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November 25th, 2015

Last Updated 6h, 20m ago

PS4 Two-Year Anniversary: System Sales Pass 30 Million
Sony has announced that PlayStation 4 has reached a sell-through number of 30 million worldwide. It's the "fastest-growing" Sony console ever!
6h, 20m old - 7 comments

Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Postponed
Ubisoft has confirmed that the open beta, scheduled to begin today, has been delayed on all platforms. They've got some issues they need to sort out.
2h, 49m old - 1 comment

Dying Light The Following DLC, Season Pass Rising In Price
Developer Techland has announced that the price of the DLC Pass and the upcoming expansion, The Following, are going up due to an "increase in scale."
5h, 36m old - 2 comments

C'mon, Fess Up: Ever Bought A Console For Just One Game?
Most responsible and savvy consumers say they'd never buy a new system for just one game. But chances are, you've probably done it at least once.
19h, 19m old - 36 comments

Battlefront Sets New Digital Record For EA
Electronic Arts has announced that Star Wars: Battlefront has broken the publisher's digital download record, and more free updates are on the way.
20h, 1m old - 1 comment

Rainbow Six Siege Resolution PS4 Tops Xbox One Version
It has become a common trend this generation: Multiplatform games doing better on Sony's console. The open beta for Rainbow Six Siege is no exception.
19h, 53m old - 1 comment

Star Wars: Battlefront DLC Battle Of Jakku Brings A New Mode
Developer DICE has detailed the new expansion, scheduled to launch soon. We'll get a new map and a brand new mode: Turning Point supports 40 players!
19h, 41m old - 3 comments

PlayStation Store Sale Highlights Great Co-Op Experiences
There's a new Co-Op Sale on the PlayStation Store, where you can save up to a whopping 90 percent on games that put the spotlight on multiplayer.
19h, 29m old - 0 comments

November 24th, 2015

Last Updated 1d, 6h, 8m ago

CD Projekt Red Delivers "Epic Trailer" For The Witcher 3
The developer wants to highlight an "epic year" for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and this new trailer showcases all the improvements and additions.
1d, 6h, 8m old - 9 comments

Street Fighter V Steelbook Case Edition Revealed For Europe
A new collector's edition that will only be available in "limited quantities" has been announced for the European region. Will US gamers get it, too...?
1d, 6h, 19m old - 0 comments

Football-Inspired DLC Fights Onto GTA Online This Week
Just in time for one of the biggest football weeks of the year, Rockstar has released a new gridiron-inspired adversary mode for GTA Online.
1d, 6h, 30m old - 1 comment

A PS1 Classic Franchise That Deserves Revival: Jet Moto
There are lots of classic video games that have been lost to the annals of history, but here's one that could make a triumphant return. High-flying craziness!
1d, 19h, 19m old - 9 comments

Sword Art Online: Lost Song Review: Strictly For The Fans
The latest Sword Art Online game offers some decent multiplayer action but falls well short of a compelling campaign mode and overall, feels decidedly thin.
1d, 20h, 7m old - 2 comments

Destiny Refer A Friend Program Live, Earn Some Cool Rewards
Bungie asks you to refer a friend to Destiny - The Taken King and if you do so successfully, you can earn some goodies, legendary weapons included!
1d, 19h, 55m old - 3 comments

Newly Discovered Battlefront Easter Egg
If you're a die-hard Star Wars fanatic, you know all about a certain classic blooper in the original movie. Well, it's in Battlefront...look close and chuckle.
1d, 19h, 45m old - 1 comment

Arkham Knight Community Challenge Pack Lands In January
The new Batman: Arkham Expansion has been detailed and confirmed for January. Fan feedback dictated the content, which includes favorite maps.
1d, 19h, 33m old - 0 comments

November 23rd, 2015

Last Updated 2d, 5h, 29m ago

Sony Confirms $299 Uncharted Collection PlayStation 4 Bundle
This enticing package only costs you $300, which means you get the game for free and a $50 discount on the PS4, which is normally priced at $350.
2d, 5h, 29m old - 3 comments

Here's One Celebrity That Calls Battlefront A "Piece Of Sh**"
EA wanted Breaking Benjamin frontman Benjamin Burnley to help promote Star Wars: Battlefront via social media. But Burnley kinda despises the game.
2d, 5h, 51m old - 23 comments

Just Cause 3 Dev Diary Explores Game's Technical Prowess
Developer Avalanche has released another behind-the-scenes video for their new open-world action game. This one has the capability to blow us all away!
2d, 6h, 8m old - 1 comment

Don't Have A PlayStation 4 Yet? You Best Explain Yourself
If you don't yet have a PS4, you probably have your reasons. But at this point, there are plenty of benefits to being a PlayStation 4 owner, right?
2d, 19h, 20m old - 39 comments

PSXE Poll Update: Battlefront Wasn't Much Of A Priority
The majority of our readers say they had no interest in getting Star Wars: Battlefront last week. Now, how's about that big PlayStation 4 news?
2d, 19h, 40m old - 10 comments

GameStop Pre-Black Friday Deals Are Mucho Attractive
The retailer has revealed some great sales that will only be available on November 23 and 24. They're especially enticing if you don't yet own a PS4.
2d, 20h old - 3 comments

Get PlayStation TV For Only $19.99
If you've always been meaning to get this device but never got around to it, now's the time. You can snag it for a measly twenty bucks at Best Buy!
2d, 19h, 49m old - 12 comments

Mobile Title Fallout Shelter Gets Festive Thanksgiving Update
If you're a confirmed Fallout fan, you probably have this mobile game. Be sure to download the Thanksgiving-themed update that's available now.
2d, 20h, 16m old - 3 comments

November 22nd, 2015

Last Updated 3d, 19h, 52m ago

Ben's Week In Review: November 22
Sony has finally listened to gamers who wanted backwards compatibility on PS4, and I turn your attention to a bunch of great titles on the horizon.
3d, 19h, 52m old - 21 comments

November 21st, 2015

Last Updated 4d, 5h, 53m ago

So Far, PS4 Is The Most Popular Platform For Battlefront
One sampling of online players showed that PlayStation 4 has as many Star Wars: Battlefront players as Xbox One and PC COMBINED.
4d, 5h, 53m old - 7 comments

Gravity Rush Remastered Coming To PS4 A Little Earlier
The updated Vita gem will land on PlayStation 4 a little earlier than anticipated. If you missed out on the game before, you'll nab it on February 2, yes?
4d, 6h, 9m old - 4 comments

Editorial: Bloodborne Clearly PS4's Top 2015 Exclusive?
Is From Software's critically acclaimed action/RPG an automatic lock for the best PlayStation 4 exclusive of the year? Or could there be a surprise winner?
4d, 19h, 16m old - 15 comments

Sony Confirms PS2 Games Will Soon Be Available On PS4
After some Star Wars PS2 games appeared in a Battlefront bundle, Sony admitted they were working on bringing PS2 emulation technology to PS4.
4d, 19h, 52m old - 35 comments

Black Ops III Patch Fixes Map Exploits, Tweaks Weapons
A newly released patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops III eliminates several map exploits, balances some weapons, and offers a bunch of other fixes.
4d, 20h, 15m old - 0 comments

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