel to enhance the Syphon Filter story.--5/3/2010 10:35:09 AM--
2756 days, 11 hours, 46 minutes old - 14 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Most All Your PS3s Are Connected
In retrospect, it was sort of a ridiculous question. Most all of you say your PS3 systems are connected to the Network, which isn't really surprising.--5/2/2010 9:47:55 PM--
2757 days, 34 minutes old - 51 comments

Does The Woman In Your Life Play Video Games?
The common fantasy amongst male gamers is to find a hot chick who just so happens to love video games. So who's living the fantasy? Be truthful, now.--5/2/2010 9:36:15 PM--
2757 days, 45 minutes old - 182 comments

Meet The "Legendary" Operations Commander For SOCOM 4
There will be a new lead character in SOCOM 4 and here's an introduction. Cullen Gray has quite the resume, and he'll be a very capable protagonist.--5/2/2010 9:35:10 PM--
2757 days, 46 minutes old - 13 comments

Rumor: GameCrazy To No Longer Exist After This Month?
Well, if GameStop hasn't entirely cornered the market already, they probably will this summer. GameCrazy might be all done before May is out...--5/2/2010 9:34:14 PM--
2757 days, 47 minutes old - 43 comments

--5/1/2010 10:01:21 PM--

May 2nd, 2010

Last Updated 2758 days, 20 minutes ago

PS3 Review: Hyperballoid HD
Brick-breakers are always pretty fun and although this one doesn't exactly shine, it still delivers the expected entertainment. Maybe worth six bucks...?--5/1/2010 10:01:21 PM--
2758 days, 20 minutes old - 29 comments

Ben's Week In Review: May 2
I have difficulty understanding Ninja Theory's statement (how is it relevant?), Bungie is rightfully done with Halo, and I have more fun with Nier.--5/1/2010 9:59:33 PM--
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--5/1/2010 11:14:49 AM--

May 1st, 2010

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Free Realms Finally Confirmed For PS3
We've been hearing that a PS3 version was inevitable for almost a year, so it's nice to finally have the announcement. It'll be at E3, too.--5/1/2010 11:14:49 AM--
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Clash Of The Titans Ventures Into Stores This July
For some reason, it didn't come out when the movie hit theaters. But it'll finally arrive at the end of July...maybe it isn't bad timing.--5/1/2010 10:56:04 AM--
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Editorial: Register Biscuit, Be Quiet
GameStop employees aren't usually as bad as people say, at least in my experience. But today...I ran into a biscuit that needs to be fired.--4/30/2010 10:07:56 PM--
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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Unveiled, Set For November 9
Well, so this is the new Call of Duty. It'll be in Vietnam, it'll launch on November 9, there will be licensed tracks, and...well, more info inside.--4/30/2010 9:37:30 PM--
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New Domains For Red Faction: Origins And Armageddon
These could be two Red Faction games...is the Origins one a remake, or something? We have to assume that Armageddon is what's known as "Red Faction 4."--4/30/2010 9:36:21 PM--
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