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Wild Arms Cheats

   In the game Wild Arms to duplicate items you must first have one of the item you want to duplicate. Go into battle and have the first character use a heal berry. Next, have the 2nd character do the same thing. Last, have the 3rd character go into the item menu and switch the heal berries' spot with the item you want to duplicate, then leave the item menu without using any thing! Then have that same character defend. On the next round kill the enemies without using spells!When you then win the battle you will have 255 of the item you duplicated. Note: if you mess up at any part in the process you will lose the item you intended to duplicate. Hint: Keep duplicating the apples and then max out all of your characters' stats to 999!Hint again: Duplicate really expensive swords and others weapons and then sell them! I'VE GOT LOTS OF BUCKS

5/07/99  Nathan Lawrenson

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