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Sony PSP2

04/14/14 News - Dead Nation Shambles Onto Vita Today Ben Dutka
04/13/14 News - BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Coming To Vita On June 24 Ben Dutka
04/09/14 Mind Zero preview Ben Dutka
04/09/14 Mind Zero screenshots  
04/08/14 News - Borderlands 2 Vita Bundle Launches In North America On May 6 John Shepard
04/08/14 News - Rumor: Ratchet & Clank Trilogy Headed To PlayStation Vita Ben Dutka
04/04/14 News - Football Manager 2014 Classic Vita Bundle Coming To UK Ben Dutka
04/02/14 News - PlayStation Vita Pets: An Adventure With Man's Best Friend Ben Dutka
04/01/14 News - Looks Like Soul Sacrifice Delta Will Soon Be Westward-Bound Ben Dutka
04/01/14 News - Joe Danger On Vita Will Welcome Three Familiar Faces Ben Dutka
03/26/14 News - Hyperdimension Neptunia For Vita Heads West This Summer Ben Dutka
03/24/14 News - New Vita Update Adds Functionality John Shepard
03/19/14 News - Vita Lands More Apps: Crunchyroll, Qello Concerts, Redbox Ben Dutka
03/13/14 News - Sony: Vita Proving To Be A "Niche" Device Ben Dutka
03/07/14 News - Unique Brawler Foul Play Headed To PlayStation 4, Vita Ben Dutka
03/07/14 Demon Gaze preview Ben Dutka
03/07/14 Demon Gaze screenshots  
03/05/14 News - Sony Boss: Borderlands 2 On Vita Is Like, Really Good Ben Dutka
02/28/14 News - Pick Up Demon Gaze Early, Get Free Disgaea Characters Ben Dutka
02/27/14 News - Vita Attracts Teslagrad This Summer Ben Dutka
02/24/14 News - Vita Turns Two, Anniversary Sale Features Some Great Titles John Shepard
02/18/14 News - Pschedelic, Classically Inspired Futuridium Headed To Vita Ben Dutka
02/15/14 News - NIS America Announces Four Vita, PS3 Titles For Localization John Shepard
02/12/14 News - Stranger Of The Village Of The Sword Now Coming To Vita Ben Dutka
02/11/14 News - What's The One Game That'd Make You Purchase A Vita? Ben Dutka
02/11/14 News - Sony Says A PS4/Vita Bundle Is An "Interesting Proposition" Ben Dutka
02/10/14 News - Vita 2000 Debuts With Borderlands 2 Bundle In North America Ben Dutka
02/03/14 OlliOlli review Ben Dutka
02/03/14 OlliOlli screenshots  
02/02/14 News - PSXE Poll Update: Portable Gaming Isn't Really A Top Priority Ben Dutka
01/31/14 News - Sony: Without A "Pleasant Surprise," Vita Won't Beat PSP Ben Dutka
01/30/14 News - Vita 2000 Model Dated, Priced For UK Ben Dutka
01/24/14 News - Media Invitation Hints At Slimmer Vita For US, Europe? Ben Dutka
01/23/14 News - Demon Gaze: Dungeon-Crawling RPG Goodness On Vita Ben Dutka
01/21/14 News - Rumor: Borderlands 2 Scheduled To Hit Vita On March 18 Ben Dutka
01/20/14 News - New Vita PLAY Campaign Detailed John Shepard
01/15/14 News - New Kickstarter Project: A Fan's Dream From FFT Director Ben Dutka
01/14/14 Terraria review Ben Dutka
01/13/14 News - Sony: Rise Of Mobile Gaming Has Hurt Vita's Sales Potential Ben Dutka
01/13/14 Terraria screenshots  
01/11/14 News - OlliOlli Dated For Vita: You Got The Stones To Defy Gravity? Ben Dutka
01/10/14 News - Crystal White Vita Available At Amazon Ben Dutka
01/05/14 News - Don't Starve Might Get Ported To Vita John Shepard
12/30/13 News - Gravity Rush Developer's New Game Is "Going Smoothly" Ben Dutka
12/27/13 News - Atelier Ayesha Plus Coming To Japanese Vitas In March Ben Dutka
12/24/13 News - Vita On Sale At Best Buy For $175 Ben Dutka
12/23/13 News - Sony: PS4 UK Launch Boosted Vita Sales Ben Dutka
12/17/13 Rainbow Moon review Ben Dutka
12/17/13 Rainbow Moon screenshots  
12/16/13 News - FFX/X-2 HD Remasters Launch On Same Day For PS3 And Vita Ben Dutka
12/15/13 News - Furmins Challenges You This Week John Shepard
12/12/13 Ys: Memories of Celceta review Ben Dutka
12/10/13 News - Terraria Launches On Vita Next Week Ben Dutka
12/10/13 Ys: Memories of Celceta screenshots  
12/05/13 News - Rainbow Moon Arrives On Vita With Great Pricing Options Ben Dutka
12/04/13 News - First Japanese Vita TV Commercial Ben Dutka
11/29/13 News - Sony: Vita Remains A "Much Loved And Respected Machine" Ben Dutka
11/28/13 News - People Waiting In Line All Wish They Had A Vita To Play Ben Dutka
11/27/13 News - Killzone: Mercenary In Line To Receive Four More Updates John Shepard
11/26/13 News - Vita Owners: Your Chance To Nab Soul Sacrifice For Free Ben Dutka
11/26/13 Tearaway review Ben Dutka
11/26/13 Tearaway screenshots  
11/19/13 News - Dragon's Dogma Quest Launches For Vita On December 19 Ben Dutka
11/17/13 News - Euro Gamers: Buy A Vita In 2013, Get 1 Free Month Of Plus Ben Dutka
11/14/13 News - Rayman Legend's Lost Levels Headed To Vita This Month Ben Dutka
11/11/13 News - PS4 Version Of Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Supports Remote Play Ben Dutka
11/07/13 News - Ys: Memories Of Calceta Dated For Vita Ben Dutka
11/07/13 News - Killzone: Shadow Fall Seems To Run Just Fine On The Vita John Shepard
11/06/13 News - Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Landing On Vita In Early 2014 Ben Dutka
11/05/13 News - Vita Update 3.00 Delivers PS4 Link Ben Dutka

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