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Sony PS4

04/25/15 News - Even Feminists Can Have Fun Playing Grand Theft Auto V Ben Dutka
04/24/15 News - Activision Reveals First Ten Songs For Guitar Hero Live Ben Dutka
04/24/15 News - Huge Black Ops III Leak Reveals Campign, Multiplayer Details Ben Dutka
04/24/15 News - Submerged For PS4 Revealed: Explore Without Fear Ben Dutka
04/24/15 News - Resident Evil HD Tops 1 Million, Breaks First-Day Records Ben Dutka
04/24/15 News - Save Nearly $200 With This Attractive PlayStation 4 Bundle Ben Dutka
04/24/15 Rory McIlroy PGA Tour preview Ben Dutka
04/24/15 Rory McIlroy PGA Tour screenshots  
04/23/15 News - What's The Best New Game Of The PS4 Generation So Far? Ben Dutka
04/23/15 News - Jason Joins Mortal Kombat X On May 5 Ben Dutka
04/23/15 News - Black Ops III Ember Teaser: Biohacking, Retinal Implants Ben Dutka
04/23/15 News - Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Delayed, But We Get New Details John Shepard
04/23/15 News - Star Wars: Battlefront Definitely Not A "Reskinned Battlefield" Ben Dutka
04/23/15 News - PlayStation Road To Greatness Tour 2015 Ready To Roll Ben Dutka
04/23/15 News - Mad Max Gameplay Trailer: Those With A Conscience Will Die Ben Dutka
04/23/15 News - Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil Announced, Goes Top-Down Ben Dutka
04/22/15 News - The Hopes And Dreams Of A New Era Rest On The Witcher 3? Ben Dutka
04/22/15 News - What's Behind That Closed Door In Bloodborne? Uh...Nothing? Ben Dutka
04/22/15 News - ESO Tamriel Unlimited Beta Rolls Out, Did You Get An Invite? Ben Dutka
04/22/15 News - DICE: No, Battlefront Content Won't Be "Held Back" For DLC Ben Dutka
04/22/15 News - PSN Spring Fever Sale's Final Week: CoD, Shovel Knight Ben Dutka
04/22/15 News - Tony Hawk Shares Instagram Vid That'll Make You Smile Ben Dutka
04/22/15 Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones review Ben Dutka
04/22/15 Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones screenshots  
04/21/15 News - What If Devs "Max Out" PS4 Too Early? Ben Dutka
04/21/15 News - Last-Gen MGSV Versions Support Fewer Players Online Ben Dutka
04/21/15 News - Journey's Gorgeous Soundtrack Goes Vinyl This Summer Ben Dutka
04/21/15 News - New Adventure Time Title Represents A "Complete Departure" John Shepard
04/21/15 News - Game Of Thrones Actor Charles Dance Talks The Witcher 3 Ben Dutka
04/21/15 News - Today's Driveclub Update Features A Host Of Fresh Content Ben Dutka
04/21/15 News - GameStop To Donate PS4 Bundles To Ronald McDonald Houses Ben Dutka
04/20/15 News - Maybe Shooters Just Need To Give Up On Campaigns Entirely Ben Dutka
04/20/15 News - DICE: Star Wars And Tons Of Destruction Just Don't Mix John Shepard
04/20/15 News - Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China Has A Great Launch Trailer Ben Dutka
04/20/15 News - Mortal Kombat X Breaks Franchise Sales Record In UK Ben Dutka
04/20/15 News - Star Ocean 5 Screens, Details Hint At An Epic Adventure Ben Dutka
04/20/15 News - New Battlefront Details: Destruction, Maps, Playable Heroes Ben Dutka
04/19/15 News - Guitar Hero Live vs. Rock Band 4: Which Wins This Time? Ben Dutka
04/19/15 News - PSXE Poll Update: Mortal Kombat X Just Isn't For Everyone Ben Dutka
04/19/15 News - NBA 2K15 Simulation Says Warriors Will Take The Title Ben Dutka
04/19/15 News - Mortal Kombat X Patch 1.02 Available Now Ben Dutka
04/19/15 News - Bloodborne Beaten With Rock Band Guitar: "Guitarborne" Ben Dutka
04/19/15 News - Project CARS Will Boast 110 Courses, 30 Track Locations John Shepard
04/18/15 News - New PSN Flash Sale Highlights Top Action Games And Movies Ben Dutka
04/17/15 News - Watch How The Witness Progressed Over Five Years Ben Dutka
04/17/15 News - First Gay Character Joins Mortal Kombat Ben Dutka
04/17/15 News - Star Wars: Battlefront: Release Date, First Full-Length Trailer Ben Dutka
04/17/15 News - Project CARS Comes To US On May 12, More Details Arrive Ben Dutka
04/17/15 News - Ultra Street Fighter IV Scheduled To Hit PlayStation 4 On May 26 Ben Dutka
04/17/15 News - The Witcher 3 Digital Copies Playable The Day Before Launch Ben Dutka
04/17/15 Magicka 2 preview Ben Dutka
04/17/15 Magicka 2 screenshots  
04/16/15 News - "Second-Person Shooter" Screencheat Headed To PS4 Ben Dutka
04/16/15 News - Latest Mortal Kombat: The Biggest Launch In Series History Ben Dutka
04/16/15 News - Madden NFL 16 Dated, But No Details Yet John Shepard
04/16/15 News - March NPD: PlayStation 4 Returns To #1, Bloodborne Is #2 Ben Dutka
04/16/15 News - Hallelujah, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Is Finally Golden Ben Dutka
04/16/15 News - Remastered Journey Heading To PS4 Ben Dutka
04/16/15 News - Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Looks Decidedly Haunting Ben Dutka
04/16/15 Mortal Kombat X screenshots  
04/16/15 Mortal Kombat X review Ben Dutka
04/15/15 News - Can Square Enix Restore RPG Faith With New Star Ocean? Ben Dutka
04/15/15 News - Advanced Warfare Ascendance Comes To PlayStation On April 30 Ben Dutka
04/15/15 News - Game Study: Graphics Quality Doesn't Dictate Most Purchases John Shepard
04/15/15 News - Battlefield: Hardline Patch: The Top 5 Most Requested Fixes Ben Dutka
04/14/15 News - Star Ocean: Integrity And Faithlessness Coming To PS3, PS4 Ben Dutka
04/14/15 News - Upcoming Bloodborne Patch Will Reduce Long Load Times Ben Dutka
04/14/15 News - Rock Band 4 Devs "Love" That Guitar Hero Live Is Coming Ben Dutka
04/14/15 News - Guitar Hero Live Announced: Revamped Guitar, New Style Ben Dutka
04/14/15 News - Project CARS Tech Specs Revealed Ben Dutka

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