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Sony PS4

09/03/15 News - What Kind Of Game Would You Like To See Kojima Make? Ben Dutka
09/03/15 News - Destiny's The Taken King Crucible Content Is Temporarily Free Ben Dutka
09/03/15 News - EA Sports Is Pumped About Tom Terrific's Big Court Win John Shepard
09/03/15 News - Fallout 4 Has A Lot Of Dialogue...Like Over 111,000 Lines Ben Dutka
09/03/15 News - Gearbox Looking For Creative, Original Taunts For Battleborn Ben Dutka
09/03/15 News - Warner Bros. Confirms More Content For Mortal Kombat X Ben Dutka
09/03/15 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain review Ben Dutka
09/03/15 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain screenshots  
09/02/15 News - Could Until Dawn Become The Next Great PlayStation Franchise? Ben Dutka
09/02/15 News - Don't Worry, You Won't Wait Long For The Taken King's Raid John Shepard
09/02/15 News - Naughty Dog: Left Behind Inspired The Uncharted 4 DLC Ben Dutka
09/02/15 News - Street Fighter V Will Have 4 New Fighters And A "Unique Flavor" Ben Dutka
09/02/15 News - Leo's Fortune: A "Handcrafted" Platformer With Unique Charm Ben Dutka
09/02/15 News - MGSV Debriefing Video Is Kojima's Very Heartfelt Goodbye Ben Dutka
09/02/15 News - Confirmed List Of PS4 And Vita Games Coming To TGS 2015 Ben Dutka
09/01/15 News - The Game You Spent The Most Time With This Generation? Ben Dutka
09/01/15 News - Konami Steps Up And Congratulates Kojima On MGSV Ben Dutka
09/01/15 News - PS4's Huge "Kenshin" Update Focuses On Social Goodness Ben Dutka
09/01/15 News - Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Coming Your Way In "Early October" John Shepard
09/01/15 News - Resident Evil Origins Collection Confirmed For "Early 2016" Ben Dutka
09/01/15 News - Mankind Divided Collector's Edition Boasts A 9" Adam Jensen Ben Dutka
09/01/15 Fallout 4 preview Ben Dutka
09/01/15 Fallout 4 screenshots  
08/31/15 News - Is It Unfair To Compare Metal Gear Solid V To Previous Entries? Ben Dutka
08/31/15 News - Ground Zeroes Patch Lets You Upload Data To The Phantom Pain Ben Dutka
08/31/15 News - Black Ops III Gets Nuk3town, A Totally Reimagined Nuketown Ben Dutka
08/31/15 News - Upgraded Deadpool Landing On PS4, Xbox One In November John Shepard
08/31/15 News - Uncharted 4 Dated, Special Editions And Pre-Order Bonuses Ben Dutka
08/31/15 News - MGSV Microtransactions Revealed, Range From $1.65 - $80 Ben Dutka
08/31/15 News - CD Projekt Red: The Witcher 3 Hearts Of Stone "Almost Done" Ben Dutka
08/31/15 News - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Launch Date, Pre-Order Campaign Ben Dutka
08/30/15 News - Dear Notch: "Boredom And Isolation" Are Dangerous Words Ben Dutka
08/30/15 News - PSXE Poll Update: Until Dawn Generates Definite Interest Ben Dutka
08/30/15 News - Final Fantasy XV Gets A Release Date For A Release Date Ben Dutka
08/30/15 News - Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC Detailed, Dated John Shepard
08/29/15 News - Konami: Yep, MGSV Is "Guaranteed" To Be Game Of The Year Ben Dutka
08/28/15 News - Activision: Black Ops III Beta Was Biggest Ever On PS4 Ben Dutka
08/28/15 News - Mighty No. 9 Backers Will Gain Access To A Trial Version John Shepard
08/28/15 News - This War Of Mine: The Child's Perspective Of Hell On Earth Ben Dutka
08/28/15 News - Bombshell Gets Plot Summary And Flashy Gameplay Trailer Ben Dutka
08/27/15 News - Where Do You Think MGSV Will Rank On Your Series List? Ben Dutka
08/27/15 News - Thief Town Will Have You Asking: "Damnit, Who Do I Stab?" Ben Dutka
08/27/15 News - Mad Max Runs At 1080p, Huge Map Has No "Finite Limits" Ben Dutka
08/27/15 News - Super Colorful Rainbow Mika Joins The Street Fighter V Cast John Shepard
08/27/15 News - EA Schedules A Free FIFA 16 Demo Ben Dutka
08/27/15 News - Mad Max PS4 Gets Timed Exclusive DLC Ben Dutka
08/27/15 News - New Tony Hawk 5 Trailer Shows Off The Beefed-Up Graphics Ben Dutka
08/27/15 Until Dawn review Ben Dutka
08/26/15 News - Can Any Game Compete With MGSV For Game Of The Year? Ben Dutka
08/26/15 News - Transformers: Devastation Trailer Totally Raises The Roof Ben Dutka
08/26/15 News - The Witcher 3 Reaches 6 Million Sold, Dev Offers Thanks Ben Dutka
08/26/15 News - Street Fighter V Beta Finally Returns John Shepard
08/26/15 News - Siralim: A Retro RPG With Stats And Monsters Galore Ben Dutka
08/26/15 News - Ubisoft Teases Darwin And Dickens DLC For AC Syndicate Ben Dutka
08/26/15 News - Madden NFL 16 Patch In The Works, Will Release "ASAP" Ben Dutka
08/25/15 News - Should We Regret The Loss Of MGS As A PlayStation Exclusive? Ben Dutka
08/25/15 News - The Phantom Pain Gets A Companion App Ben Dutka
08/25/15 News - Sony Investigating The Until Dawn Digital Copy Problem John Shepard
08/25/15 News - Kojima Turns 52, Swears He'll "Keep Creating" Forever Ben Dutka
08/25/15 News - Just Cause 3 Contest Grand Prize: Your Very Own Island Ben Dutka
08/25/15 News - Dying Light The Following: 15 Minutes Of Uncut Gameplay Ben Dutka
08/25/15 Madden NFL 16 review Ben Dutka
08/25/15 Madden NFL 16 screenshots  
08/24/15 News - Is MGSV's Story Unimpressive Compared To Previous Entries? Ben Dutka
08/24/15 News - Street Fighter V Beta Stress Tests Come To North America Ben Dutka
08/24/15 News - MGSV's Forward Operating Base Isn't Behind A Paywall Ben Dutka
08/24/15 News - September's Plus Freebies Include First Voted-In Game John Shepard
08/24/15 News - Console Versions Of Diablo III Might Get The Season Feature Ben Dutka
08/24/15 News - Mad Max Ad Thunders Onto Your TV Ben Dutka
08/24/15 News - Guerrilla: Horizon Is Between Elder Scrolls And Assassin's Creed Ben Dutka

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