Playstation Cheats: Spawn: The Eternal Cheats

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Spawn: The Eternal Cheats

All Inventory

Hold L2+R2 and press X, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle


Hold L1and R1 then press Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Square, Circle

Reset Physical

Hold L1+R1 and press X, Circle, Triangle, Square, X, Circle


Hold L1and R1then press Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle, X

Reset Magic

Hold L1+R1 and press Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Triangle, Circle

Magic Attacks

Remember that you can't let your magic meter go too low while you are using these codes. If you do, you'll die.

FireBall: Back, Back, Down, Down, X
Magical Blast: Back, Forward, Square
Hell Gauntlet: Back, Forward, Triangle
Ice Blast: Forward, Forward, Down, Down, Circle

Play as Overkill

This is a difficult trick to pull off. First get up to Overkill (the first one), then fight him until he falls. But when he is falling, before he hits the ground, hit start then hold L1+R2 and press triangle square square O X X triangle. Then when you press start spawns cape will wrap around him. Then when his cape comes off SPAWN will be OVERKILL.He can punch, kick, and shoot a laser from his eye, so have fun

Refill Health

To refill your health, while playing press L1 + L2. This only works a limited number of times.

Special Attacks

Right Cross: Forward, Forward, Triangle
Elbow Smash: Forward, Forward, Square
Right Power Kick: Forward, Forward, Circle
Left Power Kick: Forward, Forward, X
Cape/Chain Attack Right: Half-circle back to front + Circle
Cape/Chain Attack Left: Half-circle back to front + Square
Arm Rip: Half-circle front to back + X


9/28/99  Txpsyco

Skip a Level

While playing, pause the game and hold all top buttons and press triangle, X, square, O, O, O.

All power ups

While playing, pause the game and hold L2 and R2 and press triangle, O, square, X, triangle, X.



7/16/99  Webmaster

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