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Bust a Groove

Bonus Level

Use Shorty to finish level one and then press UP, Down, Left, Right Circle.

Level Skip

Finish the whole game with any character. When you start the game in single player mode and the song begins, immediately press L2 and Select.

Secondary Costume

When you are at the character select screen, select any character and then hold Select and press X.

03/02/00 Brian C.

Secret Characters

Capoeira- To get Capoeira beat the game on Normal.
Robo-Z- To get Robo-Z beat the game on Hard.
Columbo- Beat the game on Normal with Shorty after getting Robo-Z.
Burger Dog- Beat the game on Normal with Hamm after getting Robo-Z.

Flat Characters

Pick either Burger Dog or Hamm as your character. Then use your jammer attack on your opponent twice and it has to hit them. If it did your opponent will be flat.

Dance View

Complete the game under easy difficulty level with any character for there dance view.