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Need For Speed 3

Do all the following codes right before the loading screen, hold buttons until loading screen disappears.

Gum Ball Police

Pick the Redrock Ridge track. Hold Down, R1,  L2.

Crown Victoria

Select the Rocky Pass track. Hold Right, R1, L2. To do this code on The Summit track, hold Down, R1, L2.

Horsepower Boost

Hold Left, Square, Circle.

Crash other cars

Hold Start, Select, R1, L2. During Gameplay Honk at the cars and watch them flip for joy.

Heavy car

Hold Select, Square, X.

Police with new accent

Hold Up, R1, L2.

Spanish police

Hold Down, R2, L1.

German police

Hold Up, R2, L1.

Italian police

Hold Left, R2, L1.

French police

Hold Right, R2, L1.

Slow motion mode

Hold Up, X, Triangle.


Enter the codes below as the player name, to obtain the corresponding bonus.

The Room Toy Car Track


Caverns Underground Track

Enter XCAV8

AutoCross Canyon Track


SpaceRace Space Station Track


Scorpio-7 Underwater Track


Empire City Bonus Track



Bonus Cars

Enter the following codes as your player name.

Jaguar XJR-15


Mercedes Benz CLK GTR


El Niņo


01/30/00   Unknown