Playstation 3

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Playstation 3

11/21/14 News - GameStop: Lack Of PS3/360 Price Cuts Hurt Our Bottom Line Ben Dutka
11/20/14 News - Ubisoft Responds To PS3 Corruption Bug In Far Cry 4 Ben Dutka
11/17/14 News - Final Fantasy VII Finally Remade...Inside Sackboy's Universe Ben Dutka
11/17/14 News - Atari Games Buried In New Mexico Landfill Bring In $37,000 Ben Dutka
11/17/14 News - Sony Explains Why You Can't Change Your PSN Name Ben Dutka
11/17/14 News - NBCUniversal Pulling The Plug On G4TV Ben Dutka
11/16/14 News - Dark Souls II Finished In Less Than 1 Hour John Shepard
11/14/14 News - GameStop Sale Focuses On PS TV, PS3 John Shepard
11/13/14 News - Top-Notch EA Games Coming To PS Now On December 2 Ben Dutka
11/13/14 News - Celebrate 20 Years Of PlayStation With Your Favorite Games Ben Dutka
11/12/14 News - Save Some Bucks With Wal-Mart's Black Friday Game Deals Ben Dutka
11/10/14 News - Call Of Duty Tops "Favorite Game Of All Time" Guinness Poll Ben Dutka
11/05/14 News - Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Collector's Edition Revealed Ben Dutka
11/04/14 News - Bioshock Infinite: The Complete Edition Is Awfully Attractive Ben Dutka
10/30/14 News - All DLC For Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd Coming West Ben Dutka
10/29/14 News - Mike Tyson Battles Iron Mike In Punch-Out On Jimmy Fallon Ben Dutka
10/27/14 News - CliffyB: People Need To Stop Comparing Games To Movies Ben Dutka
10/24/14 News - Uncharted's Opening Scene Comes To Life Ben Dutka
10/23/14 News - The Last Of Us GotY Edition Coming To European Territories Ben Dutka
10/22/14 News - Rainbow Skies Teaser Shows Off Colorful World And Characters Ben Dutka
10/21/14 News - PSN Halloween Sale Includes A Bunch Of Scary Good Times John Shepard
10/20/14 News - Jade Raymond Leaves Ubisoft Ben Dutka
10/20/14 News - UK Proposes New Laws That Crack Down On Internet Abuse Ben Dutka
10/19/14 News - Minecraft Player Constructs Titan City With 4.5 Million Blocks Ben Dutka
10/17/14 News - Trine Series Passes 7 Million Worldwide Ben Dutka
10/17/14 News - Hitman Movie "Grew In Scope," Now Won't Release Until August Ben Dutka
10/17/14 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel review Ben Dutka
10/17/14 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel screenshots  
10/16/14 News - Feel-Good Video Of The Week: Cool Dad Loves Sega Genesis Ben Dutka
10/12/14 News - To Earn A Sequel, Capcom Games Must Sell 2 Million Ben Dutka
10/10/14 News - Hotline Miami 2 Pushed Back, May Not Arrive Until 2015 Ben Dutka
10/10/14 News - Lohan Strengthens GTAV Lawsuit Ben Dutka
10/07/14 News - DICE: Yes, We Lost Player Trust With Battlefield 4 Fiasco Ben Dutka
10/07/14 News - Sword Art Online: Long Song Hits PS3, Vita Next Year Ben Dutka
10/06/14 News - Vib Ribbon Finally Hits North American Shores Today Ben Dutka
10/04/14 News - Car Bomb Threat At Borderlands Studio Ben Dutka
10/03/14 News - Jet Car Stunts Dated For PS3, Vita Ben Dutka
10/01/14 News - PSN October Promotion: Spend $100, Get $15 Store Credit Ben Dutka
09/30/14 News - PS3 Owners Can Sample A Full Game Trial For Battlefield 4 Ben Dutka
09/30/14 News - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Golden Ben Dutka
09/30/14 News - Tetris Movie In The Works, But The Blocks Won't Be Characters Ben Dutka
09/29/14 News - Multiple GameStop Executives Dump Shares For Big Profit Ben Dutka
09/27/14 News - Consumer Reports Debunks iPhone 6 "Bendgate" Issue Ben Dutka
09/26/14 News - PlayStation Home Closing Down For Good Ben Dutka
09/25/14 News - GameStop Staffing Up For Holiday Rush Ben Dutka
09/24/14 News - Resonance Of Fate Now On PSN, And It's Worth Trying Ben Dutka
09/24/14 News - United Front Games "Loves" The Idea Of A Sleeping Dogs Sequel Ben Dutka
09/23/14 News - GameStop "Absolutely Interested" In Pursuing Used DLC Ben Dutka
09/21/14 News - Ultra Street Fighter IV Omega Mode Doles Out Fun New Moves Ben Dutka
09/20/14 News - Nordic: THQ Spent $50M On Darksiders II; We Can't Afford That Ben Dutka
09/19/14 News - Race To Save In This Weekend's Great PSN Flash Sale Ben Dutka
09/19/14 News - Take-Two: We Can't Afford To Ignore The Creation Of New IPs Ben Dutka
09/17/14 News - FBI Now Involved In Death Threats Against Anita Sarkeesian Ben Dutka
09/16/14 News - ESRB Celebrates 20 Years Of Making The Industry Better Ben Dutka
09/14/14 News - PS1, PS2, And PS4 Games On PS Now Is A "Real Possibility" John Shepard
09/14/14 Fairy Fencer F review David D. Nelson
09/12/14 News - Third-Person Call Of Duty Set In Vietnam, Had "Great Moments" Ben Dutka
09/11/14 News - Want A Xenosaga HD Collection? Make Your Presence Felt! Ben Dutka
09/11/14 News - Celebrate Thirty Years Of Naughty Dog With An Art Show Ben Dutka
09/11/14 Tales of Xillia 2 review Ben Dutka
09/11/14 Tales of Xillia 2 screenshots  
09/10/14 News - Students Flipping Out Over Destiny: You're In School, Yes? Ben Dutka
09/09/14 News - EA Sports Will Remove Ray Rice From Madden NFL 15 Ben Dutka
09/08/14 News - Ubisoft Announces Assassin's Creed: The Americas Collection Ben Dutka
09/08/14 News - Teens React To NES: Time To Feel Very Old, Round 2 Ben Dutka
09/08/14 News - One Crazy Way To Beat Dark Souls: With A Rock Band Guitar John Shepard
09/06/14 News - Dear ESPN: eSports Aren't Sports, But Spelling Is? Ben Dutka
09/05/14 News - Assassin's Creed Rogue Trailer Highlights Blood And Danger Ben Dutka
09/04/14 News - TMNT: Danger Of The Ooze Offers Classic Side-Scrolling Fun John Shepard
09/04/14 News - Shadow Of The Colossus Movie Finally Gets Its Director Ben Dutka

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