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PS3 Wallpaper Installation Instructions

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  1. Star Wars - Bowing to Evil (7.3)
  2. Death Star (7.3)
  3. Necromancer Purple (7.3)
  4. Millenium Falcon (7.2)
  5. White Lamborghini (7.2)
  6. The Great White (7.2)
  7. Orion Nebula 3 (7.2)
  8. Orion Nebula 4 (7.2)
  9. Lonesome in the Galaxy (7.2)
  10. Modern Warfare 2 - Calm in Hell (7.2)
  11. Swimming Polar Bear (7.2)
  12. The Legend of Zelda (7.2)
  13. Immaculate Mustang (7.2)
  14. Perfect Reflection (7.2)
  15. Gorillaz - This is Living (7.2)

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  1. Megan Fox
  2. Jessica Biel
  3. Keeley Hazell
  4. Jessica Alba
  5. Megan Fox
  6. Red Rose
  7. Keeley Hazell
  8. Blue Rose
  9. Keeley Hazell
  10. Megan Fox
  11. Dragon Ball Z
  12. Jessica Biel
  13. Misa Campo
  14. Keeley Hazell
  15. Misa Campo

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Supercar Wallpaper

Mercedes - Gold Wallpaper

Scarlett Johansson Classic Wallpaper

Rihanna in T-Shirt Wallpaper

Rihanna Rear View Wallpaper

Mischa Barton 2 Wallpaper

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Luisana Lopilato Wallpaper

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Megan Fox Wallpaper

Jessica Biel Wallpaper

Keeley Hazell Wallpaper

Jessica Alba Wallpaper

Megan Fox Wallpaper

Red Rose Wallpaper

Keeley Hazell Wallpaper

Blue Rose Wallpaper

Keeley Hazell Wallpaper

Megan Fox Wallpaper

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper

Jessica Biel Wallpaper

Misa Campo Wallpaper

Keeley Hazell Wallpaper

Misa Campo Wallpaper

Keeley Hazell Wallpaper

Modern Warfare 2 - Calm in Hell Wallpaper

Outer Space Wallpaper

Keeley Hazell Wallpaper

Blue Bikini on the Beach Wallpaper

Gemma Atkinson Wallpaper

Bugatti Veyron Wallpaper

Sonic The Hedgehog Wallpaper

Bugatti Veyron Wallpaper

Keeley Hazell Wallpaper

Angelina Jolie Wallpaper

White Lamborghini Wallpaper

Jessica Alba Wallpaper

Alyssa Milano Wallpaper

Midnight Fractals Wallpaper

Top Rated PS3 Wallpapers

Star Wars - Bowing to Evil Wallpaper

Death Star Wallpaper

Necromancer Purple Wallpaper

Millenium Falcon Wallpaper

White Lamborghini Wallpaper

The Great White Wallpaper

Orion Nebula 3 Wallpaper

Orion Nebula 4 Wallpaper

Lonesome in the Galaxy Wallpaper

Modern Warfare 2 - Calm in Hell Wallpaper

Swimming Polar Bear Wallpaper

The Legend of Zelda Wallpaper

Immaculate Mustang Wallpaper

Perfect Reflection Wallpaper

Gorillaz - This is Living Wallpaper

PS3 Wallpaper Installation Tutorial

I) Requirements:

1. PS3 System Software (Firmware) Version 2.00 or later.
2. One of these three items will be needed:

(a) 5-Pin USB Cable.
(b) WiFi 802.11b Compatible Router/Access Point or available WiFi 802.11b compatible Internet Access.
(c) Memory Stick Pro Duo Card Reader.

**If you have System Software 2.00 already installed on your PS3, skip section 'II' and go on to section 'III'.**

II) Installing System Software Version 2.00 on your PS3:

1. All official instructions on how to update your PS3 to version 2.00 can be found by following this link:

III) Getting your PS3 Wallpaper onto your PS3:

1. Using a 5-Pin USB Cable or a Memory Stick Pro Duo Card Reader:

(a) Connect your PS3 or Memory Stick Pro Duo to your PC. (If using a USB Cable, plug it into your PS3, boot up your PS3, then go to Settings, and scroll down to USB Connection)
(b) Go to My Computer -> Open the new Removable Disk that has appeared.
(c) Create a folder named "PS3", inside that folder make a new folder named "PHOTO".
(d) Now take the PS3 wallpapers you have downloaded and transfer them into the "PHOTO" folder.

2. Using available WiFi Internet Access:

(a) Boot your PS3 to its Main Menu.
(b) Find the "Network" section and click on the "Internet Browser"
(c) You should see a Blank Page. Click the 'Triangle' button, then click on the "File" button, and finally click "Address Entry".
(d) Type in the url/address to your PS3 Wallpaper image and click "Enter". (If you have an available network setup and ready it should connect to it wirelessly automatically or it should let you choose which one you're like to use. If not you will need to set one up in Network Settings)
(e) You will notice that the image should load up. Now click "File" and click "Save Image".
(f) Destination should be set to "/PS3/PHOTO/" and "File Name" can be whatever you wish. Once set click "Save". Once finished it'll say "Save Complete".

IV) Setting your Wallpaper on your PS3:

1. In the PS3 Main Menu go to "Photo" and click on the Memory Stick.
2. Now you will see you image. Select and open the image you'de like to use.
3. Press the 'Triangle' button and then go to "Set as Wallpaper" button and click it.
4. It'll ask you if you'd like to set as wallpaper or overwrite current wallpaper. Click "Yes".
5. Now go back to your PS3 Main Menu and you should have the new custom wallpaper as your background.


Thanks to Dmitry Malayev for writing up this tutorial and contributing many PS3 wallpapers to this section. Some wallpapers were also designed by Aaron Thomas.

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