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January 25th, 2015

Last Updated 17h, 42m ago

Ben's Week In Review: January 25
Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV news doesn't make an ounce of sense (as usual), video game addiction is very real and terrible, and I wait for The Order: 1886.
17h, 42m old - 11 comments

January 24th, 2015

Last Updated 1d, 3h, 43m ago

Silence: The Whispered World Embraces True Adventure
A new adventure game is in the works for PlayStation 4 and it should appeal to all those who miss the golden age of adventures. No guns, lotsa puzzles.
1d, 3h, 43m old - 0 comments

Classic Goodness: John Romero Plays Through Doom
If you love classic games, you'll definitely want to to see designer John Romero revisit one of his very first titles. His narration is definitely worth hearing.
1d, 3h, 59m old - 3 comments

Will More PS1 Classics Get Remasters?
With Resident Evil HD Remaster gracing store shelves this month, one has to wonder: Will other PS1 classics get such a treatment and if so, which ones?
1d, 17h, 32m old - 25 comments

Joe Danger 2: The Movie Review: Joe's Successful Vita Leap
The sequel makes for a great experience on PlayStation Vita, as those on-the-go will appreciate the extra depth, variety, and challenge. Great stuff.
1d, 18h, 3m old - 0 comments

Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Teases Another New Character
Franchise co-creator Ed Boon says we should all pay attention next week, and the implication is that we'll see another new character for Mortal Kombat X.
1d, 17h, 55m old - 3 comments

New Free Update For Trials Fusion, 4th DLC Pack Next Week
A new update delivers three more multiplayer options and the "biggest DLC pack yet" arrives next week. If you haven't tried out Trials Fusion, now's the time!
1d, 17h, 45m old - 0 comments

January 23rd, 2015

Last Updated 2d, 3h, 51m ago

Visceral Reveals All Maps And Modes For Battlefield: Hardline
The developers have released the names and information of all nine maps and all seven modes that will be available in the game when it launches.
2d, 3h, 51m old - 0 comments

Super Rare 20th Anniversary PS4 Up For Auction In Japan
Sony is auctioning off the very first 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 they ever made and the bidding is already fierce. It's only for Japanese gamers, though.
2d, 3h, 59m old - 1 comment

Bud Light's Super Bowl Ad: Become The Legendary Pac-Man
The company's latest "Up For Anything" ad is called "Coin" and in it, some guy becomes part of the iconic arcade game. Hope he's a confirmed gamer.
2d, 4h, 8m old - 5 comments

The Order: 1886: Does Anyone Know What To Expect, Really?
If most gamers are being honest, they'll tell you they're on the fence concerning this PlayStation 4 exclusive. Is it the biggest crapshoot of 2015?
2d, 17h, 25m old - 31 comments

Sony Bend Not Working On New Syphon Filter, Sadly
It was widely rumored that Sony Bend was working to bring back the respected Syphon Filter franchise, but that's apparently not what they're doing...
2d, 17h, 43m old - 11 comments

Monolith: Shadow Of Mordor Started Out "Over-Ambitious"
The developers explain that in reality, they bit off more than they could chew during the design process. In fact, they were forced to cut quite a bit.
2d, 18h, 17m old - 5 comments

Game Of Thrones: Episode Two Dated
The next episode is scheduled to arrive in early February so if you haven't played through the first episode yet, well...what are you waiting for?
2d, 18h, 7m old - 2 comments

Oldsters React To GTAV: "HAHAHA, I Just Shot Some People!"
When you give older people a controller and Grand Theft Auto V, the reactions are going to be worth seeing. God only knows what they must be thinking...
2d, 18h, 1m old - 7 comments

January 22nd, 2015

Last Updated 3d, 3h, 43m ago

Super Slick Bloodborne Limited Edition PS4s Set For Japan
Japanese gamers will get the option of two Bloodborne Limited Edition PS4s. Awesome engravings and the Collectors Edition of the game!
3d, 3h, 43m old - 10 comments

Final Fantasy XV Map Will Be One Huge "Connected" Mass
Square Enix has confirmed that you can walk, drive, or take the train all over FFXV's world. It's all connected so it's all available for exploration.
3d, 3h, 51m old - 9 comments

Unmechanical: Extended Offers Plenty Of Puzzle-Solving Fun
This new version features a fresh Story Mode and it'll arrive on PS4 and PS3 on February 10. Hope you enjoy puzzles that require a bit of ingenuity!
3d, 4h, 6m old - 0 comments

Pre-Ordering: Who Cares, Anymore?
The video game pre-order used to feel a lot more important than it does today. Do you still pre-order your video games and if so, do you do it often?
3d, 17h, 10m old - 36 comments

Rumor: Uncharted 4 Ships On October 1?
Walmart has given the game a ship date of October 1, which falls in line with previous franchise releases. It definitely remains a rumor, though.
3d, 17h, 29m old - 11 comments

Alien: Isolation Tops 1 Million, All Involved Seem Pleased
Sega has announced that Creative Assembly's title has hit 1 million sold and everyone seems satisfied with the number. What does the future hold?
3d, 17h, 37m old - 9 comments

DmC: Definitive Edition Trailer Shows Off Super-Slick 60FPS
The updated version will boast 60 frames per second and this new gameplay trailer highlights that new technical capability. Lots of great new content, too!
3d, 17h, 45m old - 16 comments

January 21st, 2015

Last Updated 4d, 3h, 46m ago

ESO Hits Consoles On June 9, Monthly Subscription Gone
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited has been dated for PS4 and Xbox One but more importantly, we learn that a monthly fee won't be necessary.
4d, 3h, 46m old - 21 comments

Suspected PSN Attackers Lizard Squad Hacked...Funny
The hackers were hacked? Oh, that's just TOO funny. The sad part is that they did nothing to protect the identities of their customers...big damn surprise.
4d, 3h, 34m old - 13 comments

The Order: 1886 Trailer Emphasizes Story And Atmosphere
The latest video shows off the game's amazing environment, and also gives us a glimpse of some great drama. Let's hope it'll all come together!
4d, 3h, 58m old - 11 comments

Uncharted 4's "Openness" Could Result In Technical Flaws
Naughty Dog talks about how the upcoming sequel is more open and there isn't one "golden path" players have to stick to. Does it open a can of worms?
4d, 17h, 31m old - 36 comments

No Man's Sky Preview: The Joy Of Limitless Exploration Beckons
Hello Games is prepping a hugely ambitious and potentially revolutionary game, in which pure, unadulterated adventure is the thrilling focal point.
4d, 17h, 45m old - 10 comments

Here's One Way To Level Up In Destiny Without Doing Anything
One player decided leveling up was just too tedious, so he created a simple contraption that allowed his Titan to keep earning XP overnight.
4d, 17h, 21m old - 6 comments

Plex: Organize Your Media On PS4, PS3
This service lets you organize all your media on your favorite PlayStation platform. You can also share at will and there are cool features, too.
4d, 17h, 12m old - 4 comments

Planetside 2 PS4 Will Be Locked At 30 Frames Per Second
The developers have confirmed that Planetside 2 will run at 1080p and 30fps when it first launches on PlayStation 4. Are those numbers okay by you?
4d, 17h, 3m old - 6 comments

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