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Sony PS4

07/28/14 News - Uncharted 4 Info Incoming, Possibly Story Related David D. Nelson
07/27/14 News - Naughty Dog Explains How Photo Mode Works In TLoU PS4 Ben Dutka
07/27/14 News - The Last Of Us: Remastered Purchasers Open To Abuse? Ben Dutka
07/27/14 News - PSXE Poll Update: Everyone's Lovin' The Destiny Beta Ben Dutka
07/25/14 News - Maisie Williams To Play Ellie In The Last Of Us Film? Ben Dutka
07/25/14 News - Visceral On Battlefield: Hardline Delay: It's Actually A Blessing Ben Dutka
07/25/14 News - Tekken 7 Trailer #2: Hey, What's With All This Story Stuff? John Shepard
07/25/14 News - Evolution Has "Lots Of Innovative Ideas" For Driveclub's Future Ben Dutka
07/25/14 News - Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor's Release Date Moved Up Ben Dutka
07/25/14 Crimsonland review Ben Dutka
07/25/14 Crimsonland screenshots  
07/24/14 News - Ever Want To Play A Video Game On The Slopes Of Everest? Ben Dutka
07/24/14 News - 2K Teasing New Bioshock: Is It A Next-Gen Installment? Ben Dutka
07/24/14 News - Now Everyone Can Enjoy The Destiny Beta Ben Dutka
07/24/14 News - Akiba's Trip Sequel Coming To PS4 This Holiday Season Ben Dutka
07/24/14 News - PS4 Update 1.75 Will Add Support For 3D Blu-Ray Movies Ben Dutka
07/23/14 News - Don't Be Surprised If Xbox One Finishes Third This Generation Ben Dutka
07/23/14 News - Samurai Warriors 4: 10th Anniversary Edition Dated For PS4 John Shepard
07/23/14 News - Ready At Dawn: Only The PS4 Could Handle The Order: 1886 Ben Dutka
07/23/14 News - Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris Set To Launch On December 9 Ben Dutka
07/23/14 News - PSN Summer Promotion: Buy 4, Earn $10 In Store Credit Ben Dutka
07/23/14 News - Pre-Order Arkham Knight At GameStop, Play As Red Hood Ben Dutka
07/22/14 News - Okay, All These Delays Finally Qualify As "Utterly Ridiculous" Ben Dutka
07/22/14 News - Dragon Age: Inquisition Delayed Again, But Stays In 2014 Ben Dutka
07/22/14 News - Battlefield: Hardline Pushed Into 2015 Ben Dutka
07/22/14 News - Trade In TLoU On PS3, Get TLoU On PS4 For Only $25 Ben Dutka
07/22/14 News - Have A Laugh At The PS4 Glitch Media Molecule Encountered Ben Dutka
07/21/14 News - Destiny Beta Having A Positive Impact? Ben Dutka
07/21/14 News - Destiny Pre-Order Bonus Invites You Into The Vanguard Armory Ben Dutka
07/21/14 News - The Last Of Us - One Night Live: Who Says Theater Is Dead? Ben Dutka
07/21/14 News - Unity Pre-Order Bonuses Include Some Bad-Ass Weaponry John Shepard
07/21/14 News - TLoU: Remastered Lets Naughty Dog Test Their PS4 Engine Ben Dutka
07/21/14 News - id Software Wasn't Really Ready To Debut The New Doom Ben Dutka
07/21/14 News - FIFA 15 Adds A New Cover Athlete For US: Clint Dempsey Ben Dutka
07/20/14 News - Was It Really Necessary To Purchase A PS4 On Launch Day? Ben Dutka
07/20/14 News - PSXE Poll Update: We Don't Need Any Uncharted Remasters Ben Dutka
07/20/14 News - Ashley Johnson Wants To See "Normal" Female Characters Ben Dutka
07/20/14 News - Inquisition Romances Will Include Straight, Bisexual And Gay John Shepard
07/18/14 News - The Unfinished Swan Reportedly Coming To PS4 And Vita Ben Dutka
07/18/14 News - Bruce Lee Is Awfully Popular In UFC John Shepard
07/18/14 News - No Cross-Platform Play For Destiny, And Bungie Explains Ben Dutka
07/18/14 News - Destiny Beta Begins, What Do You Think Of It So Far? Ben Dutka
07/18/14 News - The Evil Within Pushed Up A Week Ben Dutka
07/17/14 News - June NPD: PS4, Watch Dogs Still At #1 Ben Dutka
07/17/14 News - New Doom Finally Announced And Detailed Ben Dutka
07/17/14 News - Battlefield: Hardline's Campaign Is "More Personal And Relatable" John Shepard
07/17/14 News - The Order: 1886's Fearsome Enemies Are Lycans, Not Werewolves Ben Dutka
07/17/14 Natural Doctrine preview Ben Dutka
07/17/14 Natural Doctrine screenshots  
07/16/14 News - Should Sony Be Concerned About Xbox One's Sales Boost? Ben Dutka
07/16/14 News - TLoU Owners Won't Get A Discount For Remastered Edition John Shepard
07/16/14 News - Yes, Alien: Isolation Can Be Completed Without A Murder Ben Dutka
07/16/14 News - Players Can Choose To Lock In 30FPS In TLoU: Remastered Ben Dutka
07/16/14 News - Bungie Releases Destiny Companion App Ben Dutka
07/16/14 News - Anyone Can Take Down Hitler In The New Sniper Elite III DLC Ben Dutka
07/15/14 News - Find A Way To Put Sex Into A Headline, And You Win Ben Dutka
07/15/14 News - Mortal Kombat X Will Likely Entertain A Guest Fighter John Shepard
07/15/14 News - Will Your Destiny Beta Progress Carry Over? Maybe... Ben Dutka
07/15/14 News - Ubisoft: Far Cry 3's Co-Op Action Was A "Missed Opportunity" Ben Dutka
07/15/14 News - New Mass Effect Survey Seeks To Gather Critical Feedback Ben Dutka
07/15/14 News - Sony: PS4 Has Proven Appealing To A Great Many Wii Fans Ben Dutka
07/15/14 Sniper Elite III screenshots  
07/15/14 Sniper Elite III review Ben Dutka
07/14/14 News - Should TLoU: Remastered Be Held To Next-Gen Standards? Ben Dutka
07/14/14 News - Buy A PS4 At GameStop, Get Watch Dogs For Only $10 John Shepard
07/14/14 News - Assassin's Creed: Unity Trailer Highlights Revolution Gameplay Ben Dutka
07/14/14 News - Destiny Beta Should Be Packed With All Sorts Of Content Ben Dutka
07/14/14 News - Mortal Kombat X's New Fighter Is The Legendary Raiden Ben Dutka
07/13/14 News - PS4 Price Cut: How Early Is Too Early? Ben Dutka
07/13/14 News - PSXE Poll Update: PS4's 2014 Exclusive Lineup = Meh Ben Dutka

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