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Sony PS4

12/07/17 News - The Game Awards 2017: Nominees and Where to Watch Christopher D. Anderson
12/07/17 News - Was The Release Date for God of War Accidentally Released? Christopher D. Anderson
12/04/17 News - Next Year is Going to Be a Good Year for Mega Man Fans Christopher D. Anderson
11/30/17 News - Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition Free for December Christopher D. Anderson
11/28/17 News - Huge Leak Says Devil May Cry 5 is Coming Christopher D. Anderson
11/24/17 News - A Movie Game That Doesn’t Suck Christopher D. Anderson
11/20/17 News - The Inpatient Pushed Until January 2018 Christopher D. Anderson
11/17/17 News - EA Temporarily Drops Microtransactions for Battlefront 2 Christopher D. Anderson
11/16/17 Alteric review Christopher D. Anderson
11/16/17 Alteric screenshots  
11/15/17 Save the Ninja Clan review Ryan Hartmann & Hunter Hartmann
11/15/17 Save the Ninja Clan screenshots  
11/14/17 News - EA is Making People Angry on Reddit Christopher D. Anderson
11/12/17 Call of Duty: WWII review Ryan Hartmann
11/12/17 Call of Duty: WWII screenshots  
11/11/17 Jydge review Christopher D. Anderson
11/11/17 Jydge screenshots  
11/10/17 Oure review Pedro Rodriguez
11/09/17 Oure screenshots  
11/03/17 .hack//G.U. Last Recode review Pedro Rodriguez
11/03/17 hack_recode screenshots  
11/02/17 News - First PSXE Monthly Giveaway Winner! Ryan Hartmann
11/02/17 Burly Men at Sea review Christopher D. Anderson
11/02/17 Burly Men at Sea screenshots  
11/01/17 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus review Ryan Hartmann
11/01/17 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus screenshots  
10/29/17 Fragments of Him review Christopher D. Anderson
10/29/17 Fragments of Him screenshots  
10/19/17 News - Kid Friendly Mini and Sunset Orange Dualshock 4 Coming Soon Christopher D. Anderson
10/17/17 Detention review Ryan Hartmann
10/17/17 Detention screenshots  
10/15/17 News - Opinion: Loot Boxes, A Looming Threat To The Industry? Moisés Ramírez
10/15/17 The Coma: Recut review Christopher D. Anderson
10/15/17 The Coma: Recut screenshots  
10/12/17 Gundam Versus review Ryan Hartmann
10/12/17 Gundam Versus screenshots  
10/09/17 News - Horizon Complete Edition Includes All DLC Christopher D. Anderson
10/05/17 News - Introducing PSXE's Monthly $50 Giveaway! Ryan Hartmann
10/05/17 PSXE screenshots  
10/04/17 The Controller People screenshots  
10/01/17 Surf World Series review Pedro Rodriguez
10/01/17 Surf World Series screenshots  
09/27/17 Hob review Ryan Hartmann
09/27/17 Hob screenshots  
09/26/17 News - The Last of Us Outbreak Day: Where’s Part 2? Christopher D. Anderson
09/23/17 News - Fortnite Battle Royale Goes Free to Play Pedro Rodriguez
09/23/17 Hellblade review Christopher D. Anderson
09/23/17 Project Cars 2 review Ryan Hartmann
09/23/17 Fortnite screenshots  
09/23/17 Project Cars 2 screenshots  
09/18/17 News - Play Okami HD Soon, This Time in 4K Christopher D. Anderson
09/12/17 Destiny 2 review Ryan Hartmann
09/12/17 Destiny 2 screenshots  
09/11/17 News - Tooth and Tail: An RTS That Isn’t Hardcore Christopher D. Anderson
09/10/17 Nidhogg 2 review Joseph Mulholland
09/10/17 Nidhogg 2 screenshots  
09/07/17 Resident Evil: Revelations review Ryan Hartmann
09/07/17 Resident Evil: Revelations screenshots  
09/06/17 News - Head Back to the 80’s in Crossing Souls Christopher D. Anderson
09/05/17 News - Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition and DLC Coming Soon Christopher D. Anderson
09/02/17 Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator review Tyler harvey
09/02/17 Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator screenshots  
08/31/17 Observer review Christopher D. Anderson
08/31/17 Observer screenshots  
08/29/17 Sine Mora EX review Ryan Hartmann
08/29/17 Sine Mora EX screenshots  
08/28/17 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review Ryan Hartmann
08/28/17 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy screenshots  
08/26/17 News - 10 Best Announcements From Gamescom 2017 Christopher D. Anderson
08/23/17 News - BioMutant: New Action RPG From Former Just Cause Developers Christopher D. Anderson

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