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Sony PS4

08/29/14 News - Final Fantasy Type-0 For PS4 Less Than A Year Away Ben Dutka
08/29/14 News - Saints Row IV Next-Gen-Bound, Standalone DLC Confirmed John Shepard
08/29/14 News - Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Puts Iconic Fighters On Display Ben Dutka
08/29/14 News - Alone With You Tests Your Survival Skills In Outer Space Ben Dutka
08/29/14 News - Analysts Believe Destiny Could Sell 15 Million In 2014 Ben Dutka
08/29/14 News - Capcom Shows Off Split-Screen Deep Down Gameplay Ben Dutka
08/29/14 CounterSpy review Ben Dutka
08/29/14 CounterSpy screenshots  
08/28/14 News - Which Game Has Taken Up Most Of Your Play Time In 2014? Ben Dutka
08/28/14 News - Dust: An Elysian Trail Headed To PS4 Ben Dutka
08/28/14 News - Assassin's Creed Unity Pushed Back, But Only Two Weeks Ben Dutka
08/28/14 News - Destiny's So Big, You'll Never Be "Done" Ben Dutka
08/28/14 News - Following DDoS Attacks, PSN Set For Maintenance Today Ben Dutka
08/28/14 News - EA Is Aware Of Madden NFL 15's Issues Ben Dutka
08/27/14 News - If P.T. Doesn't Make You Uneasy, Get Yourself Checked Ben Dutka
08/27/14 News - Metro Dev's New Game: Less Linear, But Still Story-Driven Ben Dutka
08/27/14 News - New Video Highlights Destiny's PlayStation Exclusive Content Ben Dutka
08/27/14 News - September Plus Freebies: Battle Royale, Velocity 2X, More John Shepard
08/27/14 News - Volition To Unveil A New Saints Row? Ben Dutka
08/27/14 News - Take-Two: Lohan's GTAV Lawsuit "Filed For Publicity Purposes" Ben Dutka
08/26/14 News - The Crew Should Be 1080p And 30FPS On PS4, Xbox One Ben Dutka
08/26/14 News - OlliOlli Skates Onto PS3, PS4 John Shepard
08/26/14 News - Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Feature Co-op Multiplayer Action Ben Dutka
08/26/14 News - Enjoy Many "Quiet Moments Of Discovery" In No Man's Sky Ben Dutka
08/26/14 News - The Evil Within's Cast Includes Freddy! Ben Dutka
08/26/14 Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition screenshots  
08/26/14 Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition review Ben Dutka
08/25/14 News - Hey, Remember When MGS And FF Were Exclusive To Sony? Ben Dutka
08/25/14 News - Buy Mountain Dew Or Doritos, Get Some Advanced Warfare Goodies Ben Dutka
08/25/14 News - Sony: Fully Focused On And Excited About Project Morpheus Ben Dutka
08/25/14 News - Madden NFL 15 Team And Player Ratings John Shepard
08/25/14 News - Pre-Load inFamous: Second Son First Light DLC Today Ben Dutka
08/25/14 News - Arno Actor: Assassin's Creed Unity Tells An "Emotional Story" Ben Dutka
08/25/14 News - No Trading Items And Equipment For Destiny Players Ben Dutka
08/25/14 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare review Ben Dutka
08/25/14 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare screenshots  
08/24/14 News - PSXE Poll Update: Tomb Raider Sequel Isn't A Tragedy Ben Dutka
08/24/14 News - Hellblade Gets First Dev Diary Next Week Ben Dutka
08/24/14 News - Sega Unveils Yakuza Zero: The Place Of Oath For PS3, PS4 John Shepard
08/23/14 News - Assassin's Creed Unity: Co-Op, Gear And Focus On Stealth Ben Dutka
08/23/14 News - Bungie: Destiny's Golden, But "We're Just Getting Started" Ben Dutka
08/22/14 News - Chester Cheetah Enjoys The Limelight In Garden Warfare Ben Dutka
08/22/14 News - Bungie: Forget 1080p/60FPS; All That Matters Is Gameplay Ben Dutka
08/22/14 News - White Destiny PS4 Bundle Receives A Price Cut At GAME Ben Dutka
08/22/14 News - Two Free TLoU Maps, But Matchmaking Issues Persist Ben Dutka
08/22/14 News - Feast Your Eyes On 27 Minutes Of Sweet FIFA 15 Gameplay Ben Dutka
08/21/14 News - Can The Holiday Season Save 2014? Ben Dutka
08/21/14 News - CoD Fans Wanted Innovation, So Here Comes The Exosuit Ben Dutka
08/21/14 News - Bungie: Gamers Shouldn't Be Worried About Destiny's Size Ben Dutka
08/21/14 News - Are The Devs Working To Make The Order: 1886 Less Generic? Ben Dutka
08/21/14 News - Lords Of The Fallen: An Action/RPG With A Stiff Challenge Ben Dutka
08/21/14 The Last Tinker: City of Colors review Ben Dutka
08/21/14 The Last Tinker: City of Colors screenshots  
08/20/14 News - Silent Hills Taking A Page From H.G. Wells And Orson Welles Ben Dutka
08/20/14 News - No Competitive Multiplayer For Either New Assassin's Creed Ben Dutka
08/20/14 News - Minecraft PS4 Fails Certification Test, 4J Must Fix Bugs John Shepard
08/20/14 News - Check Out 35 Minutes Of The Witcher 3 Gamescom Gameplay Ben Dutka
08/20/14 News - inFamous Developer Suffers Layoffs Ben Dutka
08/19/14 News - My Response To A Grand Theft Auto V Delay: Yes, Please Ben Dutka
08/19/14 News - Yay, We Sold 10 Million PS4s! ...But We Don't Know Why Ben Dutka
08/19/14 News - H1Z1 Infecting PS4 Later This Year John Shepard
08/19/14 News - Sony Doesn't Dislike EA Access, They "Need To Position It" Ben Dutka
08/19/14 News - WWE 2K15 Roster Boasts 60 Names Ben Dutka
08/19/14 Hohokum review Ben Dutka
08/19/14 Hohokum screenshots  
08/18/14 News - Who Else Wants Bloodborne To Be Just Like Darksiders? Ben Dutka
08/18/14 News - Latest Destiny Gameplay Trailer Introduces You To Venus Ben Dutka
08/18/14 News - Watch Reactions To "Silent Hills," And Prepare For Screams Ben Dutka
08/18/14 News - New GTAO Update Brings You The San Andreas Flight School John Shepard
08/18/14 News - Alien: Isolation Developer: A Female Lead Just Makes Sense Ben Dutka

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