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Updates (November, 2015)

--11/30/2015 11:28:21 AM--

November 30th, 2015

Last Updated 546 days, 19 hours, 58 minutes ago

PS4, Xbox One Hardware Deals Still In Play This Cyber Monday
Black Friday might be over but Cyber Monday is still in full effect, which means you can get some great deals on hardware bundles and top-shelf games.--11/30/2015 11:28:21 AM--
546 days, 19 hours, 58 minutes old - 33 comments

Mighty No. 9 Trailer Highlights Online Multiplayer Modes
The designers have released a new trailer that shows off a bunch of modes, including a couple online multiplayer modes. You got what it takes?--11/30/2015 11:56:47 AM--
546 days, 19 hours, 30 minutes old - 3 comments

Ubisoft: Team-Killers In Rainbow Six Siege Won't Be Tolerated
The developers have a plan in place to deal with those who kill their teammates in Rainbow Six Siege. We also know exactly when the servers go live.--11/30/2015 11:43:06 AM--
546 days, 19 hours, 43 minutes old - 12 comments

Rise Of The Tomb Raider On PS4: What Can We Expect?
Everybody knows the Tomb Raider sequel will eventually come to PlayStation 4 but when it does, what will make it special? Extra or exclusive content?--11/29/2015 10:07:17 PM--
547 days, 9 hours, 19 minutes old - 26 comments

PSXE Poll Update: PS2 Games On PS4? Well...Maybe?
According to our latest poll, not everyone is enamored with the new PS2 backwards compatibility for PS4. Now, Just Cause 3 or Rainbow Six Siege?--11/29/2015 9:51:04 PM--
547 days, 9 hours, 35 minutes old - 61 comments

FFVII PS4 Trophy List Emerges And It's Definitely Doable
Looks like the full Trophy list for the PlayStation 4 version of the Final Fantasy VII PC port has been revealed, and it's not especially intimidating.--11/29/2015 9:39:09 PM--
547 days, 9 hours, 47 minutes old - 73 comments

Explore Just Cause 3's 400-Mile Map Via Virtual Helicopter
PlayStation Access flies from one end of the map to the other in this new video. The world isn't any bigger than Just Cause 2 but it's definitely "denser."--11/29/2015 9:13:55 PM--
547 days, 10 hours, 13 minutes old - 33 comments

New MGSV Secret Event: Konami Hands Out Instructions
A brand new secret event called "Secret Nuclear Disarmament" is now available but you have to satisfy four specific conditions in order to try it.--11/29/2015 9:27:54 PM--
547 days, 9 hours, 59 minutes old - 26 comments

--11/28/2015 9:32:28 PM--

November 29th, 2015

Last Updated 548 days, 9 hours, 54 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: November 29
PlayStation 4 passes 30 million but it'll never beat PS2, Rainbow Six Siege is struggling early, and I get ready for both Siege and Just Cause 3.--11/28/2015 9:32:28 PM--
548 days, 9 hours, 54 minutes old - 24 comments

--11/28/2015 11:16:53 AM--

November 28th, 2015

Last Updated 548 days, 2 10 minutes ago

Big Day One Patch For Just Cause 3 Has Some Comedic Bits
Just Cause 3 is getting a 2.8GB patch when it launches on December 1 and while it does deliver lots of fixes, there are a few funny "improvements."--11/28/2015 11:16:53 AM--
548 days, 2 10 minutes old - 128 comments

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Experiencing Server Issues
With a ton of activity this holiday weekend, it seems the Black Ops III servers are laboring. The status page might not be a reliable indicator, either.--11/28/2015 11:06:08 AM--
548 days, 2 20 minutes old - 11 comments

The Holidays Without Uncharted 4: 'Yawn'
While there are still plenty of great games available this holiday season, things would've been much more interesting with this huge PS4 exclusive.--11/27/2015 9:53:52 PM--
549 days, 9 hours, 33 minutes old - 25 comments

Konami Reveals Free-To-Play PES 2016 Versions For PS4, PS3
The publisher has announced a special free-to-play version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016; it includes Exhibition and Training Modes and seven teams.--11/27/2015 9:29:49 PM--
549 days, 9 hours, 57 minutes old - 3 comments

Fallout 4 Unofficially Sells 5.19 Million
According to the unofficial sales tally at VGChartz, the critically acclaimed action/RPG sold just shy of 5.2 million copies in its first week at retail.--11/27/2015 9:39:40 PM--
549 days, 9 hours, 47 minutes old - 10 comments

--11/27/2015 11:46:02 AM--

November 27th, 2015

Last Updated 549 days, 19 hours, 40 minutes ago

Burnley Explains Why Battlefront Is Indeed A "Piece Of Sh**"
After Breaking Benjamin frontman Benjamin Burnley trashed Star Wars: Battlefront, he was asked to get specific. Well, he did just that in this interview.--11/27/2015 11:46:02 AM--
549 days, 19 hours, 40 minutes old - 72 comments

Bungie Store Black Friday Sale: Get 25% Off Everything!
This store-wide sale will be good through the weekend, so you can save 25% on all sorts of Destiny goodies; apparel, accessories and collectibles.--11/27/2015 11:29:07 AM--
549 days, 19 hours, 57 minutes old - 15 comments

Tony Hawk 5 Patch Clocks In At 7.8GB, Updates Galore
The developers have released a huge patch for the once-anticipated skating game, and it delivers a bunch of updates and fixes. Is this good enough...?--11/27/2015 11:16:38 AM--
549 days, 2 10 minutes old - 27 comments

Forget Black Friday, I'm Staying Home And Playing...What?
Rather than brave the Black Friday absurdity, you've chosen to spend the day playing. So, which game will hold your attention from morning til night?--11/26/2015 9:50:36 PM--
550 days, 9 hours, 36 minutes old - 111 comments

Criminal Girls 2 Japanese Launch Trailer Is Just Ridiculous
The launch trailer for this Vita exclusive couldn't be posted at YouTube but Nico Nico grabbed it. WARNING: There's a reason it's not on YouTube.--11/26/2015 9:40:25 PM--
550 days, 9 hours, 46 minutes old - 0 comments

Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Back On Track...Sort Of
Ubisoft continues to work on the servers for Rainbow Six Siege and while the beta remains spotty, you should be able to dive into the fun relatively soon.--11/26/2015 9:01:28 PM--
550 days, 10 hours, 25 minutes old - 40 comments

PSN Black Friday Sale: Great Deals On Great Games, Movies!
Black Friday madness has begun on the PlayStation Store; log in now to get awesome deals on some of the year's very best games and movies.--11/26/2015 9:20:50 PM--
550 days, 10 hours, 6 minutes old - 31 comments

Attack On Titan: New Trailer, Estimated Japanese Date
Koei Tecmo has released a brand new trailer for their anticipated action game, and that trailer comes with a February 2016 launch window for Japan.--11/26/2015 9:28:27 PM--
550 days, 9 hours, 58 minutes old - 17 comments

--11/26/2015 11:03:46 AM--

November 26th, 2015

Last Updated 550 days, 2 23 minutes ago

Fallout 4 Sends A Cold Virus Through CD Projekt Red Team
When Bethesda's acclaimed RPG hit store shelves, team members at The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developer CD Projekt Red suddenly came down with "colds."--11/26/2015 11:03:46 AM--
550 days, 2 23 minutes old - 21 comments

Go Behind The Scenes With Uncharted 4 At PlayStation Experience
It's "Stories from the Performance Capture Set," hosted by Naughty Dog at the PlayStation Experience. Uncharted 4 characters come to life!--11/26/2015 10:50:08 AM--
550 days, 2 36 minutes old - 86 comments

Turkey Day Gaming Blessings: What Are You Thankful For?
It's Thanksgiving again, so it's time for gamers to praise the powers that be for certain things. As 2015 draws to a close, reflect and give thanks.--11/25/2015 9:45:05 PM--
551 days, 9 hours, 41 minutes old - 19 comments

Check Out This Beautiful First-Person Adventure For PS4
Coming to PlayStation 4 next year, Xing: The Land Beyond puts you in the afterlife where everything - including yourself - is a mystery. Very intriguing!--11/25/2015 9:32:54 PM--
551 days, 9 hours, 54 minutes old - 40 comments

Bungie Adding Challenges To Destiny's King's Fall Raid
The developer has announced new Challenges for the King's Fall raid, which will require you to defeat bosses "in a very specific manner." You up for it?--11/25/2015 9:23:18 PM--
551 days, 10 hours, 3 minutes old - 33 comments

Here's Amazon's Black Friday Schedule: Ready To Save?
The retailer has released its Black Friday sale schedule online, so you can pick out the times you should be hanging around the computer. Be quick!--11/25/2015 9:10:21 PM--
551 days, 10 hours, 16 minutes old - 131 comments

Be One Of The Lucky Few To Own This Sweet Kratos Statue
Okay collectors, time to step up with a full wallet: To celebrate God of War's 10th anniversary, you can grab this special limited edition Kratos statue.--11/25/2015 8:59:01 PM--
551 days, 10 hours, 27 minutes old - 3 comments

--11/25/2015 11:03:25 AM--

November 25th, 2015

Last Updated 551 days, 2 23 minutes ago

PS4 Two-Year Anniversary: System Sales Pass 30 Million
Sony has announced that PlayStation 4 has reached a sell-through number of 30 million worldwide. It's the "fastest-growing" Sony console ever!--11/25/2015 11:03:25 AM--
551 days, 2 23 minutes old - 43 comments

Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Postponed
Ubisoft has confirmed that the open beta, scheduled to begin today, has been delayed on all platforms. They've got some issues they need to sort out.--11/25/2015 2:34:06 PM--
551 days, 16 hours, 52 minutes old - 15 comments

Dying Light The Following DLC, Season Pass Rising In Price
Developer Techland has announced that the price of the DLC Pass and the upcoming expansion, The Following, are going up due to an "increase in scale."--11/25/2015 11:47:13 AM--
551 days, 19 hours, 39 minutes old - 28 comments

C'mon, Fess Up: Ever Bought A Console For Just One Game?
Most responsible and savvy consumers say they'd never buy a new system for just one game. But chances are, you've probably done it at least once.--11/24/2015 10:04:26 PM--
552 days, 9 hours, 22 minutes old - 12 comments

Battlefront Sets New Digital Record For EA
Electronic Arts has announced that Star Wars: Battlefront has broken the publisher's digital download record, and more free updates are on the way.--11/24/2015 9:22:07 PM--
552 days, 10 hours, 4 minutes old - 23 comments

Rainbow Six Siege Resolution PS4 Tops Xbox One Version
It has become a common trend this generation: Multiplatform games doing better on Sony's console. The open beta for Rainbow Six Siege is no exception.--11/24/2015 9:30:46 PM--
552 days, 9 hours, 56 minutes old - 0 comments

Star Wars: Battlefront DLC Battle Of Jakku Brings A New Mode
Developer DICE has detailed the new expansion, scheduled to launch soon. We'll get a new map and a brand new mode: Turning Point supports 40 players!--11/24/2015 9:42:34 PM--
552 days, 9 hours, 44 minutes old - 41 comments

PlayStation Store Sale Highlights Great Co-Op Experiences
There's a new Co-Op Sale on the PlayStation Store, where you can save up to a whopping 90 percent on games that put the spotlight on multiplayer.--11/24/2015 9:54:24 PM--
552 days, 9 hours, 32 minutes old - 16 comments

--11/24/2015 11:15:31 AM--

November 24th, 2015

Last Updated 552 days, 2 11 minutes ago

CD Projekt Red Delivers "Epic Trailer" For The Witcher 3
The developer wants to highlight an "epic year" for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and this new trailer showcases all the improvements and additions.--11/24/2015 11:15:31 AM--
552 days, 2 11 minutes old - 55 comments

Street Fighter V Steelbook Case Edition Revealed For Europe
A new collector's edition that will only be available in "limited quantities" has been announced for the European region. Will US gamers get it, too...?--11/24/2015 11:04:07 AM--
552 days, 2 22 minutes old - 48 comments

Football-Inspired DLC Fights Onto GTA Online This Week
Just in time for one of the biggest football weeks of the year, Rockstar has released a new gridiron-inspired adversary mode for GTA Online.--11/24/2015 10:53:45 AM--
552 days, 2 33 minutes old - 23 comments

A PS1 Classic Franchise That Deserves Revival: Jet Moto
There are lots of classic video games that have been lost to the annals of history, but here's one that could make a triumphant return. High-flying craziness!--11/23/2015 10:04:59 PM--
553 days, 9 hours, 22 minutes old - 19 comments

Sword Art Online: Lost Song Review: Strictly For The Fans
The latest Sword Art Online game offers some decent multiplayer action but falls well short of a compelling campaign mode and overall, feels decidedly thin.--11/23/2015 9:16:43 PM--
553 days, 10 hours, 10 minutes old - 8 comments

Destiny Refer A Friend Program Live, Earn Some Cool Rewards
Bungie asks you to refer a friend to Destiny - The Taken King and if you do so successfully, you can earn some goodies, legendary weapons included!--11/23/2015 9:28:31 PM--
553 days, 9 hours, 58 minutes old - 16 comments

Newly Discovered Battlefront Easter Egg
If you're a die-hard Star Wars fanatic, you know all about a certain classic blooper in the original movie. Well, it's in Battlefront...look close and chuckle.--11/23/2015 9:38:30 PM--
553 days, 9 hours, 48 minutes old - 9 comments

Arkham Knight Community Challenge Pack Lands In January
The new Batman: Arkham Expansion has been detailed and confirmed for January. Fan feedback dictated the content, which includes favorite maps.--11/23/2015 9:50:22 PM--
553 days, 9 hours, 36 minutes old - 24 comments

--11/23/2015 11:54:16 AM--

November 23rd, 2015

Last Updated 553 days, 19 hours, 32 minutes ago

Sony Confirms $299 Uncharted Collection PlayStation 4 Bundle
This enticing package only costs you $300, which means you get the game for free and a $50 discount on the PS4, which is normally priced at $350.--11/23/2015 11:54:16 AM--
553 days, 19 hours, 32 minutes old - 19 comments

Here's One Celebrity That Calls Battlefront A "Piece Of Sh**"
EA wanted Breaking Benjamin frontman Benjamin Burnley to help promote Star Wars: Battlefront via social media. But Burnley kinda despises the game.--11/23/2015 11:32:23 AM--
553 days, 19 hours, 54 minutes old - 13 comments

Just Cause 3 Dev Diary Explores Game's Technical Prowess
Developer Avalanche has released another behind-the-scenes video for their new open-world action game. This one has the capability to blow us all away!--11/23/2015 11:15:07 AM--
553 days, 2 11 minutes old - 13 comments

Don't Have A PlayStation 4 Yet? You Best Explain Yourself
If you don't yet have a PS4, you probably have your reasons. But at this point, there are plenty of benefits to being a PlayStation 4 owner, right?--11/22/2015 10:03:58 PM--
554 days, 9 hours, 23 minutes old - 104 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Battlefront Wasn't Much Of A Priority
The majority of our readers say they had no interest in getting Star Wars: Battlefront last week. Now, how's about that big PlayStation 4 news?--11/22/2015 9:43:22 PM--
554 days, 9 hours, 43 minutes old - 38 comments

GameStop Pre-Black Friday Deals Are Mucho Attractive
The retailer has revealed some great sales that will only be available on November 23 and 24. They're especially enticing if you don't yet own a PS4.--11/22/2015 9:23:21 PM--
554 days, 10 hours, 3 minutes old - 25 comments

Get PlayStation TV For Only $19.99
If you've always been meaning to get this device but never got around to it, now's the time. You can snag it for a measly twenty bucks at Best Buy!--11/22/2015 9:34:13 PM--
554 days, 9 hours, 52 minutes old - 30 comments

Mobile Title Fallout Shelter Gets Festive Thanksgiving Update
If you're a confirmed Fallout fan, you probably have this mobile game. Be sure to download the Thanksgiving-themed update that's available now.--11/22/2015 9:07:33 PM--
554 days, 10 hours, 19 minutes old - 23 comments

--11/21/2015 9:31:07 PM--

November 22nd, 2015

Last Updated 555 days, 9 hours, 55 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: November 22
Sony has finally listened to gamers who wanted backwards compatibility on PS4, and I turn your attention to a bunch of great titles on the horizon.--11/21/2015 9:31:07 PM--
555 days, 9 hours, 55 minutes old - 21 comments

--11/21/2015 11:30:46 AM--

November 21st, 2015

Last Updated 555 days, 19 hours, 56 minutes ago

So Far, PS4 Is The Most Popular Platform For Battlefront
One sampling of online players showed that PlayStation 4 has as many Star Wars: Battlefront players as Xbox One and PC COMBINED.--11/21/2015 11:30:46 AM--
555 days, 19 hours, 56 minutes old - 16 comments

Gravity Rush Remastered Coming To PS4 A Little Earlier
The updated Vita gem will land on PlayStation 4 a little earlier than anticipated. If you missed out on the game before, you'll nab it on February 2, yes?--11/21/2015 11:14:59 AM--
555 days, 2 12 minutes old - 8 comments

Editorial: Bloodborne Clearly PS4's Top 2015 Exclusive?
Is From Software's critically acclaimed action/RPG an automatic lock for the best PlayStation 4 exclusive of the year? Or could there be a surprise winner?--11/20/2015 10:07:45 PM--
556 days, 9 hours, 19 minutes old - 15 comments

Sony Confirms PS2 Games Will Soon Be Available On PS4
After some Star Wars PS2 games appeared in a Battlefront bundle, Sony admitted they were working on bringing PS2 emulation technology to PS4.--11/20/2015 9:31:22 PM--
556 days, 9 hours, 55 minutes old - 35 comments

Black Ops III Patch Fixes Map Exploits, Tweaks Weapons
A newly released patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops III eliminates several map exploits, balances some weapons, and offers a bunch of other fixes.--11/20/2015 9:08:53 PM--
556 days, 10 hours, 18 minutes old - 5 comments

--11/20/2015 11:39:45 AM--

November 20th, 2015

Last Updated 556 days, 19 hours, 47 minutes ago

Jenny LeClue - Detectivu: A Unique, Story-Based Adventure
This new narrative-driven adventure features a coming-of-age tale with all sorts of twists and turns. It looks like an original, immersive little quest!--11/20/2015 11:39:45 AM--
556 days, 19 hours, 47 minutes old - 9 comments

Bloodborne Update Adds New Covenant And NPC Partners (UPDATED)
Thanks to a translation from die-hard fans, we've got some info about the new Bloodborne update that lands just in time for The Old Hunters expansion.--11/20/2015 11:12:12 AM--
556 days, 2 14 minutes old - 85 comments

Valkyria: Azure Revolution Revealed With Teaser Trailer
Big news for strategy/RPG fans...provided they live in Japan. A sequel to Valkyria Chronicles has been announced, along with Valkyria Chronicles Remaster.--11/20/2015 11:26:01 AM--
556 days, 20 hours old - 14 comments

Best RPG 2015: Is It The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt vs. Fallout 4?
Most role-playing fans will agree that this year, it'll be a showdown between these two games for the coveted Best RPG of the Year Award. Which wins it?--11/19/2015 9:51:26 PM--
557 days, 9 hours, 35 minutes old - 5 comments

Star Wars: Battlefront Review: Fun But Underwhelming
Despite its lack of depth and longevity and a few uninspired modes, the new Battlefront should appeal to the long-time Star Wars aficionados.--11/19/2015 9:06:15 PM--
557 days, 10 hours, 20 minutes old - 0 comments

Fallout 4 Parody Trailer Shows How Game Is Ruining Lives
The massive game has the capacity to drain a great many hours out of your day, but let's hope it's not as bad as the comedic tragedy in this vid.--11/19/2015 9:25:06 PM--
557 days, 10 hours, 1 minute old - 19 comments

Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Progress Won't Carry Over
Ubisoft has confirmed that any progress you make in the upcoming open beta for Rainbow Six Siege won't transfer over to the final game. Bummer.--11/19/2015 9:17:02 PM--
557 days, 10 hours, 9 minutes old - 21 comments

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Coming Soon To PS4 And Xbox One
The multiplayer-centric medieval combat game first launched on PC over three years ago, and now updated versions are headed to the latest consoles.--11/19/2015 9:35:34 PM--
557 days, 9 hours, 51 minutes old - 12 comments

--11/19/2015 11:12:23 AM--

November 19th, 2015

Last Updated 557 days, 2 14 minutes ago

PS4 Versions Of Beyond And Heavy Rain Detailed, Dated
The PlayStation 4 version of Beyond: Two Souls drops next week and features all sorts of improvements, and Heavy Rain PS4 is slated for March 2016.--11/19/2015 11:12:23 AM--
557 days, 2 14 minutes old - 25 comments

Earn Double XP In Call Of Duty: Black Ops III This Weekend
Treyarch has confirmed a double XP weekend for Black Ops III multiplayer lovers and actually, you get four days rather than just two. It starts tomorrow!--11/19/2015 11:34:55 AM--
557 days, 19 hours, 52 minutes old - 113 comments

Just Cause 3 CGI Trailer Shows A Vast World...Exploding
A new CG trailer has arrived (courtesy of Square Enix's Visual Works team) and it appropriately features the Kasabian song, "Fire." Yup, it's crazy.--11/19/2015 11:24:11 AM--
557 days, 2 2 minutes old - 15 comments

Battlefront: The Epitome Of The Casual Or Mainstream Game?
The casual crowd continues to grow at a rapid clip and Star Wars: Battlefront might be a response to that growth, but does this impact the overall quality?--11/18/2015 9:59:03 PM--
558 days, 9 hours, 27 minutes old - 51 comments

The Witness Preview: Ingenious Design Fused With Choice
Jonathan Blow's latest puzzle extravaganza focuses on a widely diverse, open-world puzzle environment. Think you can conquer all 677 challenges...?--11/18/2015 9:05:41 PM--
558 days, 10 hours, 21 minutes old - 0 comments

Darkest Dungeon, Where Adventurers Are Indeed Human
You know how the heroes in all dungeon crawlers are basically machines? Well, what if there was a game where the characters actually had human reactions?--11/18/2015 9:47:40 PM--
558 days, 9 hours, 39 minutes old - 28 comments

Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Dated
Ubisoft has given us the dates for the upcoming open beta test for Rainbow Six Siege. If you've got a PS4, you're welcome to try it out next week.--11/18/2015 9:26:29 PM--
558 days, 10 hours old - 53 comments

Guitar Hero Live Adds Judas Priest, System Of A Down, More
Activision has unveiled a bunch of new songs for the new Guitar Hero Live experience and some big names in rock are on the list. Ready to shred?--11/18/2015 9:15:21 PM--
558 days, 10 hours, 11 minutes old - 5 comments

Amazon Black Friday Game Sales Actually Start This Week
The retailer has revealed that various sales will kick off on November 20 and will run through the next week, so keep checking back for the deals!--11/18/2015 9:36:48 PM--
558 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes old - 158 comments

--11/18/2015 11:15:47 AM--

November 18th, 2015

Last Updated 558 days, 2 11 minutes ago

Multiplayer Microtransactions: "You Should Pay For Good Work"
One former Naughty Dog boss defends the use of multiplayer microtransactions in games like Uncharted 4, saying the cost should reflect the effort.--11/18/2015 11:15:47 AM--
558 days, 2 11 minutes old - 42 comments

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Delayed Until August 23, 2016
Unfortunately, the anticipated new Deus Ex installment won't make its original aunch date of February 23; it has been pushed back six months.--11/18/2015 11:38:47 AM--
558 days, 19 hours, 48 minutes old - 26 comments

Weekly PSN Deals For PS4, PS3, Vita
This week's PlayStation Store deals have been revealed, and you can save over 50 percent on a few great titles. Plus members get those freebies, too.--11/18/2015 11:27:14 AM--
558 days, 19 hours, 59 minutes old - 15 comments

European Gamers Get Awesome Mega Pack PS4 Bundle
GameStop UK has a fantastic deal for Euro gamers: A 1TB PS4 with The Last Of Us: Remastered, God of War: Remastered and the Uncharted Collection!--11/18/2015 11:50:14 AM--
558 days, 19 hours, 36 minutes old - 25 comments

--11/17/2015 9:21:56 AM--

November 17th, 2015

Last Updated 559 days, 22 hours, 5 minutes ago

Why FFVII Remake Should Keep Turn-Based Battles
There isn't much hope for the battles that made FFVII great returning, but here's a few reasons they should return.--11/17/2015 9:21:56 AM--
559 days, 22 hours, 5 minutes old - 17 comments

Shenmue 3 Footage Shows Day/Night Cycle
Shenmue III is on display, come and get an early look at the day/night cycle from a Chinese venue.--11/17/2015 10:21:55 AM--
559 days, 21 hours, 5 minutes old - 22 comments

Do You Plan On Getting A New Gaming Platform This Holiday?
The holidays are here, so are you hoping to land a new game platform? A new console, handheld, or gaming-quality PC? Satisfied with what ya got?--11/16/2015 9:54:35 PM--
560 days, 9 hours, 32 minutes old - 10 comments

PSA: Watch Out For This Game-Breaking Fallout 4 Bug
Players are complaining of a glitch that totally breaks the game, and it involves a settlement quest and Mosignor Plaza. Maybe you should avoid it for a while.--11/16/2015 9:44:38 PM--
560 days, 9 hours, 42 minutes old - 85 comments

EA: Expect More Battlefront Games
The publisher has confirmed that, thanks to its 10-year licensing deal with Disney, they plan to produce many more games based on the legendary franchise.--11/16/2015 9:33:34 PM--
560 days, 9 hours, 53 minutes old - 38 comments

Mass Effect: Andromeda Protagonist Named After Sally Ride?
Some eagle-eyed fans have spotted a dog tag in a new Andromeda trailer, and the tag reads "Ryder." An homage to the first American woman in space...?--11/16/2015 9:12:39 PM--
560 days, 10 hours, 14 minutes old - 59 comments

"Enhanced" Super Star Wars Comes To PS4, Vita This Week
The original SNES classic returns, this time to PlayStation platforms! If you're a die-hard Star Wars fan, you can relive one of the greats this week.--11/16/2015 9:24:10 PM--
560 days, 10 hours, 2 minutes old - 57 comments

--11/16/2015 10:45:48 AM--

November 16th, 2015

Last Updated 560 days, 2 41 minutes ago

Hideki Kamiya On His Definition Of A "World Famous Game"
According to the Platinum Games boss, while franchises like Mario, Resident Evil and Zelda qualify as "world famous," IPs such as Metal Gear Solid don't.--11/16/2015 10:45:48 AM--
560 days, 2 41 minutes old - 15 comments

Naughty Dog: One Or Two More PS4 Titles In The Hopper
The developer says it has "one or two more" games in the works for PlayStation after they're done with Uncharted 4. So, TLoU2 and the other is...?--11/16/2015 10:33:49 AM--
560 days, 2 53 minutes old - 34 comments

Need For Speed Update Will Tweak That Awful Rubber-Band AI
Developer Ghost Games has released the details of the game's first update, and sitting at the top of the list is a re-balancing of that catch-up AI.--11/16/2015 10:20:25 AM--
560 days, 21 hours, 6 minutes old - 24 comments

You, A Remote Desert Island, And Which Two Game Consoles?
It's the return of the classic hypothetical: Which two video game systems would you want if you were stranded on a desert island...with electricity and a TV?--11/15/2015 9:59:39 PM--
561 days, 9 hours, 27 minutes old - 7 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Few Were Worried About Fallout 4 Visuals
Despite the early concerns about the game's potentially lackluster graphics, our readers weren't concerned. Now, you gettin' Star Wars: Battlefront?--11/15/2015 9:46:28 PM--
561 days, 9 hours, 40 minutes old - 46 comments

Secret Fallout 4 Room: How To Get In And What's Inside
A hidden developer testing room has been discovered in Fallout 4 and if you want in, you'll discover...well, everything. That's not a spoiler, is it?--11/15/2015 9:07:56 PM--
561 days, 10 hours, 19 minutes old - 2 comments

Ronda Rousey Inherits Madden Curse
It looked like the Madden Curse had finally been lifted, but maybe it stealthily switched to another EA game. UFC 2 cover star Ronda Rousey just got KO'd.--11/15/2015 9:32:41 PM--
561 days, 9 hours, 54 minutes old - 35 comments

Friday The 13th: The Game Hits Kickstarter Funding Goal
The freaky asymmetrical multiplayer title has hit its funding goal and the game is now in the works. But they didn't raise nearly enough for a campaign.--11/15/2015 9:19:21 PM--
561 days, 10 hours, 7 minutes old - 177 comments

--11/14/2015 9:36:30 PM--

November 15th, 2015

Last Updated 562 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: November 15
One wonders if The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can be considered for a lot of awards, Bethesda's Fallout 4 DLC approach is correct, and I prep for Battlefront.--11/14/2015 9:36:30 PM--
562 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes old - 19 comments

--11/14/2015 11:28:08 AM--

November 14th, 2015

Last Updated 562 days, 19 hours, 58 minutes ago

Fallout 4 Release Causes Substantial Drop In Porn Activity
Pornhub says activity fell as much as 10 percent on launch day for Fallout 4, which basically means gamers were probably too busy playing...the game.--11/14/2015 11:28:08 AM--
562 days, 19 hours, 58 minutes old - 39 comments

Gravity Rush Remastered Getting A Disc Release After All?
Even though the listing is now gone, Amazon briefly posted a physical version of Gravity Rush Remastered for PS4. Maybe it'll return in due time...--11/14/2015 11:42:01 AM--
562 days, 19 hours, 44 minutes old - 10 comments

A Great Game You Just Can't Stand...?
Here's your chance to explain to everyone why you really hate a certain game or series that everyone else seems to love. You have your reasons, yes?--11/13/2015 10:00:58 PM--
563 days, 9 hours, 26 minutes old - 32 comments

The Witcher 3 Leads This Year's Game Awards Nominations
The nominations for the second annual Game Awards 2015 event are in and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt leads the way with 7 nods. Metal Gear V is second with 5.--11/13/2015 9:37:11 PM--
563 days, 9 hours, 49 minutes old - 57 comments

Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest Coming Soon To Western PS3s
This SRPG from Fruitbat Factory took nearly two years to localize for English-speaking audiences, but it's finally coming to PlayStation 3 this month.--11/13/2015 9:50:14 PM--
563 days, 9 hours, 36 minutes old - 2 comments

--11/13/2015 10:54:33 AM--

November 13th, 2015

Last Updated 563 days, 2 32 minutes ago

Fallout 4 Ships 12 Million In 24 Hours Amid Ongoing Demand
Bethesda has confirmed a massive shipped number for the recently released Fallout 4; some retailers are saying it's the biggest game of the year!--11/13/2015 10:54:33 AM--
563 days, 2 32 minutes old - 9 comments

Life Is Strange Limited Edition Revealed
Square Enix has announced a special boxed set of this episodic series. It includes all five episodes along with a bunch of great collectibles for fans.--11/13/2015 11:23:00 AM--
563 days, 2 3 minutes old - 88 comments

UFC2 Unveiled: Enhanced Authenticity And Ronda Rousey
EA Sports has officially announced the Ultimate Fighting Championship sequel and unsurprisingly, the hugely popular Ronda Rousey will grace the cover.--11/13/2015 11:12:12 AM--
563 days, 2 14 minutes old - 8 comments

If Backwards Compatibility Works Like Sh**, Who Wants It?
We're hearing that Xbox One backwards compatibility is spotty at best but really, that isn't anything new. No platform has done it right for a while.--11/12/2015 9:40:36 PM--
564 days, 9 hours, 46 minutes old - 6 comments

Is Fallout 4 Game Of The Year? Critical Average Says "No"
If we go by the Metacritic average, Bethesda's latest well-received title is great but it's not ahead of games like MGSV, The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne.--11/12/2015 9:57:09 PM--
564 days, 9 hours, 29 minutes old - 19 comments

Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass Detailed
Ubisoft has given us the details for the $30 Season Pass, which will give you additional operators at no extra charge, along with in-game money and skins.--11/12/2015 9:27:50 PM--
564 days, 9 hours, 59 minutes old - 12 comments

October NPD: PS4 Falls From The Top, Halo 5 Is #1 Game
For the first time in what seems like forever, PlayStation 4 did not lead the U.S. monthly sales charge, and it's largely due to Halo 5: Guardians.--11/12/2015 9:17:16 PM--
564 days, 10 hours, 9 minutes old - 27 comments

--11/12/2015 11:50:02 AM--

November 12th, 2015

Last Updated 564 days, 19 hours, 36 minutes ago

PlayStation Experience 2015: The List Of All Playable Titles
Sony has released the complete list of all the games that will be playable at this year's PlayStation Experience. There's gonna be LOTS to sample!--11/12/2015 11:50:02 AM--
564 days, 19 hours, 36 minutes old - 30 comments

Analysis: Black Ops III PS4 Outperforms Xbox One Version
Digital Foundry concludes that Call of Duty: Black Ops III simply runs better on PS4, outstripping the Xbox One version in terms of resolution and FPS.--11/12/2015 11:39:37 AM--
564 days, 19 hours, 47 minutes old - 81 comments

Here's What Star Wars: Battlefront's First Update Fixes
EA Access members can play the game today and one user has posted up the changelog for update 1.01. As expected, these are mostly stability fixes.--11/12/2015 11:18:15 AM--
564 days, 2 8 minutes old - 9 comments

Black Ops III First To Market, Is It Bad News For Battlefront?
The new Call of Duty managed to release 11 days ahead of Star Wars: Battlefront and in such a competitive field, that time could spell trouble for EA.--11/11/2015 10:00:14 PM--
565 days, 9 hours, 26 minutes old - 125 comments

Fallout 4 Review: Go Forth And Conquer, Brave Wanderer
This gigantic game offers an immense amount of content and longevity and actually forces you to think. A few small flaws don't stop it from shining.--11/11/2015 9:10:54 PM--
565 days, 10 hours, 16 minutes old - 9 comments

Capcom: SFV Should Appeal To A "Newer, Younger Audience"
The publisher says past games in the franchise feel "prohibitive" now and that's why Street Fighter V will be more "accessible." Are the fans worried...?--11/11/2015 9:37:18 PM--
565 days, 9 hours, 49 minutes old - 26 comments

Bethesda: Fallout 4 DLC Will Depend On Player Feedback
The developer says the upcoming expansions will rely on fan feedback, so all you "super smart" Fallout lovers better tell Bethesda exactly what you like!--11/11/2015 9:25:11 PM--
565 days, 10 hours, 1 minute old - 32 comments

October's Top PS Digital Sellers: Syndicate Beats Uncharted
Sony has revealed the top games on the PS Store for the month of October and on PS4, Assassin's Creed Syndicate nosed out the Uncharted Collection.--11/11/2015 9:50:49 PM--
565 days, 9 hours, 36 minutes old - 8 comments

--11/11/2015 11:00:17 AM--

November 11th, 2015

Last Updated 565 days, 2 26 minutes ago

Fallout 4 On PS4 Runs Fine, Xbox One Version Can "Stutter"
Despite early claims that the PS4 version suffers from frame rate problems, the new comparison report finds that the Xbox One version is the one that stutters.--11/11/2015 11:00:17 AM--
565 days, 2 26 minutes old - 40 comments

Black Ops III Rakes In $550 Million, Sets "Engagement" Record
Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops III hit $550 million in its first three days at market, and players logged 75 million online hours.--11/11/2015 11:23:56 AM--
565 days, 2 3 minutes old - 34 comments

Store Update Includes Discounts, Deals For DoA, Fallout 4, More
The latest PlayStation Store update delivers a host of new deals for PS4, PS3 and Vita titles, so make sure to save some serious cash while stocking up.--11/11/2015 11:13:36 AM--
565 days, 2 13 minutes old - 22 comments

I'm Trying To Love Fallout 4, But It Kinda Seems Impossible
Doesn't it drive you nuts when you acknowledge a game's obvious quality but simply can't get into it? Fallout 4 might not appeal to absolutely everyone.--11/10/2015 9:51:10 PM--
566 days, 9 hours, 35 minutes old - 18 comments

Battlefront Guns, Vehicles, Power-Ups, Live-Action Trailer
EA has given us a boatload of gameplay data, including all guns, vehicles, power-ups and Star Cards, and we also get a slick new live-action trailer!--11/10/2015 9:37:15 PM--
566 days, 9 hours, 49 minutes old - 26 comments

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia Set For PS4
The game was previously only confirmed for Wii U but now developer Zordix AB has confirmed that it's also headed to PS4. Looks kinda like Splashdown.--11/10/2015 9:24:30 PM--
566 days, 10 hours, 2 minutes old - 71 comments

Bethesda Thanks Fallout 4 Fans, Hopes To Hear Your Stories
The development team thanks the dedicated Fallout fans for their patience over the past four years, and advises those fans to dive deep into the new entry.--11/10/2015 9:12:29 PM--
566 days, 10 hours, 14 minutes old - 59 comments

--11/10/2015 11:43:47 AM--

November 10th, 2015

Last Updated 566 days, 19 hours, 43 minutes ago

Experts Claim Black Ops III Will Make Women More Violent
A couple quotes about violent games making women more aggressive and "cold" are ruffling feathers. It's really just the same ol' violence debate.--11/10/2015 11:43:47 AM--
566 days, 19 hours, 43 minutes old - 45 comments

Street Fighter V's R. Mika And Cammy Aren't So Sexual Now
Looks like there was enough of an outcry over the female objectification in the upcoming fighter, so Capcom has changed some camera angles.--11/10/2015 11:28:50 AM--
566 days, 19 hours, 58 minutes old - 38 comments

Battlefront File Sizes Revealed, Notably Bigger On PS4...?
EA has announced the required file sizes for Star Wars: Battlefront and for some reason, PlayStation 4 users need 4GB more space available. ...why?--11/10/2015 11:15:03 AM--
566 days, 2 11 minutes old - 12 comments

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Making PS4 Owners A Tad Jealous
A great many fans of the last game are wishing it released for PlayStation 4. But they have to wait for the sequel and Xbox One owners get to play it now.--11/9/2015 9:45:33 PM--
567 days, 9 hours, 41 minutes old - 3 comments

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Review: The Shooter You Want/Expect
This year's Call of Duty is both expected and entertaining, a little innovative and too safe at the same time. But the dichotomy should satisfy fans.--11/9/2015 9:05:48 PM--
567 days, 10 hours, 21 minutes old - 1 comment

Rumor: Dark Souls III Launch Date, Special Editions Revealed
An online retailer has apparently leaked the release date and a couple special editions for Dark Souls III. Will we get the official word soon...?--11/9/2015 9:17:16 PM--
567 days, 10 hours, 9 minutes old - 56 comments

Darth Vader DualShock 4 Will Be Sold Separately In U.S.
Star Wars fans in the U.S. won't have to pick up an entire console bundle to snag this special PS4 controller. It'll be available as a standalone item.--11/9/2015 9:26:47 PM--
567 days, 10 hours old - 38 comments

EA Confirms UFC 2 Is In Development, Will Reveal More Today
The publisher has announced a UFC sequel and they're going to dish out more details later today. MMA followers should be excited for the new effort!--11/9/2015 9:35:03 PM--
567 days, 9 hours, 51 minutes old - 16 comments

--11/9/2015 1:47:59 PM--

November 9th, 2015

Last Updated 567 days, 17 hours, 39 minutes ago

Syndicate, Need For Speed Giveaway Winner Announced!
We've selected the winner of our latest giveaway, which means one lucky gamer is going to land Assassin's Creed Syndicate and Need for Speed!--11/9/2015 1:47:59 PM--
567 days, 17 hours, 39 minutes old - 40 comments

The Moogle Lands A Spot In FFXV As A "Fun Little Extra"
Seems like the overwhelming majority of fans said they wanted moogles to return in Final Fantasy XV, so Square Enix will oblige. It'll be an extra, though.--11/9/2015 11:32:54 AM--
567 days, 19 hours, 54 minutes old - 3 comments

PS4 Bundle Deal: Uncharted Collection, Fallout 4 For Free
This PlayStation 4 bundle deal at Best Buy is wicked enticing: You get the Uncharted Collection, Fallout 4 and a charging station for only $350!--11/9/2015 11:21:30 AM--
567 days, 2 5 minutes old - 13 comments

Game Awards 2015 Enters Second Year, Set For December 3
Creator and organizer Geoff Keighley has confirmed that the second Game Awards show will be streamed live and he expects over 2 million people to watch it.--11/9/2015 11:08:19 AM--
567 days, 2 18 minutes old - 11 comments

Should Gamers Wait For Bethesda To Fix Fallout 4 Problems?
If Fallout 4 really is heavily compromised like some early reports indicate, perhaps gamers would be well advised to wait for patches and updates.--11/8/2015 10:05:28 PM--
568 days, 9 hours, 21 minutes old - 80 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Nah, Black Ops III Isn't On My Radar
The majority of participants in our latest poll are passing on Call of Duty: Black Ops III. This week, are you concerned about the reported Fallout 4 issues?--11/8/2015 9:51:05 PM--
568 days, 9 hours, 35 minutes old - 43 comments

Internet Griping About Major Fallout 4 PS4 Frame Rate Issues
According to early reports, it seems the PlayStation 4 version of Fallout 4 is plagued with significant slowdown problems, some of which affect combat.--11/8/2015 9:40:23 PM--
568 days, 9 hours, 46 minutes old - 22 comments

Your Chance To Win A Really Slick Mass Effect-Inspired PS4
BioWare is giving us all a chance to win a custom N7-themed PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Just tell 'em about your absolute favorite Mass Effect moment.--11/8/2015 9:27:18 PM--
568 days, 9 hours, 59 minutes old - 83 comments

Can't Wait To Play Fallout 4? Here, A Doctor's Note (Fake)
So excited for Fallout 4 that you're considering skipping school or calling in sick? Well, Bethesda offers this doctor's note...fake but funny.--11/8/2015 9:15:01 PM--
568 days, 10 hours, 11 minutes old - 191 comments

--11/7/2015 9:34:39 PM--

November 8th, 2015

Last Updated 569 days, 9 hours, 52 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: November 8
Shooter fans are only "shifting" to Sony's side due to PS4's lead, VR games should have new ratings, and I push through Fallout 4 and Black Ops III.--11/7/2015 9:34:39 PM--
569 days, 9 hours, 52 minutes old - 7 comments

--11/7/2015 10:13:03 AM--

November 7th, 2015

Last Updated 569 days, 21 hours, 13 minutes ago

Adromeda Teaser: "This Is Commander Shepard, Signing Off"
In celebration of N7 Day, BioWare has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda and in it, Shepard says goodbye.--11/7/2015 10:13:03 AM--
569 days, 21 hours, 13 minutes old - 10 comments

GameStop's Black Friday Sales Leaked
Well ahead of Black Friday, GameStop's Doorbuster sales have been leaked; there will be a grand total of 319 discounted items, including console bundles!--11/7/2015 10:26:03 AM--
569 days, 21 hours old - 49 comments

PSXE Giveaway: Win Both Syndicate And Need For Speed!
We've got download codes for Assassin's Creed Syndicate and Need for Speed (one each) and we're giving them away to one lucky winner. Enter now!--11/6/2015 9:23:10 PM--
570 days, 10 hours, 3 minutes old - 35 comments

Once Again, Critics And Gamers At Odds Over Call Of Duty
The critics have responded quite favorably to Call of Duty: Black Ops III but as usual, the user reviews are just terrible. This always happens.--11/6/2015 9:47:30 PM--
570 days, 9 hours, 39 minutes old - 28 comments

Blizzard's First New IP In 17 Years Now Confirmed For Consoles
Overwatch is the first new franchise for the developer in a very long time and during BlizzCon, they announced it'd be coming to both PC and consoles.--11/6/2015 9:34:11 PM--
570 days, 9 hours, 52 minutes old - 117 comments

--11/6/2015 11:39:05 AM--

November 6th, 2015

Last Updated 570 days, 19 hours, 47 minutes ago

PlayStation-Call Of Duty Partnership Is Officially "Historic"
Sony calls this new marketing partnership with Activision "historic" and says PlayStation 4 is the "new home" for the wildly popular Call of Duty IP.--11/6/2015 11:39:05 AM--
570 days, 19 hours, 47 minutes old - 6 comments

Sony: VR Games Might Require Different Kinds Of Ratings
The company acknowledges the unknown effects virtual reality entertainment might have, and says the games might actually require different ratings.--11/6/2015 11:27:30 AM--
570 days, 19 hours, 59 minutes old - 20 comments

The Witcher Movie In The Works
Based on pieces of both the books and the games, a Witcher movie is scheduled to release in 2017. Any ideas as to who should play Geralt of Rivia...?--11/6/2015 11:16:24 AM--
570 days, 2 10 minutes old - 24 comments

Fallout 4 Graphics Controversy: What Are Your Expectations?
It seems many are concerned about the visual quality of the rapidly approaching Fallout 4. If the graphics are unimpressive, will that hinder enjoyment?--11/5/2015 9:49:39 PM--
571 days, 9 hours, 37 minutes old - 14 comments

Need for Speed Review: Crossing The Line, But Not Winning
The legendary racing franchise is back and despite some "modernization" problems, it remains a fun and accessible title with a great-looking playground.--11/5/2015 9:13:54 PM--
571 days, 10 hours, 13 minutes old - 7 comments

Euro PS4 Ad Gets Your Weekend Off On The Right Foot
Sony has released a wicked fun new PlayStation 4 commercial in Europe and it's just all sorts of cool. It's almost too energetic to be about video games.--11/5/2015 10:01:45 PM--
571 days, 9 hours, 25 minutes old - 10 comments

Battleborn Won't Make Its February Date
Gearbox's multiplayer-centric project won't release in February as previously announced; Take-Two just revealed Battleborn won't be ready until May.--11/5/2015 9:38:04 PM--
571 days, 9 hours, 48 minutes old - 18 comments

PlayStation Collectible Cards Will Be Revealed In December
If you're going to the PlayStation Experience event next month, you should know about this collectible card treasure hunt. Think you can get 'em all?--11/5/2015 9:25:00 PM--
571 days, 10 hours, 1 minute old - 14 comments

--11/5/2015 11:21:23 AM--

November 5th, 2015

Last Updated 571 days, 2 5 minutes ago

Sony: Shooter Audience Shifting More Toward PlayStation 4
It seems FPS fans have been gravitating toward the PlayStation platform, a significant shift when compared to the brand's shooter history.--11/5/2015 11:21:23 AM--
571 days, 2 5 minutes old - 20 comments

Fallout 4's Epic Launch Trailer Arrives
Bethesda has released the launch trailer for this hugely anticipated title and it's filled with story details, locations, weapons, enemies and more.--11/5/2015 11:10:19 AM--
571 days, 2 16 minutes old - 16 comments

Cast Your Vote: Want To See Moogles In Final Fantasy XV?
Square Enix wants to know if you'd like to see moogles return in Final Fantasy XV, which obviously implies they're not in there yet. Yes or no...?--11/5/2015 10:57:58 AM--
571 days, 2 29 minutes old - 9 comments

Xboxers Revel In Holiday Rush, Sony Fans Look Toward 2016
Xbox fans are loving the great exclusives landing in their laps this holiday season, but PlayStation followers are calmly pointing toward next year.--11/4/2015 9:55:53 PM--
572 days, 9 hours, 31 minutes old - 16 comments

Battleborn Preview: Who Will You Lead Into Battle?
This new MOBA-like action title - which Gearbox likes to call a "Hero Shooter" - is loaded with wildly diverse characters and highly streamlined entertainment.--11/4/2015 9:05:21 PM--
572 days, 10 hours, 21 minutes old - 0 comments

Ubisoft: Consumers Warming Up To The New Assassin's Creed
The publisher says that while first-week sales for Syndicate were down when compared to Unity, second-week sales rose and playtime is way up.--11/4/2015 9:36:53 PM--
572 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes old - 26 comments

Borderlands: Triple Pack Coming Soon, Is One Heckuva Value
A new Borderlands collection is headed your way this month and it features the first three titles in the series along with ALL the available DLC for only $50.--11/4/2015 9:17:39 PM--
572 days, 10 hours, 9 minutes old - 2 comments

Need A Physical Copy Of Black Ops III Just After Midnight?
Amazon's Prime Now service will start delivering copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops III to customers not long after the game officially launches on Nov. 6.--11/4/2015 9:27:17 PM--
572 days, 9 hours, 59 minutes old - 14 comments

--11/4/2015 11:10:57 AM--

November 4th, 2015

Last Updated 572 days, 2 16 minutes ago

Only Free DLC For Need For Speed, No Paid Extra Content
Developer Ghost Games confirms that they have no plans for paid DLC or microtransactions; they only want to deliver free content in the future.--11/4/2015 11:10:57 AM--
572 days, 2 16 minutes old - 11 comments

King Of Fighters XIV Gets High-Octane Gameplay Teaser
SNK Playmore has released a brief gameplay trailer for the recently announced King of Fighters entry. And this one might be exclusive to PlayStation 4...--11/4/2015 11:23:29 AM--
572 days, 2 3 minutes old - 7 comments

Guitar Hero Live Gets 70 More Songs, More Premium Shows
Activision and FreeStyleGames will deliver more than 70 new songs to GHTV before 2015 is over, and the entire current catalog will be free this weekend!--11/4/2015 10:57:39 AM--
572 days, 2 29 minutes old - 28 comments

Would Sony Tell Us If The Last Guardian Hit Another Snag?
Sony has a history of "mum's the word" on anything pertaining to The Last Guardian and now, they appear to have gone silent again. Is that concerning?--11/3/2015 10:03:39 PM--
573 days, 9 hours, 23 minutes old - 24 comments

Dark Souls III Preview: A Bigger, More Versatile Prequel?
The latest installment in the award-winning franchise drops next year, and die-hard fans should be excited for a larger scope and enhanced gameplay.--11/3/2015 9:07:32 PM--
573 days, 10 hours, 19 minutes old - 0 comments

Battlefront DLC Battle Of Jakku Receives Teaser Trailer
EA has already released a teaser trailer for Battle of Jakku, the first piece of downloadable content for Star Wars: Battlefront. And yes, it's free.--11/3/2015 9:21:05 PM--
573 days, 10 hours, 5 minutes old - 83 comments

You Know You Want A Full-Size Black Ops III Juggernog Fridge
Sony is holding a sweepstakes and one lucky winner will bring home a full-size Juggernog refrigerator. It's perfect for the hardcore Call of Duty fan.--11/3/2015 9:32:35 PM--
573 days, 9 hours, 54 minutes old - 44 comments

Metal Gear V Ships 5 Million, Konami's Profits Double
Konami has confirmed that 5 million units of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain have been shipped, which contributed to the company's healthy profits.--11/3/2015 9:49:57 PM--
573 days, 9 hours, 37 minutes old - 19 comments

--11/3/2015 11:45:45 AM--

November 3rd, 2015

Last Updated 573 days, 19 hours, 41 minutes ago

PlayStation Now Adds 105 Titles, Brings Total To Over 250
The streaming rental service gets its single biggest content update with over 100 new games, and that brings the available library total to over 250.--11/3/2015 11:45:45 AM--
573 days, 19 hours, 41 minutes old - 12 comments

Fallout 4 Voice Actress Talks Immense Detail, Story Depth
One of the game's voice actors talks about her impressions of the massive game, which offers a huge amount of detail and lots of story material.--11/3/2015 11:24:43 AM--
573 days, 2 2 minutes old - 28 comments

Destiny Microtransactions And Add-Ons Can "Co-Exist"
Activision believes that microtransactions and premium expansions can exist within the Destiny community because...well, it's already working out.--11/3/2015 11:36:13 AM--
573 days, 19 hours, 50 minutes old - 32 comments

What Does Fallout 4 Have To Do To Nail Down GotY 2015?
One of the year's most anticipated titles is almost here but what must it do to be considered the very best game of 2015? Can it win the ultimate award?--11/2/2015 10:04:35 PM--
574 days, 9 hours, 22 minutes old - 24 comments

Ratchet & Clank PS4's Latest Trailer Is Just So Damn Pretty
The Ratchet & Clank remake for PlayStation 4 is going to be absolutely gorgeous, as evidenced by the recently revealed Paris Games week footage.--11/2/2015 9:39:15 PM--
574 days, 9 hours, 47 minutes old - 15 comments

Fallout 4 Original Music Comes Courtesy Of...Wonder Woman?!
Not only does the new Fallout feature the first original music specifically written for the game, it also has five offerings from the iconic Lynda Carter!--11/2/2015 9:24:49 PM--
574 days, 10 hours, 2 minutes old - 1 comment

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Locked At 30FPS On PS4, Xbox One
The developer confirms that the upcoming Deus Ex entry will settle at 30 frames per second. It's hardly unexpected as many big games are going with 30.--11/2/2015 9:49:17 PM--
574 days, 9 hours, 37 minutes old - 36 comments

Mystery Mass Effect Loot Crate Features 8 Collectible Items
The Mass Effect-themed Loot Crate is now available to purchase for $75 and it includes eight rare and highly collectible items. Are you a die-hard fan?--11/2/2015 9:12:34 PM--
574 days, 10 hours, 14 minutes old - 28 comments

--11/2/2015 10:44:04 AM--

November 2nd, 2015

Last Updated 574 days, 2 42 minutes ago

The Last Guardian's Story Limits Sony's Pre-Release Hype
We haven't seen or heard much about The Last Guardian since E3 but Sony says there's a reason: They don't want to give too much of the story away.--11/2/2015 10:44:04 AM--
574 days, 2 42 minutes old - 15 comments

EA: Battlefront Can Attract Younger And Returning Gamers
The publisher believes the upcoming Battlefront will appeal to both younger gamers and older Star Wars fans who maybe haven't played in a while.--11/2/2015 11:04:50 AM--
574 days, 2 22 minutes old - 27 comments

Leaked Fallout 4 Gameplay Vids Start Spreading Fast
The leaked media for Fallout 4 might be spreading too fast for Bethesda or anyone else to stop it. Screens have been removed but some vids remain.--11/2/2015 10:54:19 AM--
574 days, 2 32 minutes old - 23 comments

Which Studio Would You Trust With The Uncharted Series?
Sony says it would be tough to give Uncharted to another studio but if it happened, which team do you think would be best? Is any as good as Naughty Dog?--11/1/2015 10:05:03 PM--
575 days, 9 hours, 21 minutes old - 12 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Fans Split Over More Powerful PS4
PlayStation fans are split on the issue of a more powerful PlayStation 4 console. This week, do you plan on purchasing the new Call of Duty blockbuster?--11/1/2015 9:52:04 PM--
575 days, 9 hours, 34 minutes old - 23 comments

Japan Popularity Contest: Dragon Quest Tops Final Fantasy
According to a recent poll of Japanese JRPG fans, Final Fantasy actually isn't the most loved franchise in the Land of the Rising Sun. It's Dragon Quest.--11/1/2015 9:37:59 PM--
575 days, 9 hours, 49 minutes old - 5 comments

Live-Action Black Ops III Trailer Sizzles
Activision has released a hot live-action trailer for this week's new Call of Duty entry. Watch Michael B. Jordan, Cara Delevingne and Marshawn Lynch.--11/1/2015 9:16:39 PM--
575 days, 10 hours, 10 minutes old - 18 comments

November Plus Freebies: Beyond Good & Evil HD, Magicka 2, More
Sony has revealed the free titles PlayStation Plus subscribers can enjoy this month. The list includes plenty of great games that'll keep you playing.--11/1/2015 9:26:09 PM--
575 days, 10 hours old - 16 comments

--10/31/2015 9:38:38 PM--

November 1st, 2015

Last Updated 576 days, 9 hours, 48 minutes ago

Ben's Week In Review: November 1
My most wanted games in 2016 are PlayStation 4 exclusives, Nier: Automata shows no evidence of role-playing, and I play Fallout 4 and Need for Speed.--10/31/2015 9:38:38 PM--
576 days, 9 hours, 48 minutes old - 29 comments

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