Playstation Cheats: Spider-Man Cheats

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Spider-Man Cheats

Level Select
Enter the SPECIAL option and go into CHEATS. Enter XCLSIOR to get all levels.

You know the drill... enter RUSTCRST as your code.

Unlimted Webbing
Enter STRUDL as your code.

Every Comic Book
Enter ALLSIXCC as your code.

All Movies
Enter WATCH EM as your code (yes with the space).

All Characters in Gallery
Enter CVIEW EM as your code.

Joel James Jewett In Character Galery
Enter RULUR as your code

Story Viewer
Enter CGOSSETT as your code.

What if Contest? Mode
Enter GBHSRSPM as your code.

These are playable characters:

Symbiote SpiderMan
Enter BLKSPIDR as your code.

SpiderMan 2099
Enter TWNTYNDN as your code.

Captain Universe
Enter S COSMIC as your code.

SpiderMan Unlimted 
Enter PARALLEL as your code.

Scarlet SpiderMan
Enter LETTER S as your code. 

Amazing Bagman 
Enter AMZBGMAN as your code.

Peter Parker
Enter MJS STUD as your code.

Ben Reily
Enter BNREILLY as your code.

Quick Change SpiderMan
Enter ALMSTPKR as your code.

Full Health
Enter DCSTUR as your code.

Unlock Everything
Enter EEL NATS as your code.

Debug Mode
Enter LLADNEK as your code.

Armored SpiderMan Costume
Unlock Captain Universe as a playable character, play with him, find an Armored SpiderMan token and for the rest of the game you will be playing as Armored Spidey even in.


Symbiote (Venom) SpiderMan

In order to get SpiderMan with Venom's costume, complete the game on any level.

Ben Reily

Some believe he is the real thing but I don't. Anyways to get Ben Reilty surpass level 4 And part 2 of it. 

Scarlet SpiderMan

Beat Rhino, which is Level 3, part 1.

Big Headed Spidey

Enter DULUX as your cheat code in the cheat code menu inside the SPECIAL option and Spidey should sport a pretty big head. 

Captain Universe

Beat the game on Hard and Spidey becomes Captain Universe. You will be glad to play as Cap. Universe, he is invincible, takes twice as much damage on his enemies, and much more.

SpiderMan 2099

Find every single comic book in the game and SpiderMan 2099 will be available. 

Unlimited SpiderMan

He is incredibly worth beating the game again. Doing so will get you Unlimited SpiderMan, who can disapear just like Venom.

Peter Parker

Find the Kraven room in the Item Hunt. Look around and Peter Parker should be there.

Quick Change SpiderMan

In order to get Quick Change SpiderMan, you have to get over 10,000 points in the Zip Line Training. 

Joel Jewett

To open Joel Jewett's mug you have to enter RULUR. Look him up in the Character Viewer menu.

Spidey Surprise

Enter a curse word as a cheat and see what happens.


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