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3Xtreme Cheats

To access the Codes menu,  at the Main Menu go to Memory Card and press Right

Play as Redcar

Type in REDCAR in the code menu.

6/28/99  Unknown

Another Code

All freestyle tracks -TRIXXY


Play as Geep

At the main menu, highlight "memory card" and press left or right then chose codes selection. Then, enter "Geep" at the codes screen to unlock Geep the alien biker.

Alternate Unlock

Complete all 3 season modes with one of each type of character and you will receive all of the bonus characters and "The Haunted House" track (for use in Freestyle mode only). After this is done, you can save you game and use the hidden characters and level anytime.

5/07/99  Seth

All Exhibition tracks

Go to codes and type VOUYEUR.

5/07/99  Unknown

White Car

Enter WHITE CAR to get the white car



Go to code option and enter NYUB to get a skateboarder.


Alien Biker

Go to code screen and type "geep", he is an alien bike rider who is as fast as tp(mummy) and has a hover bike

Alien Skater

Go to code screen ang type "nyub", she is as good as dominique. She is an alien and has hover skates.
P.S.e-mail me if you need more codes.


Mini Blue Car

Go to codes type in bluegates you get a mini blue car P.S. It also works with redgates.

5/02/99  Jimmy & Mike

Extra Characters

To play as Dominique who is the fastest skater, in the options menu select codes and enter DOMINIQUE.
For a new skater, in the options menu select codes and enter LUGNUT.
To play as the Mummy who is the fastest cyclist, in the options menu select codes and enter TP.


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