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Sony PS4

07/04/15 News - Global Sales Tally Sees PS4 At 23M, Xbox One Shy Of 13M Ben Dutka
07/04/15 News - New Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Rewards Include Physical Edition Ben Dutka
07/03/15 News - Batman: Arkham Knight Batgirl DLC Scheduled For July 14 John Shepard
07/03/15 News - Bungie Details The Taken King: It's One Massive Expansion Ben Dutka
07/03/15 News - Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Headed To PS4 Next Year Ben Dutka
07/02/15 News - How Come North American PS4s Can't Look A Lot Prettier? Ben Dutka
07/02/15 News - Looks Like Prototype 2 Gets A Re-Release On PS4, Xbox One John Shepard
07/02/15 News - Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Score Was A Challenge Ben Dutka
07/02/15 News - Dark Horse Reveals Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Comic Book Ben Dutka
07/02/15 News - Uncharted 4 Extended E3 Cut Is Just SO Worth Seeing Ben Dutka
07/02/15 News - Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Info: Courses, Pros, Release Plan Ben Dutka
07/02/15 News - Piranha Bytes, Nordic Games Announce Sci-Fi RPG, ELEX Ben Dutka
07/01/15 News - Okay Rocksteady, It's Time To Leave Batman Behind Ben Dutka
07/01/15 News - Street Fighter V Goes On A Six Flags Tour This Summer Ben Dutka
07/01/15 News - After Much Debate, Uncharted 4 Settles At 1080p And 30fps Ben Dutka
07/01/15 News - DICE: Star Wars: Battlefront Has Its Own "Heart And Soul" John Shepard
07/01/15 News - July's Plus Freebies Include Rain, Rocket League And More Ben Dutka
07/01/15 News - Want Some Call Of Duty Remasters? Ben Dutka
07/01/15 News - Capcom: "We've Paid Attention" To How We Handled SFIV Ben Dutka
07/01/15 News - Original Ryo Voice Actor Has Returned For Shenmue 3 Ben Dutka
07/01/15 Need for Speed preview Ben Dutka
07/01/15 Need for Speed screenshots  
06/30/15 News - Sony Steals Back Momentum With Latest PS4 Exclusives Ben Dutka
06/30/15 News - Driveclub DLC Hits US: Introducing The Japanese Cars! Ben Dutka
06/30/15 News - Avalanche Would Like To Bring Just Cause 3 Mods To Consoles John Shepard
06/30/15 News - First Episode Of The King's Quest Reboot Lands This Month Ben Dutka
06/30/15 News - Fallout 4 Fan Makes A Real-Life Pip-Boy, And It Works Ben Dutka
06/30/15 News - Big New Update For The Witcher 3 Should Satisfy The Fans Ben Dutka
06/30/15 News - Chill Out And Enjoy A Soft Body Ben Dutka
06/30/15 News - Nolan North Apparently Confirms A Sequel To The Last Of Us Ben Dutka
06/29/15 News - I Hope PlatinumGames Maintains The RPG Feel In Neir 2 Ben Dutka
06/29/15 News - Red Goddess: Inner World Is The Latest "Metroidvania" Title Ben Dutka
06/29/15 News - The Witcher 3 Weekly Free DLC: Time To Hunt The "Spook" Ben Dutka
06/29/15 News - Sony Explains Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Content Coup John Shepard
06/29/15 News - Amy Hennig's Departure Set Uncharted 4 Back 8 Months Ben Dutka
06/29/15 News - Arkham Knight First Week UK Sales Tops The Witcher 3 Ben Dutka
06/29/15 News - Sony: Last Guardian Wouldn't Have Worked Out On PS3 Ben Dutka
06/28/15 News - Does The Last Guardian Have Any Hope Of Selling Well? Ben Dutka
06/28/15 News - PSXE Poll Update: FFVII Remake Topped E3 Favorite Moments Ben Dutka
06/28/15 News - Sony: The Last Guardian Has To Do Better Than ICO, SotC Ben Dutka
06/28/15 News - Project Morpheus Not An Accessory, But A New Platform John Shepard
06/28/15 News - Bethesda: No, You Won't Get Skyrim 2 And Here's Why Ben Dutka
06/27/15 News - Uncharted 4 Tech Vids Will Appeal To The Artistic-Minded Ben Dutka
06/27/15 News - Weekend Flash Sale On PS Store Centers On Fantasy Titles Ben Dutka
06/26/15 News - DMC4 Director Clarifies Franchise's Future Ben Dutka
06/26/15 News - DICE: Single-Player Was Never Part Of Battlefront's Concept John Shepard
06/26/15 News - European Gamers Report Slow Download Speeds On PS Store Ben Dutka
06/26/15 News - Nomura Had No Idea He Was Director For FFVII Remake Ben Dutka
06/25/15 News - Already A Three-Way Battle For Game Of The Year 2015? Ben Dutka
06/25/15 News - Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance Lands A US Release Date Ben Dutka
06/25/15 News - 2,240 Bottle Caps Gets One Fan A Free Copy Of Fallout 4 John Shepard
06/25/15 News - Yu Suzuki Clarifies Sony's Backing Of Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Ben Dutka
06/25/15 News - The Witcher 3's Latest Patch For PS4, Xbox One Detailed Ben Dutka
06/25/15 Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots  
06/25/15 Batman: Arkham Knight review Ben Dutka
06/24/15 News - Uncharted 4 Not The Most Anticipated PS4 Exclusive Anymore? Ben Dutka
06/24/15 News - GameStop Deal: Get $150 Store Credit For PS3 Or Xbox 360 Ben Dutka
06/24/15 News - Air Jordan Soars Onto The NBA 2K16 Special Edition John Shepard
06/24/15 News - Doom 4 Was Rebooted Because It Was "Call Of Doom" Ben Dutka
06/24/15 News - Bungie Responds To Destiny Fans Upset Over The Taken King Ben Dutka
06/24/15 News - Horizon Will Be "Comparable" To Other Open-World Games Ben Dutka
06/24/15 News - DMC4 Special Edition Out Now On PS4 Ben Dutka
06/24/15 News - 20th Anniversary DualShock4 Can Be Purchased Separately Ben Dutka
06/23/15 News - Will We Even Care About Killzone After Horizon: Zero Dawn? Ben Dutka
06/23/15 News - New Patch Finally Brings Full Screen To The Evil Within Ben Dutka
06/23/15 News - Rainbow Six: Siege Collector's Edition Is Totally Loaded John Shepard
06/23/15 News - Oops, Driveclub PS Plus Edition Goes Live A Little Too Early Ben Dutka
06/23/15 News - Sony Sheds Light On Media Molecule's Intriguing Dreams Ben Dutka
06/23/15 News - This Week's Free DLC For The Witcher 3 Ben Dutka
06/23/15 News - Sony On Last Guardian: The People's Interest Kept Us Going Ben Dutka

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