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Sony PS4

01/24/15 News - Silence: The Whispered World Embraces True Adventure Ben Dutka
01/23/15 News - Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Teases Another New Character Ben Dutka
01/23/15 News - Visceral Reveals All Maps And Modes For Battlefield: Hardline Ben Dutka
01/23/15 News - Super Rare 20th Anniversary PS4 Up For Auction In Japan Ben Dutka
01/22/15 News - The Order: 1886: Does Anyone Know What To Expect, Really? Ben Dutka
01/22/15 News - Sony Bend Not Working On New Syphon Filter, Sadly Ben Dutka
01/22/15 News - Oldsters React To GTAV: "HAHAHA, I Just Shot Some People!" Ben Dutka
01/22/15 News - Game Of Thrones: Episode Two Dated Ben Dutka
01/22/15 News - Monolith: Shadow Of Mordor Started Out "Over-Ambitious" John Shepard
01/22/15 News - Super Slick Bloodborne Limited Edition PS4s Set For Japan Ben Dutka
01/22/15 News - Final Fantasy XV Map Will Be One Huge "Connected" Mass Ben Dutka
01/22/15 News - Unmechanical: Extended Offers Plenty Of Puzzle-Solving Fun Ben Dutka
01/21/15 News - Pre-Ordering: Who Cares, Anymore? Ben Dutka
01/21/15 News - Rumor: Uncharted 4 Ships On October 1? Ben Dutka
01/21/15 News - Alien: Isolation Tops 1 Million, All Involved Seem Pleased Ben Dutka
01/21/15 News - DmC: Definitive Edition Trailer Shows Off Super-Slick 60FPS John Shepard
01/21/15 News - ESO Hits Consoles On June 9, Monthly Subscription Gone Ben Dutka
01/21/15 News - The Order: 1886 Trailer Emphasizes Story And Atmosphere Ben Dutka
01/20/15 News - Planetside 2 PS4 Will Be Locked At 30 Frames Per Second Ben Dutka
01/20/15 News - Plex: Organize Your Media On PS4, PS3 John Shepard
01/20/15 News - Here's One Way To Level Up In Destiny Without Doing Anything Ben Dutka
01/20/15 News - Uncharted 4's "Openness" Could Result In Technical Flaws Ben Dutka
01/20/15 News - Square Enix Worried FFXV's Length Might Be "Too Much" Ben Dutka
01/20/15 News - Get Ready: Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection Ben Dutka
01/20/15 No Man's Sky preview Ben Dutka
01/20/15 No Man's Sky screenshots  
01/19/15 News - The One Video Game Feature Or Gimmick You Couldn't Stand? Ben Dutka
01/19/15 News - Sledgehammer: Stop "Reverse Boosting" Ben Dutka
01/19/15 News - Get Your 10% Off A PSN Purchase This Coming Weekend Ben Dutka
01/19/15 News - New Developer Tackles Next NASCAR Title John Shepard
01/19/15 News - The Order: 1886 Goes Gold Well Ahead Of February 20 Date Ben Dutka
01/19/15 News - Project Cars Start Your Engines Trailer Likes To Show Off Ben Dutka
01/18/15 News - Should All RPGs Be Sandbox Adventures? Ben Dutka
01/18/15 News - PSXE Poll Update: Fans Hesitate To Embrace PS Now Enter author name
01/18/15 News - Driveclub Fans Can Test Out Five New Japanese Tracks Enter author name
01/18/15 News - Disney Infinity vs. Skylanders Sales Battle: A Dead Heat? Ben Dutka
01/17/15 News - Harmonix's Rock Band Survey Hints At Next-Gen Entry Ben Dutka
01/16/15 News - Amplitude For PS3, PS4 Pushed Back Ben Dutka
01/16/15 News - Top 10 Sales Lists: 2014's Best-Selling Network Games John Shepard
01/16/15 News - Ubisoft: Watch Dogs Sequel Will Have To Take More Risks Ben Dutka
01/16/15 News - Saints Row IV: Gat Out Of Hell Gets Crazy Launch Trailer Ben Dutka
01/16/15 News - Another Arrest Made In Connection With Holiday DDoS Attacks Ben Dutka
01/15/15 News - PS4 Isn't In A Position To Dominate The Market At $400 Ben Dutka
01/15/15 News - BioWare Shares Dragon-Killing Stats Ben Dutka
01/15/15 News - Top 10 Games Of 2014: Once Again, CoD Tops The List Ben Dutka
01/15/15 News - PS4 Becomes Fastest-Selling PlayStation Console In History John Shepard
01/15/15 News - Get Ready To Splice Some Genes...Yeah, It Can Be Fun Ben Dutka
01/15/15 News - Turtle Rock Studios Defends Lengthy DLC Plans For Evolve Ben Dutka
01/15/15 News - Uncharted 4 Might Still Reach 60FPS, But Performance Matters Ben Dutka
01/14/15 News - Finishing A Game's Story: How Important Is It To You, Really? Ben Dutka
01/14/15 News - New Mortal Kombat X Trailer: Witness Kitana's Fatality Ben Dutka
01/14/15 News - Visceral Offers Hardline Beta Details, But No Official Date Ben Dutka
01/14/15 News - Miami Hotline 2 Refused Classification By Australian Board John Shepard
01/14/15 News - Troy Baker: Skyrim A "Playpen" When Compared To MGSV Ben Dutka
01/14/15 News - Grim Fandango Remastered Now Available For Pre-Order Ben Dutka
01/13/15 News - More Important For PS4: New IPs Or Established Sequels? Ben Dutka
01/13/15 News - DmC Definitive Edition Moved Up A Week Ben Dutka
01/13/15 News - Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC: New Maps, John Malkovich Ben Dutka
01/13/15 News - PlayStation 20th Anniversary Sale: Lots Of Classics Discounted Ben Dutka
01/13/15 News - DoA5: Last Round New Character Teased: Busty Schoolgirl Ben Dutka
01/13/15 News - Latest Hitman Confirmed, Expect More Details "This Year" Ben Dutka
01/13/15 News - The Last Of Us: Remastered Free With Your PS4 Purchase Ben Dutka
01/13/15 MLB 15: The Show preview Ben Dutka
01/13/15 MLB 15: The Show screenshots  
01/12/15 News - The One 2015 Game That's Most Likely To Surprise You Ben Dutka
01/12/15 News - "Be The Zombie" In Dying Light: Time To Turn The Tables Ben Dutka
01/12/15 News - Writers Guild Announces Nominees For Video Game Writing John Shepard
01/12/15 News - Naughty Dog: For Now, The Last Of Us 2 Is A "Big If" Ben Dutka
01/12/15 News - Modder Gives Ground Zeroes An Intense First-Person View Ben Dutka
01/12/15 News - The Elder Scrolls Online Finally Console-Bound In February? Ben Dutka

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