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Bushido Blade Cheats

Gun Guy codes

If you beat the slash mode without dying you can be the guy with the gun.

Another Glitch Fatality

If you pick the Nagitana, after killing the person, if it works just right, at the finishing mode you will put one end of a Nagitana onto your apponent's head or arm or chest and it will continuously gush blood untill the count runs out or you continue.

Extra Character you can fight the the secret boss and get the secret ending if you beat everybody except the secret boss without getting hit. an easy way to do this is to run to the well and knock your opponent to their knees and jump in the well.

Glitch Fatality

In Vs mode pick the broadsword and get the other guy on the ground, move around so that your feet are near his head and kill him. Then move so that your right foot is under his shoulder on the left side of his head. (It doesn't matter if they are facing up or down) The replay will play and your character will do his/her winning pose. If you are in the correct position, the broadsword will touch the head/neck as the winning pose ends and blood will gush up continuously until the continue countdown ends or you press start.

8/03/99  Lenny

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