Playstation Cheats: Bloody Roar 2 Cheats

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Bloody Roar 2 Cheats

The Two Endings

There are two endings in this game both can be viewed in the movie player. To get the first ending beat the arcade or story mode with no continues. To get the second ending beat the arcade or story mode any way you can you can take as many continues as you want.

Afterimage Victory Dance

To see your character do an In Your Face victory dance with the afterimage effect on just hold down square+X+circle when you win the final round of that fight.

Really Hard Mode

Press R1, R2, L1, and L2 all at the same time as you select the play mode from the title screen. 

Clean Pause

This trick is kind of useless but to see what it does just do the following code. Press R2 while the game is paused.

Custom Mode Features

Model Type- Beat story mode with or without continuing.
Recovery Speed- Beat story mode without continuing.
Any Cancel Point- Beat at least fifteen rounds in the survival mode.
Charge Speed- Obtain all pictures in story mode.

Hidden Characters

To get Gado beat the arcade any way you can. You can use as many continues as you want to get Gado.
To get Shen Long beat the arcade without continuing to make this easier you can put the difficulty down. Unlocking Shen Long will get you his special stage available.


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