Playstation Cheats: Spyro The Dragon Cheats

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Spyro The Dragon Cheats

Crash Bandicoot 3 Demo

When it says start game, hold L1+L2+Triangle

"Sunny Flight"

In the Artisian World, jumping on all 5 stepping stones by the 2 waterfalls will release "Sunny Light"

7/03/99  420 King

Cheat Death

This is how you do the cheat death code. It's simple. When you fall off a cliff instead of letting yourself die you should press start and exit the level. You have to do it quick. You can only do this code when you are NOT in your home, I repeat NOT in home.

7/02/99  Unknown

Level select

Pause the game at any point during the game by pressing START. Now highlight and select the inventory option and while on that screen press square, square, circle, square, left, right, left, right, circle, up, right, down. If the code was entered correctly the bottom half of the screen will list all of the games levels along with all of the gems you have found for them. To go to another level find the balloonist to take you there. He will say that you still have to save the dragons just ignore that. He will still take you where you want to go.

99 Lives

To enter the code pause the game by pressing START. Then enter the inventory menu and press square, square, square, square, square, square, circle, up, circle, left, circle, right, circle. To confirm that this code has worked go to the main pause screen and there will be 99 lives in the upper right corner of the screen.


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