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Kangero: Deception 2 Cheats

Evil Kick

Successfully complete the game and get the fourth ending to get the Evil Kick. To get the fourth ending, kill everyone in Chapter 17, and let at least one person escape in Chapter 21. The Evil Kick is a very powerful trap that sends a victim flying across the room.

Sound Test

At the title screen, press R1four time and R2 six times. If the code was activated correctly, you will hear a sound for confirmation. You have just made a Sound Test menu available on the Mode Select screen.

Extra Ark

Lock in ASTARTE as your name for an extra 2800 Ark.

Evil Upper and Evil Stomp

Finish the game with the first ending, to get the Evil Spear and Evil Stomp. In order to receive the first ending you have to destroy everyone in Chapter 17 and 21.

Magic Sac

Finish the game with the second ending to receove the Magic Sac. To receive the second ending, let one person run away in Chapter 17, and in Chapter 24 kill Keith. The Magic Sac freezes an enemy so you can move him around.


Receive all four endings and save your game to the memory card. You will notice that Suezo from Monster Rancher (the on eyed yellow monster) will show up.

Ardebaran Mask

Successfully complete the game and get the third ending to get the Ardebaran Mask. To get the third ending, let at least one person escape in Chapter 17, and let Keith live Chapter 24 (slightly damage him). The Ardebaran Mask does a lot of damage, and it makes the victim walk straight.

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