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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

Lords of Lunar Secret Game

This is a secret game based on the Atari's game warlords. To play this game stick in the "Making of Lunar" disk and press up,down,left, right, triangle, and start.

Secret Bromides

After you bet the game go visit Ramus's shop and he will give you a Luna bromide. Then talk to him again and he will give you a chance to bye two more bromides from him of Jessica and Mia.

Alex's Ocarina

If you want to listen to some of the music in Lunar just go to the items and go to use item and pick your ocarina. Then you can pick some music in the game to listen to.

Saving Luna

If you have been having trouble after beating Ghalleon trying to go to Luna and she zaps you and you die. After beating Ghalleon go a little ways up the stairs then use your ocarina and save that poor girl.