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Playstation 3

04/18/15 News - Borderlands Creator Leaves Gearbox For Fresher Waters Ben Dutka
04/15/15 News - GameStop Will Start Accepting Retro Consoles, Games Ben Dutka
04/14/15 News - Bill Paxton Might Play Jack Thompson In Upcoming GTA Movie John Shepard
04/08/15 News - Daniel Radcliffe Might Play Sam Houser In Upcoming GTA Film John Shepard
04/06/15 News - Tomb Raider Reboot Becomes The #1 Franchise Entry John Shepard
04/05/15 News - "Smart Boy" Was Indeed A Joke, But It'll Soon Become Real Ben Dutka
04/01/15 News - R.I.P. PlayStation Home: 2008 - 2015 Ben Dutka
03/26/15 News - Bolstered By Digital, GameStop Posts Big Annual Numbers Ben Dutka
03/21/15 News - Latest PSN Flash Sale Highlights Games For Less Than $1 Ben Dutka
03/11/15 News - New PlayStation Gear Store Opens Up Ben Dutka
03/08/15 News - Police Officer Tragically Killed In A Philly GameStop Shootout Ben Dutka
03/06/15 News - Tifa Lockhart Play Arts Kai Action Figure Earns Western Date Ben Dutka
03/05/15 News - Final Fantasy Music Has Never Sounded Quite This Good Ben Dutka
03/05/15 News - Activision Blizzard One Of The "Best Companies To Work For" Ben Dutka
02/27/15 News - GT6 Update Brings Back B-Spec Mode, Mid-Field Raceway Ben Dutka
02/26/15 News - Final Fantasy Record Keeper Releases In US This Spring Ben Dutka
02/25/15 News - Study: Haystack Isn't Sufficient For Most Leaps Of Faith Ben Dutka
02/23/15 News - Former Sega CEO: Company's Fall From Grace Not "Inevitable" John Shepard
02/19/15 News - Buffalo Announces The "Serious Game Design Competition" Ben Dutka
02/15/15 News - Oscar Winner Marion Cotillard Joins Assassin's Creed Cast John Shepard
02/10/15 News - Swatting Suspect Arrested, Could Get 5 Years In Prison John Shepard
02/09/15 News - "Swatting" Victim Sends Emotional Video Message To Culprit Ben Dutka
02/03/15 News - Final Fantasy Creator Sakaguchi Lands Lifetime Achievement Award Ben Dutka
02/03/15 News - Think You Can Beat Mike Tyson's Punch Out! Blindfolded? Ben Dutka
02/02/15 News - SOE Goes Independent, Born Anew As Daybreak Game Company Ben Dutka
02/01/15 News - Wild ARMs Isn't Finished, Devs "Want To Bring It Back" Ben Dutka
01/30/15 News - Square Enix Game Bundles Satisfy Action And Stealth Cravings John Shepard
01/30/15 News - Law And Order: SVU Episode Will Tackle Gaming Abuse Ben Dutka
01/28/15 News - Time To Be A Man: Defend Your Guilty Pleasure Game Ben Dutka
01/26/15 News - The Last Of Us Film Script Coming Along "Really Well" Ben Dutka
01/25/15 News - Has DLC Served You Well? Ben Dutka
01/25/15 News - Mythbusters To Tackle Doom: Could He Really Carry All That? Ben Dutka
01/24/15 News - Classic Goodness: John Romero Plays Through Doom Ben Dutka
01/23/15 News - New Free Update For Trials Fusion, 4th DLC Pack Next Week Ben Dutka
01/23/15 News - Bud Light's Super Bowl Ad: Become The Legendary Pac-Man Ben Dutka
01/21/15 News - Suspected PSN Attackers Lizard Squad Hacked...Funny Ben Dutka
01/20/15 News - PlayStation Exclusive TV Show, "Powers," Coming In March Ben Dutka
01/19/15 News - Another Man Dies After An Extremely Lengthy Gaming Binge Ben Dutka
01/19/15 News - Speedrunner Breaks His Own Dark Souls Record: 49:55 Ben Dutka
01/18/15 News - Sony Stores In Canada Didn't Do So Hot, So They're Gone John Shepard
01/14/15 News - PSN Undergoing Regularly Scheduled Maintenance This Week Ben Dutka
01/13/15 News - GameStop Holiday Sales Down Overall, But Software Is Up John Shepard
01/12/15 News - PlayStation Fashion Apparel Celebrates 20th Anniversary Ben Dutka
01/11/15 News - Arland Atelier Trilogy Lands On European PS3s In March Ben Dutka
01/09/15 News - Is The PS3 Already Obsolete? Ben Dutka
01/08/15 News - eBay Auction For Crazy Rare NES Game Goes Over $23k Ben Dutka
01/07/15 News - PlayStation TV Drops In Price At Major Retailers In US Enter author name
01/06/15 News - Teens React To Mario Kart 64...Geez, It's Not Even That Old B
01/06/15 News - Assassin's Creed Movie Gets New Date Ben Dutka
01/05/15 News - Suikoden Revival Keeps Building, Invites You To Suikoden Day Ben Dutka
01/01/15 News - Disgruntled Battlefield 4 Community Plans To Go On Strike John Shepard
01/01/15 News - Sony's Compensation Plans For PSN Holiday Woes Ben Dutka
01/01/15 News - PSN Status Changed From "Intermittent" To "Heavy Traffic" Ben Dutka
12/31/14 News - Lizard Squad Investigation Has Already Yielded An Arrest Ben Dutka
12/30/14 News - Activision Ditches True Crime Trademark Ben Dutka
12/29/14 News - Final Fantasy Box Set: Official Game Guide Now Set For March Ben Dutka
12/29/14 News - Holiday PSN Issues Prove That Gamers Haven't Forgotten 2011 Ben Dutka
12/28/14 News - Former Blizzard Boss Says eSports Can Be In The Olympics Ben Dutka
12/26/14 News - GameStop Offering Buy 2, Get 1 Free Deal For Pre-Owned Stuff Ben Dutka
12/25/14 News - Holiday Haul: Gloat About Your Loot Ben Dutka
12/25/14 News - Christmas Problems Linger For PSN Ben Dutka
12/24/14 News - PlayStation Now Coming To Samsung Smart TVs In 2015 Ben Dutka
12/23/14 News - A Tribute To Naughty Dog Documentary: Watch It Now Ben Dutka
12/18/14 News - Minecraft Creator Plunks Down $70 Million For A Mansion Ben Dutka
12/18/14 News - Amazon Prime Now Will Deliver Games In Under An Hour Ben Dutka
12/15/14 News - Teens React To Mega Man And It's Just Classic Hilarity Ben Dutka
12/10/14 News - Put $60 In Your PSN Wallet Via PayPal, Get $10 Store Credit Ben Dutka
12/07/14 News - A Moment Of Silence: The Father Of Video Games Is Gone Ben Dutka
12/06/14 News - Yakuza 5 Finally Coming Stateside In 2015 Ben Dutka
12/04/14 News - Two Decades Of PlayStation: Your Most Memorable Moments Ben Dutka

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