Playstation Cheats: NFL Gameday 98 Cheats

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NFL Gameday 98 Cheats

Bonus Teams

At the screen where you have to pick your team, press Up to open up Super Bowl teams for player one.  At the same screen press Down to do the same for player two. At the Player Select screen press Up to open the All Star teams for player one. You can also use L1 and L2 to see more selections. For player two press Down and use R1 and R2.

Easter Egg Codes

Go to the options screen and then go to the "Easter Eggs" selection. Use the codes below to get more secrets and cheats.


Result Code
Short leg ahab
Improved passes air attack
Press L2 + X for super shoulder charge bettis
Stronger kickers big foot
Less penalties blind ref
More penalties busy ref
CPU always uses run plays cloud of dust
2D players cookie cutter
Improved CPU defense cpu defense
Improved CPU offense cpu offense
View credits credits
Great catches by receivers crunch time
Smart CPU deep gray
Identical teams equal teams
Faster players fire drill
Flat players flat land
Small players flea circus
Increased difficulty gd challenge
Improved receiver catches gloves
Juiced forearm shiver hatchet
No heads horsemen
Large players humongous
Shadow players invisible
Super stiff arm jack hammer
Super speed bursts juice
Improved DB coverage leech
No hands look ma
Loud announcer loud mouth
All McMahon team mcmahon
Juiced swim move nyse
CPU knows which play was selected psychic
Less crowd noise quiet crowd
Defense jump higher rejection
Dive then jump to roll and run show off
High kicks thin air
Easier to burn a DB toast
CPU runs fake field goals and punts tricky cup
Warped flat players virtual polygons
Improved one-handed catches stretch
Dumb CPU watery ai

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