Playstation Cheats: Monster Rancher Cheats

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Monster Rancher Cheats

Hidden monsters

To get a certain secret monster, insert the following CDs. Note that some secret monsters require that you have a certain level.

Monster Name

Insert This CD

Ferious "And Justice For All" from Metallica
Chef "Enema Of The State" from Blink 182 
Unknown "Hello Nasty" from The Beastie Boys 
Express Worm "Licensed to Ill" from The Beastie Boys 
Unknown "Macarena" from Los Del Rio 
Satan Clause "Merry Christmas" from Mariah Carey 
Happy Mask "Millenium" from The Backstreet Boys 
Unknown "Running With Scissors" from Weird Al Yankovich
Note: You need to be class E or D
Mermaid Disney's The Little Mermaid Original Soundtrack
Unknown Men In Black Soundtrack
Shogun Brave Fencer Musashi PlayStation game 
Cinder Bird Bust-a-Move 4 PlayStation game 
Dice Devil Dice PlayStation game
Unknown Digimon World (Japanese) PlayStation game 
Ninja Kato March Madness '99 PlayStation game 
Soldier Gaboo Metal Gear Solid: Disk 2
Unknown Syphon Filter PlayStation game 
Unknown Resident Evil 3 PlayStation game 
Unknown Diablo PC game (need to be class E or D)

02/05/00  Unknown

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