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NHL 2000

The Dude

Do the same as above except enter BRUCE WILLIS. The player will now be referred to as THE DUDE by commentators.

Jersey Number 99

Go to the create a player menu and put in WAYNE GRETZKY as the name of your player. Your custom player will have #99 stamped on his jersey.

Custom Ratings

Again the same thing, except enter PETER FORSBERG. Then select YES when the game aks you if you want to use his ratings. After that fix the ratings like you want them and go! You can change the name back to whatever you want it to be except you can't touch a thing after you do so. Note: the code will also work with JOE SAKIC.

Juiced Up Defensemen

Just like the previous code, enter SANDIS OZOLINSH as a name. Select YES, change rating to whatever you want it to be and change the name if you wish.

Juiced Up Goalie

Enter PATRICK ROY as a name in the create player screen, select YES for the following question and fix goalie settings like you want them. Then you can change the name and after that don't touch a thing.

04/21/00  Brian C.