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Syphon Filter 2 Cheats

Finish The Level

While playing, pause the game, select the Map option, then press and hold Right, L2, R2, Circle, Square, and  X, you should hear a sound if done correctly. After that, go to options and select cheats and the current level should be completed.

04/14/00  Unknown

Get More Characters for 2 Player Mode

To unlock the CBDC agent, corpse, monk, viral test subject and some woman, beat the McKenzie Airbase Interior stage in less than 3 minutes

04/11/00  Unknown


Open City Park in 2 Player Mode

When you are in the first Sniper Building in New York City Slums stage, find the washing machines there. Then find the dirty laundry around there and pick it up.

Get More Characters for 2 Player Mode

You must beat the C-130 Wreck Site stage in les than 3 minutes and you will unlock a few characters from the original Syphon Filter game. The characters include Phagan,  Marcos, Gabrek, Rhoemer, Girdeux and Evil Scientist.

04/03/00  Webmaster

Tips to Beat The Last Boss

Are you stuck on Syphon 2 because you don't know how to beat ______. I won't mention his name because it is a spoiler and there are people who I don't want reading this. In order to kill the "Last Boss" you have to pick up the UAS-12 in the Helicopter, align yourself in a certain position that when you shoot the boss he will be knocked back into the direction of the back propeller of the Helicopter. The boss is protected 100%, nothing can penetrate his armor. The only way is for the back propeller to kill him. A lot of rolling around is needed, and you should also roll under the tail, don't run around it.

Open Rockies in 2 Player Mode

To get the the stage above you have to play the the first level and find the H-11. It is near a waterfall and an Ice Arch. Don't jump the ledge instead crouch down and walk toward it so Gabe hangs on the edge. Fall down into a tunnel and you should see the H-11.

Open Caves in 2 Player Mode

When you are at I-70 with Chance (that bastard, you'll find out why) and you are protecting him when you enter the tunnel with no weapon, enter the door to the left of the tunnel. When inside it go left and enter the room to get the Binoculars.

Open Pharcom Center in 2 Player Mode

When you are at the Pharcom center and you are in the boiler room after the Mars room, you should see lockers there. One of them has a Girlie Mag in it, pick it up to open the Pharcom center.

03/28/00  SolidSnake

Super Agent Mode

Go to Weaponry in the pause screen. Press and hold L2, Select, Circle, Square, and X. This makes all weapons lethal in one shot to any part of the body.

03/25/00  Unknown


Watch All Movies

During the game, press Start to pause it and select BRIEFING option, then hold Right, L1, R2, Circle, X at the same time. After that go to the options screen and go to Cheats.

03/20/00  Webmaster


Level Select

During the game, press Start to pause it and then select the Map option. While Map option is selected, press and hold Right, L2, R2, Circle, Square and X at the same time. After that go to the options screen and go to Cheats.

03/18/00  Webmaster


Hard Mode

Select the One Player mode on the main screen and then press and hold Square, Circle, L1, R2, Select, Up, and X.

02/11/00  Webmaster

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