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WWF Warzone Cheats

All  secret modes, characters and other codes must be done on level medium or hard.


Well I know it, now you do,When the game starts Glitching press and hold or tap L1+L2+R2+R1+START+SELECT keep holding or tapping until the video finishes, then the second video should come, now start tapping the buttons and the video will stop and the game should continue. I've done this code a few times and It worked.


This code is really easy when the crowd cheers you or the enemy and you want them to cheer something else during the game press Start and Start again now the crowd should cheer something else.NOTE:Use this when you playing with Kane cause the commentary stops when you play with Kane.

OH YOU DIDN'T KNOW(Custom Created NEW AGE OULAWS)These look great.

1)Body Type Average--Skin Type Plain--Skin Color 1--Name Road Dawg Jesse James--Hair Dread Locks--Face 5--Beard Goatee1--Accessories Sun Glasses2(any color)Tanktop(available when when Ladies night is open)or Shirt "DX"--Gloves Finger Shade 25(top) 99(bottom) Pants Army,Shade 30(top) 78 (bottom)--Boots Black Shade 52(top) 18(bottom)--Belt(if you Want)Gold.If you have problems setting Road Dawg up or don't understand something E-Mail me here is Bad Ass.

This May not be perfect but I like the Way Road Dawg came out.Here Goes Bad Ass--Skin Type Ripped--Body Type Average--Skin Color 1--Face5--Hair Bleached Long Shade 10(top) 99(bottom)--accessories Sun glasses2(any color)--Tanktop(need Ladies night)or Shirt"DX"--Pants Denim--Shoes Boots.


Try doing this code very quick if all else fails go under the paragraph after step"7" and read the sentence.

1. At the 'PRESS START' screen a. Hold L1 L2 R1 R2 and press DOWN+X, Left+square, UP+Triangle, right+O,Down+X
2.WITH OUT holding L1 L2 R1 R2 press Down+x, Left+square, UP+Triangle,right+O, Down+X
3. Repeat Step ONE
4. Repeat Step TWO
5. Press L1+L2
6.Press R1+R2
7.Press L1+L2+R1+R2

Under the press start the words MOVIE 1 should appear in white Press UP to see movie Two Up again to see Movie 3 and so on Press X on any one (Movie 1, Movie 2, Movie3...) to actually see the movieThere are a total of 64.  After you watch One movie it will go to a black screen with the words PRESS START flashing.Simply imagine that the words are still there and whatever movie you started on is still there.  So if you just finished watching movie 1, simply press up and X to view movie 2, up twice and X to view movie 3 and so on.  The movies in the further numbers (starting around 58 or so...) are of the cut-scenes with the limo-lady.

Also, if you can't get the button codes to work, simply try to mash the buttons to get this to work.


The Ratalesnake code is activated by beating challenge on hard with a custom player(also give you 6 points)

Alternate Costumes
To use the wrestlers alternate outfits, simply hold down L2 while choosing your wrestler. For more costumes, make sure your difficulty is set on Medium or Hard, then follow the instructions below.

To unlock Goldust's hidden outfits (MarilynDust and Dusty Dust), win the WWF title in Challenge mode with him.

To unlock Austin's third (jeans and black vest) and fourth (jeans and the "AUSTIN 3:16" T-Shirt) outfits, win the WWF title in Challenge Mode with him.

Big Heads
Beat the Challenge mode with the British Bulldog. Not sure I recommend trying to get EGO MODE. 
Bonus Characters
To play as Dude Love, beat the challenge mode with Mankind and you will also get Cactus Jack.(tested) Cheat Menu  
When the elevator is not moving, press L1, then press R1,then you wil be taken to a basement.   
Female Wrestler

To create a female wrestler, complete challenge mode with Triple H or Shawn Michaels.  

Finishing Moves - Only has to be done when oppenents lives are red.
Stone Cold Steve Austin's Stone Cold Stunner
R, R, U, Tie-Up+Block (at close range)
R, R, Tie-Up (while in tie-up)

Triple H's Pedigree
F, D, B, P+Tie-Up (at close range)

Shawn Michaels' Sweet Chin Music
R, D, U, K+Block (at close range)

British Bulldog's Running Powerslam
U, D, Tie-Up (while in tie-up)

The Rock's Rock Bottom
R, R, U, P+Tie-Up (at close range)

Ahmed Johnson's Pearl River Plunge
R, L, U, K+Block (at close range)

Bret Hart's Sharpshooter
L, L, U, K+Block (at feet of fallen opponent)

Owen Hart's Sharpshooter
L, L, U, K+Block (at feet of fallen opponent)

The Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver
D, D, D, P+Tie-Up (at close range)
D, U, Tie-Up (while in tie-up)

Kane's Tombstone Piledriver
D, D, D, P+Tie-Up (at close range)
D, U, Tie-Up (while in tie-up)

Ken Shamrock's Ankle Lock
R, U, L, K (at feet of fallen opponent)

Farooq's Dominator
U, U, U, Tie-Up+Block (at close range)

Goldust's Curtain Call
L, R, D, Tie-Up (behind standing opponent)

Mankind's Mandible Claw
R, L, U, Tie-Up+Block (at close range or at head of fallen opponent)
R, L, Tie-Up (while in tie-up)

Headbanger Mosh's Mosh Pit: Punch (while standing on top turnbuckle) Headbanger Thrasher's Stage Dive: TieUp+Block (while standing on top turnbuckle) No Meters
To turn off all meters, beat the Challenge mode with the Undertaker. Outside Interference
To call for a certain wrestler to run in during a match, hold all four top buttons (L1+L2+R1+R2) and press a direction + a button. Each combination of a direction and a button corresponds to each of the 16 wrestlers in the game. Note: it becomes a Handicap match with you and whoever you called in against your opponent, but no matter what happens, your opponent will win by Disqualification. Also, it can only be done in a 1-on-1 VS Match.

Here are the combinations corresponding to the person you call in:

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Button Combination Wrestler
L1+L2+R1+R2+Up+Kick Steve Austin

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