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Updates (January, 2015)

--1/31/2015 11:22:36 AM--

January 31st, 2015

Last Updated 1024 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes ago

Metal Gear Rising Sequel In The Works?
A logo hinting at Metal Gear Rising 2 was seen at the Taipei Games Show and even though Kojima didn't confirm it, Platinum might be working on it...--1/31/2015 11:22:36 AM--
1024 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes old - 3 comments

Project Code Z A JRPG? Nah, It's Minna de Spelunker Z
Everyone was excited by the prospect of a new JRPG that was exclusive to PlayStation 4. Instead it's a new installment in the Spelunker franchise.--1/31/2015 11:37:45 AM--
1024 days, 1 hour old - 4 comments

Does Bloodborne's Difficulty Turn You Off?
It could end up being one of the best PlayStation 4 games in existence. But how many PS4 owners are passing on it simply because of the steep challenge?--1/30/2015 9:48:35 PM--
1024 days, 14 hours, 49 minutes old - 47 comments

Square Enix Game Bundles Satisfy Action And Stealth Cravings
Two Ultimate Triple packs are coming our way in late March: The first gives us three great action games; the second focuses on stealth goodness.--1/30/2015 9:29:35 PM--
1024 days, 15 hours, 8 minutes old - 2 comments

Apotheon Hits PS4 On February 3, Launch Trailer Revealed
This quirky, innovative title comes out next week and it's part of the Instant Game Collection for February. You've definitely got to give it a shot!--1/30/2015 9:37:39 PM--
1024 days, 15 hours old - 3 comments

New Trailer Explains Bloodborne's Tough Chalice Dungeons
Sony has released a fresh gameplay trailer that shows off these optional dungeons. They're going to be hard, so you might want to invite some friends...--1/30/2015 9:28:34 PM--
1024 days, 15 hours, 9 minutes old - 1 comment

--1/30/2015 11:27:35 AM--

January 30th, 2015

Last Updated 1025 days, 1 hour, 10 minutes ago

Law And Order: SVU Episode Will Tackle Gaming Abuse
An upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU is called "Intimidation Game" and involves a female game developer receiving death threats from male gamers.--1/30/2015 11:27:35 AM--
1025 days, 1 hour, 10 minutes old - 17 comments

The Order: 1886 Gameplay Trailer: Galahad And A Shotgun
The latest gameplay trailer (it's in Japanese, but whatever) shows off some close-quarters combat and the main character uses a shotgun to great effect.--1/30/2015 11:17:19 AM--
1025 days, 1 hour, 20 minutes old - 3 comments

Hardline Beta: No Level Cap, But Progress Won't Transfer Over
You can advance all you want in the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline beta test but unfortunately, that progress won't carry over to the full game.--1/30/2015 11:35:02 AM--
1025 days, 1 hour, 2 minutes old - 13 comments

Dying Light: A Lesson In Why Fluidity And Pacing Are Critical
It's a game that had a gigantic amount of potential and while we catch glimpses of genius here and there, it doesn't quite coalesce into something special.--1/29/2015 10:01:54 PM--
1025 days, 14 hours, 36 minutes old - 10 comments

Grim Fandango Remastered Review: Homage To Adventure
The reimagined version of an adventure classic has arrived and despite the lack of polish, it remains a truly atmospheric, unique and rewarding quest.--1/29/2015 8:59:05 PM--
1025 days, 15 hours, 38 minutes old - 0 comments

Mortal Kombat X Welcomes The Slick, Maneuverable Ermac
Ermac is the latest character to be revealed for the upcoming Mortal Kombat installment. This defensive specialist will be tough to defeat!--1/29/2015 9:10:56 PM--
1025 days, 15 hours, 27 minutes old - 10 comments

GTAV Comparison Pics: Virtual Los Santos vs. Real Life
Know how hard Rockstar worked to make Los Santos look like its real-life counterpart, Los Angeles? Just check out these comparison screens.--1/29/2015 9:40:10 PM--
1025 days, 14 hours, 57 minutes old - 2 comments

Here's A Boatload Of Great New Details For MLB 15: The Show
Developer Sony San Diego has offered up a huge list of upgrades, features and improvements for the upcoming title and baseball fans will love it!--1/29/2015 9:29:42 PM--
1025 days, 15 hours, 8 minutes old - 3 comments

February Plus Freebies: Transistor, Thief, Yakuza 4, More
The free games PlayStation Plus members can download in February have been revealed. There are several great titles here, so don't miss out!--1/29/2015 9:19:17 PM--
1025 days, 15 hours, 18 minutes old - 3 comments

--1/29/2015 11:42:51 AM--

January 29th, 2015

Last Updated 1026 days, 55 minutes ago

First Dragon's Dogma Online Trailer Shows Off Gameplay
Capcom has released the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming MMORPG and fans get a glimpse of the multiplayer action. Looks like it has potential!--1/29/2015 11:42:51 AM--
1026 days, 55 minutes old - 0 comments

New LEGO Games Include Jurassic World, Marvel Avengers
Four new LEGO games have been announced and three are headed to PlayStation platforms: Jurassic World, Marvel Avengers, and a new Ninjago title!--1/29/2015 11:35:34 AM--
1026 days, 1 hour, 2 minutes old - 8 comments

New Evolve Video Shows Off Solo Mode
The latest gameplay video focuses on the offline solo play for the game. When playing as one of the Hunters, you can switch between the classes.--1/29/2015 11:24:42 AM--
1026 days, 1 hour, 13 minutes old - 2 comments

Time To Be A Man: Defend Your Guilty Pleasure Game
We all have our "guilty pleasure" games but really, there's no reason to feel guilty. Now's the time to defend your favorite guilty pleasure title!--1/28/2015 9:58:17 PM--
1026 days, 14 hours, 39 minutes old - 43 comments

Confirmed: The Witcher 3 PS4 Outperforms Xbox One Version
It has been confirmed that the PlayStation 4 version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will run at a higher resolution: 1080p as opposed to 900p on Xbox One.--1/28/2015 9:17:51 PM--
1026 days, 15 hours, 20 minutes old - 14 comments

Revelations 2 Microtransactions Explained
There were some concerns about how microtransactions work in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 but Capcom has clarified. The rumors were untrue.--1/28/2015 9:25:18 PM--
1026 days, 15 hours, 12 minutes old - 5 comments

Evolve Beta Stats Indicate A Well-Balanced Co-Op Shooter
The beta is complete and the stats and feedback have been collected. Based on the results, it seems like Evolve is shaping up nicely for FPS fans.--1/28/2015 9:08:34 PM--
1026 days, 15 hours, 29 minutes old - 3 comments

PlayStation Platforms Get Badland: Game Of The Year Edition
Frogmind has announced that this well-received game is making the jump to PlayStation platforms in the spring. Four times the original content!--1/28/2015 9:35:42 PM--
1026 days, 15 hours, 2 minutes old - 4 comments

--1/28/2015 11:32:42 AM--

January 28th, 2015

Last Updated 1027 days, 1 hour, 5 minutes ago

Square Enix Teases New PS4 Exclusive: Project CODE Z
The publisher has tossed up a teaser website that shows off a new PlayStation 4 exclusive. It's code-named Project CODE Z and it might be a JRPG...--1/28/2015 11:32:42 AM--
1027 days, 1 hour, 5 minutes old - 7 comments

Spotify Announced For PlayStation, Music Unlimited Going Away
The current service, Music Unlimited, is being replaced by PlayStation Music, which will be powered by Spotify. The new service will roll out this spring.--1/28/2015 11:14:33 AM--
1027 days, 1 hour, 23 minutes old - 9 comments

EA Claims New Need For Speed Looks "Spectacular"
While we don't have any details just yet, EA says development of the new NFS title is coming along smoothly, and it is in line to launch this year.--1/28/2015 11:24:05 AM--
1027 days, 1 hour, 13 minutes old - 9 comments

Which 2015 Game Will Make Good On Its Own Crazy Hype?
Of all the anticipated titles scheduled for this year, which one is most likely to live up to the hype? Which one will win over gamers and critics alike?--1/27/2015 10:01:52 PM--
1027 days, 14 hours, 36 minutes old - 3 comments

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Preview: MMOers Rejoice!
It should be the most comprehensive version of ESO yet, as console players get all the upgrades and new content. Plus, no monthly fee required to enjoy!--1/27/2015 9:14:36 PM--
1027 days, 15 hours, 23 minutes old - 0 comments

Rumor: Battlefield: Hardline Beta Kicks Off On February 3
It seems quite feasible that the new beta test will begin at the start of February. The information isn't exactly official but it's darn close.--1/27/2015 9:51:45 PM--
1027 days, 14 hours, 46 minutes old - 4 comments

The Witcher 3's "Insanity" Difficulty Mode: Nuts But Fun?
CD Projekt Red is currently bouncing ideas around for the "Insanity" difficulty mode. One idea is to give you just one life...for the entire damn game.--1/27/2015 9:36:09 PM--
1027 days, 15 hours, 1 minute old - 9 comments

Amazon's Latest PS4 Bundle: Dying Light, TLoU: Remastered
A new PlayStation 4 bundle is awfully appealing: You get Dying Light and The Last Of Us: Remastered for $430, but it's only good through January 31.--1/27/2015 9:43:38 PM--
1027 days, 14 hours, 54 minutes old - 10 comments

--1/27/2015 11:35:44 AM--

January 27th, 2015

Last Updated 1028 days, 1 hour, 2 minutes ago

Gunsport: Cyberpunk Volleyball With Guns
In the future, humanity doesn't care about killing each other in wars. They care more about the pride of victory in the most popular sport imaginable.--1/27/2015 11:35:44 AM--
1028 days, 1 hour, 2 minutes old - 0 comments

Free-To-Play, Open-World Dragon's Dogma Set For Japan
The new Dragon's Dogma Online experience is in the works and it's a F2P, open-world adventure that has a lot of promise. No plans to bring it west, however.--1/27/2015 11:24:40 AM--
1028 days, 1 hour, 13 minutes old - 7 comments

Raid Mode Online Play For Revelations 2 Pushed Back
Capcom has announced that the online portion of Raid Mode for Resident Evil: Revelations 2 needs more time to cook. Split-screen is an option, though.--1/27/2015 11:13:51 AM--
1028 days, 1 hour, 24 minutes old - 5 comments

What PS4 Needs More: A Resistance Or Killzone Sequel?
The PlayStation 4 could use a boost in the shooter category; which would make more sense right now? The return of Resistance or another Killzone?--1/26/2015 9:46:30 PM--
1028 days, 14 hours, 51 minutes old - 9 comments

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Uncensored Lands In Australia
The game was effectively banned when it was refused classification and now, an unmodified version has released due to a "serious manufacturing issue."--1/26/2015 9:27:13 PM--
1028 days, 15 hours, 10 minutes old - 1 comment

New The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay Trailer Arrives
The latest gameplay footage shows off lots of plot-driven sections, a gorgeous and inviting world to explore, and even a bit of combat (flying enemies!).--1/26/2015 9:16:53 PM--
1028 days, 15 hours, 21 minutes old - 3 comments

The Last Of Us Film Script Coming Along "Really Well"
One of the writers says he's just finished a second draft of the script and despite a few changes, it remains "pretty faithful to the game." Well, it better!--1/26/2015 9:36:02 PM--
1028 days, 15 hours, 1 minute old - 4 comments

--1/26/2015 12:13:39 PM--

January 26th, 2015

Last Updated 1029 days, 24 minutes ago

24K Gold Controllers Sell Like Hotcakes
ColorWare produced 24K gold controllers; one each for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But they only made 25 of each and therefore, they're all sold out.--1/26/2015 12:13:39 PM--
1029 days, 24 minutes old - 5 comments

Madden Super Bowl Simulation: Patriots' Last-Second Heroics
Who wins the big game this year? Madden NFL 15 claims it's New England, as they score in the final seconds to take down the reigning champs.--1/26/2015 12:05:16 PM--
1029 days, 32 minutes old - 3 comments

Dying Light Launch Trailer: Climb And Combat Anything
The hugely promising game is going to release tomorrow and in order to amp up your excitement, here's the launch trailer. The world is your oyster!--1/26/2015 11:44:35 AM--
1029 days, 53 minutes old - 4 comments

Has DLC Served You Well?
Has downloadable content proven to be a positive thing in your gaming life? Or have you regretted some purchases and you miss the good ol' days?--1/25/2015 10:39:18 PM--
1029 days, 13 hours, 58 minutes old - 27 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Community Split On Final Fantasy XV
Half the community says they're at least moderately interested in FFXV, while the other half is mostly uninterested. Now, what about Dying Light this week?--1/25/2015 10:23:20 PM--
1029 days, 14 hours, 14 minutes old - 2 comments

Gearbox Starting On Next Borderlands, Wanna Help Out?
The developer has confirmed they're working on a new Borderlands and they need some assistance. Lots of jobs available; think you're a candidate?--1/25/2015 9:35:56 PM--
1029 days, 15 hours, 2 minutes old - 6 comments

Mythbusters To Tackle Doom: Could He Really Carry All That?
It's time to prove or debunk the ultimate video game concept: Given everything a human can carry in a game like Doom, is it even feasible to consider?--1/25/2015 9:46:59 PM--
1029 days, 14 hours, 51 minutes old - 9 comments

Life Is Strange Second Dev Diary Explains The Butterfly Effect
DONTNOD Entertainment's latest is an episodic drama that has a lot of potential. In the second development diary, we learn more about rewinding time.--1/25/2015 10:14:18 PM--
1029 days, 14 hours, 23 minutes old - 9 comments

--1/24/2015 9:43:57 PM--

January 25th, 2015

Last Updated 1030 days, 14 hours, 54 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: January 25
Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV news doesn't make an ounce of sense (as usual), video game addiction is very real and terrible, and I wait for The Order: 1886.--1/24/2015 9:43:57 PM--
1030 days, 14 hours, 54 minutes old - 24 comments

--1/24/2015 11:42:44 AM--

January 24th, 2015

Last Updated 1031 days, 55 minutes ago

Silence: The Whispered World Embraces True Adventure
A new adventure game is in the works for PlayStation 4 and it should appeal to all those who miss the golden age of adventures. No guns, lotsa puzzles.--1/24/2015 11:42:44 AM--
1031 days, 55 minutes old - 7 comments

Classic Goodness: John Romero Plays Through Doom
If you love classic games, you'll definitely want to to see designer John Romero revisit one of his very first titles. His narration is definitely worth hearing.--1/24/2015 11:26:47 AM--
1031 days, 1 hour, 11 minutes old - 4 comments

Will More PS1 Classics Get Remasters?
With Resident Evil HD Remaster gracing store shelves this month, one has to wonder: Will other PS1 classics get such a treatment and if so, which ones?--1/23/2015 9:53:36 PM--
1031 days, 14 hours, 44 minutes old - 29 comments

Joe Danger 2: The Movie Review: Joe's Successful Vita Leap
The sequel makes for a great experience on PlayStation Vita, as those on-the-go will appreciate the extra depth, variety, and challenge. Great stuff.--1/23/2015 9:22:28 PM--
1031 days, 15 hours, 15 minutes old - 0 comments

Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Teases Another New Character
Franchise co-creator Ed Boon says we should all pay attention next week, and the implication is that we'll see another new character for Mortal Kombat X.--1/23/2015 9:30:50 PM--
1031 days, 15 hours, 7 minutes old - 4 comments

New Free Update For Trials Fusion, 4th DLC Pack Next Week
A new update delivers three more multiplayer options and the "biggest DLC pack yet" arrives next week. If you haven't tried out Trials Fusion, now's the time!--1/23/2015 9:40:00 PM--
1031 days, 14 hours, 57 minutes old - 1 comment

--1/23/2015 11:34:16 AM--

January 23rd, 2015

Last Updated 1032 days, 1 hour, 3 minutes ago

Visceral Reveals All Maps And Modes For Battlefield: Hardline
The developers have released the names and information of all nine maps and all seven modes that will be available in the game when it launches.--1/23/2015 11:34:16 AM--
1032 days, 1 hour, 3 minutes old - 5 comments

Super Rare 20th Anniversary PS4 Up For Auction In Japan
Sony is auctioning off the very first 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 they ever made and the bidding is already fierce. It's only for Japanese gamers, though.--1/23/2015 11:26:30 AM--
1032 days, 1 hour, 11 minutes old - 1 comment

Bud Light's Super Bowl Ad: Become The Legendary Pac-Man
The company's latest "Up For Anything" ad is called "Coin" and in it, some guy becomes part of the iconic arcade game. Hope he's a confirmed gamer.--1/23/2015 11:17:09 AM--
1032 days, 1 hour, 20 minutes old - 7 comments

The Order: 1886: Does Anyone Know What To Expect, Really?
If most gamers are being honest, they'll tell you they're on the fence concerning this PlayStation 4 exclusive. Is it the biggest crapshoot of 2015?--1/22/2015 10:00:01 PM--
1032 days, 14 hours, 37 minutes old - 8 comments

Sony Bend Not Working On New Syphon Filter, Sadly
It was widely rumored that Sony Bend was working to bring back the respected Syphon Filter franchise, but that's apparently not what they're doing...--1/22/2015 9:42:02 PM--
1032 days, 14 hours, 55 minutes old - 1 comment

Monolith: Shadow Of Mordor Started Out "Over-Ambitious"
The developers explain that in reality, they bit off more than they could chew during the design process. In fact, they were forced to cut quite a bit.--1/22/2015 9:08:19 PM--
1032 days, 15 hours, 29 minutes old - 3 comments

Game Of Thrones: Episode Two Dated
The next episode is scheduled to arrive in early February so if you haven't played through the first episode yet, well...what are you waiting for?--1/22/2015 9:18:13 PM--
1032 days, 15 hours, 19 minutes old - 6 comments

Oldsters React To GTAV: "HAHAHA, I Just Shot Some People!"
When you give older people a controller and Grand Theft Auto V, the reactions are going to be worth seeing. God only knows what they must be thinking...--1/22/2015 9:24:50 PM--
1032 days, 15 hours, 13 minutes old - 6 comments

--1/22/2015 11:42:46 AM--

January 22nd, 2015

Last Updated 1033 days, 55 minutes ago

Super Slick Bloodborne Limited Edition PS4s Set For Japan
Japanese gamers will get the option of two Bloodborne Limited Edition PS4s. Awesome engravings and the Collectors Edition of the game!--1/22/2015 11:42:46 AM--
1033 days, 55 minutes old - 2 comments

Final Fantasy XV Map Will Be One Huge "Connected" Mass
Square Enix has confirmed that you can walk, drive, or take the train all over FFXV's world. It's all connected so it's all available for exploration.--1/22/2015 11:34:10 AM--
1033 days, 1 hour, 3 minutes old - 7 comments

Unmechanical: Extended Offers Plenty Of Puzzle-Solving Fun
This new version features a fresh Story Mode and it'll arrive on PS4 and PS3 on February 10. Hope you enjoy puzzles that require a bit of ingenuity!--1/22/2015 11:19:56 AM--
1033 days, 1 hour, 18 minutes old - 3 comments

Pre-Ordering: Who Cares, Anymore?
The video game pre-order used to feel a lot more important than it does today. Do you still pre-order your video games and if so, do you do it often?--1/21/2015 10:15:23 PM--
1033 days, 14 hours, 22 minutes old - 10 comments

Rumor: Uncharted 4 Ships On October 1?
Walmart has given the game a ship date of October 1, which falls in line with previous franchise releases. It definitely remains a rumor, though.--1/21/2015 9:56:30 PM--
1033 days, 14 hours, 41 minutes old - 2 comments

Alien: Isolation Tops 1 Million, All Involved Seem Pleased
Sega has announced that Creative Assembly's title has hit 1 million sold and everyone seems satisfied with the number. What does the future hold?--1/21/2015 9:48:19 PM--
1033 days, 14 hours, 49 minutes old - 5 comments

DmC: Definitive Edition Trailer Shows Off Super-Slick 60FPS
The updated version will boast 60 frames per second and this new gameplay trailer highlights that new technical capability. Lots of great new content, too!--1/21/2015 9:40:55 PM--
1033 days, 14 hours, 57 minutes old - 0 comments

--1/21/2015 11:39:41 AM--

January 21st, 2015

Last Updated 1034 days, 58 minutes ago

ESO Hits Consoles On June 9, Monthly Subscription Gone
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited has been dated for PS4 and Xbox One but more importantly, we learn that a monthly fee won't be necessary.--1/21/2015 11:39:41 AM--
1034 days, 58 minutes old - 0 comments

Suspected PSN Attackers Lizard Squad Hacked...Funny
The hackers were hacked? Oh, that's just TOO funny. The sad part is that they did nothing to protect the identities of their customers...big damn surprise.--1/21/2015 11:51:51 AM--
1034 days, 46 minutes old - 13 comments

The Order: 1886 Trailer Emphasizes Story And Atmosphere
The latest video shows off the game's amazing environment, and also gives us a glimpse of some great drama. Let's hope it'll all come together!--1/21/2015 11:27:55 AM--
1034 days, 1 hour, 10 minutes old - 0 comments

Uncharted 4's "Openness" Could Result In Technical Flaws
Naughty Dog talks about how the upcoming sequel is more open and there isn't one "golden path" players have to stick to. Does it open a can of worms?--1/20/2015 9:54:50 PM--
1034 days, 14 hours, 43 minutes old - 5 comments

No Man's Sky Preview: The Joy Of Limitless Exploration Beckons
Hello Games is prepping a hugely ambitious and potentially revolutionary game, in which pure, unadulterated adventure is the thrilling focal point.--1/20/2015 9:40:53 PM--
1034 days, 14 hours, 57 minutes old - 0 comments

Here's One Way To Level Up In Destiny Without Doing Anything
One player decided leveling up was just too tedious, so he created a simple contraption that allowed his Titan to keep earning XP overnight.--1/20/2015 10:04:56 PM--
1034 days, 14 hours, 33 minutes old - 5 comments

Plex: Organize Your Media On PS4, PS3
This service lets you organize all your media on your favorite PlayStation platform. You can also share at will and there are cool features, too.--1/20/2015 10:13:55 PM--
1034 days, 14 hours, 24 minutes old - 3 comments

Planetside 2 PS4 Will Be Locked At 30 Frames Per Second
The developers have confirmed that Planetside 2 will run at 1080p and 30fps when it first launches on PlayStation 4. Are those numbers okay by you?--1/20/2015 10:22:56 PM--
1034 days, 14 hours, 15 minutes old - 5 comments

--1/20/2015 11:56:23 AM--

January 20th, 2015

Last Updated 1035 days, 41 minutes ago

Square Enix Worried FFXV's Length Might Be "Too Much"
It seems they're struggling to keep the game under 40 hours because they're afraid that any longer will be off-putting. To who? Not to RPG fans.--1/20/2015 11:56:23 AM--
1035 days, 41 minutes old - 2 comments

PlayStation Exclusive TV Show, "Powers," Coming In March
The first scripted TV show for PlayStation arrives on March 10; it's called "Powers" and the entire series will be free for Plus subscribers. --1/20/2015 11:44:31 AM--
1035 days, 53 minutes old - 9 comments

Get Ready: Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection
This great collection includes the recent Borderlands games that weren't released for the new consoles, so if you missed out, you can catch up!--1/20/2015 11:28:39 AM--
1035 days, 1 hour, 9 minutes old - 1 comment

The One Video Game Feature Or Gimmick You Couldn't Stand?
If there's one feature or gimmick over the years that you really hated, which was it? Is it a peripheral that bugged you? Or a particular game feature?--1/19/2015 9:59:21 PM--
1035 days, 14 hours, 38 minutes old - 5 comments

Another Man Dies After An Extremely Lengthy Gaming Binge
After playing for three straight days, a man dies in a Taiwan internet cafe. It's the second death in the region since the new year started, unfortunately.--1/19/2015 9:06:57 PM--
1035 days, 15 hours, 31 minutes old - 18 comments

Get Your 10% Off A PSN Purchase This Coming Weekend
This deal is a "thank you" to all the loyal PlayStation Network subscribers out there, and it starts soon. Plus members get their extension, too.--1/19/2015 9:23:50 PM--
1035 days, 15 hours, 14 minutes old - 5 comments

Sledgehammer: Stop "Reverse Boosting"
"Reverse boosting" is an all-too-common trick but one of Sledgehammer's head honchos hates it. As such, be prepared to face the consequences...--1/19/2015 9:48:52 PM--
1035 days, 14 hours, 49 minutes old - 0 comments

New Developer Tackles Next NASCAR Title
Newly formed studio DMi Games has obtained the NASCAR license from Eutechnyx and they're hard at work on a new game for PS4, Xbox One and PC.--1/19/2015 9:14:20 PM--
1035 days, 15 hours, 23 minutes old - 3 comments

--1/19/2015 11:33:10 AM--

January 19th, 2015

Last Updated 1036 days, 1 hour, 4 minutes ago

The Order: 1886 Goes Gold Well Ahead Of February 20 Date
Ready at Dawn has confirmed that this highly anticipated PS4 exclusive has gone gold, and they've also revealed a couple pre-order incentives, too.--1/19/2015 11:33:10 AM--
1036 days, 1 hour, 4 minutes old - 9 comments

Project Cars Start Your Engines Trailer Likes To Show Off
The new trailer from Bandai Namco shows the game flexing its significant graphical muscle. Don't forget that it runs at 60 frames per second and 1080p.--1/19/2015 11:11:59 AM--
1036 days, 1 hour, 26 minutes old - 4 comments

Speedrunner Breaks His Own Dark Souls Record: 49:55
The speedrunner who previously set a record by blazing through Dark Souls II in 50:09 has found a way to break the 50-minute mark. It's pretty crazy.--1/19/2015 11:23:13 AM--
1036 days, 1 hour, 14 minutes old - 3 comments

Should All RPGs Be Sandbox Adventures?
It seems like most games are embracing the open-world sandbox format these days, and that includes role-playing games. But is it good for RPGs...?--1/18/2015 10:17:33 PM--
1036 days, 14 hours, 20 minutes old - 0 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Fans Hesitate To Embrace PS Now
PlayStation fans aren't too crazy about the new rental service just yet; guess they need more time. This week, are you excited about Final Fantasy XV?--1/18/2015 10:02:52 PM--
1036 days, 14 hours, 35 minutes old - 0 comments

Driveclub Fans Can Test Out Five New Japanese Tracks
Five new tracks will be delivered early this week, and that's great news for all the driving fans out there. More DLC coming later this month, too.--1/18/2015 9:51:48 PM--
1036 days, 14 hours, 46 minutes old - 6 comments

Disney Infinity vs. Skylanders Sales Battle: A Dead Heat?
The war continues between these two hugely successful franchises and for 2014, it seems both Disney and Activision are claiming victories.--1/18/2015 9:41:52 PM--
1036 days, 14 hours, 56 minutes old - 2 comments

Sony Stores In Canada Didn't Do So Hot, So They're Gone
There are 14 Sony Stores in Canada but the company has just announced that all will be closed down within the next few months. No Canadian love for Sony...?--1/18/2015 9:31:28 PM--
1036 days, 15 hours, 6 minutes old - 7 comments

--1/17/2015 9:57:22 PM--

January 18th, 2015

Last Updated 1037 days, 14 hours, 40 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: January 18
It's time to reflect on PS4's tremendous sales success thus far, Naughty Dog's priorities are exactly correct, and I play some super fun little games.--1/17/2015 9:57:22 PM--
1037 days, 14 hours, 40 minutes old - 40 comments

--1/17/2015 11:08:35 AM--

January 17th, 2015

Last Updated 1038 days, 1 hour, 29 minutes ago

Harmonix's Rock Band Survey Hints At Next-Gen Entry
The developer is asking music fans to fill out a new Rock Band survey, which sorta tells us that they're planning to bring the series back from hiatus.--1/17/2015 11:08:35 AM--
1038 days, 1 hour, 29 minutes old - 3 comments

I'm Forced To Retract My AC Unity Review
After much deliberation, this critic has decided to retract the score he originally gave to Assassin's Creed Unity. Harsh truths have been discovered.--1/16/2015 9:26:41 PM--
1038 days, 15 hours, 11 minutes old - 81 comments

Top 10 Sales Lists: 2014's Best-Selling Network Games
The top-selling digital PlayStation games have been revealed. Destiny was #1 for PlayStation 4, while Minecraft was tops in the PlayStation 3 division.--1/16/2015 9:16:30 PM--
1038 days, 15 hours, 21 minutes old - 5 comments

Amplitude For PS3, PS4 Pushed Back
The anticipated update has been delayed, unfortunately. Harmonix says the game won't arrive in March as initially intended; it's now set for summer.--1/16/2015 9:25:14 PM--
1038 days, 15 hours, 12 minutes old - 5 comments

--1/16/2015 12:04:07 PM--

January 16th, 2015

Last Updated 1039 days, 33 minutes ago

Ubisoft: Watch Dogs Sequel Will Have To Take More Risks
One of the game's designers says they'll have to push the brand forward with the sequel, and they'll have to bring the franchise "to the next level."--1/16/2015 12:04:07 PM--
1039 days, 33 minutes old - 1 comment

Saints Row IV: Gat Out Of Hell Gets Crazy Launch Trailer
Volition has released an infomercial-style launch trailer for Gat out of Hell and Re-Elected, the updated version of Saints Row IV that came out in 2013.--1/16/2015 11:56:13 AM--
1039 days, 41 minutes old - 1 comment

Another Arrest Made In Connection With Holiday DDoS Attacks
Yet another arrest has been made in connection with the attacks that brought down the PlayStation Network over the holidays. Another kid, of course.--1/16/2015 11:41:42 AM--
1039 days, 56 minutes old - 2 comments

PS4 Isn't In A Position To Dominate The Market At $400
With the Xbox One holding at $349, everyone is wondering if Sony should respond in kind. In point of fact, they probably don't have much choice.--1/15/2015 9:58:52 PM--
1039 days, 14 hours, 39 minutes old - 2 comments

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition Review: Duke Is Still Duke
The Megaton Edition has landed on Sony's portable and while it suffers from strange bugs, it's still the old-school Duke Nukem we all love. That's something.--1/15/2015 9:15:02 PM--
1039 days, 15 hours, 22 minutes old - 0 comments

PS4 Becomes Fastest-Selling PlayStation Console In History
Sony has confirmed that in selling 18.5 million since launch, the PS4 is now the fastest-selling PlayStation system in the company's history. Woo!--1/15/2015 9:25:26 PM--
1039 days, 15 hours, 12 minutes old - 8 comments

BioWare Shares Dragon-Killing Stats
The developers have released an infographic detailing the number and type of dragons slain in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Have you contributed to the total?--1/15/2015 9:49:46 PM--
1039 days, 14 hours, 48 minutes old - 2 comments

Top 10 Games Of 2014: Once Again, CoD Tops The List
Nobody will be shocked to see Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare atop the overall sales charts for 2014. When will this repeating trend change in the industry?--1/15/2015 9:35:35 PM--
1039 days, 15 hours, 2 minutes old - 2 comments

--1/15/2015 12:20:16 PM--

January 15th, 2015

Last Updated 1040 days, 17 minutes ago

Get Ready To Splice Some Genes...Yeah, It Can Be Fun
Another remarkably unique game is coming to the PSN; this one has you splicing genes and the music is so pretty, it hurts. Gotta give this one a try!--1/15/2015 12:20:16 PM--
1040 days, 17 minutes old - 5 comments

Turtle Rock Studios Defends Lengthy DLC Plans For Evolve
After releasing their extensive downloadable content plans for Evolve, gamers had some suspicions. But the developer seeks to erase those suspicions.--1/15/2015 12:09:35 PM--
1040 days, 28 minutes old - 5 comments

Uncharted 4 Might Still Reach 60FPS, But Performance Matters
Naughty Dog says the demo from the PlayStation Experience was locked at 30fps, and the game is now performing better than that. But performance is key.--1/15/2015 11:57:59 AM--
1040 days, 40 minutes old - 1 comment

Finishing A Game's Story: How Important Is It To You, Really?
Is it critical that you see the ending in a video game? Or do you not care, and it's more about the overall experience? And has your view changed?--1/14/2015 9:57:27 PM--
1040 days, 14 hours, 40 minutes old - 1 comment

Visceral Offers Hardline Beta Details, But No Official Date
The developer has confirmed that the upcoming beta will be available on all platforms, and we'll get Conquest and Hotwire. No set date yet, though.--1/14/2015 9:38:00 PM--
1040 days, 14 hours, 59 minutes old - 3 comments

New Mortal Kombat X Trailer: Witness Kitana's Fatality
The latest gameplay trailer shows off Kung Lao and Kitana, and the latter's finishing move is just plain outrageous. The blood is gonna fly!--1/14/2015 9:48:04 PM--
1040 days, 14 hours, 49 minutes old - 6 comments

Miami Hotline 2 Refused Classification By Australian Board
The sequel won't get a rating in Australia, which means it won't be available for sale. Maybe gamers over there will get a "modified" version later.--1/14/2015 9:30:18 PM--
1040 days, 15 hours, 7 minutes old - 1 comment

--1/14/2015 11:55:04 AM--

January 14th, 2015

Last Updated 1041 days, 42 minutes ago

Troy Baker: Skyrim A "Playpen" When Compared To MGSV
The actor who plays Ocelot in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid says it makes Skyrim look like an "afternoon playpen," and he respects the new Snake.--1/14/2015 11:55:04 AM--
1041 days, 42 minutes old - 3 comments

Grim Fandango Remastered Now Available For Pre-Order
The Remastered iteration of one of the industry's most beloved titles is now up for pre-order on GOG.com and the PSN. Time to honor a true classic!--1/14/2015 11:36:32 AM--
1041 days, 1 hour, 1 minute old - 3 comments

PSN Undergoing Regularly Scheduled Maintenance This Week
The PlayStation Network will get some standard maintenance on Thursday but don't worry, it's only four hours and most of you can still play online.--1/14/2015 11:25:37 AM--
1041 days, 1 hour, 12 minutes old - 5 comments

More Important For PS4: New IPs Or Established Sequels?
Should Sony put a heavier emphasis on brand new IPs for PlayStation 4, or does it make more sense to focus on new entries in respected franchises?--1/13/2015 10:12:19 PM--
1041 days, 14 hours, 25 minutes old - 5 comments

MLB 15: The Show Preview: Baseball Redefined Again?
This year's installment of The Show could end up being the best ever; fans can expect great additions like the Legends and the chance to transfer saves.--1/13/2015 9:11:56 PM--
1041 days, 15 hours, 26 minutes old - 0 comments

PlayStation 20th Anniversary Sale: Lots Of Classics Discounted
Sony keeps celebrating 20 years of PlayStation with a huge PSN sale. Legendary classic titles are now discounted by as much as 75%, so get moving!--1/13/2015 9:30:31 PM--
1041 days, 15 hours, 7 minutes old - 0 comments

DmC Definitive Edition Moved Up A Week
Good news from Capcom: They've released new screenshots for DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition, and they moved the launch date up, too!--1/13/2015 9:49:10 PM--
1041 days, 14 hours, 48 minutes old - 8 comments

GameStop Holiday Sales Down Overall, But Software Is Up
The retailer enjoyed a decent holiday period; even though overall sales were down slightly, there was a big rise in software, digital, and mobile.--1/13/2015 9:22:04 PM--
1041 days, 15 hours, 15 minutes old - 5 comments

Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC: New Maps, John Malkovich
A new video has been released that previews the upcoming expansion for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Chock full of content and one fantastic actor!--1/13/2015 9:42:26 PM--
1041 days, 14 hours, 55 minutes old - 7 comments

--1/13/2015 11:40:40 AM--

January 13th, 2015

Last Updated 1042 days, 57 minutes ago

DoA5: Last Round New Character Teased: Busty Schoolgirl
Team Ninja is about ready to fully reveal the new fighter in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round: Her name is Honoka and she's a schoolgirl with a "secret power."--1/13/2015 11:40:40 AM--
1042 days, 57 minutes old - 4 comments

Latest Hitman Confirmed, Expect More Details "This Year"
A new Hitman is in development and fans can expect more information at some point this year. This will be a more open and realistic stealth adventure.--1/13/2015 11:29:11 AM--
1042 days, 1 hour, 8 minutes old - 5 comments

The Last Of Us: Remastered Free With Your PS4 Purchase
Sony is currently offering the PlayStation 4 with a free copy of The Last Of Us: Remastered. If you don't have one yet, now's the time to strike!--1/13/2015 11:17:37 AM--
1042 days, 1 hour, 20 minutes old - 5 comments

The One 2015 Game That's Most Likely To Surprise You
Of all the promising titles on tap for this year, which is the one that's most likely to surprise you? Is it Ready at Dawn's The Order: 1886? Or something else?--1/12/2015 10:21:13 PM--
1042 days, 14 hours, 16 minutes old - 3 comments

Super Mega Baseball Review: Super Mega Addicting Fun
It's an accessible, extraordinarily entertaining game that you just can't seem to stop playing. See, not ALL sports experiences need to be simulators.--1/12/2015 9:47:23 PM--
1042 days, 14 hours, 50 minutes old - 3 comments

Naughty Dog: For Now, The Last Of Us 2 Is A "Big If"
The developers say they're completely focused on Uncharted 4: A Thief's End right now, and it's a "big assumption" to believe TLoU2 will be a reality.--1/12/2015 9:57:41 PM--
1042 days, 14 hours, 40 minutes old - 1 comment

Writers Guild Announces Nominees For Video Game Writing
The Guild has announced the nominations for Outstanding Achievement in Video Game Writing and the list includes names like Assassin's Creed.--1/12/2015 10:05:43 PM--
1042 days, 14 hours, 32 minutes old - 3 comments

"Be The Zombie" In Dying Light: Time To Turn The Tables
If scrounging for supplies and being all sorts of strategic isn't your bag, you can always assume the role of the enemy. Being a zombie is now cool!--1/12/2015 10:12:58 PM--
1042 days, 14 hours, 25 minutes old - 0 comments

--1/12/2015 11:42:53 AM--

January 12th, 2015

Last Updated 1043 days, 55 minutes ago

PlayStation Fashion Apparel Celebrates 20th Anniversary
The 20th anniversary PlayStation 4 was extremely difficult to get, but these clothes will be easier (and cheaper). Want a jacket or a t-shirt?--1/12/2015 11:42:53 AM--
1043 days, 55 minutes old - 4 comments

Modder Gives Ground Zeroes An Intense First-Person View
One industrious modder has given a first-person perspective to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. It's not perfect but it's definitely an accomplishment.--1/12/2015 11:25:54 AM--
1043 days, 1 hour, 12 minutes old - 2 comments

The Elder Scrolls Online Finally Console-Bound In February?
February 24, 2015 is the new rumored release date but publisher Bethesda says they haven't announced anything yet. When will console owners finally get it?--1/12/2015 11:11:50 AM--
1043 days, 1 hour, 26 minutes old - 6 comments

Right Now, What Is The Most Underrated Game On PS4?
The PlayStation 4 has a lot of great games available and even though the critics didn't exactly love 'em all, which is the most underrated in your opinion?--1/11/2015 10:20:29 PM--
1043 days, 14 hours, 17 minutes old - 9 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Uncharted 4 The Most Anticipated 2015 Title
It's hardly a shock: The PSXE readers have selected Uncharted 4: A Thief's End as their most-wanted 2015 game. But whatcha think of PlayStation Now?--1/11/2015 10:00:48 PM--
1043 days, 14 hours, 37 minutes old - 2 comments

Friday The 13th: A Horrific Multiplayer Experience In 2015
If you're a fan of the original horror classic (and who isn't?), you'll probably be interested to learn more about this multiplayer-oriented slasher revival.--1/11/2015 9:25:25 PM--
1043 days, 15 hours, 12 minutes old - 3 comments

Arland Atelier Trilogy Lands On European PS3s In March
NIS will bring this fantastic Trilogy to Europe in early March. It features three long and rewarding Atelier JRPGs, and that's serious bang for your buck!--1/11/2015 9:51:13 PM--
1043 days, 14 hours, 46 minutes old - 3 comments

Attention, Sniper Elite Fans: Zombie Army Trilogy Is Coming
If you're familiar with Sniper Elite, you might've heard of these Zombie Army spin-offs. And if you've missed out thus far, here's a collection for ya.--1/11/2015 9:41:14 PM--
1043 days, 14 hours, 56 minutes old - 4 comments

--1/10/2015 9:52:43 PM--

January 11th, 2015

Last Updated 1044 days, 14 hours, 45 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: January 11
The various services for PlayStation 4 are turning it into a true entertainment hub, a comment on Uncharted 4's multiplayer, and I play some baseball.--1/10/2015 9:52:43 PM--
1044 days, 14 hours, 45 minutes old - 15 comments

--1/10/2015 10:56:00 AM--

January 10th, 2015

Last Updated 1045 days, 1 hour, 41 minutes ago

New Driveclub Tracks Will Be Free, More Cars Coming
Evolution Studios has confirmed that all new tracks will be free for Driveclub, the smartphone app is still coming, and they keep working on server issues.--1/10/2015 10:56:00 AM--
1045 days, 1 hour, 41 minutes old - 5 comments

Is The PS3 Already Obsolete?
The previous generation dragged on longer than most people wanted and now that the new consoles have been out for over a year, is the PS3 dead and gone?--1/9/2015 9:52:26 PM--
1045 days, 14 hours, 45 minutes old - 30 comments

PS1, PS2 Games Part Of Sony's Vision For PlayStation Now
Sony has confirmed that older PlayStation games are part of the company's "long-term vision" for the new streaming rental service. Good news, yes?--1/9/2015 9:14:29 PM--
1045 days, 15 hours, 23 minutes old - 12 comments

The PlayStation Community Settles On The Best 2014 Games
The PlayStation community has selected their top games from 2014 and the winners are posted over at the PlayStation Blog. Destiny over Dragon Age...?--1/9/2015 9:40:52 PM--
1045 days, 14 hours, 57 minutes old - 9 comments

New Destiny Patch Will Fix Glitches In Crota's End DLC
There are a few lingering issues in the Crota's End expansion for Destiny, but Bungie is preparing a fix-it patch. It'll be ready next week.--1/9/2015 9:32:06 PM--
1045 days, 15 hours, 5 minutes old - 5 comments

Shadow Of Mordor Leads This Year's GDC Award Nominations
The nominees have been revealed for the 15th annual Game Developers Choice Awards, and Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor leads the way with five nods.--1/9/2015 9:23:53 PM--
1045 days, 15 hours, 14 minutes old - 3 comments

--1/9/2015 11:38:13 AM--

January 9th, 2015

Last Updated 1046 days, 59 minutes ago

Hardline Delay A Result Of Devs Taking Feedback To Heart
Developer Visceral Games says delaying Battlefield: Hardline was absolutely "the right call," and the improvements are results of fan feedback.--1/9/2015 11:38:13 AM--
1046 days, 59 minutes old - 1 comment

Codemasters May Lose Up To 30 Jobs
The DiRT developer is in line to lose up to 30 jobs, as they attempt to ease the budget a bit. This could result in the delay of this year's DiRT 4.--1/9/2015 11:29:26 AM--
1046 days, 1 hour, 8 minutes old - 1 comment

Bungie Reveals Top 10 Lists Of Destiny's Popular Weapons
The developer has provided the Destiny community with several Top 10 lists concerning the most popular weapons. Which are your favorites?--1/9/2015 11:20:07 AM--
1046 days, 1 hour, 17 minutes old - 7 comments

The Path To Suikoden VI Could Give Us HD Remaster(s)
Suikoden II is out and it's time this series' popularity is tested while fan activists push for Suikoden VI. HD Remasters are a good trend to exploit right now.--1/9/2015 10:37:37 AM--
1046 days, 2 hours old - 8 comments

2015: The Year PS4 Proves It's A Better Option Than Xbox One
In a lot of ways, 2014 wasn't an impressive year for PlayStation 4. But 2015 is shaping up to be the year where Sony's new console proves its worth.--1/8/2015 10:04:55 PM--
1046 days, 14 hours, 33 minutes old - 4 comments

PlayStation 4 Gets The "Ultimate" Version Of Ultra Street Fighter IV
Sony's new console is getting the definitive version of Ultra Street Fighter IV, complete with more characters, stages, DLC, and the new Omega Mode!--1/8/2015 9:32:59 PM--
1046 days, 15 hours, 5 minutes old - 5 comments

Check It Out: A Custom Controller For Mortal Kombat X
NetherRealm's upcoming Mortal Kombat game gets the honor of a custom gamepad, courtesy of PDP. It's pretty unique; fighting fans will love it!--1/8/2015 9:41:46 PM--
1046 days, 14 hours, 56 minutes old - 3 comments

Techland Guides You Through 90 Minutes Of Dying Light
Here's an hour and a half of Dying Light gameplay, narrated by a couple Techland head honchos. This game has a ton of promise and it's almost here!--1/8/2015 9:47:55 PM--
1046 days, 14 hours, 50 minutes old - 5 comments

eBay Auction For Crazy Rare NES Game Goes Over $23k
A new eBay auction for the insanely rare Stadium Events has topped $23k and there are still 7 days left! It's factory-sealed and authenticated, too.--1/8/2015 9:55:07 PM--
1046 days, 14 hours, 42 minutes old - 3 comments

--1/8/2015 11:43:05 AM--

January 8th, 2015

Last Updated 1047 days, 54 minutes ago

Nyko Reveals HDD Data Bank Upgrade Kit For PlayStation 4
If you're running out of space in your PlayStation 4 and you don't like the price of the available hard drives, this peripheral might fit the bill.--1/8/2015 11:43:05 AM--
1047 days, 54 minutes old - 0 comments

PS4's Chinese Launch Delayed
Sony's new console was supposed to release in China on January 11 but that launch has been delayed. The rumor is it's due to "prolonged negotiations."--1/8/2015 11:34:07 AM--
1047 days, 1 hour, 3 minutes old - 1 comment

Resident Evil HD Remake Available For Purchase And Pre-Load
The latest updated version of the horror classic is now available to buy and pre-load on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This lets you play it ASAP!--1/8/2015 11:26:54 AM--
1047 days, 1 hour, 11 minutes old - 3 comments

I'm Not A Hardcore Gamer If I Don't Care About Bloodborne?
It appears that certain dedicated gamers out there label you based on the difficulty of the games you like to play. This seems wrong somehow.--1/7/2015 10:08:41 PM--
1047 days, 14 hours, 29 minutes old - 0 comments

Loadout Review: Incomplete Blasting
The free-to-play fast-action game from Edge of Reality is full of wickedly intense combat, but there are several issues that hinder our enjoyment.--1/7/2015 9:43:05 PM--
1047 days, 14 hours, 54 minutes old - 0 comments

Planetside 2 Enters Closed Beta On PlayStation 4 This Month
As previously reported, the long-anticipated Planetside 2 beta test is coming to PlayStation 4 this month. The closed beta fun begins on January 20!--1/7/2015 9:41:47 PM--
1047 days, 14 hours, 56 minutes old - 3 comments

Kingdom Hearts III Set To Release "Later This Year?"
One of the game's voice actors seems to have confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III is slated to launch later this year. It's not official but it's encouraging!--1/7/2015 9:52:13 PM--
1047 days, 14 hours, 45 minutes old - 0 comments

New PS4 Bundle: 22 Jump Street And Silver Wired Headset
GameStop has a new PlayStation 4 bundle geared toward all you movie and audio buffs. It comes with a copy of 22 Jump Street and a free silver headset!--1/7/2015 9:59:19 PM--
1047 days, 14 hours, 38 minutes old - 5 comments

--1/7/2015 11:50:49 AM--

January 7th, 2015

Last Updated 1048 days, 47 minutes ago

PlayStation TV Drops In Price At Major Retailers In US
It seems PlayStation TV has a lower price point at many major retailers across North America, so if you want to give it a go, now's the time.--1/7/2015 11:50:49 AM--
1048 days, 47 minutes old - 23 comments

Destiny Players Have Received Their Legendary Gift
Bungie promised players a special random gift this week and now it's here. Check your in-game mail; you should have a legendary weapon of some kind.--1/7/2015 11:43:58 AM--
1048 days, 54 minutes old - 3 comments

"Biggest-Ever Version" Of Joe Danger 2 Hits Vita Next Week
The Joe Danger sequel arrives on PlayStation Vita next week and it includes 85 levels, special guest appearances, 60FPS, and Movie Maker Mode!--1/7/2015 11:34:46 AM--
1048 days, 1 hour, 3 minutes old - 0 comments

Top 10 Hottest Women In Games 2014
Who were the hottest ladies in video games last year? We've compiled a list of ten that weren't merely sexy, but were also involved in critical roles.--1/6/2015 10:08:03 PM--
1048 days, 14 hours, 29 minutes old - 48 comments

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Preview: True Horror Returns
The next episodic Revelations series is just around the corner and it'll feature potentially great co-op action and that traditional horror structure.--1/6/2015 9:49:05 PM--
1048 days, 14 hours, 48 minutes old - 0 comments

Unity Expansion, Dead Kings, Gets A Date And New Trailer
The upcoming Assassin's Creed Unity add-on, Dead Kings, is coming very soon and Ubisoft is celebrating with a new trailer. Time to explore more of Paris!--1/6/2015 10:01:33 PM--
1048 days, 14 hours, 36 minutes old - 4 comments

Rumor: Shadow Realms "Rebooted," Now Coming To Consoles
Several sources claim the game is currently being rebooted; it won't be here now until 2017 but BioWare has decided to include a full campaign.--1/6/2015 10:19:36 PM--
1048 days, 14 hours, 18 minutes old - 13 comments

Naughty Dog Confirms: Yes, Uncharted 4 Will Have Multiplayer
The developer has confirmed that the upcoming Uncharted adventure will include a multiplayer option, although they didn't offer any further details.--1/6/2015 10:24:58 PM--
1048 days, 14 hours, 13 minutes old - 6 comments

--1/6/2015 11:39:02 AM--

January 6th, 2015

Last Updated 1049 days, 58 minutes ago

Teens React To Mario Kart 64...Geez, It's Not Even That Old
The latest Teens React episode features Mario Kart 64 and it's funny as always. And yet, we're still convinced they should've played SMK on the SNES.--1/6/2015 11:39:02 AM--
1049 days, 58 minutes old - 19 comments

PlayStation Vue Debuts In First Quarter 2015 For PS4, PS3
Sony has confirmed that their cloud-based TV service will arrive during the first quarter of this year. We just don't have a pricing plan yet...any guesses?--1/6/2015 10:57:25 AM--
1049 days, 1 hour, 40 minutes old - 6 comments

Assassin's Creed Movie Gets New Date
The film was delayed due to "production issues" so it won't be ready this year, as previously anticipated. Now it's slated to arrive at the end of 2016.--1/6/2015 11:09:11 AM--
1049 days, 1 hour, 28 minutes old - 2 comments

How Many PS4 Owners Really Want To Play PS3 Games?
The new PlayStation Now streaming service will give you access to over a hundred PS3 games right out of the gate...but how appealing are those titles?--1/5/2015 9:56:30 PM--
1049 days, 14 hours, 41 minutes old - 1 comment

PlayStation 4 Hits 18.5 Million, Holiday Tally Tops 4 Million
Sony's new console has reached 18.5 million sold worldwide, while holiday sales came to 4.1 million. Total software sales are now at 81.8 million.--1/5/2015 9:26:29 PM--
1049 days, 15 hours, 11 minutes old - 8 comments

Suikoden Revival Keeps Building, Invites You To Suikoden Day
It has been four years and counting, and the Suikoden Revival Movement just keeps growing. If you're a die-hard fan, check out Suikoden Day!--1/5/2015 9:18:15 PM--
1049 days, 15 hours, 19 minutes old - 4 comments

Tony Hawk Confirms New Game For PS4
The skateboarding icon has officially announced a new Tony Hawk console game, which will come to PlayStation 4 "late this year." Great news!--1/5/2015 9:42:29 PM--
1049 days, 14 hours, 55 minutes old - 4 comments

Lords Of The Fallen Producer Addresses Dark Souls Comparisons
It was clear that when Lords of the Fallen launched, you'd see a lot of comparisons to From Software's Dark Souls franchise. Here's the producer's take.--1/5/2015 9:35:25 PM--
1049 days, 15 hours, 2 minutes old - 4 comments

PSXE Game Of The Year Awards 2014
Did some of your favorite games take home a few awards? In a year of highs and lows, now it's time to focus on the highs and recognize the worthy!--1/2/2015 10:11:45 PM--
1052 days, 14 hours, 26 minutes old - 71 comments

--1/5/2015 11:58:28 AM--

January 5th, 2015

Last Updated 1050 days, 39 minutes ago

Sony Announces PlayStation Now Monthly Subscription Plan
PlayStation Now will debut on the PS4 next week and instead of individual rentals, they're offering a monthly plan that will let you stream like crazy.--1/5/2015 11:58:28 AM--
1050 days, 39 minutes old - 6 comments

Ubisoft Wants Fan Feedback For The Next Far Cry Project
They want to know what you'd like to see in the next Far Cry. There are some outlandish ideas, and this includes dinosaurs and vampires. ...yeah.--1/5/2015 12:07:35 PM--
1050 days, 30 minutes old - 2 comments

Behold The Beautiful Steelbook Art For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
If you pick up the Collector's Edition for The Witcher 3, you'll snag one of these stunning steelbook covers. The artistic-minded will appreciate it!--1/5/2015 11:39:43 AM--
1050 days, 58 minutes old - 2 comments

Double Dip Game Of The Year Giveaway Winner Announced!
Now that the GotY Awards have been handed out, we've selected a winner for our Double Dip Game of the Year Giveaway. See who won two great games!--1/4/2015 9:55:25 PM--
1050 days, 14 hours, 42 minutes old - 2 comments

Limbo Coming Soon To PlayStation 4?
The European game ratings board (PEGI) has a new listing for Limbo on PlayStation 4 and while the date appears to be incorrect, it's certainly plausible.--1/4/2015 10:04:42 PM--
1050 days, 14 hours, 33 minutes old - 4 comments

Kung Lao Joins Mortal Kombat X, Factions Mode Revealed
Remember the guy who could throw his hat encircled with a blade? Yup, Kung Lao will be in MKX, and NetherRealm also announced the new Factions Mode.--1/4/2015 10:13:51 PM--
1050 days, 14 hours, 24 minutes old - 2 comments

ZHEROS, A New Co-Op Action/Brawler, Coming To PS4
Team up with a friend and join the ZHEROS squad! This cooperative action game looks like lots of fun, and it should be great fun for all ages.--1/4/2015 10:23:09 PM--
1050 days, 14 hours, 14 minutes old - 2 comments

--1/3/2015 9:45:05 PM--

January 4th, 2015

Last Updated 1051 days, 14 hours, 52 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: January 4
I address the recent PSN unpleasantness, I'd prefer a new Elder Scrolls over another Fallout, and the GotY Awards take up a LOT of my time.--1/3/2015 9:45:05 PM--
1051 days, 14 hours, 52 minutes old - 32 comments

PSXE's Crazy Double-Dip Game Of The Year 2014 Giveaway
If you want to win two amazing games (one we choose and one YOU choose), we're giving you a chance: Just become involved with PSXE in 2014!--6/12/2014 10:44:32 PM--
1256 days, 13 hours, 53 minutes old - 0 comments

--1/3/2015 11:34:27 AM--

January 3rd, 2015

Last Updated 1052 days, 1 hour, 3 minutes ago

Strangely, Sony Santa Monica Keeps Teasing And Deleting
The developer has a habit of teasing things that subsequently disappear. The latest is a reference to this year's PlayStation Experience event.--1/3/2015 11:34:27 AM--
1052 days, 1 hour, 3 minutes old - 1 comment

Tekken 7's Latest Roster Addition: Saudi Arabia's Shaheen
The game's director has revealed a new character for the upcoming installment. He's from the Middle East and if the fans like him, he stays.--1/3/2015 11:16:09 AM--
1052 days, 1 hour, 21 minutes old - 2 comments

Yes, Mortal Kombat Gives Gamers "Empowered Females"
Mortal Kombat X creative director Ed Boon says his game actually empowers females and in fact, he may have a point. The ladies kick ass in MK!--1/2/2015 10:30:58 PM--
1052 days, 14 hours, 7 minutes old - 2 comments

Three More Cell Phone Cheats For GTAV
The latest cheat update for Grand Theft Auto V includes three more cell phone cheats, and this features the ability change the weather!--1/2/2015 10:20:30 PM--
1052 days, 14 hours, 17 minutes old - 5 comments

--1/2/2015 11:31:33 AM--

January 2nd, 2015

Last Updated 1053 days, 1 hour, 6 minutes ago

Rockstar Announces GTAO Double RP, Double Cash Weekend
The developer just gave you ample reason to play Grand Theft Auto Online this weekend: Double GTA$ and Double RP. Now you can really progress!--1/2/2015 11:31:33 AM--
1053 days, 1 hour, 6 minutes old - 11 comments

Destiny DLC Comet: Plague Of Darkness Set For September?
The hot rumor now is that Bungie will release Comet: Plague of Darkness for Destiny in September, and it'll be part of a special edition re-release.--1/2/2015 11:22:18 AM--
1053 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes old - 7 comments

UK Gamers Can Snag A Black Or White PS4 For Only 280
The UK branch of Amazon is selling new PS4s for 50 less than normal, so if you still don't have Sony's system, now's the time to strike!--1/2/2015 11:06:13 AM--
1053 days, 1 hour, 31 minutes old - 4 comments

If You Had To Guess, 2015's Game Of The Year Will Be...
Based on the games we expect to show up in 2015, which one will end up being the very best? Which one has the most potential to blow us all away?--1/1/2015 9:18:20 PM--
1053 days, 15 hours, 19 minutes old - 16 comments

Sony's Compensation Plans For PSN Holiday Woes
The PlayStation Network suffered over the past week and as compensation, Sony has a couple offers for you. Increased Plus membership and a 10% discount!--1/1/2015 8:53:36 PM--
1053 days, 15 hours, 44 minutes old - 13 comments

Persona 5 In "Intensive Development"
The game's director says the team has reached a "crucial" stage of development and we can expect more news after the new year. JRPG fans rejoice!--1/1/2015 9:11:00 PM--
1053 days, 15 hours, 26 minutes old - 1 comment

Disgruntled Battlefield 4 Community Plans To Go On Strike
Battlefield 4 fans aren't happy with DICE's lack of communication with server admins and therefore, those servers are going down on Saturday.--1/1/2015 9:02:47 PM--
1053 days, 15 hours, 35 minutes old - 2 comments

--1/1/2015 11:20:47 AM--

January 1st, 2015

Last Updated 1054 days, 1 hour, 17 minutes ago

PSN Status Changed From "Intermittent" To "Heavy Traffic"
The PlayStation support page has upgraded the service's status so now, if you have any latency issues, it's due to a "high volume of traffic."--1/1/2015 11:20:47 AM--
1054 days, 1 hour, 17 minutes old - 10 comments

Evolution Will Tweak Driveclub's Drafting
Driveclub just keeps getting better. The next update will involve the drafting behavior and Evolution also might deliver more liveries and colors.--1/1/2015 11:30:33 AM--
1054 days, 1 hour, 7 minutes old - 5 comments

Will 2015 Be The Year In Gaming 2014 Should've Been?
2014 didn't live up to our lofty expectations but can 2015 deliver the "next-gen" goods that everyone has been waiting for? The games are lined up...--12/31/2014 10:06:26 PM--
1054 days, 14 hours, 31 minutes old - 1 comment

PSXE Community Game Of The Year Has Been Decided
The community has selected its overall Game of the Year for 2014. The voting was a lot closer than you might think! Now, looking ahead to 2015...--12/31/2014 9:54:14 PM--
1054 days, 14 hours, 43 minutes old - 2 comments

Lizard Squad Investigation Has Already Yielded An Arrest
The police have arrested a suspect in the UK on suspicion of attacking the PSN and Live over the holidays. Hopefully, a lot more arrests will follow.--12/31/2014 9:34:28 PM--
1054 days, 15 hours, 3 minutes old - 14 comments

DmC: Definitive Edition In Line For A Collector's Package?
Retailer Amazon has listed a "Standard Edition" for the upcoming DmC: Devil May Cry upgrade, which sort of implies that we'll get a special edition, too.--12/31/2014 9:43:39 PM--
1054 days, 14 hours, 54 minutes old - 3 comments

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