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Sony PS4

05/21/15 News - The Witcher 3 Continued Impressions: Uh, Can't Stop Playing Ben Dutka
05/21/15 News - Game Of Thrones: Sons Of Winter Gets Launch Trailer John Shepard
05/21/15 News - New Patch For The Witcher 3 Will Fix That Crazy Small Text Ben Dutka
05/21/15 News - Need For Speed "Full Reboot" Revealed, Coming This Fall Ben Dutka
05/21/15 News - Live-Action Arkham Knight Trailer: Can You "Be The Batman?" Ben Dutka
05/21/15 News - Was The Witcher 3 "Downgraded?" The Developer Answers Ben Dutka
05/21/15 Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance preview Ben Dutka
05/21/15 Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance screenshots  
05/20/15 News - Pick Up A New PS4/PS3 Theme, Help The Nepal Relief Effort John Shepard
05/20/15 News - Visceral Details First Hardline Expansion, Criminal Activity Ben Dutka
05/20/15 News - Bloodborne Expansion In The Works Ben Dutka
05/20/15 News - The Witcher 3 Impressions: The Struggle For A Perfect 10 Ben Dutka
05/20/15 News - New Sony Studio Opens, Dedicated To Project Morpheus Ben Dutka
05/20/15 News - One Team Has Already Beaten Destiny's Prison Of Elders Ben Dutka
05/20/15 News - The Evil Within's Final DLC Lets You Play As The Executioner Ben Dutka
05/19/15 News - Bugs And Glitches Hindering The Launch Of The Witcher 3 Ben Dutka
05/19/15 News - Pre-Order GoWIII Remastered, Get Two Free GoW Rentals Ben Dutka
05/19/15 News - New Street Fighter V Gameplay Shows Off Revamped M. Bison John Shepard
05/19/15 News - GTAV Hits 52 Million, Becomes 4th Best Selling Game Ever Ben Dutka
05/19/15 News - Gearbox's Battleborn Slated To Make A Big Splash At E3 Ben Dutka
05/19/15 News - EA On Battlefront: "No One Said Anything About Resolution" Ben Dutka
05/19/15 BRAWL review Ben Dutka
05/19/15 BRAWL screenshots  
05/18/15 News - Do You Even Care About Review Scores For The Witcher 3? Ben Dutka
05/18/15 News - Go Behind The Scenes Of Bloodborne's Great Soundtrack Ben Dutka
05/18/15 News - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Launch Trailer: Time To Dive In! Ben Dutka
05/18/15 News - Hope You Like HD Remakes, 'Cuz Capcom Will Make More John Shepard
05/18/15 News - Doom E3 Teaser Gives Us A Tiny Peek At Some Gameplay Ben Dutka
05/18/15 News - Upgraded FFXV Demo Confirmed, Will Release In June Ben Dutka
05/18/15 News - ESO Tamriel Unlimited Trailer: It's Good To Have Friends Ben Dutka
05/17/15 News - Think We'll Ever See Dishonored 2? Ben Dutka
05/17/15 News - PSN On And Off Again Over The Weekend John Shepard
05/17/15 News - Sony: Bloodborne Sales Have Definitely Eclipsed Expectations Ben Dutka
05/17/15 News - Choreographed Dance Routine In Destiny Turns Heads Ben Dutka
05/17/15 News - PSXE Poll Update: Most Say Project CARS Isn't Their Thing Ben Dutka
05/16/15 News - Jason Gets His Own Challenge Tower In MKX This Weekend Ben Dutka
05/15/15 News - Rock Band 4's First 6 Songs Revealed John Shepard
05/15/15 News - Bloodstained: RotN Earns Over $2 Million Ben Dutka
05/15/15 News - Sony's E3 2015 Press Conference Set: What Will We See? Ben Dutka
05/15/15 News - PS Heroes Winner Plays Yasiel Puig In MLB 15: The Show Ben Dutka
05/15/15 News - Seventh Jack Incarnation Doles Out Big Pain In Tekken 7 Ben Dutka
05/15/15 News - Rocksteady Shows Off Arkham Knight's Dual Play Action Ben Dutka
05/14/15 News - Which Version Of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Will Sell Best? Ben Dutka
05/14/15 News - The Witcher 3 Gets A Gorgeous Cinematic Launch Trailer Ben Dutka
05/14/15 News - April NPD: Mortal Kombat X Is Tops, PS4 Loses To Xbox One John Shepard
05/14/15 News - Sony: No Man's Sky Will Receive The First-Party Treatment Ben Dutka
05/14/15 News - LEGO Jurassic World Roars Onto Shelves Next Month Ben Dutka
05/14/15 News - Sony Exec Hints At Unannounced PS4 Holiday Exclusives Ben Dutka
05/14/15 Toren review Ben Dutka
05/14/15 Toren screenshots  
05/13/15 News - GotY Battle Thus Far: Bloodborne Versus The Witcher 3? Ben Dutka
05/13/15 News - Watch The Witcher 3's World Map Unfold, End To End Ben Dutka
05/13/15 News - Ratchet & Clank PS4, Animated Movie Delayed Until 2016 Ben Dutka
05/13/15 News - Beckham Jr. Becomes Youngest Ever Madden Cover Athlete Ben Dutka
05/13/15 News - Tony Hawk 5 On PS3, 360 Won't Support "Seamless Multiplayer" Ben Dutka
05/13/15 News - Naughty Dog Talks New Facial Animation System For Drake Ben Dutka
05/13/15 News - Life Is Strange: Episode 3 Set For May 19 Ben Dutka
05/13/15 Project CARS review Ben Dutka
05/12/15 News - Is The Witcher 3 A Huge Step Forward For Video Game Writing? Ben Dutka
05/12/15 News - Batman: Arkham Knight Serious Edition Spotted On Amazon Ben Dutka
05/12/15 News - This Witcher 3 Cosplay Might Be One Of The Best Ever Ben Dutka
05/12/15 News - The Division Won't Make It This Year John Shepard
05/12/15 News - Assassin's Creed Syndicate Revealed: Trailer And Gameplay Ben Dutka
05/12/15 News - FFX/X-2 HD Remaster Hits PS4 Today With Dynamic Theme Ben Dutka
05/12/15 News - Now We Know 24 Songs Included In Guitar Hero Live Ben Dutka
05/11/15 News - Attention Gamers: Living In A Virtual World Isn't Really Living Ben Dutka
05/11/15 News - ARK: Survival Evolved Combines Survival And Dinosaurs Ben Dutka
05/11/15 News - King's Quest Revival Boasts An Amazing Voice Cast Ben Dutka
05/11/15 News - Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Coming From SotN Producer Ben Dutka
05/11/15 News - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Has Earned Over 1 Million Pre-Orders Ben Dutka

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