Playstation Cheats: Medal of Honor Cheats

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Medal of Honor Cheats

Play as William Shakespeare.

Go to the password section and enter PAYBACK as your Password.

Unlimited Ammo.

Enter BADCOPSHOW as password.

4X Firing Rate.

Enter ICOSIDODEC as your Password.

Reflecting Shots.

Enter GOBLUE as your Password.

Jurassic Park Raptor.

Enter SSPIELBERG as your Password.

Winston Churchill.

Enter FINESTHOUR as your Password.

Note: The secret characters can only be played in the Multi-Player mode. As for all the other codes you can only use them on previously played and defeated stages.

02/29/00  SolidSnake


Enter these as as passwords for the corresponding effect.



Reflecting shots GOBLUE
Wire frame mode TRACERON
American movie mode SPRECHEN
Audie Murphy mode MOSTMEDALS
Picture of a girl COOLCHICK
Picture of AJ AJRULES
Picture of development team DWIMOHTEAM
Gallery of pictures DWIGALLERY
Infinite ammunition* BADCOPSHOW
Special power-ups DENNISMODE
(*) indicates - Multi-player mode only

12/07/99 Brian C.

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