Playstation Cheats: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Cheats

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Cheats

Every single gap complete and Private Carrera.

Press start while playing the game, hold L1 and hit Down, Up, Left, Left, Circle, Left, Up, Triangle, Triangle, Up, Right, Square, Square, Up, and X. The screen should shake if it worked. 


Secret Custom Skaters some from NeverSoft.

Enter the following code in the Main Menu: L1 and press Up, Square, Square, Triangle, Right, Up, Circle, Triangle. If the wheel spins to the Create A Skater option, you did the code. Now enter the option and enter any one of these names to get the corresponding skater:

Aaron Cammarata 
Chris Rausch 
Connor Jewett 
Darren Thorne 
Gary Jesdanun 
Jason Uyeda 
Joel Jewett 
Johnny Ow 
Junki Saita 
Mick West 
Noel Hines 
Nolan Nelson 
Ralph D'Amato 
Ryan McMahon 
Scott Pease 
Edwin Fong 
Jeremy Andersen 
Aaron Skillman 
Robert Earl 
The Pouncer 

Flight Mode

Enter the following at the main menu: Up, Up, Up, Up, X, Square, Up, Up, Up, Up, X, Square, Up, Up, Up, Up, the wheel should spin. Start a session and use the following keys to control the flight of your skater:

Hold X- To fly up
Hold Triangle while in the air to fly forward 
Press L1 to turn left 
Press R1 to turn right 
Press L2 to turn left 
Press R2 to turn right


Officer Dick

Beat the game once to get Officer Dick with 100% on every level. Play with a real skater.

Private Carrera

Find every single gap in every single stage!

Different Start off locations

Beat the game twice with 100%.

Kid Mode

Beat the game three times with 100%.

Perfect Balance

Beat the game four times with 100%.

Wire Frame Mode

Beat the game eight times with 100%.

Slow Nic Mode

Beat the game nine times with 100%.

Big Head Mode

Beat the game ten times with 100%.

Smooth Mode

Beat the game twelve times with 100%.

Mirrored Levels

Beat the game fifteen times with 100%.

Moon Physics

Beat the game thirteen times with 100%.

Disco Mode

Beat the game fourteen times with 100%.

Play as McSqeeb

Beat the game with Tony Hawk with every level on 100%.


Skate as Spider-Man

We have personally tested this code and it is indeed true. Complete THPS2 with a custom character by getting 100% on every stage and all gold medals. After that a message saying "Spider-Man has arrived" should pop up. Now go to the skater screen and you can pick him with four different costumes. 

Spider-Man Video

Beat the game as Spider-Man with everything on 100% and gold medals, then you should see his video.

09/25/00 SolidSnake

Infinite Special Meter

Just like above, press start and hold L1. Then press X, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, UP, LEFT, TRIANGLE, SQUARE. The screen should move.

Speed: 25% Faster

When you are playing press start and hold L1. Then press DOWN, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, RIGHT, UP, CIRCLE, DOWN, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, RIGHT, UP, CIRCLE, the screen should move.

Play as Joel Jewett (Neversoft president)

Enter this at the main menu: Hold L1, UP, SQUARE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, RIGHT, UP, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE. After the wheel spins, spin it back to the Create a Skater, enter it and type in the name JOEL JEWETT, to play as the man behind Tony Hawk. You can also enter CONNOR JEWETT as a name, to play as his six year old son. 

Fatter Skater

Same thing, hold L1 and press X, X, X, X, LEFT, X, X, X, X, LEFT, X, X, X, X, LEFT. Keep doing until you want to stop. 

Thinner Skater

Same thing, hold L1 and press, X, X, X, X, SQUARE, X, X, X, X, SQUARE, X, X, X, X, SQUARE.


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