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Sony PS4

10/20/14 News - Sony: I Don't Want To See Anything You "Shouldn't Reveal Yet" Ben Dutka
10/20/14 News - PlayStation 4 Live Action Ad Highlights "Friendly Competition" John Shepard
10/20/14 News - Bloodborne's "Off The Charts" Visuals Have A Certain "Wetness" Ben Dutka
10/20/14 News - AC Unity Scope "Insane," But Frame Rate Might Be An Issue Ben Dutka
10/20/14 News - Driveclub Devs: The "Majority" Of Players Can Now Connect Ben Dutka
10/19/14 News - Bloodborne: A System-Selling Exclusive? Ben Dutka
10/19/14 News - PSXE Poll Update: Most Opt To Pass On The Evil Within Ben Dutka
10/19/14 News - Rebel Galaxy For PS4 Boasts A Gritty, Open-World Universe Ben Dutka
10/19/14 News - Advanced Warfare Gameplay Launch Trailer Exudes Energy John Shepard
10/18/14 News - Destiny's Atheon Boss Taken Down In A Mere 17 Seconds Ben Dutka
10/17/14 News - Far Cry 4 Co-Op Gameplay Looks Like A Ton O' Fun Ben Dutka
10/17/14 News - Naughty Dog On Uncharted 4: Yep, You Should Be Excited Ben Dutka
10/17/14 News - FFXV TGS Panel Now Available In English Ben Dutka
10/17/14 News - Project Cars Avoids November Rush, Runs Away To March Ben Dutka
10/16/14 News - Are Platinum Trophies Too Hard To Get? Ben Dutka
10/16/14 News - September NPD: Destiny #1, PS4 Proves Pachter Wrong Ben Dutka
10/16/14 News - PS4 Firmware Update 2.20 Delivers Even More Sweet Features John Shepard
10/16/14 News - PS4 Exclusive Reveal In December Will "Engulf The Internet" Ben Dutka
10/16/14 News - Driveclub Devs Working Hard, Prepping Latest Update Ben Dutka
10/16/14 News - CD Projekt Red: We Always Wanted To Do Open-World Ben Dutka
10/15/14 News - SingStar Launches On October 28, New Features Revealed John Shepard
10/15/14 News - New Shadow Of Mordor Update Lets You Snap Some Photos Ben Dutka
10/15/14 News - Sledgehammer: An Extra Year Benefited Advanced Warfare Ben Dutka
10/15/14 News - Master GTAV Pilot Shows Off His Moves Ben Dutka
10/15/14 News - Ubisoft Explains The No Respawn Rule In Rainbow Six Siege Ben Dutka
10/15/14 News - Turn Your PS4 Into A Portable Device With PlayBook 4 Ben Dutka
10/15/14 The Evil Within screenshots  
10/15/14 The Evil Within review Ben Dutka
10/14/14 News - Child Of Light Might Be The Best Game I've Played In 2014 Ben Dutka
10/14/14 News - Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Launching On February 17 In US? Ben Dutka
10/14/14 News - Crytek Doesn't Rule Out Ryse: Son Of Rome For PS4 Ben Dutka
10/14/14 News - Far Cry 4 Virtually Identical Across PS4 And Xbox One Platforms Ben Dutka
10/14/14 News - Ninja Theory Brings You Inside Hellblade's Artistic World Ben Dutka
10/14/14 News - Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Pre-Order Incentives Revealed Ben Dutka
10/14/14 News - Latest Destiny Patch Balances Weapons, Removes Loot Cave Ben Dutka
10/13/14 News - Looks Like Sony's Destiny Marketing For PS4 Didn't Pan Out Ben Dutka
10/13/14 News - The Evil Within Final Trailer Shows Off An Intimidating Atmosphere Ben Dutka
10/13/14 News - Rainbow Six Siege Manages 60FPS Across All Platforms Ben Dutka
10/13/14 News - Capcom Likes The Idea Of VR Tech For Horror Games John Shepard
10/13/14 News - Evolution Talks Driveclub Issues, Considers Player Compensation Ben Dutka
10/13/14 News - Yamauchi: Gran Turismo 7 Will Launch In "2015 Or 2016" Ben Dutka
10/12/14 News - The Evil Within Might Be Too Terrifying To Be Entertaining Ben Dutka
10/12/14 News - PSXE Poll Update: Community Split On Driveclub Reaction Ben Dutka
10/12/14 News - New Far Cry 4 Vid Introduces You To The Lowlands Of Kyrat Ben Dutka
10/12/14 News - Pre-Order Revelations 2 On PS3 Or PS4, Get Bonus Mode Ben Dutka
10/12/14 News - Another Unfinished Destiny Locale Found John Shepard
10/11/14 News - Destiny Players Getting A Boatload Of Bang For Their Buck John Shepard
10/10/14 News - Dragon Age: Inquisition Hits 1080p On PS4, 900p On Xbox One Ben Dutka
10/10/14 News - Evolution Disables Driveclub Features To Work On Issues Ben Dutka
10/10/14 News - Dragon Age: Inquisition Offers 150-200 Hours Of Gameplay Ben Dutka
10/10/14 Alien: Isolation review Ben Dutka
10/10/14 Alien: Isolation screenshots  
10/09/14 News - We Spend Way Too Much Time Talking About Frames Per Second Ben Dutka
10/09/14 News - September PSN Top Sellers: Destiny Dethrones Minecraft Ben Dutka
10/09/14 News - Destiny Vault Of Glass Raid Cleared By Only Two Players Ben Dutka
10/09/14 News - PSN Goes Down For Maintenance On October 13 John Shepard
10/09/14 News - Naughty Dog Unveiling More Uncharted 4 Info "Very Soon" Ben Dutka
10/09/14 News - No 60FPS For Unity Because It Looked "Really Weird" Ben Dutka
10/09/14 News - The Wolf Among Us Targets Next-Gen Platforms In November Ben Dutka
10/09/14 Driveclub screenshots  
10/09/14 Driveclub review Ben Dutka
10/08/14 News - This Week's Game Launches Prompt Widespread Discrepancy Ben Dutka
10/08/14 News - Alien: Isolation Owners Experiencing Pre-Order DLC Issues Ben Dutka
10/08/14 News - More Comparison Media For Upcoming Resident Evil Remake Ben Dutka
10/08/14 News - Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Dated John Shepard
10/08/14 News - Pre-Order Digital Copy Of GTAV PS4, Get $300,000 GTAO Cash Ben Dutka
10/07/14 News - Is Driveclub Failing To Meet Expectations? Ben Dutka
10/07/14 News - New Diablo III Patch For PS4/Xbox One Adds More Content Ben Dutka
10/07/14 News - Activision Offers CoD Fans Incentive To Upgrade A Console John Shepard
10/07/14 News - Unreal Engine 4.5 Gives Skin A Distinctly Human Tinge John Shepard

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