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Sony PS4

06/24/17 News - In Defense of Days Gone: 8 Reasons it Might Be Really Good Christopher D. Anderson
06/24/17 Days Gone screenshots  
06/22/17 News - Bloodstained Showed Up at E3 Briefly and it’s Looking Good Christopher D. Anderson
06/19/17 News - Shadow of the Colossus is a Remake, Not a Remaster Christopher D. Anderson
06/16/17 News - Would You Buy Assassin’s Creed Origins for $800? Christopher D. Anderson
06/14/17 News - Sony at E3 2017: It Was Kind of Boring Christopher D. Anderson
06/13/17 News - Ubisoft E3 2017: Highlights From the Conference Christopher D. Anderson
06/12/17 News - E3 2017: New God of War footage unleashed Moisés Ramírez
06/12/17 News - Bethesdaland E3 2017: Bethesda Conference Highlights Christopher D. Anderson
06/11/17 News - Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2 Both "Leaked" Before E3 Christopher D. Anderson
06/11/17 News - EA Kicks Off E3 2017: Conference Highlights Christopher D. Anderson
06/07/17 News - No Death Stranding at E3 2017 Christopher D. Anderson
06/05/17 News - Need for Speed Payback is Basically Fast and the Furious Christopher D. Anderson
06/03/17 News - Update 4.70 Has Sneaky Features and Caused Some Problems Christopher D. Anderson
06/01/17 News - Frictional Games To Move Away From Horror Christopher D. Anderson
05/31/17 News - Killing Floor 2 And Life Is Strange, Free In June’s PS Plus Games Moisés Ramírez
05/30/17 News - Pyre Release Date Announced Along With A Discount Christopher D. Anderson
05/27/17 News - Far Cry 5: What We Know So Far Christopher D. Anderson
05/27/17 Far Cry 5 screenshots  
05/25/17 News - Opinion: The start of a new trend, PS4 Pro, Scorpio. Moisés Ramírez
05/24/17 The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing review Christopher D. Anderson
05/24/17 The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing screenshots  
05/22/17 News - Ubisoft Releases Far Cry 5 Teaser, Full Release Info To Come Very Soon Christopher D. Anderson
05/20/17 News - Crytek Resurrects Hunt With a New Name Christopher D. Anderson
05/18/17 News - Destiny 2: 10 Awesome Things We Learned About Today Christopher D. Anderson
05/18/17 Destiny 2 screenshots  
05/17/17 News - Horizon Zero Dawn Sells 2.6 Million and Announces DLC Christopher D. Anderson
05/15/17 Seasons After Fall review Christopher D. Anderson
05/15/17 Seasons After Fall screenshots  
05/12/17 News - Dead island 2 is Undead Christopher D. Anderson
05/11/17 News - Pox Nora is Coming to Playstation After 10 Years Christopher D. Anderson
05/11/17 Grand Theft Auto V cheats  
05/10/17 News - Experience Psychological Abuse in Deliriant Christopher D. Anderson
05/09/17 News - Seasons After Fall: Play as a Hand Painted Fox Christopher D. Anderson
05/08/17 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 review Christopher D. Anderson
05/08/17 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 screenshots  
05/07/17 The Long Dark screenshots  
05/04/17 News - Survive the Wilds of Canada in The Long Dark Christopher D. Anderson
05/03/17 News - New Patch and Updated Photo Mode for Horizon Christopher D. Anderson
05/03/17 Horizon: Zero Dawn screenshots  
05/02/17 News - Get a First Look at Darksiders 3 Christopher D. Anderson
05/01/17 News - Wuppo Coming to PS4 This Summer Christopher D. Anderson
05/01/17 Wuppo screenshots  
04/28/17 News - Loco Roco Remastered Coming Soon Christopher D. Anderson
04/22/17 News - Call of Duty: WWII Announced! Tyler Harvey
11/02/16 News - VR Man: My Playstation VR Experience David D. Nelson
08/30/16 News - Playstation Releases for the Week of August 29-2 Christopher D. Anderson
08/24/16 News - Newest Humble Bundle Includes PSN Games Christopher D. Anderson
08/22/16 News - Playstation Releases for the Week of August 22-26 Christopher D. Anderson
08/17/16 News - Prey for the Gods: It’s Like Shadow of the Colossus in the Snow Christopher D. Anderson
08/15/16 News - Playstation Releases for the Week of August 15-19 Christopher D. Anderson
08/08/16 News - Playstation Releases for the Week of August 8-12 Christopher D. Anderson
07/20/16 News - Take a Dive and Get a Taste of Abzu Christopher D. Anderson
07/13/16 Layers of Fear review Christopher D. Anderson
07/13/16 Layers of Fear screenshots  
07/06/16 News - Layers of Fear: Inheritance DLC Coming August 2nd Christopher D. Anderson
06/30/16 News - BioShock Remastered Collection Confirmed For PS4, Xbox One, And PC Drew Constantino
06/30/16 News - PlayStation Plus Free Games Of July 2016 For PS4, PS3, And PS Vita Drew Constantino
06/29/16 News - New Updates for Playstation Vue Out Today, June 29th Christopher D. Anderson
06/28/16 News - Resident Evil 7 Will Star A "Powerless, Ordinary Person" But It Isn't A Ghost Story Drew Constantino
06/28/16 News - Watch Dogs 2 Dev Detail New Ways To Hack, Gives “Freedom To Play The Way They Want” Drew Constantino
06/27/16 Doom review Chris Howlett
06/27/16 Mighty No. 9 review Chris Howlett
06/27/16 Doom screenshots  
06/23/16 News - Sony Says PlayStation Neo Won’t Shorten PS4 Life Cycle Drew Constantino
06/22/16 News - Horizon: Zero Dawn Dev Talks Delay And Why It Chose A Female Hero Drew Constantino
06/22/16 News - God Of War Developer Explains Why Kratos Is In Norse Mythology Now Drew Constantino
06/22/16 News - New Ghostbusters Game Comes With Copy Of New Movie And More In Premium Bundle Drew Constantino
06/21/16 News - Marvel: The Future of Spider-Man Console Games "Is With Sony And Insomniac" Drew Constantino
06/20/16 News - Tales Of Berseria Introduces Shigure And Melchior, Explains The Battle System Drew Constantino

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