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Grand Theft Auto Cheats

More Cheat Codes

HATE MACHINE-multiplier up x10
6031769-infinite life
ITSTANTRUM-infinite life
BUCKFAST-all weapons{press *}on number pad
IAMTHELAW-all cops off
SUCKMYROCKET-all weapons, key, bullet proof vest
NINEINAROW-all levels

6/28/99   Unknown

Ultimate Code

THESHIT-All weapons, lives, and stages


Avoid Hitting Pedestrians

If you press the special button to honk your horn it will slightly decrease the chance of running over pedestrians.

Cheat Codes

Rename your character as one of these names when starting a game.

GROOVY-All weapons
WEYHEY-9,999,990 points
BLOWME-Gives you coordinates
EATTHIS-Wanted level max
TURF-All cities
MADEMAN-All cities and weapons
BSTARD-All cities, Infinite weapons and 99 lives
FECK-Liberty City part 1 and 2
TVTAN-San Andreas part 1 and 2
EXCREMENT-times 5 multilier
CHUFF-No police
PECKINPAH- Armor all weapons and a "get out of jail free" card.
URGE-All cities parts 1 and 2 except for Vice City 2.
CAPRICE- All cities part 1 and 2
HANGTHEDJ-All cities, lots of money, all weapons, and a parrot.
SKYBABIES-Partial level select it goes up to Mandarin Mayhem.


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