Playstation Cheats: NFL Gameday 2002 Cheats

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NFL Gameday 2002 Cheats

Cheat Codes

Enter the following codes at the Cheat Code screen:

989 SPORTS: Players will have the names of the crew over at 989 Studios.

ALL BOBO: All the players will have the last name "Bobo".

BASKETBALL: Players will be named after superstars from the NBA.

BIG PIG: This code will make the football huge.

CREDITS: This will show the credits.

ENDURANCE: This will, as the name gives away, give your players more endurance.

EURO LEAGUE: Players will sport the names of NFL Europe players.

FASHION SHOW: After the game, pictures of the cheerleaders will be shown.

FATIGUE: This will lower the fatigue of your players.

GRUDGE MATCH: This code will unlock the GameDay stadium.

LINE BUSTER: This will make your defensive line better.

OVAL OFFICE: Players will be named after the former leaders of America.

PENCILS: This will make all the players tall and thin.

POP WARNER: Players will float over the field.

SUPER FOOT: Running backs are improved.

TINY: All players will become big and fat.


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