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Final Fantasy VIII Cheats

This FAQ page will be updated with many of the questions that visitors ask about the game. E-mail SolidSnake with any questions you have and we will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. Most of the questions and answers will appear on this page. 

Date Questions & Answers
09/13/99- Q: Where do I find weapon magazines? Which ones and where?

A: The first weapons magazine is located in your old room, the second in your new room and another one is in the sewers.

09/13/99- Q: In the shumi village there is a quest for stones.  It's pretty easy except for the last rock.  The speacialist says to look by the water, I  do but the sculptor says this rock isn't it.  I returned to the pond and there are no more rocks to pick up.  Can you tell me where this stone is?

A: According to my references the last rock which should be the Water stone is located in Artisan's Sink. His house is located east of the statue building.

09/14/99- Q: Where can I get the GF Carbuncle?

A: You get him right before the first CD. You have to Draw him from the Iguions.

09/14/99- Q: Where is the GF Brothers and there card?

A: Brothers are in the "Tomb of The Unknown King". You have to locate Sacred in the room to the very east of the map. After fighting and defeating Sacred, Sacred will move on to the center of the map. In order to reach him you have to first get out of the Tomb and save, then enter back again and head to the very top of the map. You should be in a room where there is a switch to flood the room. It's located on right (just keep examining that area until you find something). Now head to the bottom part of the center, and there should be a bridge walk across it go in and you will find Brothers. In order to get there cards you have to defeat them.

09/14/99- Q: Where can I get the GF Leviathan?

A: Leviathan is not very hard to get, all you have to do is Draw him from NORG (after breaking his protection).

09/14/99- Q: How do I get the GF Pandemona?

A: Pandemona also has to be drawn, but this time from Fugin in Balamb Town.

09/14/99- Q: How do I kill Diablos?

A: Diablos is awfully hard to defeat if you are on a certain level (maybe after level 15). Use his own medicine on him, Draw or Cast Demi for some hardcore damage. Just remember the higher your level the harder he is. And he is also a GF.

09/15/99- Q: I can't find the GF Cerberus?

A: That's easy, Cerberus is located in Galbadia Garden Main Hall (Disc Two).

09/15/99- Q: Where is the GF Alexander?

A: Alexander has to be Drawn from Edea at the end of the second disk.

09/15/99- Q: Where is the GF Odin located?

A: Odin is in the Centra Ruins. You have to fight him to him.

09/15/99- Q: I need to know where Cactuar (GF) is?

A: Cactuar is obtained by defeating Jumbo Cactuar, on Cactuar Island.

09/15/99- Q: I heard you have to defeat twenty Tonberrys and the Tonberry King in order to get the Tonberry GF?

A: Yep, that definitely is true, but the Tonberrys aren't too hard, just keep hitting them with GF's. And revive your dead party members, if they lose their lives.

09/21/99- Q: Where is the GF Siren?

A: Siren can be drawn from Elovoret in Disk 1.

09/21/99- Q: Where is Bahamut? I have searched all over I can't find him help!

A: Okay Okay calm down, Bahamut is located at the Deep Sea Research Center, you have to defeat him.

09/21/99- Q: Where is the Eden GF?

A: Eden is also in the Research Center, you have to Draw him from Ultima Weapon.

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