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Arc the Lad Collection Cheats

Slime Time Mini-Game

At the main menu of the "Making Of" disc, press Circle(2), X, Square(2), Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Start. The words "Arc The Lad Slime Time" will appear. This is a new checkers mini-game using slimes in the game. It can be played by one or two players

Infinite Cure-Alls in Arc The Lad

After your first visit to Toyoke forest, keep going back to talk to Forest Spirit. She will give you a Cure-All every time.

Iga's Rock Spell in Arc The Lad

Once the "Shingan Hoo" spell (rock spell) is cast on enemies it will make the "Taimakoodan" (laser spell) accessible. It will attack all enemies under the rock spell.

Chongara's Monsters and 1100+ HP Damage Attack in Arc The Lad

Chongara's two monsters are capable of doing more than 1100 HP damage. Have them in a verticle position around an enemy (for example: Raigin over an enemy, Fuugin underneath the same enemy), for the attack to work and do incredible damage. Once they are in the vertical formation, a spell will be unlocked, which can inflict more than 1100 HP damage. Death is inevitable.

Chongara's Secret Character in Arc The Lad

Make your way through all 50 levels of Alalatos to fight her. If you defeat her she will join your party, but can only be used in certain areas. Also after she joins your party have to go back through all of the 50 levels to get out. If you die, then all the hard work will be for nothing. Make sure you're prepared for this adventure.

Talking in Arc The Lad

If you talk to people annoyingly over and over, most of the time they will give you an item to get you out of their hair.


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