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July 29th, 2015

Last Updated 11h, 38m ago

Could Dragon Quest XI Rejuvenate The Flagging JRPG Genre?
The freshly announced Dragon Quest adventure for Nintendo platforms and PS4 might work wonders for a sub-genre that has been down in the dumps.
11h, 38m old - 3 comments

Zombie Army Trilogy Review: Not Exactly An Undead Gem
This collection of zombified action games doesn't really cut the mustard, as the outdated design and repetitive gameplay just makes it feel bland.
12h, 31m old - 0 comments

Square Enix Confirms Dragon Quest XI For PS4, 3DS, NX
The publisher has confirmed that this vaunted JRPG franchise is coming back to PlayStation! PS4 owners will also get the MMORPG, Dragon Quest X.
12h, 17m old - 8 comments

PSN Summer Sale In Full Swing
If you want to save up to 70 percent on great digital games this summer, you need to visit the PlayStation Store. Big savings for the next two weeks!
12h, 8m old - 1 comment

King's Quest First Chapter Arrives, Makes Us Very Nostalgic
The first chapter in the King's Quest reboot is now available on the PlayStation Store and it's perfect for those who loved the good ol' adventure days.
11h, 53m old - 0 comments

July 28th, 2015

Last Updated 23h, 13m ago

CD Projekt Red Offers New Game+ Details For The Witcher 3
The developer has given us the necessary information for the recently revealed New Game Plus mode, and it's what you'd expect. Gonna go through again?
23h, 13m old - 2 comments

The Swindle Sneaks Onto PS4, PS3, Vita
It's a 2D platformer/stealth-type game set in a Victorian Era steampunk setting. you've never seen this particular combination of features before.
22h, 49m old - 1 comment

Aussie Gamers Have The Option Of The Fallout 4 Nuke Pack
Even though the Pip-Boy Edition is gone, EB Games Australia has a new offering and it includes a great lunchbox! It's still in stock, so hurry...
22h, 59m old - 1 comment

Wait, Medieval Video Games Now Promote White Superiority?
The new theory is that medieval-themed video games "legitimize white supremacy" and actually use false history for that ulterior motive. ...this is just sick.
1d, 11h, 36m old - 33 comments

The Witcher 3 Fans Are Happy: New Game+ Mode Confirmed
The community has been begging for this feature all summer long. Now, developer CD Projekt Red says a New Game+ Mode will be the game's last free DLC!
1d, 12h, 15m old - 8 comments

Bethesda Talks Building Customization In Fallout 4
It seems you'll be able to build like crazy in Fallout 4; Bethesda says the customization is even deeper and more robust than it was in Skyrim.
1d, 12h, 6m old - 16 comments

Street Fighter V Beta Shuts Down, Is Officially Postponed
It just never got on track as the servers wouldn't cooperate. Now, the beta has been postponed until a later date, and we can expect several more tests.
1d, 11h, 57m old - 0 comments

July 27th, 2015

Last Updated 1d, 22h, 19m ago

GameStop's "Supercharged PS4" May Be, Uh, Overpriced
The retailer is offering PlayStation 4 units with 2TB hard drives built in. But the systems are refurbished (always a negative) and the cost is a little high...
1d, 22h, 19m old - 8 comments

Yep, You Can Take Down Mankind Divided Bosses With Stealth
It was a major annoyance for those looking to approach Human Revolution with 100 percent stealth. But don't worry about the new Deus Ex.
1d, 22h, 46m old - 2 comments

Bungie: You'll Never Have To Ditch Your Destiny Guardian
The developer claims they take their 10-year claim very seriously, which means you'll never have to start a new Guardian if you don't want to.
1d, 22h, 57m old - 7 comments

Have We Seen Any Instant Classics So Far This Generation?
Is there any game released yet this generation that might qualify as an "instant classic" in your eyes? Or are we still waiting on that special title?
2d, 11h, 40m old - 18 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Open-World Is Great, But We Need Variety
Most of our readers have no problem with open-world domination, provided we still have some variety. Now, will you be getting Lara's new quest on PS4?
2d, 11h, 48m old - 4 comments

Ark Developer: New Consoles Are Easier To Developer For
Studio Wildcard believes it's easier to develop for the newer consoles, and they also compare the PS4's strengths in weaknesses in the design realm.
2d, 11h, 59m old - 2 comments

Street Fighter V Beta Problems Lead To Extended Time
The beta test ran into all sorts of problems over the weekend, so Capcom has extended the play time. We just know it'll go beyond July 28 now.
2d, 12h, 21m old - 2 comments

id Software Shooting For 1080p/60fps In Latest Doom Effort
Most shooter fans will tell you that these max benchmarks are ideal for the genre, and developer id Software agrees. It just makes the gameplay better.
2d, 12h, 12m old - 3 comments

July 26th, 2015

Last Updated 3d, 12h, 5m ago

Ben's Week In Review: July 26
I don't mind waiting for the superior version of Rise of the Tomb Raider, the "Law of Third Titles" is questionable, and Journey is still a masterpiece.
3d, 12h, 5m old - 18 comments

July 25th, 2015

Last Updated 3d, 22h, 46m ago

Infinifactory Coming To PS4 With Twice The Number Of Puzzles
The successful early access PC game is now headed to PlayStation 4, and with four new levels and all sorts of refinements, it'll be the definitive version.
3d, 22h, 46m old - 2 comments

Indulge In Greek Mythology In The Latest Minecraft DLC
The new DLC pack features a new UI, custom texture set, original soundtrack, and 39 character skins based on Greek mythological creatures.
3d, 22h, 57m old - 1 comment

Editorial: Which Game Had The Biggest Impact On You?
Looking back at your gaming career, which video game had the deepest and longest-lasting impact on you? Was it an early classic or a more recent title?
4d, 11h, 14m old - 28 comments

Journey Review: An Instant Classic Gets Better On PS4
The game that stole everyone's hearts three years ago has returned on PlayStation 4 and it reminds us all once again that it's simply poetry in motion.
4d, 11h, 53m old - 6 comments

Kojima And Del Toro Might Still Produce Something Together
Film director Guillermo del Toro says that despite the cancellation of Silent Hills, he and Hideo Kojima still talk, and they might work on something...
4d, 11h, 32m old - 5 comments

New Fallout 4 Details Include Character And Companion Info
Bethesda offered some more gameplay info at Quakecon; now we know our canine friend is called Dog Meat, and he can be sent out to collect treasure!
4d, 11h, 43m old - 4 comments

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