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Sony PS4

11/26/14 News - Rockstar Giving Away Custom GTAV-Themed PS4, Xbox One Ben Dutka
11/26/14 News - David Jaffe To Unveil His New Game At The PlayStation Experience? Ben Dutka
11/26/14 News - Sony's Pre-Black Friday PSN Sale Puts Spotlight On Co-Op Ben Dutka
11/25/14 News - All Those Big Game Delays In 2014: A Blessing In Disguise Ben Dutka
11/25/14 News - Today's Assassin's Creed Unity Patch Delivers 300+ Fixes Ben Dutka
11/25/14 News - Square Enix Prepping New RPG And No, It Isn't A Remake Ben Dutka
11/25/14 News - Here's Why There Will Be No Early Review Copies Of The Crew Ben Dutka
11/25/14 News - Fan-Made Video Introduces Us To GTAV's Underwater Life Ben Dutka
11/25/14 News - Capcom Working On A PS4 Game That Will "Turn Heads" Ben Dutka
11/24/14 News - Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed Feels Up PS4 Today John Shepard
11/24/14 News - Call Of Duty Infographic Includes This Silly Number: 1 Quadrillion Ben Dutka
11/24/14 News - Go Behind The Scenes With Destiny's The Dark Below DLC Ben Dutka
11/24/14 News - Resident Evil Remake Takes Advantage Of More Polygons Ben Dutka
11/24/14 News - GTAV Replaces Black Ops As The UK's Best-Selling Game Ben Dutka
11/24/14 News - New Arkham Knight Gameplay Shows Off Batmobile, Combat Ben Dutka
11/24/14 News - Will The PS4's Lead Over Xbox One Shrink Or Increase In 2015? Ben Dutka
11/24/14 News - PSXE Poll Update: Fans Deadlocked On A Unity Verdict Ben Dutka
11/24/14 News - Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed Toys Target Future Series Fans John Shepard
11/24/14 News - Driveclub Free Ignition Expansion Gets New Details, Trailer Ben Dutka
11/24/14 Far Cry 4 screenshots  
11/24/14 Far Cry 4 review Ben Dutka
11/22/14 News - Game Of Thrones PS4 Teaser Trailer: Catnip For Fans? Ben Dutka
11/22/14 News - All Extra Maps For Evolve Will Be Free Ben Dutka
11/21/14 News - GTAV Funny Traffic Vid Proves AI Should Never Drive John Shepard
11/21/14 News - Scarecrow Teases New Batman Info During Video Game Awards Ben Dutka
11/21/14 News - GTAV Bug Lets You Cheat The Market? Ben Dutka
11/21/14 News - PlayStation Experience: New Battlefield, UFC Champions Ben Dutka
11/21/14 Shadow Warrior review Ben Dutka
11/20/14 News - Destiny DLC The Dark Below: Opening Cinematic Leaked Ben Dutka
11/20/14 News - New PlayStation 4 Promo Video Puts A Premium On Games Ben Dutka
11/20/14 News - New Screens And Details For Bloodborne Ben Dutka
11/20/14 News - Bladestorm: Nightmare Battles Into North America On March 3 John Shepard
11/20/14 News - Try Destiny For Free, Your Progress Will Transfer Over Ben Dutka
11/20/14 News - Advanced Warfare Hits Big, Series Passes $10 Billion In Sales Ben Dutka
11/19/14 News - Is It Even Practical For Adults To Be Multi-Console Owners? Ben Dutka
11/19/14 News - Ubisoft: Massive Crowds Aren't Causing The Issues In Unity Ben Dutka
11/19/14 News - New Tony Hawk Title Coming To Consoles "Late Next Year" Ben Dutka
11/19/14 News - EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow Just Made Destiny More Dynamic John Shepard
11/19/14 News - Sony On PS4 Exclusives: "We'd Like To Fill The Whole Year" Ben Dutka
11/19/14 News - GTAV Patch Fixes Save Transfer Issue Ben Dutka
11/19/14 News - New PS4 MMO Wander Tells Its Beautiful Story Without Combat Ben Dutka
11/19/14 Grand Theft Auto V review Ben Dutka
11/18/14 News - Is There Any Room Left For JRPGs? Ben Dutka
11/18/14 News - Crystal Dynamics Talks Puzzles In Lara's New Dungeon-Crawler Ben Dutka
11/18/14 News - EA: Motion Sickness Is A VR Hurdle That Needs To Be Cleared John Shepard
11/18/14 News - Take-Two CEO On GTAV's Gritty Setting: "It's Beautiful Art" Ben Dutka
11/18/14 News - French Pres Candidate Rips Unity, And Looks Awfully Silly Ben Dutka
11/18/14 News - Sony On Driveclub: You Can't Test For Server Impact Ben Dutka
11/18/14 News - Sniper Elite III DLC Delivers New Modes, Missions, Weapons Ben Dutka
11/18/14 Grand Theft Auto V screenshots  
11/17/14 News - Could 2015 End Up Being The Year 2014 Should've Been? Ben Dutka
11/17/14 News - Just Cause 3 Details: A Denser World And A Wacky Backbone Ben Dutka
11/17/14 News - Dragon Age: Inquisition Launch Trailer: "I Wanna Play It Now!" John Shepard
11/17/14 News - We Are Doomed: A Twin-Stick Shooter With A Twist Ben Dutka
11/16/14 News - Far Cry 4: The Last GotY Candidate About To Make Its Case Ben Dutka
11/16/14 News - PSXE Poll Update: Most Are Impressed With Advanced Warfare Ben Dutka
11/16/14 News - Study: About 20 Percent Of All Destiny Sales Were Digital Ben Dutka
11/16/14 News - Assassin's Creed Unity's Third Patch Addresses Major Issues Ben Dutka
11/15/14 News - Sony Officially Reveals Two PS4 Bundles For Black Friday Ben Dutka
11/15/14 News - Driveclub Devs Say "We're Sorry" With Free November DLC Ben Dutka
11/14/14 News - Planetside 2 Beta Test Comes To PS4 Before Year Is Out Ben Dutka
11/14/14 News - Battlefield 4 DLC Final Stand Dated: Ready For The Cold? Ben Dutka
11/14/14 News - You Can't Use Far Cry 4's Map Editor For Multiplayer Levels Ben Dutka
11/14/14 News - Sony On PS4 Problems: "We're Really, Really Apologetic" Ben Dutka
11/14/14 News - Collectors: Pre-Order Your Super Limited Clicker Statue Ben Dutka
11/13/14 News - PSN Down For Maintenance On Monday Ben Dutka
11/13/14 News - Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Sets New Twitch Record John Shepard
11/13/14 News - After Unity's Technical Issues, Ubisoft Resolves To Change Ben Dutka
11/13/14 News - October NPD: PS4 #1 Again, NBA 2K15 Tops Software List Ben Dutka
11/13/14 News - PlayStation Vue To "Reinvent" The Standard TV Experience Ben Dutka

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