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Sony PS4

05/24/16 News - Uncharted 4's Sales Surpass 2.7 Million Copies In Its First Week Drew Constantino
05/23/16 News - Pac-Man 256 Coming To PS4, Xbox One, And PC On June 21 Drew Constantino
05/20/16 News - Gran Turismo Sport Is Coming To PS4 On November Drew Constantino
05/19/16 News - Uncharted 4 Beats Doom In The UK For The Top Spot In Software Sales Drew Constantino
05/19/16 News - Rockstar's "New Games" To Be Revealed Soon Drew Constantino
05/19/16 News - Grand Kingdom DLC Included On Disc In Western Release Drew Constantino
05/18/16 News - Kantan Games CEO: Resident Evil 7 Will Be A “Clean Slate,” To Be Announced At E3 Drew Constantino
05/18/16 News - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Announced For PS4, Xbox One, And PC Drew Constantino
05/18/16 News - SteamWorld Heist HD Coming To PS4 And PS Vita On May 31 Drew Constantino
05/17/16 News - Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kingdom Hearts III Not Releasing Before April 2017 Drew Constantino
05/14/16 News - Hideo Kojima's Next Game is Not a Horror Game Christopher D. Anderson
05/14/16 News - Ubisoft: Watch Dogs 2 Will Have a “New Tone” Drew Constantino
05/13/16 News - Battlefield 1 Will Have Microtransactions And Map Packs, But They Won’t Be Pay To win Drew Constantino
05/13/16 News - April 2016 NPD: PS4 Tops Hardware Sales, Dark Souls III And Ratchet & Clank Lead On Software Sales Drew Constantino
05/13/16 News - PS4 Exclusive Gran Turismo Sport Ready For Full Reveal Next Week Drew Constantino
05/12/16 News - Attack On Titan: Wings Of Freedom Getting Treasure Box Collector’s Edition In Europe Drew Constantino
05/12/16 News - Sucker Punch Spider-Man Game May Be Real David D. Nelson
05/12/16 News - Go To Far Harbor May 19th Fallout 4 Fans David D. Nelson
05/12/16 News - China's Fuze Tomahawk F1 Game Console Is China's Answer To PS4, Xbox One Drew Constantino
05/11/16 News - Black Ops 3 Players In Parties Get Double XP, Double Weapon XP From Today Drew Constantino
05/10/16 News - Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Hits PC This Week Drew Constantino
05/09/16 News - PSXExtreme Community Gordon Turner
05/09/16 News - Editorial - Don't write off consoles just yet. Gordon Turner
05/07/16 News - Xbox Boss Praises Naughty Dog For “Amazing Work” On Uncharted 4 Drew Constantino
05/07/16 News - Witcher Studio CEO Approves of PS4/Xbox One Cross-Network Play Drew Constantino
05/07/16 Hob preview Christopher D. Anderson
05/07/16 Hob screenshots  
05/06/16 News - Battlefield 1 Officially Revealed, Its First Details, Release Date, And Collectors Edition Drew Constantino
05/06/16 News - Tales of Berseria Details World Savior, Prison Island, And Pirate Ship, Introduces Teresa And Oscar Drew Constantino
05/06/16 Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune review David D. Nelson
05/05/16 News - See you around Fathoms - Ben Dutka Drew Constantino
05/05/16 News - Late Spring & Early Summer Games Galore Gordon Turner
05/05/16 News - Atlus gives Persona 5 a date for Japan Gordon Turner
05/05/16 News - Rumored inFAMOUS Lightning Edition A Fake? Gordon Turner
05/04/16 News - Updated: Remastered inFAMOUS on the way? Gordon Turner
05/04/16 News - NISA Localizing Touhou Genso Rondo Gordon Turner
05/04/16 News - CoD4 Remaster is A Loyalty Bonus? Gordon Turner
05/03/16 News - Hatsune Miku Is Arriving A Little Earlier Than Expected. Gordon Turner
05/03/16 News - Play the Unique Experience That is Soft Body May 17th Christopher D. Anderson
05/03/16 News - DOOM Trophies And An Easter Egg Gordon Turner
05/03/16 Soft Body screenshots  
05/02/16 News - Opinion - Ben Dutka Gordon Turner
05/02/16 News - Overwatch Beta What To Expect Gordon Turner
05/02/16 News - PS4 Getting The Call of Duty 4 HD Remaster Gordon Turner
04/29/16 News - Ratchet & Clank Remake The Fastest-Selling Entry Ever Ben Dutka
04/29/16 News - Battlefield 5 Will Be Unveiled This Week Ben Dutka
04/29/16 News - Final Fantasy XIV prepares for the Revenge of the Horde Gordon Turner
04/28/16 News - Are You Man Enough For Ultra-Nightmare Mode In Doom? Ben Dutka
04/28/16 News - Fallout 4 Survival Mode Will Test Console Players Next Week Ben Dutka
04/28/16 News - New Trailer, Special Editions For Deus Ex: Mankind Divided John Shepard
04/27/16 News - PlayStation Plus Free Games For May 2016 Revealed Drew Constantino
04/27/16 News - Nintendo NX Set For 2017: Will I Become A Believer Again? Ben Dutka
04/27/16 News - Promising Story-Driven Oxenfree Coming To PS4 This Month Ben Dutka
04/27/16 News - Sony: Uncharted 4 Copies Stolen In UK After "Violent Assault" Ben Dutka
04/27/16 News - Blizzard Tapped Treyarch To Help With Overwatch Console Versions Ben Dutka
04/26/16 News - Uncharted 4 Has Been Mistakenly Delivered Early In The UK, Beware For Spoilers Drew Constantino
04/26/16 News - Is Ratchet & Clank PS4 Really Comparable To Modern Games? Ben Dutka
04/26/16 News - PSN "Golden Week" Sale: Great Deals On Japanese Games, Movies John Shepard
04/26/16 News - Darkest Dungeon PS4, Vita Incarnations Suffer Slight Delay Ben Dutka
04/26/16 News - This Year's CoD Called "Infinity Warfare?" Ben Dutka
04/26/16 News - JRPGs - weren't they pronounced dead? Gordon Turner
04/25/16 News - PS4 Exclusive Ratchet and Clank Reaches The Top Of The UK Game Charts Drew Constantino
04/25/16 News - Uncharted 4's Final Trailer Is Right Here Ben Dutka
04/25/16 News - PS4 Owners Get Exclusive New Hitman Contract Today John Shepard
04/25/16 News - Tri-Ace's JRPG Exist Archive Headed To PS4, Vita This Fall Ben Dutka
04/25/16 News - The Walking Dead Creator Teases Season 3 Game Details Ben Dutka
04/24/16 News - PSXE Poll Update: Most Welcome More Openness In Uncharted 4 Ben Dutka
04/24/16 News - At What Point Do Horror Experiences Become Un-Fun? Ben Dutka
04/24/16 News - In The Shadows Creepy-Crawls Onto PlayStation 4 In 2017 Ben Dutka
04/24/16 News - Friday The 13th: The Game Gets New Map, Brutal New Kill Ben Dutka

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