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Chocobo Racing Cheats

Secret Characters

In order to get the secret characters in Chocobo Racing you have to complete story mode a certain amount of times. The following is a list of secret characters and how many times you have to beat story mode to get them.

1st time
Edit character points option and Bahamut.

2nd time
Squall and FF track

3 rd time
Cid Tank (Chococbo's Dungeon 2) hold L1 while cursor is on Squall.

4th time
Mumba from FF8 (the little lion looking creature) Hold L2 while on Squall.

5th time
Cloud, he's on his Daytona car, hold R1 while on Squall.

6th time
Cactuar (the cactus from all of the FF games) hold R2 while on Squall.

7th time
Aya (police car from Parasite Eve) hold L1 and L2 while on Squall.

8th time
Original Chocobo (from FF 4&5) hold R1 and R2 while on Squall.

9th time
AirShip (from FF4 and FF5) hold L1 and R1 while on Squall.

10th time
Jack?? hold L2 and R2 while on Squall.

9/21/99  SolidSnake

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