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Thrasher: Skate and Destroy

Super Skater

To play with a skater that has full stats and do some crazy Ollies and other moves, pick the Roach without the hat and enter BEESUITGUY as the name.

Unlock All Levels

While you are at the main menu, press Square, Triangle, L1, R2, Circle, X, Triangle, Right, Right and Left.

Copenhagen Board

Pick Cyrus as your skater and enter MARDUK as the name.

Rockstar Board

Pick any skater and enter ROCKSTAR as the name.

Snowman Board

Pick AXL as your skater and enter ZAXIS as the name.

02/11/00  Brian C.

More Points

Simply hold all of the top shoulder buttons and then press the Circle button repeatedly.

12/11/99  Brian C.