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Sony PS4

09/18/14 News - PS4 Doubles Up Xbox One But Will We See A Momentum Shift? Ben Dutka
09/18/14 News - Battlefield: Hardline Hotwire Multiplayer Trailer Is Refreshing Ben Dutka
09/18/14 News - Minecraft Hitting PS4 On October 7, Vita Version Still Coming Ben Dutka
09/18/14 News - FFXV Demo Coming Packaged With Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Ben Dutka
09/18/14 News - Destiny Launch Hits Twitch Hard John Shepard
09/18/14 News - New Silent Hills Teaser Doesn't Want You To Sleep...Ever Ben Dutka
09/18/14 News - Need For Speed: Rivals Complete Edition Lands In October Ben Dutka
09/18/14 News - TGS 2014: 20 Min. MGSV Trailer Boasts Snake, Quiet Ben Dutka
09/17/14 News - Want Some Ice Cream? Trade In Your Violent Video Games John Shepard
09/17/14 News - Final Fantasy XV TGS 2014 Trailer: Ooh, Pretty Pictures Ben Dutka
09/17/14 News - Destiny Rakes In $325 Million, Over 100 Million Hours Logged Ben Dutka
09/17/14 News - Source: PS4 Doubles Xbox One Sales Ben Dutka
09/17/14 News - The Evil Within TGS 2014 Trailer: Say Hello To Your Foes Ben Dutka
09/17/14 News - Alien: Isolation DLC Pass Expands Upon Survivor Mode Ben Dutka
09/16/14 News - Destiny And CoD Will Overshadow Too Many Games This Fall Ben Dutka
09/16/14 News - TGS 2014 Should Include Uncharted 4, FF Type-0 HD, More Ben Dutka
09/16/14 News - SingStar: Ultimate Party: A Smartphone Becomes a Mic John Shepard
09/16/14 News - Battlefield: Hardline Delay Should Result In "More Innovation" Ben Dutka
09/16/14 News - Only The Skilled Being Invited Into The Bloodborne Alpha? Ben Dutka
09/16/14 News - PS4, Xbox One Versions Of WWE 2K15 Pushed Back Ben Dutka
09/15/14 News - Ready At Dawn Co-Founder Stunned At Destiny Scores Ben Dutka
09/15/14 News - Shadow Warrior: An Upgrade That Still Feels Old-School Ben Dutka
09/15/14 News - Harness The Awesome Power Of The Elephant In Far Cry 4 John Shepard
09/15/14 News - Driveclub Comes On Top Of Standard October Plus Freebies Ben Dutka
09/15/14 News - NBA 2K15's MyTeam Mode Lets You Write A New History Ben Dutka
09/15/14 Destiny screenshots  
09/15/14 Destiny review Ben Dutka
09/14/14 News - New Driveclub Info: Load Times, DLC, Hybrid Rides Ben Dutka
09/14/14 News - Advanced Warfare Will Boast 15 Prestiges And Over 350 Guns Ben Dutka
09/14/14 News - Wait, I Have To Play Destiny For 20 Hrs. Before It Gets Good? Ben Dutka
09/14/14 News - PSXE Poll Update: Destiny Popularity Is Almost Split Ben Dutka
09/12/14 News - Infinite Ammo Trick Discovered In Destiny Ben Dutka
09/12/14 News - Driveclub Goes Gold, No More Delays Ben Dutka
09/12/14 News - GTAV For PS4/Xbox One Confirmed For November 18 Ben Dutka
09/11/14 News - Is Destiny Truly Revolutionary? Ben Dutka
09/11/14 News - Dying Light Will Launch In January Ben Dutka
09/11/14 News - August NPD: PS4 Still Leads, Madden And Diablo Perform Well Ben Dutka
09/11/14 News - Advanced Warfare's Multiplayer Enhanced Via Exo Skills Ben Dutka
09/11/14 News - MGSV Teaser Features A Quiet Swan Dive Ben Dutka
09/10/14 News - Evolution Reveals Driveclub's Free DLC John Shepard
09/10/14 News - Resident Evil Revelations 2 Scheduled For Episodic Release Ben Dutka
09/10/14 News - Assassin's Creed Unity Video Shows Off Co-Op Gameplay Ben Dutka
09/10/14 News - The Evil Within Details Include Randomized Traps, First Boss Ben Dutka
09/10/14 News - Want A Gold-Plated PS4? Ante Up Ben Dutka
09/10/14 News - Destiny Earns $500 Million, Could End Up Selling 20 Million Ben Dutka
09/10/14 Dead Island 2 preview Ben Dutka
09/10/14 Dead Island 2 screenshots  
09/09/14 News - We Shouldn't Be Listening To Reports Of Destiny's Length Ben Dutka
09/09/14 News - Alien: Isolation Golden, Sega Kicks Off New Video Series Ben Dutka
09/09/14 News - Battlefield 4 DLC Final Stand Takes You To Snowy Russia John Shepard
09/09/14 News - PS4 Is Now The Second-Fastest Selling Console In UK History Ben Dutka
09/09/14 News - Sony: We See Destiny As A First-Party Launch For PS4 Ben Dutka
09/09/14 News - NBA Live 15 Delayed Three Weeks Ben Dutka
09/08/14 News - Expect A Steep Rise In PS4 Sales Due To Destiny's Arrival Ben Dutka
09/08/14 News - Sony Reveals New Headsets And Yeah, They're Pretty John Shepard
09/08/14 News - Destiny Update 1.01 Detailed And It's Surprisingly Hefty Ben Dutka
09/08/14 News - Destiny Is The Most Pre-Ordered New IP In Game History Ben Dutka
09/08/14 News - What's The Last Game That Had Destiny's Insane Hype? Ben Dutka
09/08/14 News - Bungie Expects Rushed Destiny Reviews Ben Dutka
09/08/14 News - Revelations 2 Info: Playable Characters, Story, Co-Op John Shepard
09/07/14 News - PSXE Poll Update: Not A Lot Of Sports Gamers 'Round Here Ben Dutka
09/05/14 News - Bungie Dev Is Gonna Jump Out Of A Plane To Promote Destiny Ben Dutka
09/05/14 News - Activision's Destiny Deal For Those Who Haven't Upgraded Ben Dutka
09/05/14 News - Mortal Kombat X Dated, Pre-Ordering Delivers Goro Ben Dutka
09/04/14 News - Destiny Might Outsell Grand Theft Auto V Ben Dutka
09/04/14 News - Over 4,000 GameStop Locations Hosting Destiny Launch Parties Ben Dutka
09/04/14 News - The Evil Within European Launch Date Moved Up Ben Dutka
09/04/14 News - Minecraft Suddenly Hits PS4 Today Ben Dutka
09/04/14 Lords of the Fallen preview Ben Dutka
09/04/14 Lords of the Fallen screenshots  

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