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Updates (April, 2012)

--4/30/2012 10:10:08 AM--

April 30th, 2012

Last Updated 2091 days, 9 hours, 28 minutes ago

Capcom Fighters In PlayStation All-Stars Is "A Question For Sony"
Fans have been wondering if Capcom might be able to toss a few of their legendary characters into Sony's new brawler. But that decision isn't Capcom's.--4/30/2012 10:10:08 AM--
2091 days, 9 hours, 28 minutes old - 33 comments

Maybe We Won't Get Final Fantasy XIII-3
Square Enix has clarified the name registration for "Final Fantasy XIII-3." Evidently, it was nothing more than a "precaution," so that's that. For now, anyway.--4/30/2012 9:57:49 AM--
2091 days, 9 hours, 41 minutes old - 15 comments

SCEA "Guarantees" Ascension Will Give Fans What They Want
In the official press release for God of War: Ascension, we learn we'll get multiplayer for 8, and SCEA promises that fans will be quite fulfilled.--4/30/2012 9:44:35 AM--
2091 days, 9 hours, 54 minutes old - 27 comments

Can Sony Get Away With Another $600 Price Tag For PS4?
Launching the PS3 with a $600 price tag earned Sony a ton of flak. But if the PS4 appeared worthwhile in the eyes of gamers, is $600 still a problem?--4/29/2012 9:10:42 PM--
2091 days, 22 hours, 28 minutes old - 0 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Vita's Price Remains A Stumbling Block
Based the findings of our most recent poll, the cost of Sony's portable is a definite hurdle. This week, what's your take on Kratos' new adventure?--4/29/2012 9:09:32 PM--
2091 days, 22 hours, 29 minutes old - 0 comments

Catch God Of War: Ascension Gameplay During Live Q&A
Sony will be hosting a live Q&A event at 11 a.m., and the word is gameplay will be on display. At the very least, we'll learn more about the new God of War!--4/29/2012 9:08:17 PM--
2091 days, 22 hours, 30 minutes old - 10 comments

Amazon Offers A Few Fresh Details For PlayStation All-Stars
The new Amazon listing for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale gives us a glimpse at some game details, along with a placeholder release date...--4/29/2012 9:06:50 PM--
2091 days, 22 hours, 32 minutes old - 13 comments

Platinum Employees Give Us A Sneak Peek At Anarchy Reigns
Anarchy Reigns looks all sorts of promising, and it looks even better when the developers sit down to play it. This is the definition of a great preview!--4/29/2012 9:05:58 PM--
2091 days, 22 hours, 33 minutes old - 4 comments

--4/28/2012 9:25:24 PM--

April 29th, 2012

Last Updated 2092 days, 22 hours, 13 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: April 29
I really think the FPS genre needs the lighthearted infusion of a new TimeSplitters, Mirror's Edge 2 should happen, and I look forward to Max Payne 3.--4/28/2012 9:25:24 PM--
2092 days, 22 hours, 13 minutes old - 51 comments

--4/28/2012 9:10:46 AM--

April 28th, 2012

Last Updated 2093 days, 10 hours, 28 minutes ago

Pachter: GTAV Might Ship On October 23
Analyst Michael Pachter says Grand Theft Auto V should release on October 23, which means the fall lineup will be - once again - packed to the gills.--4/28/2012 9:10:46 AM--
2093 days, 10 hours, 28 minutes old - 29 comments

Editorial: Does PlayStation All-Stars Have Enough Icon Power?
Obviously, this game is for the fans. But do even the most die-hard PlayStation fans harbor deep feelings of love and admiration for Sony's characters?--4/27/2012 9:30:21 PM--
2093 days, 22 hours, 8 minutes old - 71 comments

Black Ops 2 Apparently Confirmed, Set For November 13
The game will be revealed to the world on Tuesday night but by now, the details won't be much of a surprise. Now we've got a title and release date.--4/27/2012 9:08:28 PM--
2093 days, 22 hours, 30 minutes old - 22 comments

Mass Effect 3 Operation Exorcist Brings Weekend Challenges To PS3
BioWare has revealed the first set of Weekend Challenges for the PS3 version of ME3. And don't worry, all future Challenges are coming as well.--4/27/2012 8:58:20 PM--
2093 days, 22 hours, 40 minutes old - 15 comments

--4/27/2012 9:44:39 AM--

April 27th, 2012

Last Updated 2094 days, 9 hours, 54 minutes ago

Team Ninja: DoA5 Characters Will Have "Actual Presence"
Dead or Alive has always been known for its unique sexual style. But Dead or Alive 5 will focus more on the gameplay and the "presence" of the fighters.--4/27/2012 9:44:39 AM--
2094 days, 9 hours, 54 minutes old - 9 comments

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Official
Yep, it's here. Sony has announced their "ultimate four-player brawler," and it will feature many iconic PlayStation characters, so get ready for combat!--4/27/2012 9:10:09 AM--
2094 days, 10 hours, 28 minutes old - 113 comments

Crytek Spent Dev Budget On Monkeys, So No TimeSplitters 4
In a funny roundabout way, Crytek has essentially confirmed that a new TimeSplitters isn't in the works...because monkeys can't write code.--4/27/2012 9:26:22 AM--
2094 days, 10 hours, 12 minutes old - 13 comments

Do Hardcore Gamers Even Care About Sports Games Anymore?
Sports games used to be some of the most popular and anticipated titles in any given year. But as times have changed, trends have changed, too...--4/26/2012 9:33:48 PM--
2094 days, 22 hours, 5 minutes old - 51 comments

Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC: Lightning And Snow Episodes Incoming
It seems some DLC info for FFXIII-2 has been leaked. Fans can expect new episodes for Lightning and Snow in May, and they both seem pretty significant.--4/26/2012 9:25:08 PM--
2094 days, 22 hours, 13 minutes old - 17 comments

DICE On BF3 Online Issues: "Tough To Tell Who's Right"
The developer has heard the many complaints concerning the Battlefield 3 online multiplayer, but they have to be realistic and try to prioritize.--4/26/2012 9:23:43 PM--
2094 days, 22 hours, 15 minutes old - 19 comments

Bioshock Infinite Vita Secondary To Console, PC Versions
Developer Irrational Games says they're focusing on the console and PC versions first, and they may actually have to outsource the Vita iteration.--4/26/2012 9:27:09 PM--
2094 days, 22 hours, 11 minutes old - 0 comments

--4/26/2012 9:48:01 AM--

April 26th, 2012

Last Updated 2095 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes ago

Bethesda: Skyrim DLC Info Might Finally Arrive "Next Week"
After months and months of silence, it appears that Bethesda might finally be ready to dish on the first expansion for Skyrim. Expect a large piece of DLC...--4/26/2012 9:48:01 AM--
2095 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes old - 31 comments

Lollipop Chainsaw Gameplay: Zombies No Match For Cheerleaders
So much of a certain kind of marketing, and so little in the way of gameplay. But we get a peek at the latter today, as Juliet rips through the zombie horde.--4/26/2012 9:35:46 AM--
2095 days, 10 hours, 3 minutes old - 15 comments

Battlefield 3 Close Quarters DLC: Go Trigger-Happy In June
Few places to run, fewer places to hide. The new DLC for Battlefield 3 will test your speed and reflexes, as the bullets - and bodies - will fly ceaselessly!--4/26/2012 9:21:55 AM--
2095 days, 10 hours, 17 minutes old - 3 comments

Don't Be Surprised If Sony Announces inFamous 3 Soon
Rumors concerning a mystery PS3 exclusive have been swirling, but nobody seems to be talking about the possibility of a third inFamous. Well...start talking.--4/25/2012 9:35:30 PM--
2095 days, 22 hours, 3 minutes old - 58 comments

PS3 Review: Prototype 2
It's brutal, visceral, and mindless. It's too easy, it doesn't have a great story, and the technicals aren't fantastic. ...so how come we can't stop playing?--4/25/2012 9:16:34 PM--
2095 days, 22 hours, 22 minutes old - 19 comments

Sessler Leaves G4, Departure "Not On Amicable Terms"
Adam Sessler is no longer with G4, which means it's the end of an era. Evidently, he left due to a contractual dispute and things just didn't go well.--4/25/2012 9:15:30 PM--
2095 days, 22 hours, 23 minutes old - 25 comments

"Megatron" Edges Cam Newton For Madden 13 Cover
Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson will grace the cover of this year's Madden game. Geez, an 8-year $132 million-dollar deal and now this.--4/25/2012 9:13:13 PM--
2095 days, 22 hours, 25 minutes old - 15 comments

Don't Forget, Starhawk Has A Story Mode
When it comes to the multiplayer for Starhawk, we've seen and heard a lot. But now it's time to check out the single-player campaign...yeah, remember that?--4/25/2012 9:14:14 PM--
2095 days, 22 hours, 24 minutes old - 11 comments

Uncharted Series Tops 17 Million, GotY Edition For Uncharted 3
Sony has revealed the lifetime sales numbers for Naughty Dog's stellar franchise and in celebration, we get a Game of the Year Edition for Uncharted 3.--4/25/2012 9:12:07 PM--
2095 days, 22 hours, 26 minutes old - 8 comments

--4/25/2012 12:40:28 PM--

April 25th, 2012

Last Updated 2096 days, 6 hours, 58 minutes ago

Mikami's New Project Is "Zwei," A Survival/Horror Title
The Resident Evil designer is working on a new project at his Tango Gameworks studio, and it's a survival/horror endeavor code-named "Zwei."--4/25/2012 12:40:28 PM--
2096 days, 6 hours, 58 minutes old - 18 comments

DICE, EA Still Want To Make A Sequel To Mirror's Edge
One source claims that the developer and publisher are still interested in creating Mirror's Edge 2 and hopefully, we'll be able to talk about it soon...--4/25/2012 10:15:13 AM--
2096 days, 9 hours, 23 minutes old - 14 comments

Resistance Trilogy Set For May?
Three of the best shooters of the generation - don't let anyone tell you otherwise - should be slated to arrive in a tidy little bundle next month.--4/25/2012 10:06:36 AM--
2096 days, 9 hours, 32 minutes old - 14 comments

Crytek 100% Supports A Console That Blocks Used Games
The Crysis developer says it would be "awesome" if next-gen machines effectively banned used games. He's not the first to day it, and won't be the last.--4/25/2012 9:48:51 AM--
2096 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes old - 65 comments

New US Online Retailer Will Give Game Makers 10% Of Used Sales
The used game market is a touchy subject for game makers, but a new online retailer plans to give a percentage of their pre-owned sales to publishers.--4/24/2012 9:07:28 PM--
2096 days, 22 hours, 31 minutes old - 63 comments

Future Setting, High-Tech Gadgetry Teased For Call Of Duty
May 1 can't get here soon enough. The rumors continue to swirl: The latest involves the setting, which could be in the near, high-tech future...--4/24/2012 9:06:21 PM--
2096 days, 22 hours, 32 minutes old - 10 comments

Retailers Nail Down Darksiders II Date
THQ was forced to delay the sequel until August, but they didn't give us an exact date. Now it seems we have one thanks to both GameStop and Amazon.--4/24/2012 9:05:20 PM--
2096 days, 22 hours, 33 minutes old - 4 comments

Fan Turns Each Uncharted Into A Lengthy Feature Film
Now that's ambition! A dedicated Uncharted fan has turned each series entry into a movie on YouTube; if you're interested, put aside a chunk of time...--4/24/2012 9:04:08 PM--
2096 days, 22 hours, 34 minutes old - 14 comments

--4/24/2012 9:51:10 AM--

April 24th, 2012

Last Updated 2097 days, 9 hours, 47 minutes ago

Today's Amazon Lightning Deals Include ME3 And...Lightning
Amazon is giving you the chance to grab Mass Effect 3 today for only $30, and there should be several Move accessories and even FFXIII-2 on the sale list!--4/24/2012 9:51:10 AM--
2097 days, 9 hours, 47 minutes old - 25 comments

Bowling Opens New Studio, "Creative Vision" Is A Priority
Former Infinity Ward boss Robert Bowling is opening his own studio, Robotoki, which will be entirely self-funded and put the talent first. Priorities, yes?--4/24/2012 9:38:01 AM--
2097 days, 10 hours old - 17 comments

Skype Functionality Lands On Vita Today
Talk about slick. Skype will be available for the PlayStation Vita later today, and you'll be able to pause a game, accept a call, and go back to playing!--4/24/2012 9:23:19 AM--
2097 days, 10 hours, 15 minutes old - 0 comments

Are Video Games Stopping Our Children From Growing Up?
It has to be asked. Given how many view the gaming community, and seeing first-hand how some gamers act, this hobby may have clear adverse effects.--4/23/2012 9:22:57 PM--
2097 days, 22 hours, 16 minutes old - 43 comments

Vita Preview: Resistance: Burning Skies
It's one of the most exciting new games for the PlayStation Vita, mainly because we finally get to use analog sticks with a handheld shooter. Looks great!--4/23/2012 9:21:12 PM--
2097 days, 22 hours, 17 minutes old - 0 comments

Pre-Order LittleBigPlanet Karting, Get Kevin Butler DLC
If you're psyched for Sackboy's turn around the kart track, you should pre-order. And if you do it at either GameStop or Amazon, you get KB! ...sort of.--4/23/2012 9:19:02 PM--
2097 days, 22 hours, 19 minutes old - 6 comments

EEDAR: PS3 Doesn't Need A Price Cut
Many say it's time for Sony to drop the price of the PlayStation 3, but EEDAR's Jesse Divnich says now isn't the time and the system is doing just fine.--4/23/2012 9:20:07 PM--
2097 days, 22 hours, 18 minutes old - 4 comments

Mortal Kombat Vita To Boast Exclusive "Klassic Kostumes"
The Vita version of last year's fighter will feature some exclusive "klassic kostumes" for the ninjas. Sorry, the female characters are left out.--4/23/2012 9:17:17 PM--
2097 days, 22 hours, 21 minutes old - 0 comments

--4/23/2012 12:12:16 PM--

April 23rd, 2012

Last Updated 2098 days, 7 hours, 26 minutes ago

Ubisoft Talks Expansion And Freedom In Assassin's Creed III
Assassin's Creed III should be bigger, more diverse, and more dynamic than any previous entry. Ubisoft is building and expanding on a solid foundation.--4/23/2012 12:12:16 PM--
2098 days, 7 hours, 26 minutes old - 13 comments

Twisted Metal Online Problems Outside US, Gamers Annoyed
It seems a whole lot of European gamers can't log into the Twisted Metal online servers, and that even effects the single-player challenges when on the PSN.--4/23/2012 10:17:47 AM--
2098 days, 9 hours, 21 minutes old - 11 comments

Brink Sells 2.5 Million Worldwide
It seems last year's Brink managed to overcome a lukewarm response from the critics, as it has sold 2.5 million and generated $120-$140 million.--4/23/2012 10:08:11 AM--
2098 days, 9 hours, 30 minutes old - 11 comments

Batman: Arkham City Game Of The Year Edition Hitting May 29
It certainly deserves a GotY Edition, doesn't it? And like most such packages, it will include all the available DLC, along with the upcoming last piece...--4/23/2012 9:57:02 AM--
2098 days, 9 hours, 41 minutes old - 11 comments

Top 5 Sequels We Want To See But Probably Never Will
There are just some sequels we'll never see. Here are the top 5 we really want; the games that left us wanting more and to this day, we STILL want more.--4/22/2012 9:32:19 PM--
2098 days, 22 hours, 6 minutes old - 77 comments

PSXE Poll Update: PS3 Price Cut Likely For Holiday Rush
Most believe we'll see a price drop for the PS3 before the year is out, which is quite feasible. But how come you don't own a Vita? Too pricey? Too few games?--4/22/2012 9:30:57 PM--
2098 days, 22 hours, 8 minutes old - 29 comments

Rumor: Black Ops 2 Launch Date, Multiplayer Details Leaked
The Call of Duty fans have been doing a lot of research over the weekend. Freshly discovered posters (fake or not?) have hinted at a launch date...--4/22/2012 9:29:31 PM--
2098 days, 22 hours, 9 minutes old - 10 comments

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Could Be Announced Soon
With a few new registered domains, this rumor is becoming clearer. How much longer before Sony officially unveils their version of Super Smash Bros.?--4/22/2012 9:28:25 PM--
2098 days, 22 hours, 10 minutes old - 26 comments

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Emerges From The Shadows On August 21
It was supposed to drop in March...obviously, that didn't happen. We have to wait a bit longer now, but at least it has a solidified new release date.--4/22/2012 9:26:55 PM--
2098 days, 22 hours, 12 minutes old - 5 comments

--4/21/2012 9:15:36 PM--

April 22nd, 2012

Last Updated 2099 days, 22 hours, 23 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: April 22
The expectations for God of War: Ascension will be super high, Crytek should stop making superiority claims, and a few older games sidetrack me.--4/21/2012 9:15:36 PM--
2099 days, 22 hours, 23 minutes old - 36 comments

--4/21/2012 10:23:19 AM--

April 21st, 2012

Last Updated 2100 days, 9 hours, 15 minutes ago

Sony Repairs Exploits In Two PSP Titles, But Another Is Out There
Two PSP games on the PSN let hackers run unsigned code on the new Vita, so Sony took the titles down and fixed 'em. But now, there's another issue.--4/21/2012 10:23:19 AM--
2100 days, 9 hours, 15 minutes old - 0 comments

Editorial: Can Lollipop Chainsaw Survive On T&A Alone?
The marketing campaign is clear: Jessica Nigri is going to pose a LOT and the trailers are going to be laden with titillating content...but is it enough?--4/20/2012 9:54:43 PM--
2100 days, 21 hours, 44 minutes old - 28 comments

God Of War Developer Hiring For Complex New Shooter?
Sony Santa Monica is seeking a senior combat designer for an "unannounced IP," and he should have experience in first- and third-person shooters.--4/20/2012 9:26:10 PM--
2100 days, 22 hours, 12 minutes old - 23 comments

Sly Cooper Devs Want Your In-Game Treasure Designs
It's a contest that lets you design your own treasure for the new Sly Cooper game. The runners-up don't go home empty-handed; they get a Vita!--4/20/2012 9:38:28 PM--
2100 days, 22 hours old - 2 comments

--4/20/2012 10:25:49 AM--

April 20th, 2012

Last Updated 2101 days, 9 hours, 13 minutes ago

Activision: Charging Money For Stuff Doesn't Make Us Greedy
After posting an update at the PlayStation Blog, Activision Social Media Manager Dan Amrich faced a lot of hate...and he wasn't shy about replying.--4/20/2012 10:25:49 AM--
2101 days, 9 hours, 13 minutes old - 67 comments

Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice Of Arland Lands US Launch Date
It's the final game in the Arland trilogy, and we'll once again tackle Alchemy within a colorful, charming world. JRPG aficionados are drooling...--4/20/2012 10:08:31 AM--
2101 days, 9 hours, 30 minutes old - 15 comments

GameStop Selling 160GB PS3 For $199 (UPDATED)
Today, the retailer is listing the 160GB PS3 for $50 less than the normal price tag. They're also doing a Vita deal that includes a free game and case.--4/20/2012 9:56:15 AM--
2101 days, 9 hours, 42 minutes old - 17 comments

Vita Hype Cooling Off Fast, Big Games Necessary To Rekindle
We're not hearing too much about Sony's new portable these days, and that's because it needs GAMES to get attention. Bring on the new software!--4/19/2012 9:18:09 PM--
2101 days, 22 hours, 20 minutes old - 0 comments

PS3 Preview: Resident Evil 6
The latest Resident Evil has been turning heads ever since that debut trailer blew up in forums and communities, and now it's time to take a closer look...--4/19/2012 9:16:21 PM--
2101 days, 22 hours, 22 minutes old - 14 comments

Sony Working With EA To Deliver ME3 Multiplayer Weekends To PS3
Ever since the game launched, 360 and PC owners have enjoyed multiplayer weekends, but PS3 owners have gotten the shaft. Not much longer, though.--4/19/2012 9:14:46 PM--
2101 days, 22 hours, 24 minutes old - 21 comments

Kingdoms Of Amalur Hits 410,000 Sold
It proved popular with both critics and gamers, and it has now surpassed 400k units in North America alone. Chances are, we'll see a sequel one day...--4/19/2012 9:13:25 PM--
2101 days, 22 hours, 25 minutes old - 11 comments

New Silent Hill Movie Will Freak You Out This Halloween
If you enjoyed the first movie, you might like this one: It features a similar cast and it'll be in theaters just before Halloween. And it's in 3D, too!--4/19/2012 9:12:11 PM--
2101 days, 22 hours, 26 minutes old - 19 comments

Atlus To Distribute Dragon's Crown In US, Coming To PS3, Vita (UPDATED)
The publisher has secured the rights to bring Vanillaware's co-op action/RPG to American PS3s and Vitas. It looks like fun, but it won't be here until 2013.--4/19/2012 9:10:51 PM--
2101 days, 22 hours, 28 minutes old - 7 comments

--4/19/2012 12:18:27 PM--

April 19th, 2012

Last Updated 2102 days, 7 hours, 20 minutes ago

Should There Be A Standardized Format For Game Reviews?
The way we review games now is just way too erratic. Consumers can be easily confused with so many drastically different ways of analyzing products.--4/19/2012 12:18:27 PM--
2102 days, 7 hours, 20 minutes old - 30 comments

Crysis 3 Will Push The PS3/360 To Its Limits...Sounds Familiar
Crytek once again says the next Crysis will push the consoles to their "limits." ...it's just that we've heard this before...several times before, actually.--4/19/2012 10:47:42 AM--
2102 days, 8 hours, 51 minutes old - 28 comments

Prototype 2 Pack Leader Ability: Strategy Amid The Chaos
The new Pack Leader ability lets you summon in a bunch of helpful brawlers, who will do your destructive bidding. Talk about otherworldly power!--4/19/2012 10:36:46 AM--
2102 days, 9 hours, 2 minutes old - 7 comments

Bethesda: Prey 2 Not Canceled, Just Delayed Beyond 2012
A few weeks back, some sources were claiming that Prey 2 had been canceled. But Bethesda has clarified; the game has been delayed for quality reasons.--4/19/2012 10:20:47 AM--
2102 days, 9 hours, 18 minutes old - 7 comments

God Of War Ascension: The Ambitious Prequel Is Coming
The new God of War is called Ascension and it's evidently a sequel. That means Kratos is back, and as fans of the bad-ass warrior, we couldn't be happier!--4/18/2012 11:50:10 PM--
2102 days, 19 hours, 48 minutes old - 59 comments

Is God Of War The Greatest Action Franchise In History?
There are a ton of action franchises in gaming, but can any hold a candle to the esteemed God of War series? In terms of review scores...no, not really.--4/18/2012 9:19:15 PM--
2102 days, 22 hours, 19 minutes old - 45 comments

Rumor: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 To Be Unveiled On May 2
You have to assume the announcement is coming and chances are, the bomb will drop on May 2. Will Black Ops 2 continue the franchise's domination this fall?--4/18/2012 9:03:01 PM--
2102 days, 22 hours, 35 minutes old - 17 comments

Vita Unlockables And Trophies Updated
Unlockable goodies and Trophy lists for Rayman Origins, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, Wipeout 2048, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, Little Deviants, Reality Fighters, MotorStorm RC and more!--4/18/2012 9:05:03 PM--
2102 days, 22 hours, 33 minutes old

Retailer Leaks Dead Space 3, Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2
A South African retailer has leaked two big-name titles. The first is Dead Space 3 (yes, please!) and the second is a sequel to Need for Speed: Most Wanted.--4/18/2012 9:01:24 PM--
2102 days, 22 hours, 37 minutes old - 14 comments

Sony To Release New Media Device, "nasne," In Japan
A new device for recording and media storage will be available in Japan this summer; it's called "nasne" and it'll work with both the PS3 and Vita.--4/18/2012 9:00:06 PM--
2102 days, 22 hours, 38 minutes old - 7 comments

Mystery Vita Game, Soul Sacrifice, To Be Revealed Next Month
A new Vita game should be announced in May; it's apparently from Sony and it's called Soul Sacrifice. Well, the more promising Vita titles, the better.--4/18/2012 8:59:17 PM--
2102 days, 22 hours, 39 minutes old - 0 comments

--4/18/2012 12:40:19 PM--

April 18th, 2012

Last Updated 2103 days, 6 hours, 58 minutes ago

Ubisoft Facing Assassin's Creed Copyright Infringement Lawsuit
An American science fiction author is suing Ubisoft for copyright infringement; it seems the Assassin's Creed games are very similar to his novel, "Link."--4/18/2012 12:40:19 PM--
2103 days, 6 hours, 58 minutes old - 44 comments

Darksiders II Officially Delayed
There's a reason THQ said they couldn't confirm the initial June 29 date, and it's because they planned to give the developer more time. It's August now.--4/18/2012 10:51:58 AM--
2103 days, 8 hours, 47 minutes old - 12 comments

Tekken Producer: We'll Never Charge For Extra Fighters
They may charge for cosmetic and vanity items but Tekken fans don't have to worry about buying new fighters, which are the "essential chess pieces."--4/18/2012 10:41:23 AM--
2103 days, 8 hours, 57 minutes old - 14 comments

Sample Bond's Most Iconic Missions In 007: Legends
The new game from Eurocom won't be specifically based on the upcoming film. Instead, it's going to focus on the spy's most memorable endeavors.--4/18/2012 10:27:35 AM--
2103 days, 9 hours, 11 minutes old - 7 comments

Will PS3 Fans Be Jealous Of Halo 4?
With a relatively light 2012 lineup, especially in regards to exclusive PS3 software, might fans of Sony's machine be a TAD jealous of the new Halo?--4/17/2012 9:45:33 PM--
2103 days, 21 hours, 53 minutes old - 139 comments

Dishonored May Be A Glimpse Of The Industry's Future
The ambitious project in development at Arkane Studios could result in a progressive game that gives us a sneak peek at the industry of tomorrow.--4/17/2012 9:41:22 PM--
2103 days, 21 hours, 57 minutes old - 12 comments

PS3 Preview: Lost Planet 3
The new Lost Planet is in development at a different studio, and although that studio doesn't have the best reputation, things are looking up for LP3.--4/17/2012 9:40:07 PM--
2103 days, 21 hours, 58 minutes old - 13 comments

Paint Park, Treasure Park, Wake-Up Club Enhancing Vita
Three new applications will be joining the "Park" feature on the PlayStation Vita. This even involves turning the alarm clock into a community event!--4/17/2012 9:38:45 PM--
2103 days, 22 hours old - 0 comments

Analyst: Prototype 2 Won't Sell As Many Copies As First Title
Although many view it as a big game, one analyst believes it'll "struggle" to reach 500,000 sold in the US, and it won't even match the sales of the original.--4/17/2012 9:37:19 PM--
2103 days, 22 hours, 1 minute old - 35 comments

--4/17/2012 9:57:50 AM--

April 17th, 2012

Last Updated 2104 days, 9 hours, 41 minutes ago

Sackboy Going The "Social Game" Route?
According to a new job listing at the LittleBigPlanet website, the next series entry could be very different...will it be a "social game" or MMO?--4/17/2012 9:57:50 AM--
2104 days, 9 hours, 41 minutes old - 6 comments

Dishonored Debut Trailer Will Leave You Wanting More
The first full trailer for the latest from Arkane Studios and Bethesda is here, and the level of detail is impressive, as are the various gameplay elements.--4/17/2012 9:48:26 AM--
2104 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes old - 20 comments

Sony, Microsoft E3 Press Conference Times Announced
We know when Sony and Microsoft will be taking to the stage at this year's E3. The conferences are set for the same day, but Sony's is much later.--4/17/2012 9:34:17 AM--
2104 days, 10 hours, 4 minutes old - 22 comments

Developers Face A No-Win Situation With Downloadable Content
No matter what sort of downloadable content comes down the pike, it just seems as developers are in a lose-lose situation. Damned if you do, damned...--4/16/2012 9:42:53 PM--
2104 days, 21 hours, 56 minutes old - 62 comments

Vita Review: Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention
It's not much different than Absence of Justice, which launched for the PS3 nearly four years ago, but it's still a solid Disgaea title for Vita owners.--4/16/2012 9:41:11 PM--
2104 days, 21 hours, 57 minutes old - 0 comments

Rumor: God Of War IV A Prequel, Set To Launch In March 2013
Did a GameStop employee make a big slip? One of them tells us the new secret title is indeed God of War IV, and it's a prequel that will ship in March 2013.--4/16/2012 9:40:08 PM--
2104 days, 21 hours, 58 minutes old - 23 comments

"Tricky-Inspired" DLC Heading To SSX
New content is coming your way, SSX fans. It's especially great for those who loved Tricky and all its high-flyin' style; welcome to Mt. Eddie, guys!--4/16/2012 9:38:40 PM--
2104 days, 22 hours old - 4 comments

Jade Raymond's Ubisoft Toronto Studio Looking For "Meaning"
The new boss is a new mother and coincidentally, she's also looking to break new ground in the world of video games. We have to "grow up," she says.--4/16/2012 9:37:34 PM--
2104 days, 22 hours, 1 minute old - 16 comments

--4/16/2012 1:42:48 PM--

April 16th, 2012

Last Updated 2105 days, 5 hours, 56 minutes ago

Grasshopper CCO: Packaged Media Won't Disappear Entirely
Not everyone thinks physical media will die out; one developer says packaged goods will still be around, but wonders why the Vita isn't selling better.--4/16/2012 1:42:48 PM--
2105 days, 5 hours, 56 minutes old - 27 comments

GT Academy 2012 Kicks Off In May, Can You Handle The Speed?
If you think you've got what it takes, download the upcoming demo and see if you can qualify. This year the competition will be more grueling than ever!--4/16/2012 10:54:15 AM--
2105 days, 8 hours, 44 minutes old - 3 comments

Rumor: Sony Adding Speech Recognition Tech To PS4
A LinkedIn job posting suggests that Sony plans to implement voice recognition in the next PlayStation console. Just a rumor, of course, but still cool.--4/16/2012 10:39:10 AM--
2105 days, 8 hours, 59 minutes old - 0 comments

Crysis 3 Confirmed, Prophet Will Hit New York In Spring 2013
The rumors were true, as expected. EA has announced the third Crysis installment, which features a jungle-y New York City and a sweet composite bow!--4/16/2012 10:28:58 AM--
2105 days, 9 hours, 10 minutes old - 16 comments

Do You Want Your Favorite Franchise To Practice "Annualization?"
Most say they don't like the idea of seeing a new series entry every year. But what if we're talking about your favorite franchise? Change your mind?--4/15/2012 9:26:27 PM--
2105 days, 22 hours, 12 minutes old - 41 comments

PSXE Poll Update: GTAV Still A Top Priority For Gamers
Even though Red Dead Redemption was well-received, gamers are still on the GTA bandwagon. Now, do you expect a PS3 price cut in 2012?--4/15/2012 9:24:23 PM--
2105 days, 22 hours, 14 minutes old - 8 comments

God Of War IV Retail Box Says The Game Is A "Shooter"
More retail evidence for GoWIV has arrived, but it's confusing...not only does it use a totally unofficial logo, but the box also says the game is a "shooter."--4/15/2012 9:23:02 PM--
2105 days, 22 hours, 15 minutes old - 46 comments

Hori Virtua Fighter 5 Arcade Stick Coming To US This Summer
Yep, this bad-ass stick is coming to North America, just in time for the launch of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. The die-hard fighting aficionados want it!--4/15/2012 9:20:37 PM--
2105 days, 22 hours, 18 minutes old - 11 comments

Scheduled PSN Maintenance To Last About 13 Hours Today
Just so you know, you won't be able to do anything Network-related for a good chunk of time on Monday. You might actually have to play a campaign! 'gasp'--4/15/2012 9:21:56 PM--
2105 days, 22 hours, 17 minutes old - 28 comments

--4/14/2012 9:27:51 PM--

April 15th, 2012

Last Updated 2106 days, 22 hours, 11 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: April 15
CliffyB is right about wanting next-gen consoles that pass the "Mom test," It seems like all shooters are going sandbox, and I start on a timeless classic.--4/14/2012 9:27:51 PM--
2106 days, 22 hours, 11 minutes old - 56 comments

--4/14/2012 10:04:52 AM--

April 14th, 2012

Last Updated 2107 days, 9 hours, 34 minutes ago

Rumor: GTAV On Vita, Dead Space 3, Black Ops 2 "Will Fail"
The cover of next month's Play magazine may have been leaked and if so, we've got some big news coming. Can you imagine GTAV on the Vita...?--4/14/2012 10:04:52 AM--
2107 days, 9 hours, 34 minutes old - 0 comments

Scarlet Red 320GB PS3 Hits UK Soon
Finally, a region other than Japan will get a nifty colored PS3. It's the red slim model and UK gamers will be able to get their hands on it this month.--4/14/2012 9:55:03 AM--
2107 days, 9 hours, 43 minutes old - 21 comments

Editorial: Take Your "Always-Connected" Console And Shove It
There are some "advancements" we really don't want to see next generation, and one of them involves a constant Internet connection. That doesn't sit right.--4/13/2012 9:31:23 PM--
2107 days, 22 hours, 7 minutes old - 54 comments

Pachter: "100%" Certain That God Of War IV And GoW Vita Is Coming
Analyst Michael Pachter says he believes "100%" that God of War IV is in the works, and he's equally certain that the Vita will receive an installment, too.--4/13/2012 9:27:50 PM--
2107 days, 22 hours, 11 minutes old - 22 comments

Sony's New Plans May Include A "Stripped Down" Network
Sony needs to regain some lost revenue and that could include shaking up the PSN a bit; i.e., "stripping down" free access to encourage premium purchases.--4/13/2012 9:29:01 PM--
2107 days, 22 hours, 9 minutes old - 47 comments

Need For Speed Movie Inches Towards Starting Line
They still have to find someone who wants the script, but EA and Co. are definitely pushing this one. Prediction- the film will boast lots of fast cars.--4/13/2012 9:26:34 PM--
2107 days, 22 hours, 12 minutes old - 3 comments

--4/13/2012 10:54:27 AM--

April 13th, 2012

Last Updated 2108 days, 8 hours, 44 minutes ago

There Is Nothing Sexist About Quantic Dream's Kara Demo
Well, it's official: We can't produce anything anymore without the politically correct police breaking down the door and obliterating all sense of truth.--4/13/2012 10:54:27 AM--
2108 days, 8 hours, 44 minutes old - 37 comments

Sleeping Dogs Dated, Pre-Order Goodies
True Crime: Hong Kong has finally emerged with a launch date...only of course now it's called Sleeping Dogs. If you're psyched, nab some pre-order extras!--4/13/2012 10:23:23 AM--
2108 days, 9 hours, 15 minutes old - 9 comments

CliffyB: Next-Gen Graphics Should Pass The "Mom Test"
He makes a lot of sense: If someone unfamiliar with gaming can't tell the difference between current-gen and next-gen, what's the point?--4/13/2012 10:08:35 AM--
2108 days, 9 hours, 30 minutes old - 0 comments

Do Japanese Designers Really Think Their Games Are Better?
It seems tough to believe, but Keiji Inafune says Japanese developers still believe their games are simply superior to Western products...wait, what?--4/12/2012 10:16:08 PM--
2108 days, 21 hours, 22 minutes old - 49 comments

PS3 Review: Devil May Cry HD Collection
Three action classics have been overhauled in high-definition and although the early combat unfortunately shows its age, this is still a worthy collection.--4/12/2012 9:49:51 PM--
2108 days, 21 hours, 49 minutes old - 15 comments

Inafune Explains Why "Japan Can't Win"
Former Capcom boss Keiji Inafune never pulls any punches and in his latest rant, he says Japan needs to acknowledge they're lagging behind Western games.--4/12/2012 9:48:06 PM--
2108 days, 21 hours, 50 minutes old - 21 comments

BioWare On Dragon Age III: Decisions, Freshness, And Equipment
Dragon Age II didn't have everything the RPG lovers wanted, and BioWare wants to fix any mistakes they made. So expect DAIII to be very different!--4/12/2012 9:46:52 PM--
2108 days, 21 hours, 52 minutes old - 15 comments

March NPD: Mass Effect 3 Rises High, But Sales Fall Again
BioWare's latest sits atop the sales charts, but it wasn't enough to stop the steep sales decline, and Sony looks to keep pushing the PlayStation Vita.--4/12/2012 9:45:30 PM--
2108 days, 21 hours, 53 minutes old - 10 comments

--4/12/2012 12:00:20 PM--

April 12th, 2012

Last Updated 2109 days, 7 hours, 38 minutes ago

THQ Can't "Honestly" Confirm Darksiders II Release Date
The highly anticipated sequel is supposed to come out on June 26, but now the company says the date isn't concrete. Another sign of THQ's troubles...?--4/12/2012 12:00:20 PM--
2109 days, 7 hours, 38 minutes old - 8 comments

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Gameplay Trailer Brings The Heat
EA's big shooter for 2012 looks pretty damn impressive. The first official gameplay trailer is here, and we get a glimpse at some SICK action.--4/12/2012 10:40:50 AM--
2109 days, 8 hours, 58 minutes old - 10 comments

God Of War IV Revealed On April 19?
The official PlayStation Facebook page boasts a teaser image that just screams God of War. The best part is that we should know all in only one week...--4/12/2012 10:27:05 AM--
2109 days, 9 hours, 11 minutes old - 26 comments

Sony Introduces "One Sony" Initiative, Targets Games
Facing a huge loss and a bunch of layoffs, Sony is looking to three core business units to bounce back, and one of them focuses heavily on gaming.--4/12/2012 10:17:28 AM--
2109 days, 9 hours, 21 minutes old - 34 comments

Psst...Hey, Japanese Devs, Your PS1 Classics Are Popular
So many old-school PS1 classics are SO popular on the download sales charts. Shouldn't that be a sign to all the confused Japanese designers out there?--4/11/2012 9:45:34 PM--
2109 days, 21 hours, 53 minutes old - 18 comments

Better Business Bureau: ME3 Is Guilty Of False Advertising
Score one for the fans: The Better Business Bureau has said the marketing for Mass Effect 3 was a little misleading, and companies "need to be careful."--4/11/2012 9:14:52 PM--
2109 days, 22 hours, 24 minutes old - 80 comments

No Multiplayer For DMC Because Dante "Needed To Be Alone"
Capcom explains why the Devil May Cry reboot won't include a co-op multiplayer option, and it's a fine explanation. We say, it doesn't NEED multiplayer.--4/11/2012 9:13:39 PM--
2109 days, 22 hours, 25 minutes old - 14 comments

Rumor: Crysis 3 A "Sandbox FPS," Set In New York City
Supposedly, the new Crysis will be set in the urban jungle of New York City, and it'll also be more open-ended then past installments. Can't wait for this!--4/11/2012 9:12:29 PM--
2109 days, 22 hours, 26 minutes old - 7 comments

Demon's Souls Online Servers Disappear At The End Of May
It's one of the most acclaimed and revered games of the generation, but we hope you've had your fill because the online servers go down on May 31.--4/11/2012 9:10:35 PM--
2109 days, 22 hours, 28 minutes old - 9 comments

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Landing In September With Huge Roster
The long-awaited sequel is now set for September, and it'll boast over 50 characters. That should be enough to satisfy the die-hard fans, right?--4/11/2012 9:09:21 PM--
2109 days, 22 hours, 29 minutes old - 10 comments

--4/11/2012 12:10:47 PM--

April 11th, 2012

Last Updated 2110 days, 7 hours, 28 minutes ago

Legend Of Dragoon Becomes A Digital RPG Treat On May 1
One of the most beloved RPGs of the PS1 era is finally coming to the Classics section on the PSN. You'll also want to see Shuhei Yoshida reminisce.--4/11/2012 12:10:47 PM--
2110 days, 7 hours, 28 minutes old - 25 comments

Developer: Split-Screen Is Dying Because It's "Too Expensive"
Split-screen multiplayer is tough to find these days, and one designer says it's a "developer's secret," but such a feature is actually very expensive.--4/11/2012 11:02:43 AM--
2110 days, 8 hours, 36 minutes old - 31 comments

Crysis 3 Outed Before It's Announced?
Oh, goody! We figured Crytek was working on a third installment and although this isn't official, a posting on EA's Origin.com has kinda spilled the beans.--4/11/2012 10:31:22 AM--
2110 days, 9 hours, 7 minutes old - 14 comments

Hitman: Absolution Professional Edition Confirmed For Europe
There are only so many special editions one can afford in any given year, right? Well, this one might just beg for your money...are you a big Hitman fan?--4/11/2012 10:46:53 AM--
2110 days, 8 hours, 52 minutes old - 6 comments

Geeks Are In, But How Come Game Geeks Are Always Out?
While so many things once deemed "nerdy" are now perfectly normal or even "cool," video games are still somewhat taboo, especially for older gamers.--4/10/2012 9:33:10 PM--
2110 days, 22 hours, 5 minutes old - 39 comments

PS3 Review: Skullgirls
With plenty of beautiful hand-drawn artistry and a wealth of creativity, this one offers fighting fans an interesting experience. It's just a little unforgiving.--4/10/2012 9:31:04 PM--
2110 days, 22 hours, 7 minutes old - 5 comments

RE6 Pushed Up Due To "Positive Fan Reaction To Trailer"
Resident Evil 6 was originally going to launch on November 20, but so many people were psyched after seeing the trailer that Capcom has responded.--4/10/2012 9:29:46 PM--
2110 days, 22 hours, 9 minutes old - 26 comments

California GameStops Must Post Warnings For Used Games
It has come through the courts: GameStop stores in California must post warnings concerning used games and the fact that we have to pay for "free" DLC.--4/10/2012 9:26:11 PM--
2110 days, 22 hours, 12 minutes old - 49 comments

Nielsen: Most Anticipated Titles Include Halo 4, Assassin's Creed III
According to the latest Nielsen findings, the most anticipated titles of 2012 include Halo 4, Assassin's Creed III, Max Payne 3, and Resident Evil 6.--4/10/2012 9:28:26 PM--
2110 days, 22 hours, 10 minutes old - 13 comments

--4/10/2012 9:54:44 AM--

April 10th, 2012

Last Updated 2111 days, 9 hours, 44 minutes ago

Medal Of Honor Warfighter To Focus On Real-World Action
No, you can't go on the virtual hunt for Bin Laden, but that doesn't mean realism and authenticity are any less important in the upcoming Medal of Honor.--4/10/2012 9:54:44 AM--
2111 days, 9 hours, 44 minutes old - 11 comments

Lost Planet 3 Surfaces Out Of Nowhere
We knew about most of Capcom's upcoming projects but not this one. Lost Planet 3 is scheduled to hit in 2013, and we hope the developer has the skills...--4/10/2012 9:41:01 AM--
2111 days, 9 hours, 57 minutes old - 18 comments

Desmond To Have A Bigger Role In Assassin's Creed III
Few thought Desmond's sequences were more entertaining than when we strolled around as his assassin ancestor, but maybe things can change.--4/10/2012 9:25:29 AM--
2111 days, 10 hours, 13 minutes old - 12 comments

ME3 Fans, Fair Warning: Don't Complain About The Extended Cut
If the Mass Effect fans really don't want to be viewed in a negative light, they're advised NOT to complain about BioWare's effort to appease them.--4/9/2012 10:14:16 PM--
2111 days, 21 hours, 24 minutes old - 95 comments

PS3 Review: Closure
It's one of the most unique and engaging puzzlers currently available. Atmospheric, challenging and surreal, Closure is quite the achievement.--4/9/2012 10:13:03 PM--
2111 days, 21 hours, 25 minutes old - 7 comments

Cliff Bleszinski: On-Disc DLC An "Unfortunate Reality"
The Capcom snafu has generated plenty of angry responses from gamers, but Epic boss CliffyB says locked on-disc content is just part of the dev process.--4/9/2012 10:10:39 PM--
2111 days, 21 hours, 28 minutes old - 37 comments

Bulletstorm Sequel Started Then Stopped
Developer People Can Fly started on a follow-up effort, but Epic found something better for them to work on. However, Bullestorm fans still have hope...--4/9/2012 10:11:57 PM--
2111 days, 21 hours, 27 minutes old - 3 comments

JRPG Fans Can Expect More Hyperdimension Neptunia
Don't worry, Idea Factory has more planned for the Hyperdimension Neptunia universe. We just wish the name wasn't so damn hard to type.--4/9/2012 10:09:40 PM--
2111 days, 21 hours, 29 minutes old - 9 comments

--4/9/2012 10:20:43 AM--

April 9th, 2012

Last Updated 2112 days, 9 hours, 18 minutes ago

Mass Effect 3 Patch To Fix A Variety Of Bugs, Add Stability
BioWare has prepared a patch for the game, and it should add a lot of stability. It fixes all sorts of game-crashing and connectivity bugs, so be happy.--4/9/2012 10:20:43 AM--
2112 days, 9 hours, 18 minutes old - 6 comments

Platinum Altered Revengeance To Avoid "Censorship Issues"
It seems developer Platinum Games changed the human enemies to cyborgs in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. Why? To avoid censorship issues.--4/9/2012 10:05:25 AM--
2112 days, 9 hours, 33 minutes old - 25 comments

Should All New Games Have Demos?
Rockstar says they have "no plans" to release a demo for Max Payne 3, but is that a mistake? Should all big new titles give gamers a shot at a free trial?--4/9/2012 9:53:51 AM--
2112 days, 9 hours, 45 minutes old - 36 comments

GTA, CoD Popularity Prove That Games Are Too Violent?
It's easy enough to point to a lot of great and successful non-violent video games, but it's tough to deny when the most popular titles all focus on killing.--4/8/2012 9:24:43 PM--
2112 days, 22 hours, 14 minutes old - 29 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Not Convinced Of RE6's Potential
Fans are once again split on a new installment in an iconic franchise; Resident Evil 6 has generated much skepticism. Now, GTAV or a Red Dead sequel?--4/8/2012 9:23:17 PM--
2112 days, 22 hours, 15 minutes old - 22 comments

Animator CV Lists GTAV With An October 2012 Launch Date
Might Grand Theft Auto V come out this year after all? The CV of an animator lists GTAV as one of his "shipped titles," and the date is October 2012...--4/8/2012 9:22:02 PM--
2112 days, 22 hours, 16 minutes old - 11 comments

Rock Band Blitz Gameplay Details
While it may look a lot like Harmonix's PS2 classics (Frequency, Amplitude), this isn't quite the same experience. It's still old-school music fun, though!--4/8/2012 9:20:52 PM--
2112 days, 22 hours, 18 minutes old - 4 comments

PAX East To Jessica Nigri: Change, Or Get Off The Floor
When you're promoting a game like Lollipop Chainsaw and a character like Juliet Starling, cleavage is part of the deal. But PAX East officials said, "too racy."--4/8/2012 9:19:14 PM--
2112 days, 22 hours, 19 minutes old - 49 comments

--4/8/2012 12:19:20 AM--

April 8th, 2012

Last Updated 2113 days, 19 hours, 19 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: April 8
That crazy Rockstar rumor makes me itch for GTAV and Red Dead sequel info, TRUE collectors will always want physical media, and interviews are coming...--4/8/2012 12:19:20 AM--
2113 days, 19 hours, 19 minutes old - 21 comments

--4/7/2012 10:40:26 AM--

April 7th, 2012

Last Updated 2114 days, 8 hours, 58 minutes ago

Report: Hardcore Gamers Will Stick With Physical Media
A Wedbush Securities report says that the idea of all consumers shifting to digital products is a "commonly held misperception." The hardcore want physical!--4/7/2012 10:40:26 AM--
2114 days, 8 hours, 58 minutes old - 31 comments

Lollipop Chainsaw's Juliet Extols Virtues Of Zom Be Gone
Ripping zombies to shreds in a skimpy cheerleader outfit means you'll get covered in nasty stuff. But Zom Be Gone can return that lost hotness.--4/7/2012 10:28:40 AM--
2114 days, 9 hours, 10 minutes old - 7 comments

Editorial: I Don't Need Backwards Compatibility In The PS4
While many see it as an essential feature, it may not be necessary if the only thing you really miss is the old-school feel of outdated gameplay styles.--4/6/2012 9:20:52 PM--
2114 days, 22 hours, 18 minutes old - 69 comments

Want A Shot At A Prototype 2-Themed Camaro SS?
It's a totally awesome giveaway: Pre-order Prototype 2 at GameStop or just make a transaction with your PowerUp Rewards card in April and you're in!--4/6/2012 9:18:16 PM--
2114 days, 22 hours, 20 minutes old - 5 comments

Starhawk Ride, Drive & Fly Trailer Shows Off Cool Jetbikes
These things are COOL. Starhawk just got a little faster with the addition of the jetbike, although we also think the Ox Heavy Tank is pretty bad-ass, too.--4/6/2012 9:17:08 PM--
2114 days, 22 hours, 21 minutes old - 12 comments

BioWare Reveals Free ME3 DLC: Resurgence Pack
No, this has nothing to do with new endings. It's just some new content; the Resurgence Pack offers new characters, weapons and maps for the fans.--4/6/2012 9:16:15 PM--
2114 days, 22 hours, 22 minutes old - 10 comments

--4/6/2012 12:12:03 PM--

April 6th, 2012

Last Updated 2115 days, 7 hours, 26 minutes ago

Naughty Dog Unveils Latest Map Pack For Uncharted 3
Yep, the developer continues to deliver high-quality bonus content for one of the generation's best. The latest is free if you're a Fortune Hunter Club member.--4/6/2012 12:12:03 PM--
2115 days, 7 hours, 26 minutes old - 11 comments

Can We Really Pre-Order Diablo III PS3?
A very interesting picture is making the rounds on the Internet today; it seems consumers can already pre-order the PS3 version of Diablo III. ...really?--4/6/2012 10:52:30 AM--
2115 days, 8 hours, 46 minutes old - 6 comments

Wild Rockstar Rumor Includes Read Dead Rebellion, Bully 2, More
It seems a Rockstar intern had the good fortune to lay eyes on a LOT of stuff...although some of it seems a tad implausible. What do you think?--4/6/2012 10:40:37 AM--
2115 days, 8 hours, 58 minutes old - 16 comments

ACIII Creative Director: "We Wanted To Surprise People"
Assassin's Creed creative boss Alex Hutchinson said people's ideas for a new setting were "boring" and "predictable." They wanted something unfamiliar.--4/6/2012 10:17:27 AM--
2115 days, 9 hours, 21 minutes old - 14 comments

Yes, Games Are Easier, And I Say Thank God For That
It's true that video games have gotten a lot easier over the years, but there are good reasons for that and besides, they keep adults gamers playing.--4/5/2012 9:38:45 PM--
2115 days, 22 hours old - 28 comments

EA Speaks Out: "We Have Not Been Pressured By LGBT Groups"
The publisher has received a ton of letters protesting the same-sex situations in EA's games, but EA says they haven't been pressured into adding such content.--4/5/2012 9:36:57 PM--
2115 days, 22 hours, 2 minutes old - 35 comments

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta Dated
The long-awaited beta test has finally been scheduled and if you're a PlayStation Plus member, you're in. You can also just pre-order the 360 version.--4/5/2012 9:35:48 PM--
2115 days, 22 hours, 3 minutes old - 4 comments

Take-Two CEO: THQ Is Done In 6 Months, THQ Fires Back (UPDATED)
A slip of the tongue...? Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick says THQ will be gone in six months, and THQ has basically said he should mind his own business.--4/5/2012 9:34:00 PM--
2115 days, 22 hours, 4 minutes old - 10 comments

--4/5/2012 4:22:13 PM--

April 5th, 2012

Last Updated 2116 days, 3 hours, 16 minutes ago

PS3 Review: I Am Alive
One of the most anticipated digital titles of 2012 has arrived on the PS3, and it's gritty and frightening. The control is iffy but it's all very effective.--4/5/2012 4:22:13 PM--
2116 days, 3 hours, 16 minutes old - 16 comments

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Set To Appease Vexed Fans
BioWare has responded to the fan outcry; the Extended Cut will drop this summer and provide gamers with "deeper insights" for the ending(s).--4/5/2012 10:59:53 AM--
2116 days, 8 hours, 39 minutes old - 47 comments

WRC3 Confirmed, To Boast New Game And Graphics Engine
The third World Rally Championship title has been confirmed, and it "marks a radical departure" from previous entries; i.e., it should be BETTER.--4/5/2012 10:41:52 AM--
2116 days, 8 hours, 57 minutes old - 2 comments

Double Dragon: Neon Lights Up Summer With Retro Brawling
The iconic brawler is back! Coming this summer, a totally revamped Double Dragon: Neon will let players relive the glory days of over-the-top battle!--4/5/2012 10:29:19 AM--
2116 days, 9 hours, 9 minutes old - 10 comments

Dear Sony: Please Don't Rush The PS4 To Market...It's Unnecessary
It makes perfect sense to try and launch your new system alongside the competition, but if you have to rush to do it, we say don't bother. Really.--4/4/2012 9:12:40 PM--
2116 days, 22 hours, 26 minutes old - 0 comments

Rumor: Sources Leak PS4 Specs
Some inside sources have apparently tossed out the processing specs for Sony's new console. However, it should all be "custom tooled" for the PS4.--4/4/2012 9:10:05 PM--
2116 days, 22 hours, 28 minutes old - 0 comments

Grasshopper, Suda 51 Will Deliver Killer Is Dead In 2013
The team at Grasshopper Manufacture is already working on their next project after Lollipop Chainsaw: It's Killer Is Dead and it's definitely...interesting.--4/4/2012 9:08:31 PM--
2116 days, 22 hours, 30 minutes old - 3 comments

Way Of The Samurai 4 Slashing Onto North American PS3s
It could be one of the most entertaining digital titles of the year. Yeah, it's coming to the PSN, and it proves that samurais are all sorts of bad-ass.--4/4/2012 9:07:01 PM--
2116 days, 22 hours, 31 minutes old - 8 comments

--4/4/2012 12:35:31 PM--

April 4th, 2012

Last Updated 2117 days, 7 hours, 3 minutes ago

Downpour Producer: "Shoddy Gameplay Can't Be A Feature Forever"
One of the Silent Hill producers says the survival/horror genre is an "interesting spot," and its future requires fixes and "careful game design."--4/4/2012 12:35:31 PM--
2117 days, 7 hours, 3 minutes old - 13 comments

Final Fantasy, Prada Showcase Fashions For Spring/Summer
The video game and fashion worlds come together as the characters from Final Fantasy XIII-2 show off the latest fashions for spring and summer.--4/4/2012 10:32:47 AM--
2117 days, 9 hours, 6 minutes old - 31 comments

Reckoning Teeth Of Naros DLC: New City With LOTS To Do
More extra content has been revealed for Kingdoms of Amalur, and this new batch offers a new city with 20 side-quests, 5 dungeons, and tons more!--4/4/2012 10:18:26 AM--
2117 days, 9 hours, 20 minutes old - 9 comments

Harmonix Unveils Rock Band Blitz, An Arcade Digital Title
They're back! Harmonix has announced Rock Band Blitz, an arcade offering for the PSN and XBLA. No plastic instruments, just quick single-player fun.--4/4/2012 10:09:39 AM--
2117 days, 9 hours, 29 minutes old - 5 comments

Mass Effect 3 Fans: You're Not Wrong, It's Just Your Attitude
We try to put an end to the hostilities by pinpointing the source of the issue: The fans had every right to be upset; it was their tone that caused problems.--4/3/2012 9:15:15 PM--
2117 days, 22 hours, 23 minutes old - 57 comments

PS3 Preview: Assassin's Creed III
The setting is America during the Revolutionary War. The hero is half-Native American, half-British, and all Assassin. The result? ...a masterpiece?--4/3/2012 9:13:45 PM--
2117 days, 22 hours, 25 minutes old - 11 comments

How Do Avid Battlefield 3 Players View The "Unlock All" DLC?
The new Ultimate Shortcut Bundle gives players instant access to all unlockables; 119, to be exact. You have to pay for it, but the vets are still annoyed.--4/3/2012 9:12:30 PM--
2117 days, 22 hours, 26 minutes old - 46 comments

Sony And Amazon Bring An Instant Video App To The PS3
It's the Amazon Instant Video application, and it includes no less than 120,000 TV shows and free videos for Amazon Prime members. Popcorn time!--4/3/2012 9:11:01 PM--
2117 days, 22 hours, 27 minutes old - 16 comments

Ninja Gaiden 3 DLC: Weapons, Ninja Trials, New Difficulty
Well, maybe it's a step in the right direction. This DLC includes new weapons, Ninja Trials, and even a new difficulty setting: Ultimate Ninja. Can you handle it?--4/3/2012 9:09:25 PM--
2117 days, 22 hours, 29 minutes old - 10 comments

--4/3/2012 9:51:15 AM--

April 3rd, 2012

Last Updated 2118 days, 9 hours, 47 minutes ago

CD Projeckt Talks "Escaping" With RPGs
This hobby is often about "getting away from it all," and one of the guys who worked on The Witcher 2 talks more about why RPGs fit the "escape" bill.--4/3/2012 9:51:15 AM--
2118 days, 9 hours, 47 minutes old - 16 comments

Square Enix: FF Versus XIII News "Soon," Whatever That Means
The fans took to the Square Enix Members Twitter page to try to get some answers, but the answer they got is hardly encouraging. Talk about "vaporware."--4/3/2012 9:38:33 AM--
2118 days, 10 hours old - 38 comments

DICE Seeks Engineer To Take Frostbite Into Next-Gen
The Battlefield developer is looking for a Senior Software Engineer that will work on the Frostbite engine for "current- and next-gen" projects.--4/3/2012 9:26:07 AM--
2118 days, 10 hours, 12 minutes old - 8 comments

What If The PS4 And Xbox 720 Launched On The Same Day?
There might be little chance of this happening, but it's fun to think about: What if both the new PlayStation and Xbox launched at the exact same time?--4/2/2012 9:10:31 PM--
2118 days, 22 hours, 28 minutes old - 0 comments

PS3 Review: Ridge Racer Unbounded
This isn't quite the Ridge Racer you remember... This one has a massive explosive streak that revolves around total destruction; it's tough, but it's cool.--4/2/2012 9:09:00 PM--
2118 days, 22 hours, 29 minutes old - 14 comments

Kojima Reveals A "Major Change" For "FOX Experiment"
Okay, what's he mean? And could it mean some sort of delay for one of his mystery projects? He says he has to take a "FOX experiment" in a new direction...--4/2/2012 9:07:52 PM--
2118 days, 22 hours, 31 minutes old - 10 comments

Escape Plan Free DLC Arrives With Patch
If you've got one of the most original titles of the year, you'll want to grab 19 free puzzles, right? Just wait for the update patch that hits next week.--4/2/2012 9:06:36 PM--
2118 days, 22 hours, 32 minutes old - 0 comments

Rumor: Monolith To Make Games Based On The Hobbit
It probably wouldn't surprise you to learn that games based on Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" are in the works. F.E.A.R. designer Monolith might be on board.--4/2/2012 9:04:58 PM--
2118 days, 22 hours, 34 minutes old - 8 comments

--4/2/2012 11:50:39 AM--

April 2nd, 2012

Last Updated 2119 days, 7 hours, 48 minutes ago

Capcom: DLC, Content Locked On Disc...What's The Diff?
After complaints lodged with the Better Business Bureau concerning a bunch of "DLC" for Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom makes a not-so-popular reply.--4/2/2012 11:50:39 AM--
2119 days, 7 hours, 48 minutes old - 94 comments

Source: "Top-Line Publishers" Already Working On PS4 Stuff
Several sources have claimed Sony will release their new hardware before or right around the same time as Microsoft's new system; i.e., holiday 2013...--4/2/2012 10:20:43 AM--
2119 days, 9 hours, 18 minutes old - 0 comments

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Producer Hints At Sequel?
The game was well-liked by many, and those fans have been dying for a follow-up title. A recent Tweet from a Lords of Shadow producer is intriguing...--4/2/2012 10:08:31 AM--
2119 days, 9 hours, 30 minutes old - 9 comments

Sony: Warrior's Lair Isn't Canceled
The game once called "Ruin" seemed to have run into difficulties, as a rumor stated the project had been canceled. But Sony has replied simply- Not so.--4/2/2012 10:00:07 AM--
2119 days, 9 hours, 38 minutes old - 0 comments

Should Game Reviewers Be Reviewed?
It was just an April Fool's joke, but it's not a bad idea. With so many people reviewing games out there, wouldn't it be a good plan to rate the critics...?--4/1/2012 9:17:48 PM--
2119 days, 22 hours, 21 minutes old - 34 comments

PSXE Poll Update: BioWare Shouldn't Write A New ME3 Ending
Most gamers say BioWare shouldn't bow to the demands of irate fans, even if the developer has already caved. This week, what's your take on RE6?--4/1/2012 9:16:14 PM--
2119 days, 22 hours, 22 minutes old - 32 comments

Soul Calibur V Story Mode Intended To Be "Four Times Bigger"
The story felt a little weak in the fifth Soul Calibur, and that's because the team was pressed for time. They had MUCH bigger plans for the story mode.--4/1/2012 9:13:16 PM--
2119 days, 22 hours, 25 minutes old - 20 comments

GAME Saved By Purchase, Nearly 3,200 Jobs Now Safe
And GAME Group's savior is...! OpCapita and Baker Acquisitions Limited, which have saved the European retailer from bankruptcy; the stores will remain open.--4/1/2012 9:14:21 PM--
2119 days, 22 hours, 24 minutes old - 11 comments

CCP Explains Why DUST 514 Wouldn't Have Worked On Xbox 360
If you're wondering why DUST 514 is exclusive to the PlayStation 3, CCP explains the reasoning behind that decision. Cross-game chat was sorta necessary.--4/1/2012 9:12:03 PM--
2119 days, 22 hours, 26 minutes old - 21 comments

--3/31/2012 9:16:26 PM--

April 1st, 2012

Last Updated 2120 days, 22 hours, 22 minutes ago

Sony And Microsoft Team Up To Bring You The "PlayBox"
In a shocking move, Sony and Microsoft have embarked on a hardware partnership that will combine the PlayStation and Xbox brands. ...truth.--3/31/2012 9:16:26 PM--
2120 days, 22 hours, 22 minutes old - 45 comments

Ben's Week In Review: April 1
The Call of Duty fans don't seem too happy lately, Journey is receiving all the accolades (and sales) it deserves, and the review blitz starts to lessen.--3/31/2012 9:15:18 PM--
2120 days, 22 hours, 23 minutes old - 15 comments

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