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Ehrgeiz Cheats

Vincent's Secret Costume

To get Vincent's secret costume as in Turk costume, in arcade mode, hold up on the directional button and go to Vincent. 

7/22/99  Da Sol Kim

Quick but hard level gain

      In quest mode in front of the merchant shop there is a well. Walk toward it and you will automatically jump into it. Go into the left room and wait for a while then some monsters will appear. You can fight them and IF you beat even ONE you can gain 2-4 levels. This is EXTREMELY dangerous. If you try this be sure not to allow a monster to get between you and entrance because they will trap you between them and kill you in one or two hits. I don't recommend trying this unless you have a weapon with 16 attack or higher. I recommend using magic. Preferably thunder.

7/08/99  CHEEZIAN13

To get Zack

       Beat the game with all the ff7 (cloud, tifa, yuffie,vincent, and sephiroth) 


Extra Characters

      There are some extra characters from Final Fantasy 7. You can get Vincent Valentine by beating the Arcade mode with Tifa and you can get Yuffie by beating the Arcade mode with Cloud.

Another Game Launch Video

      There is another introduction video in the game. After the game starts do not touch anything and let the cinema loop for about four times. Then go to Movie Player and check out the new opening.

Final Fantasy 7 Cinema

      Beat the Arcade mode with Sephiroph to get the FF7 cinema in the Movie Player.

Second Costume

     When selecting your character hold UP and press X to select the character.

Third Costume

      To get the third costume is not an easy task to accomplish. There are eight task for you to finish to get the 3rd costumes for eight characters. As you pass each of the requirements in any order, the 3rd costumes will appear in a special order below.

  1. Yoko

  2. Han

  3. Doza

  4. Inoba

  5. Sasuke

  6. Jo

  7. Lee

  8. Godhand

      Here are the requirements:

  1. Get all of the movies in the Movie Player

  2. Collect 35,000 points or more in a Battle Beach mini-game

  3. Collect 2,000 points or more in the Infinity Battle mini-game

  4. Do a 10 hit combo in the practice mode

  5. Beat the computer in the Evil Battle Panel game

  6. Defeat the 2nd incarnation of Django before the credits finish running and grab the Ehrgeiz sword

  7. Beat the Arcade mode at the difficulty level of medium

  8. Defeat the Battle Runner  mini-game

Third Costumes for Cloud and Tifa

      Beat the Arcade mode with Yufi for Cloud's costume and beat it with Vincent for Tifa's costume.


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