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Sony PS4

02/12/16 News - PSN Celebrates Valentines Day By Giving Sale Deals This Weekend Drew Constantino
02/12/16 News - Welcome Inversus For PS4, A Unique "Brain-Bending Shooter" Ben Dutka
02/12/16 News - Get Ready For Some "High End" Toys For The Witcher 3 Ben Dutka
02/12/16 News - Top PSN Sellers For January: Minecraft, Black Ops III Dominate John Shepard
02/12/16 News - Final Fantasy XIV's latest patch drops Feb. 23 Chris Howlett
02/12/16 News - "Valkyria: Azure Revolution" Demo Gameplay is now Available Online Drew Constantino
02/12/16 Final Fantasy XIV screenshots  
02/11/16 News - It's Confirmed, Ubisoft Wonít Release a New Assassinís Creed Game in 2016 Drew Constantino
02/11/16 News - Street Fighter V In-Game Store Won't Be Ready Until March John Shepard
02/11/16 News - Yes, Infinity Ward's New Call Of Duty Is Launching This Year Ben Dutka
02/11/16 News - Another Copyright Extension For Deep Down, But So What? Ben Dutka
02/11/16 News - Rainbow Moon Hits PS4 On February 16 Ben Dutka
02/11/16 News - Resident Evil 7 PS4 Release Date To Be Announced At E3 2016? Drew Constantino
02/10/16 News - Rumor: Playstation VR Will be Priced $299 Once it Comes out Drew Constantino
02/10/16 News - Can DLC Keep You Playing The Same Game For A Year? Ben Dutka
02/10/16 News - Sword Coast Legends Brings Traditional D&D Goodness To PS4 Ben Dutka
02/10/16 News - Hitman Beta Needs Internet Connection, Full Game Doesn't Ben Dutka
02/10/16 News - Rocket League Season 1 Concludes, Season 2 Is Nigh Ben Dutka
02/10/16 News - Grand Theft Auto V Free Valentine's Day Update Available Now John Shepard
02/10/16 News - Square Enix Launches Final Fantasy IX on Android Drew Constantino
02/10/16 News - Sony Teases New Image of Crash Bandicoot Chris Howlett
02/10/16 Firewatch review Ben Dutka
02/10/16 Firewatch screenshots  
02/09/16 News - Star Ocean 5 Trailer Introduces A New Character: Meet "Emmerson" Drew Constantino
02/09/16 News - So, Will Dark Souls III Manage To Outstrip The Great Bloodborne? Ben Dutka
02/09/16 News - This Week's PSN Deals: Get Caught Up On Assassin's Creed Ben Dutka
02/09/16 News - Capcom Talking About Reviving Onimusha Ben Dutka
02/09/16 News - The Division Open Beta Will Be Ready To Go Very Soon Ben Dutka
02/09/16 News - Play Your PS4 Games on the New Sony Xperia Christopher D. Anderson
02/09/16 News - Fans will be Blown Away by the Levels of Uncharted 4, as per Naughty Dog Drew Constantino
02/08/16 News - What's Your Most Embarrassing Video Game Moment Ever? Ben Dutka
02/08/16 News - New Street Fighter V CG Vid: Man, This Will Make Your Day Ben Dutka
02/08/16 News - Dark Souls III Intro Cinematic Is Awfully Pretty...And Awfully Creepy Ben Dutka
02/08/16 News - Square Enix Unveils Info For This Month's Hitman Beta John Shepard
02/07/16 News - Scale Of 1-10: How Satisfied Are You With PlayStation Plus? Ben Dutka
02/07/16 News - PSXE Poll Update: Most Had A Blast With The Division Beta Ben Dutka
02/07/16 News - Final Fantasy Tactics Director's New Game Dead In The Water? Ben Dutka
02/07/16 News - Titanfall 2 Writer Dishes Out Story Details, Expects PS4 Release Ben Dutka
02/07/16 News - Street Fighter V Character Overviews For Necalli And Zangief John Shepard
02/06/16 News - Runner2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien Racing To PS4 Ben Dutka
02/06/16 News - Console Players Can Actually Alter The Division's Graphics Ben Dutka
02/05/16 News - EA Brings Back Bruce Lee For Another Round In UFC 2 Ben Dutka
02/05/16 News - Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.0 Causing Some Serious Issues John Shepard
02/05/16 News - Updated Ninja Senki DX Fights Onto PS4, Vita This Month Ben Dutka
02/05/16 News - Story Trailer For Mirror's Edge Catalyst Focuses On Faith Ben Dutka
02/05/16 News - After A Delay, TrackMania Turbo Will Fly High Next Month Ben Dutka
02/05/16 News - The Division Trailer Highlights Importance Of Skills And Mods Ben Dutka
02/04/16 News - Guys, Do You Play Differently When Controlling A Female? Ben Dutka
02/04/16 News - Battalion 1944 Hits Its Kickstarter Funding Goal In Just 2 Days Ben Dutka
02/04/16 News - YouTube's Top 10 Trending Games For January Revealed John Shepard
02/04/16 News - Mirror's Edge Catalyst Gets A Closed Beta Ben Dutka
02/04/16 News - Strategy/RPG Lovers Will Adore Grand Kingdom, Set For June Ben Dutka
02/04/16 News - Special Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle Looks Too Awesome To Ignore Ben Dutka
02/04/16 News - Doom Dated With Collector's Edition And Bloody New Trailer Ben Dutka
02/04/16 Gravity Rush Remastered review Ben Dutka
02/04/16 Gravity Rush Remastered screenshots  
02/03/16 News - The Very Best Cosplay Has Been Inspired By Which Games? Ben Dutka
02/03/16 News - This Week's PSN Deals Include Fantastic EA Offerings Ben Dutka
02/03/16 News - If You've Stopped Playing Destiny, Bungie Wants To Know Why Ben Dutka
02/03/16 News - New Dark Souls III Footage Shows Off The Thief's Deadly Agility John Shepard
02/03/16 News - Nathan Drake Action Figure: Equipped And Ready For Battle Ben Dutka
02/03/16 News - New Hitman Trailer Shows Off The Game's Dynamic Nature Ben Dutka
02/03/16 News - Rainbow Skies PS4 Lands Release Date Ben Dutka
02/03/16 Persona 5 preview Ben Dutka
02/03/16 Persona 5 screenshots  
02/02/16 News - What Is The Average Age Of Those Who Will Actually Like FFXV? Ben Dutka
02/02/16 News - Megadimension Neptunia VII Out On PS4, JRPG Fans Rejoice John Shepard
02/02/16 News - PS Now Most-Played 2015 Titles Revealed Ben Dutka
02/02/16 News - Rainbow Six Siege Expansion Operation Black Ice Arrives Ben Dutka
02/02/16 News - TT Games Announces LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ben Dutka

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