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WWF Smackdown! Cheats

Backstage Areas

In order to go inside the backstage areas, like the Kitchen, the Stage, Boiler Room, etc. Just Irish Whip (press O) your opponent towards the direction of the area you want to go to.


For those of you who didn't bother looking into the manual, this is how you pull off the finishers. Whenever you see the words SMACKDOWN flash on your name, press L1 to execute your wrestlers finish attack. Ex: The People's Elbow- Knock your opponent down on the floor, so that he lands on his back, stand over him and look for the SMACKDOWN logo. If it isn't there that means you momentum hasn't gone through the roof.

Season Mode Cheats

To get the following extras, play the season mode for a certain number of years.

(Note: these characters can only be created)

1 year -  Get Ivory's head
2 years- Prince Albert's head.
3 Years- Jacqueline's head
4 years- Viscera's head
5 years- 80 Custom Wrestler points
6 years- Mideon's head
7 years- Gerald Brisco
8 years- Pat Patterson
9 years- Nothing
10 years- 90 Custom Wrestler Points .

03/08/00  SolidSnake

Note: Please don't ask us for cheats because they haven't been released and no one even knows if they even exist.

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